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Preseason Games Suck
Have You Kissed Your Sister Lately?
"I just don't get it, folks. Why must we endure FIVE of these unsatisfying, 'sister-kissing' preseason games every year? I mean, considering each meaningless, no-win contest holds all the drama of a toilet flushing, couldn't we pretty much get the same results out of a PAIR of 'em?"
More Belly-Aching by McMillen and Wife

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Why must we suffer through FIVE preseason games instead of 1 or 2?
Coaches need all 5 games to evaluate players.

Players need all 5 games to prepare for the season.

The NFL digs the nearly 25% bump in ticket revenue.

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It's really no surprise that on the heels of my week-long business trip to Nashville, the sub-heading of this article is about kissing your own sister. I guess it's inevitable to have inbreeding on your cranium (a little Myron Cope lingo, there) after enduring a week in Tennessee. After experiencing Nashville first-hand, I'm even MORE adamant that they should've named the Tennessee Titans the Nayash-veeyill Brother-Daddies.

Interestingly enough, Tennessee is also the home state of vice-perpetrator Al Gore. Go figure...

Actually, my reference to "kissing your sister" alludes to the old saying about the empty feeling you get when a game ends in a tie. Preseason games undeniably deliver that exact same sesation of hollow dissatisfaction. Think about it... who among us would ever wanna suffer through a "preseason" match between Mike Tyson and Evander Hollyfield? I mean, what could you expect to see there? Tyson gently nibbling on Evander's ear, perhaps? Uh, no thanks... sounds a little too much like manly love to me. Look, if I'm gonna pay big bucks to see the fight, I wanna see Tyson performing a REAL act of cannibalism, by golly!

In all seriousness, I know we're all champing at the bit for some Steelers football, but preseason games are NOT real football. What's worse is that there seems to be some mystical law of nature dictating that at least one key player will get KO'd for the season, and numerous other personel will wind up with nagging injuries that have at least a mild impact their performance during the regular season. Now, I realize coaches use these games to evaluate players & get the team prepared for the regular season. Fine. I'm also aware that injuries frequently happen in practice. That's life. The bottom line is, the risk of catostrophic injury is lessoned considerably in practice, so again I ask you... WHY do we really need to endure FIVE of these things every year?

So tell me, friends... what's the point?

A slew of preseason games are certainly no better a testing ground for players than practice. Let's face it... how many players have we seen play great ball in the pre-season only to stink it up once the REAL action starts? And vice versa? Is a pre-season game REALLY that much better an indicator of an individual's ability than practice? I doubt it. Aside from a few "on-the-bubble" players, the concentration and intensity levels in these games are usually pretty lacking. After all, the outcome doesn't matter. And if the players aren't giving 100%, couldn't you get the same result out of a PAIR of pre-season contests rather than five? Again I ask, "What's the point?"

Ladies and gentleman, here's your answer...

It's not exactly quantum physics. Tickets to preseason games (which are FORCED on season ticket holders) cost every penny as much as the regular season tickets. Hmmmm... do you think just MAYBE that's why we have to suffer through so many meaningless pre-season games? Instead of selling tickets for 16 games a year, the NFL can rake in the dough for 21 games a year... PER TEAM. League-wide, that's 145 extra games each season (5 games x 29 teams) from God knows how many thousands of fans at a MINIMUM of $35 a pop (and consider what luxury boxes must cost for each game). That's nearly a 25% increase in ticket revenue from season ticket holders compared to a schedule with no preseason games. What's more, I have a hunch that at least a "few" of those fans might be inclined to make a trip or two to the 'ole concession stand, eh?

But hey, the NFL certainly wouldn't participate in that kind of shameless money grab, now would they? Naaaaah...

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Tim McMillen
Webmaster, McMillen and Wife

Fan Smak & Analysis
The following articles are listed in the order they were received (with the most recent entries at the top). This isn't a "guestbook" format... I read and manually insert every message, so you may not see your submission show up immediately. Thanks a million for your comments, people!
Submitted by Grampa Zig Zag
All about $$$$$$$$$$

I really hate to see these guys get all banged up before the season begins. If all teams played only two games to cut down on injures, I would think the coaches could do the rest. I personally don't think that you have to play six games to insure that you are going to be in such good shape that you just couldn't be injured in the season opener.

If a team owner or head coach wants more, then let him start earlier in the year to get his guys in shape. If every team starts at the same time who is going to benefit more than anyone else.

GREEEEED... If it wasn't for greed thay would not be making people buy seats just to have the PRIVLEGE to have season tickets.


Submitted by Jim Grant
If the NFL wants money....they should cut down to 2 preseason games and extend the season by 2 games. That way they still make money and the fans get a better value for their money.

Jim Grant

Submitted by Utj71
Six game$...dollars only. There is no reason in hell to play these, other then the dollar$. All that really comes out of it is a team that is beat up before the season even starts. Let's face it... the players are bigger and stronger than ever. Now you have these young guys coming out of school looking to prove themselves. If they can get that big shot on a proven guy, they will have something to talk about for the rest of their lives, even if they don't make it in the NFL. Why not reduce the preseason to 2 games, and maybe add one to the season if the owners are really looking to make more money. Man, there ain't no reason to start a season with so many players beat up! Bad enough that guys get injured in training camp, why should they feed the pockets of owners in 6 games that don't mean jack?

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