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Week 16 Post-Game Show
Steelers vs Redskins (24-3)
Send your postgame critiques, analysis, ranting and raving about the last game as well as your predictions, smak, & insults about our upcoming opponent. Whether your message is a simple, "These guys SUCK," or a detailed, in-depth analysis, tell us what you think.
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Steelers vs Skins (24-3)
Game Recap
Game Recap
Complete Stats
Team Stats
Game Photos
Week 16 1 2 3 4 F
Steelers (8-7) 0 17 0 7 24
Redskins (7-8) 3 0 0 0 3

The old magic was working as the Steelers, looking every bit the playoff contender, pounded the Skins 24-3 in their last ever game at Three Rivers.
Scoring Summary
First Quarter
WAS - FG, Eddie Murray 32 Yd.
Second Quarter
PIT - FG, Kris Brown 28 Yd.
PIT - TD, Hank Poteat, 53 Yd punt return (Brown PAT).
PIT - TD, Richard Huntley, 3 Yd run (Brown PAT).
Fourth Quarter
PIT - TD, Richard Huntley, 30 Yd run (Brown PAT).

Key Stats & Facts
• Jerome Bettis 25 carries, 104 yds, 4.2 avg: What can I say? Another dominating performance by the Bus, our hands-down pick for team MVP. For those of you worrying about Jerome's free agent status, rest easy... we'll get him signed. This guy was BORN to be a Pittsburgh Steeler, and he's going to retire one.
• Kordell Stewart 11 of 21, 52.4%, 175 yds, 0 TD, 0 Int: As has become Kordell's trademark, the stats didn't impress, but his gutsy leadership and play-making ability did. Stewart was sharp, poised, and at times, downright inspiring. He made a number of superb improvisational plays that in my mind were the difference in the game. Our QB dilema is OFFICIALLY over, folks.
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• 5 Turnovers forced by defense: Jeff "I want my mommy" George threw two interceptions (1 to DeWayne Washington, 1 to Chad Scott) and the Skins coughed up three fumbles which were integral to the outcome of the game. Best of all, the Steelers were quick to capitalize on Washington's miscues, and the game was ostensibly over at halftime.
• Rushing yards: Steelers 200, Skins 63: With Richard Huntley finally healthy again, Steelers fans caught a glimpse of the one-two punch we'll see coming out of our backfield next year (and maybe, just maybe, in the playoffs two weeks from now). Huntley gained 56 yards & scored 2 TDs on 7 carries (although his drive-ending fumble late in the game was disappointing).

A fan bids farewell as the Steelers thump the Skins 24-3 in the final game at Three Rivers Stadium, which will be imploded in February. For post game info, CLICK HERE.
A Message to All Singing Fat Ladies:
Shut Your Hole!
Article by McMillen & Wife

Holy wildcard, Batman! Our Steelers aren't dead after all! Following the loss to the Giants last in week 15, I prematurely called for the proverbial fat lady to start singing in Pittsburgh. At this time, I'd like to issue a statement to any and all crooning beef-critters out there: Kindly shut the %&$# up.

What a picture-perfect way to end the Three Rivers chapter of Steeler history. Bettis was unstoppable. Kordell was remarkable. The defense was swarming and opportunistic. Best of all, the game took place in a playoff atmosphere. Talk about the icing on the cake! At the beginning of the year, I looked ahead to this game with a sense of dread... and now, I'm actually thinking postseason. Can it be real? I mean, who among us dared to DREAM that our Steelers would ever be in real contention for the playoffs after that 0-3 start? Certainly not me. Yet here we are in the thick of the hunt on the final week of the regular season.

No, we're not Cinderella quite yet. But with a win in San Diego and a little help from the Vikings and Ravens next Sunday, we may be slipping on that glass slipper sooner than any of us ever dreamed. Can you taste it?

See 'ya next week, and don't forget to send us your comments!
Tim McMillen
Webmaster, McMillen & Wife

Revised: Say Your Playoff Prayers!

The Steelers got some much-needed help Sunday in their bid for the playoffs from the Detroit Lions (who defeated the Jets) and Cincinnati Bungles (who vanquished the Jagwads). So... here's the revised laundry list you should take to church the next time you pray for a Steelers miracle.

  • The Steelers need to win their final game at San Diego.
  • The Jets need to lose on the road to the Baltimore Ravens.
  • The Colts must lose at home against the Minnesota Vikings.
Certainly, it's not a gimme... but 'ya know what? It's not out of the realm of possibility, either, folks. Cross your fingers!

Fan Smak & Analysis
The following articles are listed in the order they were received (with the most recent entries at the top). This isn't a "guestbook" format... I read and manually insert every message, so you may not see your submission show up immediately. Thanks a million for your comments, people!
Submitted by Keith "KT" Thomas
Myron Cope vs. Daniel Snyder. This is awesome! Read on.


Redskins Offended by Remark
By Liz Clarke
Washington Post Staff Writer
December 19, 2000

The Washington Redskins, fined $20,000 earlier in the NFL season for their poor manners as a game-day host, took offense at Pittsburgh radio broadcaster Myron Cope's reference to the team as the Washington "Redfaces" during Saturday's broadcast of their 24-3 loss.

