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Here We Go!

Post-Game Analysis
By the Fans!
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The following comments are listed in the order they were received with the most recent entries at the top. This isn't a "guestbook" format... I read and manually insert every message, so you may not see your submission show up for a day or two.
Week 12
Pittsburgh vs. Cincinnati (20-27)

Submitted by Greg Gentile
These guys will not win another game. This is a repeat of last year. Does any one know how many times Wayne Gandy has personally screwed up! Another false start at a critical time vs. Cinci. Put him on the bench with Kordell.

Submitted by Nat LaBorde
About time! I thought the game sucked, and it did. I have now had a change of heart, though, and it involves the man I often refered to as Kordella. No longer will I call him that. In my much-criticized letter posted at this site under the heading, "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly," I was pissed mostly by his attitude last year and asked that he not act like a crybaby or bitch-ass. Well, we have had a rotten season and he's been a man though it all, even losing the starting job. My apologies Mr.Stewart... you may not be a great QB, or even a good one, but you have proven to be a good sport and a better person. As of this minute I am no longer anti-Kordell. That's right kiddies... I give up that throne proudly. I still think Kordell could be a top WR in the NFL. I'll bet money Pittsburgh kicks Jackoffvilles ass... watch! Steelers win last five!!!

No longer hating Kordell,

Submitted by Jonathan Pasterick
Like you, Tim, I am not prepared to discuss the details of the game, as they are irrelevant at this point.

However, I do want to write to say how disappointed I am in the fans that have been bailing on Bill Cowher recently. Obviously it's every fan's right to have their own opinion, and being critical of a team (or it's coach in this case) does not mean you are not a true fan, but I really expect more of Steelers fans as knowledgeable fans. For anyone who is a regular visitor to this website, you must be familiar with the personnel losses this team has suffered in Cowher's tenure. By my last count, no less than 8 perennial Pro Bowlers (Rod Woodson, Greg Lloyd, Chad Brown, Kevin Greene, John Jackson, Leon Searcy, Yancey Thigpen, and Carnell Lake) have left the team either due to career shortening or ending injuries or free agency. Lloyd and Woodson were two of the best players I have ever seen at their respective positions. Among those 8 losses, there has not been one Pro Bowler among their respective replacements. 0! At one time, in their 4-3 defense, they had Greg Lloyd, Kevin Greene, Chad Brown and Levon Kirkland. That was the height of Blitzburgh. Now only Kirkland remains. I won't even mention the assistant coaches Cowher has lost along the way. Finally, in Neil O'Donnell, they lost a QB that, let's face it, was quite capable. The bottom line is that virtually every player that left due to free agency or injury was replaced by a less capable player.

For the past five years now, every analyst has talked about how THIS would be the year that free agency would finally catch up to the Steelers. Yet in 1997, an entire season and a half ago, Coach Cowher took the team to the AFC Championship. Even if you include the past season and a half, almost any coach in the league would take the record he has compiled.

Coach Cowher works for an owner that has not even dipped his big toe in the free agent market, and has only looked to replenish through the draft. That is generally a good philosophy, but it takes time, and it almost always results in a certain amount of down time for a franchise when all the existing players leave in a short period of time, such as what has happened to the Steelers.

In this team's entire existence, since 1933, there have been only two eras where the Steelers have really been something to be truly proud of. The first was the 1970's, when Coach Noll (who by the way was able to keep almost the same exact team together for an entire decade) led the greatest football team of all time to glory. The second has been the 1990's, when Coach Cowher has taken his team to the brink on 3 occasions, to the playoffs on 3 others, and throughout with various different lineups due to major injuries to cornerstone players and free agency that has ripped the team apart.

When you look at this team, the talent is simply no longer there. But is this the coach's fault? Frankly, there is not one coach in the NFL that I would rather have lead this team than Bill Cowher. My only hope is that the organization does not go overboard, like many fans are right now, and throw the baby out with the bathwater. I hope they, along with Coach Cowher, ride out this storm until the new stadium, and new revenue, come in, and that they give Coach Cowher some players he can work with, either through a deeper delve into free agency, or at least the ability to keep the players that they draft and mold into great ones. Remember, out of the 8 players I mentioned above, only Kevin Greene was not drafted by the Steelers.

