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Preseason Post-Game Show
Send your postgame critiques, analysis, ranting and raving about the last game as well as your predictions, smak, & insults about our upcoming opponent. Whether your message is a simple, "These guys SUCK," or a detailed, in-depth analysis, tell us what you think.
Steelers at Cryboys (38-10)
Game Recap
Scoring Summary
Player Stats
Team Stats
Defensive Stats
July 30 1 2 3 4 F
Steelers 7 31 0 0 38
Cryboys 7 3 0 0 10

Key Stats & Facts
Stewart 5 of 9, 101 yds, 55.6%, 1 TD, 0 Int. Kordell looked reasonably loose all things considered. Not too shabby.
Graham 4 of 7, 43 yds, 57.1%, 2 TD, 0 Int. A bit shaky, but gotta like 2 TD passes in only 7 attempts, folks.
Burress 4 rec, 60 yds, 15.0 avg, 1 TD. Game MVP! Also forced a 21-yd pass interference call. Fantastic debut!
Bettis 7 att, 24 yds, 3.4 avg, 1 TD. Nothing to write home about, but no injuries, so I'm happy.
Zereoue 8 att, 40 yds, 5.0 avg, 0 TD. Looked good. I hope we find a way to utilize him more.
Townsend 2 Ints, including 1 returned 22 yds for TD! Very pleasantly surprised by Deshea's performance!

Our Take on the Game
Well, now, that was FUN, wasn't it? Been a while since we really beat the snot out of anybody, and an even longer while since we beat the snot out of the Cryboys. Preseason or not, it felt damn good.

My comments aren't going to be too in-depth on this one... the old schedule dictates that I keep it brief. Besides, you guys do a better job of summing things up than I do anyway, so what's the point?

First the positive... I think Plaxico Burress could be the real deal. He did some pretty damn impressive things out there, preseason or not.

Now the negative... On the other hand, as much as I would love to believe that Sunday's slaughter of the Cryboys was a portend of things to come, I'm keeping my feet grounded in reality. Don't read more into this game than it deserves... I remember all too well how insignificant the 43-0 bitch-slapping of Cleveland last year ultimately became.

Regardless, it's now time to get ready to filet some Dolphins, bruthas & sistas. HERE WE GO STEELERS!

Tim McMillen
Webmaster, McMillen & Wife

Fan Smak & Analysis
The following articles are listed in the order they were received (with the most recent entries at the top). This isn't a "guestbook" format... I read and manually insert every message, so you may not see your submission show up immediately. Thanks a million for your comments, people!
Submitted by Chris Brown
Hey guys, nice sight! I think that the only way they are going to win games is to get the bus out of the garage, i dont know why they didnt run him any more than what they did! they are going to have to get to the basics, they have to run the ball down their damn throats! and get to the line of scrimmage and damn well do it again, they are going to have to wear out the defense! Damn it Im glad footballs back!


Submitted by Hodge Worsham
I hate to be a cynic, but seeing Stewart read simple defenses and find the one-on-one doesn't impress me. When the season starts, it will be the same hidden coverages/zones that have always plagued him. Stewart and Graham will be lucky to break a quarterback rating of 75 this year.

Submitted by CPT Jeff Phillips
I hope Plaxico and Edwards push each other like Swann and Stallworth. If they do, it may also push Kordell to improve from a totally different perspective. He may think, "Hey, these guys are FIGHTING for catches...I better be on the mark". That's better than pressure from the fans, the coaches, and himself.

We have some young players that could make us the "surprise" team this year. Plaxico already being mentioned, I'm thinking of Amos, Porter, Farris, Fiala, and a FOR SURE fan favorite to be, that kid from Robert Morris that kicked Leon Lett's behind in Texass.

I think the Steelers are ready to quash this upstart sentiment about the Ravhens, take the Tightens off their little bubble, and finally stop taking Jacksonville so seriously. Brunell was shaken last year and this year he will go down. Porter will see to it. I think they are ready to hit, run, and play STEELER football again this year.

I can't watch the games from here in Korea, but I will track this site, and hope my predictions are true.

CPT Jeff Phillips, US Forces Korea

Submitted by Mike "Turbo Tongue" Terry
T-mac, I guess the best thing I saw out of the highlights of the game was that Burress and possibly a few others (Kirkland) showed some pride and attitude that has been missing. It's only one preseason game, but knockin' a few heads and spikin' a few balls is what his team needs more of. Can you say intimidate?

