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Here We Go!

Post-Game Analysis
By the Fans!
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The following comments are listed in the order they were received with the most recent entries at the top. This isn't a "guestbook" format... I read and manually insert every message, so you may not see your submission show up for a day or two.
Week 17
Pittsburgh vs. Tennessee (36-47)

Submitted by Michael Aubrecht
This New Years, I went back to Pittsburgh to spend the holiday and welcome in the New Millenium with my family and friends. I was also excited because I knew I would definitely see the final game of the Steelersí season on local television (I usually miss 4 or 5 a year in VA). Little did I know that I would be watching the game from the End Zone, thanks to a surprise Xmas present from my best friend and his wife.

Even though I spend almost every waking moment (like The McMillen's) on designing, researching and maintaining the content for my Steeler web site (It's amazing we both have time to reproduce...), almost every dollar I have on Black and Gold memorabilia and almost all of what time remains watching or playing football games, I hadnít been to a Steelers game since the 80ís.

Sold Out Tickets and the fact that I have lived 3 states away for the past 5 years has made it almost impossible. Many of my family, friends and even guys I went to High School with, are either season ticket holders, on the list for season tickets or even work for the Steelers.

Anyway, my friend Jonís wife was nice enough to give up her seat and let my buddy take me to the game. Thanks Megan.

Our journey began by walking to the stadium through the tailgating section surrounded by other Steelers Fanatics. Itís amazing how many different combinations of Black and Gold one can paint on Mobile Homes or Busses. The smell of Smokey Barbecue and Iron City Beer was in the air. I was home and these were my people. "Pittsburgheese" was spoken and all "Yunz" were welcome.

As we came up to the gate area, we were suddenly swamped by a very large group (of very large men) in blue and white Titans Jerseys. They knew they were outnumbered and kept chanting "Do Not Hate, Appreciate". I know itís a shame, but looking at their record and upcoming playoff appearance, I had to agree.

Once inside Three Rivers, we made our way to some of the best seats in the house, the End Zone. We also had about 45 minutes until kickoff so we did what any self-respecting Steeler fan would do; we hit the beer stand.

Returning to our seats, we waited for the last game of the season and the first game of the century. Both teams were out stretching and warming up. We were about 20 ft. from the players and Levon Kirkland really is the largest human being Iíve ever seen. The man is HUGE. If I was a receiver and saw number 99 out of the corner of my eye, Iíd drop the ball and fall down.

The week before, against the Carolina Panthers, there were almost 20,000 no-shows, but the stands were packed today. I don't know if it was because it was the last game of the season, or because everybody wanted a chance to "boo" Neil O'Donnell and Yancey Thigpen.

I will tell you this; it's nice to see a game that doesn't really matter. The Steelers had nothing to lose and the stress factor in the stands was definitely low. The season was ending and we had already accepted the "3 No's". No winning record, No division title and No playoff berth. The team and the fans were playing for pride and one last chance to show a glimpse of what could've been.

I will also tell you that no one outside of the stadium would've known. The crowd was deafening, the Terrible Towels were waving and everyone was into it. Even though it resulted into a 47-36 loss, it was the highest scoring game in the NFL this season (85 pts) and the Steelers could have won if not for several crucial turnovers and goal line stands.

It also had some elements rarely seen in a single professional football game: 3 turnovers resulting in points, 3 players ejected for misconduct, a punter being called for "illegally punting" and a backup Center, Jim Sweeny, reporting as an eligible receiver on every other down. It was his last game and I think it's great that they gave him an opportunity to participate and even score (he "dropped" one in the end zone).

When you look at the Stats, it was as strange a game as they've had in awhile. They scored more points and produced more yards (433) than any game since their 43-0 opening victory at Cleveland. Mike Tomczak's 309 yards passing were the most by far of any Steelers' quarterback, and Superman Shaw had the first 100-yard game by a Steelers' receiver, catching 7 passes for 131. Yet they converted just 1 of 9 third downs, lost three fumbles and one interception and had seven fewer minutes of possession time even though they ran 12 more plays.

I also have to admit this (and it hurts), Neil O'Donnell is still a very good quarterback. Especially considering the amount of hate that was rained down on him by former admirers. The best play of the game was when Linebacker Joey Porter planted him, hard. Sorry Troy, but that should've got him Rookie of the Year.

We stayed until the last play and had a great time. I was able to see my dad's job-site up close (Pirates PNC Ballpark) and I got to goto the bar and watch the Penguins while havin' a cold one.

It was the perfect way to welcome the New Year. Thanks "yunz guyz"...

Michael Aubrecht
The Pittsburgh Steelers Online Fanclub

Submitted by Michael Rosenthal
Hello... Just wanted to say I faithfully go to your site almost daily. I've been a big Steeler fan since I was 8 yrs old (1978). I just went to my 1st Three Rivers Game and my 1st trip to Pittsburgh. Although they lost and looked "a little sloppy," they never laid down and kept fighting. I enjoyed the city, the fans, & had a blast at the game. I wanted to ask you with all your sources... being my 1st Steeler game and in Albany, they don't air Steelers games on the local networks. Do you know where I can get a VHS copy of the game? I would like to have that for my collection.

Michael Rosenthal

[Ed. Note: As long as we're doing game requests, I still need copies of both Steelers/Ravens games, including the loss in Pittsburgh which I attended. We were on the Jumbotron TWICE, big as life, so there's a good chance we got our ugly mugs on the tube! If anyone can help, drop me a line.]

Submitted by Scott Springer
First comment: Cowher will stay. I'm kind of saying that with my fingers crossed, but I really think he wants to be here next year and I don't think the Steelers are about to get rid of him with his contract.