If you think the Steelers are bad now, fire Coach Cowher. He committed the mortal sin of going two seasons without making the playoffs. That AFC Championship v. the Broncos was all the way back in January of 1998. Apparently ancient history to some, but not me. Fellas, if you want to know the true meaning of the word "bad," let's get rid of Bill Cowher. We'll all get a much clearer meaning.

Jonathan Pasterick

Submitted by Holly Manley
I have to be honest about this whole damn thing. As much as I have never been a Kordell enthusiast, it bothered me that you actually contemplated him being injured. Maybe you should live in Philadelphia instead of Ohio.

[Ed. Note: I think a lot of stuff I write tongue in cheek must just miss the mark, because if Holly missed my point, I'm guessing many other fans did, too. Either that, or people simply skim things and don't actually read 'em. For those of you who read the "Maybe Kordell Will Get Hurt" piece, I do NOT actually want him to get hurt! I wrote that article in DEFENSE of Stewart, not as an attack. My point (which seems blatantly obvious to me) was that fans shouldn't let their disappointment in Stewart's performance spill into to personal attacks & borderline hate. The guy is still a Steeler, and you've gotta keep your disappointment in perspective. I was poking fun at some of the fans who've really been creaming the guy... simply reminding everyone that the fans in Pittsburgh used to treat Bradshaw the same way they're treating Kordell, and it was pretty damn embarrassing considering what Terry went on to achieve.

Having said all that, attacks on Neil O'Dummell are always held in high regard... he's not a Steeler anymore. :-) Hee Hee

Now, back to our regularly scheduled program...]

1) I'm sick of Cowher and hope the hell he does leave. I cannot remember exactly when he started, but he certainly does not merit the entire credit for taking this team to the superbowl. The pieces were pretty much all there and all he did was ice the cake. At that time, the offense was still no great prize and still isn't and we have always, ALWAYS, had a great defense. So will someone tell me what he did that was so damn great?

2) I continually see people making a mountain out of a molehill and it really get's on my nerves. They made Slash into Joe Montana, and Cowher into Noll, Seifert or Walsh. Hello is anybody home? No one wants to wait to see what develops and then people become angry and dismayed.

3) Someone said to me... "I never dreamed it would get as bad as it's gotten . It's almost as if the whole organazation is starting to crumble."

I think, what is basically happening is that over the last 4 years, the older players have seen quite a few of their teammates treated l;ike shit and thrown by the wayside. The enthusiasm that Cowher was so famous for became a bullshit line that no one believes in anymore. He's in your face one day, telling you how great you are, and not bothering to call the next, and it is also the rest of the organization as well. Carnell Lake was wise to leave, and Bettis will be next because he has sucked so far without Lester.

The plain truth of the matter is that this organization does not know how to treat people, and I don't think they have since Art Rooney died.

Submitted by Kelley Allison
I agree with Tim whole-heartedly. I'm always looking for the silver-lining and I think that Stewart's return to "Slash" status is it! Let's go!

Kelley Allison

Submitted by Will Smith
Well, last week I said at least we are not Cincy fans. At least they have something to cheer about. Well, I've said all year that one man couldn't make that big of a difference, but apparently he can. I've stood behind Kordell for a long time and I still sinceely hope that he comes around, T-zak is not the long term answer. Maybe Pete is, although I doubt it. And for those who whine about Quinn, gimme a break! He tore up NFL Europe, but big frickin deal! So did Larwence Phillips, and I don't think anyone wants him on our team.

I don't think the Steelers are going to get another QB in the off-season. Both Rooney and Donahoe continue to believe in Kordell, and besides, we can't afford a good QB under the cap. They need to find some veteran that they can turn to if need be. Personally, I would declare next year an open audition for QB and whoever plays the best wins. I think Kordell has all of the physical tools, but he needs to get his head straight. But for now, HAIL T-Zack! It's strange, but our receivers actually got open for T-zack. Well, I'll continue to watch the games, and here's to looking towards next year!