Also, any info out there on the Miami game? Is it covered on TV? ESPN2 or somethin'?


Submitted by Will Smith
I for one was not impressed (for the most part) let me break it down

Kordell Stewart
Most impressive of the bunch. I really liked his decision making, every time he threw the ball it was to the receiver who had one-on-one coverage which in itself is leaps and bounds over last year, however where he shined the brightest were his decisions on when to throw and when to run, and also on that second down where he threw the ball away where as last year I have to believe he would have forced a throw and ended up with a pick.

Now for the part that didn't impress me much, his accuracy and timing (however I am willing to chalk that up to it being the first preseason game time will tell)

Kent Graham
we could call him Cement Shoes, yes there was a big rush from Dallas but he was playing with the same OL as Kordell the difference was they had to respect Kordells running ability and even when they were coming through he avoided it. When he was able to throw he wasn't very accurate (I know two td's but neither drive started beyond the Dallas 30 I think and certainly not passed mid field) and his 2 Td's were both superb grabs by the Wr's (especially Plaxico's) Again I think much of this is the fact that he's new to the offense so I'll give him some time

Anthony Wright
I was NOT impressed while more mobile than Graham, even less accurate (I hope he shows some of his '99 potential soon)

I was impressed could be a team strength as early as this year

Plaxico Burress
The big play go after the ball receiver we have lacked the last couple years could be ROY

Malcolm Johnson
A slightly less athletic version of Buress, but still able to go get the ball

Hines Ward, Troy Edwards, Danny Farmer
Showed nothing last night, however Ward and Edwards were still not 100% and they don't have much to prove so

Honestly I wasn't watching them closely what I do know is the people MUST still respect Kordells ability to hurt them by running, because the SAME OL looked a lot better when Kordell was in there, When Graham came in it was like they opened the flood gates on the pass rush, it was scary to watch

I liked some of the guys here our starters seemed to be solid if unspectacular with some rookies showing some ability

AL Lucas
The undrafted FA we've heard so much about, I like his speed and quickness, he always hustled and he did occupy 2 blockers on passing downs, however I think he got blown off the ball during running plays (for the most part) if he can learn to play the run better we may have a star in the making, right now I would say he's a good bet to play in passing downs.

Aaron Smith
His play was spotty but he flashed some big play potential, if he can become consistent we may have a future force to be reckoned with

What can I say very good Kirkland looked quicker than before and Holmes Gave us the great play we expect Gildon did some good work

Joey Porter (Man I wish he would have kept number 95 he still reminds me of Lloyd even with olsalvskys' number) Clark Haggans Porters ex college teammate, looks a lot like porter did last year (Gildon could be fighting for his job next year) John Fiala this guy reminded me of Hardy Nickerson All over the place and very intense

Again honestly I didn't watch the safety position much and no one really stands out in my mind

I thought our first teamers played well, even when Galloway caught that ball over Washington he was in perfect position, Aikman just put it in the perfect place. Scott Matched Nicely on Galloway a few times as well,

Deshea Townsend did his number justice (26) two picks several big hits, and played well in run support.

Jason Simmons he looked like your typical 4th string CB his receivers were open a lot but he made several nice plays,

Special Teams
Our return game was adequate (can't get great play from everywhere I guess) but our kickoff coverage was pretty bad at one point allowing a 62 yarder. Kris Brown and Josh Miller both looked good, as did the rookie kicker with absolutely NO shot at making this team, but if we WERE in need of a kicker, we might have found a good one

A great game, if Kordell can keep up making those kind of decisions whether his accuracy gets better or not, he can lead us places. I didn't truly appreciate Kordells talents until seeing what happened to Graham, again just the threat of Kordell running slows down the pass rush, and unless our OL play improves he almost has to be the QB just to save Graham's life. I'm taking this game in stride, allowing it to make me feel good for a couple of days without raising my bar of expectations for this team, (with the possible exceptions of #55 and #80 their bars just went way up). realistically and I've said this before if Kordell just makes good decision we could possibly contend for a wild card, but that's a big IF (of course a pair of receivers over 6'5" will help his chances :-) ). we should beat Cleveland and Cinci 2 times a piece as long as we can keep from shooting ourselves in the foot. Baltimore's hopes (much like ours) lie squarely on the shoulders of an erratic qb(tony banks) Jax could be crumbling if Searcy goes on IR and if Bosellie's knee isn't one hundred percent, also if Taylor should happened to get injured... they are in a world of hurt. and as for my last comment


Submitted by Tommy Coleman
Tim, the time for the August 5th game vs. the Dolphins has been changed to a 6:00pm start. As far as the fileting goes; Filet the players and FREE Flipper!