Second comment: The game sucked. It was a microcosm of the entire season. No running game to control the clock, missed passes (I think I actually heard Myron say that T-zak was having a good game after throwing a complete pass after two or three straight incompletions in the first half. C'mon - he was just over 50% for the day!), penalties (pass interference is the worst penalty in football - that rule should go back to the way it was and like it is in college), and stupid plays.

As strange as it sounds, I don't care about knocking Neil around. I'll be the first to tell yo that he screwed us when he went to NY, but knocking him silly didn't really help us in the end. If it would have, I would be jumping for joy and sending his mail telling him he's washed up and should retire. I understand everyone being happy about him being flattened at Three Rivers, but the fact is that they handed us our asses and stomping on O'Donnell's skull just isn't as much fun when we lose.

I also don't care about 61 yards rushing by Bettis. Why? Because it could have/should have been 161 yards if we has a line that could move ANYBODY!!!!! They'd have trouble moving the Temple Owls off the line of scrimmage, let alone an NFL D-line. Bettis is still a great back and I'm glad to have him in Pittsburgh, but we need linemen. 61 yards won't get it done for any NFL team that relies on the run.

I don't care about gutsy fourth down calls. Why? Because we don't have an offense that can get two or three yards guaranteed. First and goal from the one should have resulted in a Touchdown, not an over-on-downs after being unable to move the damn ball 1 yard in 4 f$#@#%g plays!!!!! We can't run play action pass because we don't have a QB who can get the ball there and the majority of the receivers won't make plays anyway.

Most of all, I don't want to hear about this team's great defense anymore! What defense? This team has been burnt for more yards since the bye week than I think the Philly Eagles (yes, I said the Philly Eagles) have given up all season!!!!! All I have to say is 47 points! Nothing else needs to be said.

Scott Springer
The guy in Hershey with the Black and Gold paper bag over his head!

Submitted by David Munson
Extremely tough year for us Steelers fans. Actually, Sunday's game was a disgrace with how they conducted themselves as "professional" players. You are right, we need 1974 all over again with the draft, but Rooney also needs to do something with free agency. Any predictions??? Cowher is in trouble. If he does remain, it is "put up, or shut up" next year for him. A digruntled Steeler's fan in Dallas.

Submitted by Tommy "Fleetwood 'N' Julio" Coleman
Oh, the PAIN! Sunday was sooo bad vs. the TITanS that it was laughable. Three bottles of Black 'n' Gold "Three Stooges Beer" in the 2nd half helped (I was Curley). Funny, the word "knuckleheads" appeared on the beer as well as this site. Hmmmm...

Submitted by Tom Bragg
As far as the Steelers losing to the Titans on Sunday, I must say it really didn't surprise me. In all honesty, it was pretty much expected. The following are my own personal thoughts on what turned out to be a Horrific and Hideous 1999 season to remember. These are guys that need to look for work elsewhere because they should never be allowed to where the Black & Gold again.

1) Kordell Stewert - After two consecutive years of the worst QB play in recent memory, its time to cut the ties and say goodbye.

2) Mike Tomczack - While he should be commended for coming in and providing a much needed spark to a lifeless offense, its time for Mike to start his lifes work as Chuck Noll used to say.

3) Wayne Gandy - this guy is a total stiff! Brought in to help solidify , all he provided was bonehead plays and the inconsistencies of a college playe!

4) Will "no thrill" Blackwell - This kid has done nothing from day one, it's time to get him out of here.

5) Anthony Brown - What in the hell were the Steelers thinking bringing in some stiff that wasn't even good enough to start for the lowly Bungles?

6) Nolan Harrison - the trainers room worst nightmare. Has done virtually nothing except stay in the wirlpool since he got here!

7) Carlos Emmons - a sometimes decent player with way two many inconsitencies to be a starter. Rookie Joey Porter should have had this position coming out of training camp! He has done nothing but produce every time he's stepped on the field! Bottom line - he earned it!

8) Travis Davis - We lose Carnell to Jacksonville and get an inconsistent backup player in return. Way to go guys! Gee, with personell moves like these, no wonder we went 6-10 and are one of the laughingstocks of the league!

Tom Bragg

Submitted by McMillen & Wife
Okay, so we lost. Okay, so we allowed 47 points. Okay, so our record for the season is 6-10. At least the Steelers didn't mail it in. Down 31-7, and later 40-15, the Steelers never gave up and actually got themselves back in the game by the end of the 3rd quarter. 'Ya gotta wonder what mighta happened had Jerome been able to punch it in on that 4th & goal.

And best of all, Joey Porter clocked Kneel O'Dummell and forced a fumble, then returned it 46 yards for a TD! Yeeeeehaaaaaa!

Moments later, Knell threw a pick and suddenly, the Steelers were right back in the game! We may have lost, but Kneel's gaffes were enough to make me a happy man.

Do I sound a little bitter? Hey at this point, bitterness is about all I've got left. Not to be redundant, but we're 6-10, folks. Let's face it... in spite of encouraging performances by Bettis, Porter, Ward, and Shaw (I would've also mentioned Huntley if not for his fumble and the fact that he QUIT on the play, allowing it to be returned for a TD), there doesn't appear to be much relief in the forseeable future. We have no quarterback, no O-line, no D-line (Steed will probably never be the same), no secondary, no wide receivers... on and on, ad infinitum.

We're gonna need one HELLUVA draft... of the 1974 variety.

Speaking of the draft, now that the '99 season is mercifully behind us, it's time to begin our pre-draft prognostication. So let's hear it, folks... send us your draft predictions, what positions you think we need to strengthen, and all that good stuff.

Until then, GO STEELERS!
Tim McMillen
Webmaster, McMillen & Wife

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