Submitted by Kenneth Hoffmaster
Well, another week of terrible football by the Steelers. At least "the Chin" finally pulled Kordell out. I've been hoping to see Tomczak play. I was impressed with his near come-back attempt Sunday. At least Kordell understood that his playing stinks. Hopefully he can make some good runs. I can't wait until Thursday when we play the "Jackassville Kittens". Maybe the Steelers can shut then down... maybe. They are 10-1, but their wins have been by very few points.

SSgt. Kenneth Hoffmaster

Submitted by Terry Ingle
We all as Pittsburgh Steeler Fans should know already, the season is over. We also all should know the obvious by now... that Kordell Stewart as the QB is over with. I don't mean just for a couple of games or the season, but I mean OVER, as in for good. It was just a matter of time and the time has now come. Mike T. is not the answer in the long haul. Although he provided a spark in the 2nd quarter, Mike has hit the age where his time in the NFL is coming up limited. What is the answer? Only the football Gods in the sky and the up coming draft will tell. I would even settle for a good second string from another team, who could be a starter if need be. One example that comes to mind is the Cunningham/Johnson tandum from the Vikings a couple of years back, but through all my disappointments and anguish this season, my mind is clearly not in the right frame to give you a name at this point. I guess I would have to do my homework to be able to produce a name of current QB's in the NFL who fit that criteria. I will look back at this season as a waste of time and effort on the part of the Steelers. Knowing what I know now, everybody's time from training camp up until now has been wasted. I know, hindsight is 20/20. I can't ever recall a season that has come to an end as fast as this on has. My love and dedication for the game at this point is null and void. I guess I know how the Bengals, and various other fans around the league have felt in previous seasons. Not a very good feeling! On another note, I bet Ray Sherman is just laughing his ass off. Although I will always be a DIE HARD Pittsburgh Steeler, I find it REALLY hard to walk around the block, donning my black and gold knowing folks are thinking "WHAT AN IDIOT." Thank you very much, Pittsburgh Steelers, for putting me through all this! Judy is even feeling my pain. She cancelled various orders of Steeler merchandise that she was going to get me for Christmas. Merry Christmas, Pittsburgh Steelers! Oh well, time to find a hobby for a couple of years. Keep up the great work, Tim, and I can't stress it enough when I say that. Too bad the Steelers don't show as much dedication and effort as you and the rest of us fans do. Also, thanks for letting me vent my frustrations. We are gonna killed Thursday night in Jacksonville!



Submitted by Mike DeLancey
Well, another fiasco at Three rivers and that ends it for this year. Kordell is out and Mike is in.

I have kept quiet in regards to Kordell and maintained my support for this kid since he became the starter. I understood all the reasons why he wasn't producing and accepted them. IT'S TIME TO TAKE THE KID GLOVES OFF!!

Kordell does not have the QB instincts that are needed in the NFL. Mike proved that yesterday. Granted, he is a veteran, but he took no snaps in practice and came in and ran Gillbride's offense the way it was intended (e.g., tight ends, going down field). Also, it takes almost a "Gunslinger" attitude to suceed in the NFL and Kordell does not have it. TOOO damn many excuses. He is a pro and paid to produce. It was great to see "Old Mike" throwing a block and also putting his shoulder down and not sliding on a running play.. HE WANTS TO WIN. I am not real sure if Kordell has that same desire.

I realize that Mike is not our QB of the future, but I am now convinced that neither is Kordell. The off-season and the draft are going to be very interesting... damn I hate rebuilding!

Hope Sandy and the "BUN" are well.
Have a Great Day
Visit my web site at

Submitted by Tom Bragg
I have two observations and one comment to make regarding the horrific spectacle that took place Sunday between the Steelers and Bengals: 1) Please refer to my key things to watch for in my pregame comments. 2) If Bill Cowher does not start Mike Tomczack against the Jaguars on Thursday, then Cowher is the biggest fool that ever walked on two feet. 3) Have you ever heard the song "One Way Ticket" by Lee Ann Rimes? With any luck at all, thats what Kordell Stewert will be getting after the 1999 season is finally over!