Redskins President Steve Baldacci was informed of Cope's reference during the game and sent a team representative to the radio booth, where Cope's producer, Greg Weston, was asked to have Cope stop calling the team "Redfaces."

Cope, a 31-year radio veteran, routinely coins nicknames for visiting teams, such as the Cincinnati "Bungles."

Baldacci's request prompted the following response from Cope: "If that boy billionaire [Redskins owner Daniel M. Snyder] thinks he can shut me up, he should stick his head in a can of paint."

According to Redskins spokesman Karl Swanson, Snyder wasn't aware of the radio broadcast, or Baldacci's action, until well after the game. Snyder said Redskins officials weren't aware that Cope routinely used nicknames.

According to Swanson, Baldacci objected to the reference for two reasons: Taste and trademark rights.

"Clearly, it was at a point in the game when things were not going well," Swanson said. "We also have a sensitivity to our trademarks and our appropriate name. Our initial reaction was, 'Gee, is that sportsmanlike to make fun of us because we're losing?' "

The Redskins were fined $20,000 during their game against Tampa Bay at FedEx Field for using their scoreboard as a cheerleading device, signaling fans to make noise on third-down plays. Also, the team was reprimanded during a 10-3 victory over the Baltimore Ravens on Oct. 15 when the announcer at FedEx Field broadcast over the public-address system, "Ravens fans suck!"

Said Swanson: "We've been sensitized this year to game operations, and club-controlled [radio] announcers fall under those guidelines."

Cope could not be reached to comment.

Submitted by Jonathan Pasterick
What a day, and what a weekend! After a season in which it seemed like every break went against the Steelers, could it be that the gods (with a little nudging from Ol' Man Rooney up there) are beginning to smile upon the Black n' Gold?

First, the Skins game. Being from Skinsland, I can't tell you how gratifying it is to see this punk owner Snyder mismanage a team so badly. He is a small, petty human being that treats people like s*** and is now reaping all the rewards for it. Apparently he thought he could fortify his team with the 1992 Pro Bowl roster. Maybe next year he can sign Jim Kelly, Christian Okoye and Lester Hayes. Hey, they were all Pro-Bowlers at one time also.

There cannot be a team that so resembles their owner than the Redskins. All flash, no substance, and most importantly, no heart. To see a $100 million team that had Super Bowl aspirations consigned to playing patsies to the Steelers by Week 16 is truly laughable.

In terms of assessing the game, it's difficult because the Skins were so bad. The Steelers ran the ball well, Kordell kept the chains moving, and the defense was OK, though still not much of a pass rush. With the Redskins constantly shooting themselves in the foot, though, any team would've looked good that day.

Now for the help from the Steelers friends. The Lions winning on a fumble into the end zone. The Jaguars, maybe the hottest team in the NFL, losing to the Bungles. Divine intervention? Maybe, or maybe just a ton of good luck. Anyway you cut it, the Steelers playoff chances are no longer insurmountable. Think about this: Every team that needs to win next week in order for the Steelers to make the playoffs (Steelers, Ravens, Vikings) will almost certainly be favored to win their respective games. Both the Ravens and Vikings still have massive incentive to play hard and play their starters in the final game because of home field advantage. Will it happen? Dunno. That's a lot to ask. Would a betting man wager on it happening? Probably.

The beauty of it all is that, if the Steelers win next Sunday, whether they make the playoffs or not, the season will be a success. The guys cast off the shadow of failure that had followed them the past two years and their starting QB found himself again. They will move into the new season and the new stadium with new confidence. I have to say that either way, if they win next Sunday, I'll be damn proud of this team.

Go Steelers!
Jon P.

Submitted by Keith "KT" Thomas
On Saturday the Steelers went into their last ever game at Three Rivers Stadium against the Washington Deadskins. Folks, lets just get this out at the one set, I'm almost as big of an anti-fan of the Deadskins as I am a fan of the Steelers.

I can't stand the crying and excuse making of those windbag Washington fans. I swear to God, all they know how to do is make excuses when their team comes up short. Hell, one fan even said, "It looked to me like the Steelers really didn't play well, rather, the Redskins did play poorly. Bettis did have a good game. Wel.... I agree, it might not have been pretty yesterday, but my friends, that is what smash-mouth football is all about. And it looked to me that one team came to play, while the other left their jocks sitting on the heated benches. But you see, those sort of excuses are par for the course for Redskins fans. I can't stand them.

And, in the course of Daniel Snyder's 100 million dollar spending spree, it was conventional wisdom that by this game the Redskins would be sealing up home field advantage, while the Steelers would be playing for draft position.

So wasn't it nice that yesterday the Steelers had the opportunity to slam the door on the Deadskins playoff chances!

To all of you who bemoan Dan Rooney's thrifty habits (ok, he could spend a little more), yesterday should go to show you that it isn't how much you spend, but how you spend it.

Yesterday was a perfect day for Smash-mouth football. While the Steelers might not have been specular at all times, this is not a team that wins with finesse anyway. You want that you're looking in the wrong place.

