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Just Call Me Sybil
Article by McMillen & Wife

I love these kind of games. No, wait... I hate these kind of games. For the first time in ages, I feel 100% sure the Steelers will be victorious Sunday. No, wait... Dick LeBeau is the head coach of the Bungles now, so make that 99% sure. Did I say 99% sure? I almost forgot that the lowly Bungles have beaten us at home for the last two years, so I guess what I really meant to say is that I'm 98% sure. Did I say I was 98% sure?

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Sorry, my bruthas... just having a flashback to the Steelers' horrific "Seasons of Torture" tours of '98-'99. Joking aside, I really am 100% sure the Steelers will beat the Bungles on Sunday. But there was a day not so long ago (3-4 short weeks ago, to be exact) that I would've come into a game like this full of the dread and doubts I expressed above. Not this weekend, folks... thanks to an amazing turnaround engineered by Cowher and Company, those days are gone.

For the first time since Pittsburgh's season opener against the Brownies in '99, I'm going into a game not only knowing we'll win, but feeling quite smug in the knowledge that our Steelers will HUMILIATE the opposition. Best of all, Sandy and I will be there live and in person to witness the demolition of the Bungles in their last-ever appearance at Three Rivers Stadium. I can't friggin' WAIT!!!

What a joy it's going to be to see Jason Gildon behead Akili Smith. I can't wait to see Joey Porter make backup Scott Mitchell wet his pants (trust me... Mitchell WILL see action on Sunday). Corey Dillon? A good player, maybe... but not behind THAT pathetic offensive line. Plus, Dillon is nearly as easy to bring to tears as his teammate Peter Warrick. Speaking of crybaby Warrick, rumor has it he'll be returning punts on Sunday. Maybe he'll have better luck hanging onto punts than he does Aliki Smith's wobbly passes.

Kirkland and company have to be salivating. Through 5 games, the Cincinatti offense has managed just 3 TDs. They are dead last in the league in total yardage, passing yardage, and points scored. They are among the worst 5 teams in the league in nearly every major statistic. The Bungles have given up 20 sacks. They've been shut out twice. They were outscored 74-7 in their first three games. Smith has thrown 4 Ints and has fumbled 5 times. Corey Dillon is averaging 3.7 yards per rush, but if you take away his fluke 80-yard TD run vs. the Titans last week, his average drops to 2.7 yards a carry. I think it's time to kick some Bungle ass, don't you?

Man, it feels GOOOOD to talk trash again and know it's based in reality. Been a long time, bruthas & sistas.

Then there's the Bus. Oh, man, what he's gonna do to this inept Bungle defense! Don't look now, but our offensive line has gelled and the Steelers are the #2 team in the NFL in rushing yardage per game (and #1 in the AFC). Meanwhile, the Bengals are next to last in the league in rushing yardage allowed per game. 'Ya know, the best part of being there in person is that I'll be able to smell the blood and hear the rending of flesh. With Bettis in the backfield, who cares who's quarterbacking? Those of you who are caught up in the Kordell vs Graham controversy can sit there wringing your hands if you want, but I'm gonna ENJOY this victory. I'm going to savor it. I'm going to revel in it.

The key to winning for the Steelers? Show up. No, I'm not looking past this team, and neither will the Steelers... after all, we've got a bit of revenge to exact. But living in Ohio, Sandy and I have been faced with network broadcasts of every single lame Browns and Bungles game, so we know these feebs well. Let me tell you... the Bungles really ARE that bad. Pound the line with the Bus, don't turn the ball over, and don't make bonehead mistakes on defense and we simply can't lose. We'll be able to pressure Akili Smith without taking many chances defensely, so Tim Lewis should avoid unnecessary risks that leave us vulnerable to big plays. Stick to fundamentals, and play consistant, sound football, and it's in the bag.

Prediction: Steelers 27, Bungles 6

Does anyone else smell burning flesh? Fricaseed tiger, get it while it's hot! Oh, man, we're gonna toast 'em. Can you tell I'm PUMPED for this game? See at Mecca, folks!

Tim McMillen
Webmaster, McMillen & Wife

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Submitted by A26slash


Submitted by Bill Cochrane
Dear Mac & Sandy

I have been a DIE HARD STEELER fan for all of my 30 years, but have never had the privilege of seeing them in person, until this weekend. Needless to say I am stoked, my brutha. We ( my girlfriend and I ) are making the commute to Blitzburgh from London Ont. Saturday to enjoy Three Rivers Stadium filled with sound of STEELER Football. I Can't Frigging wait either, Enjoy the game and hope to see you there, tailgating.

Yours Truly
Steeler Fan 32

Submitted by Brad Peugh
Greetings to all the black & gold. from the great Northwest!

First off, let me congratulate all the true Steeler fans for weathering the storm. Things are looking good for our club, I mean, we could have easily folded the damn tents a couple of weeks back.The Bengals have had our number way to often in the recent past, It is time to unite as the dominating force, both on offense and defense, that is true to Steeler football! I truly believe that the coaching staff has arrived at the same page.

I'm not sure that I agree with coach on the Q.B situation, starting Kent instead of Kordell, but I must trust that he is 100% on top of the situation. He is the dominate leader of this squad and deserves the respect of all players and fans equally. Anyway, I just thought that I'd add my two-fifty.

To all Steeler fans across this great land.....Unite and dominate!!!!!! May god have mercy on the Bengals!

Submitted by Oz
I totally agree with what our Fearless Site Leader has said. Three weeks ago this game was probably a loss, maybe even a blow out. This Steeler team has a new identity now. I expect them to come out and start whacking people right away. It may be a slug fest in the first quarter or even the second. But by the third quarter of this game we will be beating them up and the Bus will be racking up the yardage. I also predict Graham will get the hook if he isn't moving the team in favor of Kordell. Seems like only a few short weeks ago people were actually saying Tee Martin should be given a chance to start. I am a Kordell Stewart fan, but I also love the Steelers with or without him. I think he should be the starter but what ever gives us a win I'll take. Graham needs to get us a win, if he can't Cowher is going to have a lot of questions to answer. We need wins!! Final score 27-7, with Stewart coming off the bench and our DB's getting at least 2 pics, one returned for a TD. Go Steelers!!

Oz (in San Diego where the Chargers still have a big fat 0!!!)

Submitted by Steve Masey
In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the bungles sleep tonight...
in the jungle the mighty jungle the bungles sleep tonight...
Weeeee do deee dee do wee do dum deee deee

Steelers 34, Bungles 21.

Playoff talk starts up...

-Steve Masey
North Carolina

Submitted by Tommy "Fleetwood 'N' Julio" Coleman
Dick LeBeau is a major upgrade from Bruce "The High Hard One" (back at yah'buddy) Coslett. However, there is absolutely NO reason not to DOMINATE this... team... of course that would have been true in 98 when they won three games and two of them were against the Steelers and in 99 BLAH BLAH BLAH... Kordell needs to play well in these next two home games and the people in Pittsburgh who slander his character will have to look for another target, SPECIAL K in their EYE!!


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