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This Loss Will be "Titan-ic"
Article by McMillen & Wife

We apologize (sort of) for the late addition of this article to our site... Sandy and I have been busy preparing/celebrating our 10th anniversary. And now, from the "better late than never" department, our predictions...

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Don't expect to see Kent Graham hanging from the goal post shouting "I'm King of the World!" this Sunday, folks... it ain't gonna happen. Oddly enough, a substantial number of fans have inexplicably been boistered by Pittsburgh's embarrassing loss to Cleveland last week. All I can say is, I hope you people have life jackets, 'cause this ship is goin' down FAST. Here's why...

Fact: When Tim Couch left the field last Sunday, he did so with a uniform as pristine and sparkling white as any iceberg. Translation? We are getting ZERO pressure on the QB, my bruthas. Whomever starts for the Titans, be it Air McNair or Kneel O'Dollar, is gonna have oodles of pocket time when they throw (which I suspect they won't need to do often). My only hope is that McNair is the surgeon dissecting our defense... I don't think my battered psyche could withstand the torment of watching O'Donnell tear our hearts out again.

Fact: Former Bengal Carl Pickens, who hasn't been a big factor for the Titans yet, has OWNED the Steelers in recent years. I don't know if he'll gather in his customary 8-9 balls on Sunday, but it wouldn't surprise me. Thigpen has been nicked up and may only play in spots, but he has to be considered a tremendous threat anytime he's on the field. At least we won't have to face Kevin Dyson, who suffered a season-ending knee injury. Individually, either Pickens or Thigpen (hobbled or not) would give me cause for concern... collectively, they're a nightmare. The Titans have some damn good receivers, dudes... FAR better than the Browns, who ripped us for over 300 yards last week. The player I expect to cause the most damage, however, is TE Frank Wycheck. He's not a guy who will burn you deep downfield, but with Tennessee's outstanding WRs commanding so much respect, Wycheck is gonna be on the plus side of a lot of mismatches with our LBs. Figure him to be on the receiving end of at least 1 TD pass and LOTS of 3rd down conversions. The sad thing is, the Titan's passing game isn't what I fear most...

Fact: Eddie George is gonna break out of his two-game "slump" at our expense. Yes, the Titans have struggled a bit offensively so far this season, but growing pains under a new offensive coordinator are to be expected. These guys are a lot better than they've been playing and they're coming into the 'Burgh to make a statement. And make it they will. True, the Browns didn't gain any ground on us, but we all knew they wouldn't. Baltimore's Priest Holmes, on the other hand, shredded us for 119 yards... Eddie George will eclipse that total. Write it down.

Now for the Titan defense... they're not quite the Baltimore Ravens, but they still rate among the best in the league. You can bet your last nickel our offensive line isn't going to open the kind of holes for Bettis against these guys that they managed against the Browns. And Kent Graham, without the aid of a running game, is going to feel a LOT more heat.

Fact: Courtney Brown registered 3 sacks against Pittsburgh last week, eating rookie OT Marvel Smith's lunch in the process. Let me tell you something... no one on the Browns' D-line rivals Titan DE Jevon "the Freak" Kearse, who the aforementioned Smith has the unenviable task of facing this week. I'll be surprised if Kearse doesn't force a fumble by Graham, who is gonna get cut to shreds by these guys. Expect the Steelers to commit multiple turnovers on Sunday... the pressure will be that intense. Tennessee's front seven is as good as any in the league, and they have outstanding team speed, particularly at LB. If Bettis tops 50 yards on the day, I'll be surprised... our rag-tag O-line just isn't going to be able to handle this bunch. And when we can't run... say it with me, folks... we can't win.

Finally, as if all of this isn't enough to send Steeler fans into a suicidal depression... we're also saddled with that NEW Steeler enigma: homefield disadvantage. Double yoi.

Prediction: Titans 26, Steelers 13

Start getting used to the ideo of 0-5, my friends... it's inevitable. That's okay. I'm content to go down with the ship, because I KNOW that eventually, it'll come back up. I just hope we don't all drown in the meantime.

Tim McMillen,
Webmaster, McMillen & Wife.