After a sluggish start in the first quarter, the Steelers came alive in the 2nd quarter to dominate the game. The defense was aggressive, effective in containing Steven Davis. The Deadskins tight end did have a good game, but other than that, our DB's had excellent coverage, and hauled in a couple of picks.

Against one of the most expensive front fours in the league, backed up my the number 2 overall draft pick, our line opened up holes, Bettis and Huntley smashed for their way for yards. We imposed our will.

While nothing happened on the Steeler's passing game that will make highlight reels, Kordell Stewart generally made good decisions, threw from some key third down conversions, and seemed to be able to run for just enough yards whenever we needed him.

The Steelers won't be playing in January this year, but it is nice to get eight wins. Cowher says that every year the goal is to win the Lombardi trophy. That's what it should be. Eight or nine wins in the regular season doesn't even qualify you to compete for the big dance.

But eight wins does mean one thing - the losing trend has been broken.

And that is the first step on the path back into contention.


PS One final word. When Snyder signed that piece of trash SlimeTime Peon Sanders last June, the Washington Post had a front page story, followed by 2.25 pages of coverage on the signing in the Sports section. Many thought that the Deion signing was a the equivalent of a go directly to the Super Bowl ticket. Well Danny boy, as you watched your boy shy away from tackles and get hammered on punt returns, did ya think you got your money's worth?

Submitted by SSgt Kenneth Hoffmaster
How about our Steelers kicking the 'Skins all over the place, especially with the last game at Three Rivers Stadium. They sure did play like it was the playoffs. I truly thing we can be there this year. I mean why not? The Steelers have overcome a lot of bad calls this season and still showed that they can win. Let's Go Steelers!!!!

Submitted by Hoops

I'll bet that you had a number of hits on the web page game day. I hit it twice myself.

Great, Great Page.

Your wife is a great distraction too.

I admire how you blended the wife, family and Steelers into a very tasteful package.

Thanks for being there. I look forward to your updates.


Submitted by Keith "KT" Thomas

Got this from my cousin. Hope you enjoy.


Yinz better wahtch aht
Yinz better not paht
Yinz better not cry,
I'm tellin yinz hauscome
Santa Clause is commin' dahntahn

He's makin' a list
He's checkin' it aht
He's gowen find aht who's nebby an 'at
Santa Clause is commin' dahntahn

He knows if yinzes a jaggoff
He can see inside your haus
He knows if you've been workin' hard
Or sittin' on your caach

Yinz better wahtch aht
Yinz better not paht
Yinz better not cry,
I'm tellin yinz hauscome
Santa Clause is commin' dahntahn...

Go Stillers!

Submitted by gmarren
Why did Bradshaw not show up for the last game at 3 rivers, It is not like he did not know about it. So I hear he was out of the country. But he showed up on Fox.

Submitted by Shawn Lucas
I think it's finally time to put away the spears and torches. Not quite time to start waving the Terrible Towels just yet, but we can at least stop using them for crying rags. These guys are going to be just fine. After much drama, Kordell Stewart has emerged as the quarterback of the future. The front office has begun to negotiate with "The Bus", during the season no less. He has said he wants to retire a Steeler, so the football gods willing, he will. If he does leave, I will miss him terribly, but Richard Huntley has finally proven himself worthy as successor. The offensive line is a little shaky, but that area was a mainstay earlier in the Cowher era, so I'm sure he can solidify these guys.

The defense was tremendously green early in the year, but still they prevented an offensive touchdown for over five games and had back to back shut-outs. Granted it was against the Clowns and Bungles, but still, it's something to tout. They have now had a year to gel as a unit, and will once again be the dominating "Steel Curtain", or "Blast Furnace" units of Steelers' past.

Bill Cowher is the coach we want. Anyone who doubted this guy's will, deisre and passion to win should just sell off any Steelers' memorabilia he or she may have on eBay. Bill Cowher is the *PERFECT* coach for this team. He alwasy has been. I'll admit that in the last few years it looked like he may have lost the team's respect, but this year he hunkered down and snapped that leash right back into position.

The only thing which might stand in the way is the front office's handling of free agents. In this new era of free agency to have a shot at the Super Bowl, you still need to build through the draft, but you have to keep your team together for long enough to have a shot at the playoffs and ultimately the big prize. The Jerome Bettis situation ias encouraging, as was the fact that they sealed up Kordell Stewart a few years ago. At the time, that deal looked a bit like a bust, but now we have a "quarterback of the future."

This team still has a shot at the playoffs this year. It's a tough defense, an offense that is finally starting to find itself. I, for one, am not giving up hope. I never really did. Remember the Titans, they were 8-8 for three consecutive years before making the Super Bowl on a 13-3 season. The Raiders, 11-3 this year and late season favorites for the Super Bowl by some, were 8-8 the last two years and an abysmal 4-12. The St. Louis Rams, the ultimate in the *new* NFL, went 0 for the 90's or something like that but slingshoted their way to a Super Bowl title last year. This team, this franchise is going to be alright without all the fan's meddling. Let everyone do their job and we'll be alright.


ps - Probably should have waited a week to write this, but what the hey! I'll have plenty to say again next week. Cheers!

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