Tom Bragg

Submitted by Tommy "Fleetwood 'N' Julio" Coleman


Submitted by McMillen & Wife
So your rose-colored glasses haven't been working for weeks and you can't find the silver lining in all of this, huh?

Brutha Timmy is here to SHOOOW you the LIIIIGHT, so be of good cheer, bruthas & sistas. Not only will the Steelers bounce back sooner than anyone thinks, Kordell Stewart will once again be the toast of the town next season.

What's that? You're a non-believer, you say? Ah, ye have little faith.

True, like you, I have NEVER in my life been as thoroughly disgusted with the Steelers as I was immediately following Sunday's loss to Cinci. I mean, to lose to the expansion Browns AND the ridiculously bad Bungles (both of which came into OUR house with only one stinking win) in the span of 3 weeks is beyond reproach. These are inferior teams that should have been dispensed with easily. Clearly it's not enough to simply shine the light of blame on hapless Kordell Stewart anymore, folks. Coach Cowher, the spotlight is on YOU, buddy... if what we've seen the last three weeks is the best you can do for your $2 million a year, and if the rumors of your impending departure are true, then thanks for those first 6 glorious seasons you gave us, but don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

But -- here's where the silver lining comes in...

Kordell has failed miserably at QB. Of course, in and of itself, that's not a good thing. But you have to look at the biiiiig picture, bruthas & sistas. Kordell's failure has been so complete that we can end it NOW without dragging it on for years like so many other teams seem compelled to do. And we can credit Coach Cowher for allowing Stewart to fail COMPLETELY, rather than yanking him in an effort to stop the bleeding. I know that sounds crazy, but had Cowher pulled him sooner, Kordell might've had a different attitude about all of this. As it is, I think Cowher might've played things perfectly. Let me explain.

Things have gone so horribly that Kordell has accepted his benching without resentment. Deep down, I suspect he almost welcomed it at this point. More importantly, not only has Stewart said he understands the move, he has readily agreed to return to his role as "Slash." This tremendous display of maturity by Kordell will play a monumental role in the future success of the Steelers.

Still not convinced? Consider the following:

Fact: Kordell will once again be the toast of the town. Many of us loathed Kordell as a starting QB, but we ADORED him as a QB/WR/RB.

Fact: In essence, we just traded one of the most mediocre starting QBs in the NFL for a truly gifted triple-threat that any team in the league would salivate over! Kordell was a tremendous big-play threat as "Slash" and was one of the most dangerous game-breakers in the league in that role in '95-'96. He is without question one of the best athletes in the league.

Fact: That he's returning to this role WITHOUT COMPLAINT for the good of the team speaks VOLUMES about Kordell's character. Many people have questioned his heart (myself included), but let's face it: the guy never WANTED to play poorly... he was trying his hardest. It just hasn't worked out for him at QB. His willingness to make the switch back to "Slash" for the TEAM makes him a veritable hero in my book. That takes serious balls, folks, and demonstrates remarkable UNSELFISHNESS. We've all lamented that we wished the Steelers could use him in that role again, but who among us ever thought he would be willing do it? Not me. Kordell, I'm impressed... BIG time.

The moral of this sermon? Roll with the punches, Bruthas & Sistas... the future of the Steelers just got MUCH brighter.

See 'ya next week. Until then, my bruthas!
Tim McMillen
Webmaster, McMillen & Wife

P.S.-- On the other hand, Stewart will probably be the starting QB again in a week or two, so what do I know? Listen, I know we can't afford to pay a QB salary to a glorified WR, and ultimately, Stewart won't be happy playing WR anyway. Bottom line is, I had write SOMETHING to make myself feel better for the time being, and this piece did the trick for me. Are my dreams of Kordell remaining as "Slash" for the long-term plausible? Maybe. Are they fun to think about? Definitely. Are they likely to come true? Absolutely not. Oh, well... :-)

P.P.S.-- I still had the balls to wear my Steelers tie to work on Monday as I do EVERY "morning after," win or lose (of course, I wore the now-obligatory bag over my head as well... it's been a staple since the Cleveland game). Don't give up the ship, folks. Now is when the fair-weather fans sink to the bottom and disappear for a few years. Hope you're not one of 'em.

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