Fan Smak & Analysis
The following articles are listed in the order they were received (with the most recent entries at the top). This isn't a "guestbook" format... I read and manually insert every message, so you may not see your submission show up immediately. Thanks a million for your comments, people!
Submitted by plumber58
I don't agree with all this bad press the Steelers are getting Kent looked good and the bus was rolling Tennessee is going to have there hands full. Week 2 was just one step in getting my beloved Steelers back on track. Sure there were mistakes and clock mismanagement but those things will be corrected. How about Hines what a game, he should get the nod as the starter Edwards is a whiney don't know a thing about being a team player who when given the chance drops the ball, hell resign Dwight and the family stone he would do a better job and that's not saying much about that no catching mouth liability to the Steelers Edwards. STEP UP BE A TRUE FAN FOLKS THE STEELERS ARE ON THE RIGHT TRACK THERE NOT THE BEST TEAM IN THE NFL BUT ITS COMING. HERE WE GO STEELERS HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!! HERE WE GO STEELERS HERE WE GO !!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Steve Massey
I can see the Steelers coming around and giving Tennessee a better game than any of us can imagine. I personally think they will play the Titans close and start making something out of this season. Now, I dont want you to get the wrong impression...

They are gonna lose, but By making something out of the season, I mean i think they can be 7-9. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I just have a feeling. I believe the Steelers are going to hang with them and start turning things for the better. The last three games against them have all been close.

I also have seen teams that everyone gives up on and then there is this bunker mentality (not Archie Bunker, but Military Bunker) that starts. You know, they all hate us (which we dont) so we will show them.

If Lethon Flowers comes back and if they could somehow move Deshea Townshend over to Safety, Ala Carnell Lake, they might even beat Jacksonville! You just never know. At least least someone...Maybe Graham will learn the offense and the line will come together. Our Rookie Tackle is learning and Gandy is doing better this year.

I don't know. Just a rambling discourse...

-Steve Massey
North Carolina

Submitted by Oz in Chargerland
This week really put me in quandry. In the Pigskin Pick'em do I stick with my beloved Steelers or take the favored Titans. If the Steelers stop the Titans offense and stuff Eddie George they might actually have a chance to win this game. Especially if McNair is the QB, but since that is still up in the air we might see O'Dummel. Can our defense actually get up for this game? Oh yeah, that would mean the offense would have to score--even just a little. The only way we can win this game is if the Steeler offense can make some plays. I have to say it would really surprise me if Kent Graham can finish this game. I think he is going to get knocked out. That leaves Kordell who might actually be a better choice if he just runs for his life out there. Are we destined to go 0-5? I don't know but I guess I am a die hard Steeler lover or just bad at football pools. I am still taking the Steelers. One last time.....

Oz in Charger land

Submitted by Mike DeLancey
Call me an idiot but I like the Steelers against the Titans 20-17. I think that the Steelers running game is getting off the ground and Graham is a QB who can be very efficiant with protection. I know, I know, the defense of the Titans is very good but our line is starting to come together and I think we can run on them and if we can run, Graham will have some success. Also, I think Ward is going to be a very pleasant surprise. With this and the Titans hurting at wide receiver I say we get win #1. Call me a DREAMER...

Visit my web page at

Submitted by Mark Kovach
I think it is pretty telling to look at the Steelers record with and without Kordell. With Kordell Stewart in 1999 they were 5-5. Since then, they have won a whopping 1 game in 8 chances. I don't think it takes a brain surgeon to figure out who should be the starting qb. When is Cowher and the fans of the Steelers going to figure this out?

Submitted by Terry "M1A1HVY" Ingle
OK, I vented on the loss to the Brownies (Girl Scout type). Now I will try to keep the negativism out of my pre-game against the Titans. Upset of the Week - Pittsburgh - 23 Titans - 16

The Titans have scored a total of 30 points in the 2 games they played. My Bruthas and Sistas, this game can be won. Granted the Bills and Chiefs Defense isn't that bad, however, I feel once our defense gets its heads out of its three points of contact, we can be a better defense then both these squads. Please Lee Flowers, come back soon!!!!!!!!! Besides the bonehead plays, the offense did not play that bad against the Brownies. If the defense shows up, 20 points does win football games. Thus, my prediction above. I know, everybody will say that we are only averaging 11 points in 2 games, but that too is OK. I never count the 1st game of the season for the Steelers. Call me biased, but that's OK also. I have not, and will not lose the faith. I SAY AGAIN---UPSET CITY IN THE BURGH THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Terry (a.k.a.- M1A1HVY)

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