P.S.--Great catch by Plexico but a poor pass. The Cowpies did NOT score on that play, Levon STUFFED him!

Submitted by Keith Thomas
Well we got our first look at the 2000 version of the Steelers last night.

I've learned not to read to much into preseason, let alone the first game of five preseason games, yet I'll say this.

All three QB's looked bad. Although Kordell wasn't throwing at people's feet, he's still off target. At least he was more mobile. Kent Graham might have looked good, but kept being planted on the turf. Wright showed some of his mobility and his arm strength, but overall, did not impress.

Burress looked good. Again, this is ONLY PRESEASON, but all Steelers fans had to like what they saw.

Other's who caught my eye: Amos, Joey Porter, D. Towshend, while Al Lucas (93) and Chad Kelsay made themselves noticed. So did Ansley Battles (a rookie FA safety, No. 28.)

The run blocking was better, the pass blocking was not, but it is too early to assess line play.

I could say but this is preseason, so I won't.


Submitted by Sup832
Plax is the man, randy who? I like his excitement on the field. Kordell at least looked accurate. HEY WE MAY FINISH ABOVE 500!!!!

Submitted by ARNKIDS
I do not care if this is only preseason, our offense has stunk the last two years, finally we have something to look forward too this year.


Submitted by Chris Vickery
Hey Tim, preseason or not, the Steelers beat the hell out of the Dallas Crygirls. Life is good.

Submitted by Barry Fox
yes, plaxico buress should start on september 3rd. i really like the way he played yesterday. i live in virginia and i'm a nut when it comes to the steelers. i drove thirty minutes to britneys sports restaurant to watch a preseason game now that's loyalty. i know it's only preseason that's what i have to keep saying to myself. well we will see what happens. look like bettis is in shape even though he didn't produce big yards. it's very clear to me it will be a little easier to throw to the taller receivers like buress and johnson. i still hope edwards will be healthy come september. that's the main thing the players have to play well with every opportunity and stay healthy the best way that they can. talk to you later my BROTHA!

Submitted by Michael Smith
I was at the game, it was a beautiful thing. Preseason, yes, but beautiful nonetheless! Burress looked as good as you probably read he did. It was unnerving seeing Graham in in the 2nd quarter, but he settled down eventually. He looked HORRIBLE the first two times he was out there tho. The play of Plax when he forced that interference call was wonderful. He was actually disengaged and re-engaged with interference three times on the plan. He broke away the first two times to regain position that would have likely been a TD. Just awesome, he's so strong. Take care, bud.

Michael Smith

P.S.--One thing to note, the Cowboys had a TOTALLY wonderful and VERY classy tribute to Dan Rooney before the game, including footage of Lynn Swann's fantastic SB catch over the cowboy player "back in the day" that was fantastic. They had a big round of applause for Mr. Rooney, which I thought was terrific.

Submitted by Carroll L. Martin
I notice you say that we've gotta like two touchdowns, but did you see how many times the immobile Kent Graham was sacked?! He runs like Bernie Kosar! I don't think he's the savior people want to make him out to be. All I'm saying is that if Kordell goes down or doesn't perform up to par, I think we may be in for more trouble than we first thought.

Carroll L. Martin

Submitted by Rich (Steel Fan)
Just like to say I stumbled on to your page tonight after the Steelers first preseason game. Nice page and I think I will keep checking it out through the season. Here is my comment about the first game this year... PLAXICO BURRESS!!!! I think we have the replacement for Thigpen and maybe more. The Steelers finally have BIG WRs so Kordell can hit something. When I watched the draft this year I was a little disappointed that they didn't draft Pennington but after tonight I think it might have been a good decision. Still we need a QB.... but one day :( And to let you know I am in Texas haha and I hate the C-Boys (military guy here) have no choice to be in Texas. Well I think it is about enough since I probably bored you lol. Keep up the page!!!

Rich (Steel Fan)

Submitted by Gary Saavedra
The combination of Burress and Johnson at wr forces defenses to help on the outside. Say goodbye to the ol' eight-in-the-box defense!! This offense should be able to punish you for keying on Bettis - FINALLY.

QB is the sexy position, and I know Chad Pennington will forever be linked to Burress, but the Steelers made the right pick.

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