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Week 1
at Cleveland

Week 2
at Baltimore

Week 3
vs. Seattle

Week 4
vs. Jacksonville

Week 5
at Buffalo

Week 6
at Cincinnati

Week 7
vs. Atlanta

Week 8

Week 9
at San Fran

Week 10
vs. Cleveland

Week 11
at Tennessee

Week 12
vs. Cincinnati

Week 13
at Jacksonville

Week 14
vs. Baltimore

Week 15
at Kansas City

Week 16
vs. Carolina

Week 17
vs. Tennessee

Here We Go!

Post-Game Analysis
By the Fans!
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The following comments are listed in the order they were received with the most recent entries at the top. This isn't a "guestbook" format... I read and manually insert every message, so you may not see your submission show up for a day or two.
Week 15
Pittsburgh at Kansas City (19-35)

Submitted by Ed Hodakowski
Mr. and Mrs. McMillen,

Last Saturday was my second excursion to Arrowhead, the first being a Monday-Nighter last year in October. Let me tell you firsthand that no matter how bad it looked on T.V., it was much worse in person. We had incredible seats... 4th row, endzone. The first touchdown by Pittsburgh took place about twenty feet in front of me, and I swear that I could've reached out and taken the ball out of Edwards' hands. The second drive, field goal, and thoughts of me actually getting to watch the first Pittsburgh upset this year. Then the penalties, injuries and turnovers began. I've been a die-hard fan since my high school, Steel-curtain dynasty days, and considered myself fortunate to be stationed overseas during the bleak eighties and unable to watch what I thought were the lowest depths to which the Steelers could sink. Having to sit tight while obnoxious, unwashed, bearded hillbillies screamed smug obscenities at Kordell and our fine team was intolerable. This humiliation will be vindicated next year, and you can bet the farm that I will be in Arrowhead to watch it. Until next year, when high draft picks and a new attitude will save us, I'll be BLEEDING BLACK AND GOLD IN THE MIDWEST!

P.S.-Happy Holidays to you and your fine family!

Submitted by Jimmy Grant
This team flat out sucks. I've only been alive for 26 years and I've been a Steeler fan for all of them and this is close to the lowest I've seen them. There have been other dismal seasons... in the '80s when such gems as Mark Malone, Scott Campbell, Brister, Woodley and other assorted bums where running the show, but this may be worse.

The offensive line sucks. Anyone who thinks Jerome Bettis is washed up is crazy. They can't block anyone... $#!t, they can't even remember the snap count! I thought the receivers sucked earlier in the season, but they actually have played better lately, although there are no stars. Kordell Stewart is never going to be an NFL quarterback either.

Moving on, I actually like Tomczak. He is, however, over the hill and is always good for 1-2 deadly INTs per game. At least he is moving the team, though. And at least Tomczak has discovered the Steelers DO have a tight end. I don't think Stewart hit one all year.

Defensively, it is almost equally as despicable. The secondary is horrible. DeWayne Washington has to go. He gets abused week after week. In addition, DeShea Townshend sucks (when he plays). Scott I thought would be good, but he is constantly hurt, so who knows with him? I do like Lee Flowers. Robo-Saftey, aka the tin man, aka Scott Shields sucks, too. He is slower than my grandmom, and Travis Davis can't tackle my grandmom. The linebackers are fine, and I still think the D-LINE is okay, although at times they don't get enough pressure on the quarterback. The defense mailed it in weeks ago. I believe after the loss to Jacksonville, they officially threw in the towel.

I like Cowher, but he, too, may even be wearing off. The part I hate most about this team is that they stay in the game enough to keep you watching, yet you know what the outcome will be. You know what the low point for me was? Do you remember the last time the hated Brownies made the playoffs? I think it was '94. They got pasted in Three Rivers like 29-9. Derrick Alexander dropped like 8 passes. The guy was so scared to go over the middle, or anywhere for that matter. Fast Forward to '99, and that skinny, no-hands piece of garbage is running for an 82 yard touchdown on a reverse... that is how far this team has fallen. I will root on for the Steelers, but I predict it will get worse before it gets better.

Already looking forward to the draft....
Jimmy Grant

Submitted by Tommy "Fleetwood 'N' Julio" Coleman
Oh, the pain. Time to break out the Chuck Noll 1969 speech!

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