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Week 9
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Here We Go!

Post-Game Analysis
By the Fans!
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The following comments are listed in the order they were received with the most recent entries at the top. This isn't a "guestbook" format... I read and manually insert every message, so you may not see your submission show up for a day or two.
Week 9
Pittsburgh at San Fran (27-6)

Submitted by Brooke Aday
For all you Kordell lovers out there, let's remember one thing. While the Steelers won against the 49ers, and yes, Kordell did play a much better game, look at who we beat. This 49er team is a mere shell of the team it used to be. Secondly, as far as overall talent, this team probably is no better than either Cincinnati or Cleveland. Frankly, guys, that ain't sayin a whole lot. The Steelers have the Titans a week from this coming Sunday. If they go out against Tennesse and dominate like they did against the 49ers and Kordell plays as well as he did against San Fran, then maybe I'll believe this team is starting to turn the corner. Bottom line is, let's see the Steelers beat a quality opponent. So far, all we've beaten are celler-dwellers!

Tom Bragg

Submitted by Brooke Aday
I was at the 9er game. It was awesome to see such great Steeler fan support out here on the left coast. I'm telling you, Niner loyalty/support is falling fast around here. The Steeler fans literally took over 3COM, or should I say "3RiversCOM" Park. Mariucci himself said he has never seen a visiting team get so much support.

This was a sweet victory (long overdue) that I won't let my Niner friends forget anytime soon.

You guys on the east coast are lucky... you can see you team live more than once every few years.

Submitted by Art Lyon
It's been a while since I've weighed in on the Steelers. I guess my patience with the Steel Men has overflowed into my commenting on the team. I'm just like everyone else when it comes to wanting us to win all our games each and every year. Being passionate about the "Black & Gold" is as natural as the first piss of the new day. By reading Tim's comments, I get the impression you understand what we really have on this team too. Not getting overly excited about the 49er win is perfect. We SHOULD have gone there and kicked their ass! I guess the comment I want to make to all of our fans is this:

It came to me in about the third week as I talked with Dave Clifford. This team reminds me of the early 90's when O'Dummell (the QB who lost the 95' Super Bowl) was learning the position and we were trying to put together an offensive package. Remember how hard the defense played every week? They would hold the other team longer than any of us thought they could. It would be the fourth quarter and they might have 7 to 10 points and we would send Gary Anderson in to kick like his fourth field goal of the game to win the damn thing by two. Although this defense is younger, it reminds me of those days because our offense is trying to find itself and the defense is doing as much as they can to keep us in the games. I'll take all the improvement we can get this year! We need to have patience while some of these kids grow up and learn. It's all we can do since we have to reload every freaking year!

It's too bad this team probably won't find it's peak until late in the year. With two tough teams in our division and the AFC being the better overall conference than the puke NFC, we might not even get into the playoffs. Just take a look at the standings. There are 6 teams with better records better records than us in the AFC, only St. Louis and Detroit are better than us in the NFC. Pittsburgh started the shift of power back in 93' and now the conference is a power. Steeler fans will be there through the good times and the bad. I just hope this helps some of you see the light at the end of the tunnel (no matter how long it is).

Later Days,
"STEEL" From Prescott Valley

P.S.-- Is it just me, or is everyone just a little apprehensive with Turkey Day coming up? HEADS, HEADS, HEADS!!!

Submitted by Chris
Gotta send a shout out to the Steeler Nation for the tremendous show of support for the Steelers on Sunday. After the game, 49ers coaching staff and players could not stop bitching about all those fans in Black and Gold that had the nerve to show up at THEIR house and create a such a Three Rivers-like atmosphere. Honest to God, I thought I WAS at Three Rivers! Was one of the most beautiful things these eyes have ever seen, to look out upon 57,000 rain soaked fans at 3-Com Park in San Francisco and see waves of Steelers Black and Gold swinging Terrible Towels!

Take it from a transplanted Pittsburgher... It was almost like being home again!


P.S.-- My comments earlier in the year about Stewart and Cowher still stand until Kordell can get through 60 minutes of football looking like he did in that first quarter.

Submitted by Tommy Coleman
One thing is becoming very clear... the officials are deliberately trying to sabotage the replay system. It took them nearly 10 minutes to review a play to get an accurate spot on the field! A play that happened with under 2 minutes to go in the 1st half, so it was only reviewable by the Officials. It sure stopped the Steeler offense's momentum.

One other thing... the tailgate of the Steelers Band Wagon needs to be closed, locked, and guarded. That way, any "Garbage" we happen to run over on the way to the playoffs won't accidentally get sprayed up on the TRUE STEELER FAITHFUL!

A.D.D. Kids, read this S L O W L Y; There is a big difference between opinions being realistic and being insulting and your reality isn't always reality!

Memo to Kordell; Good Job,Keep MoviN' UP!

Memo to Levon; A little seltzer water will get that Rice A'Roni stain out!

Just Plain, Tommy,
Peasant, Steeler Nation

P.S. The Hotmail spellchecker doesn't recognise "Roni" as a word. The #1 suggested replacement word is "Rancid". That Bill Gates...

Submitted by Jim Vickers
Being an avid Steeler fan in California, I do not get to many chances to them live (I do have DSS and see every game). That all changed last Sunday against the 49'ers.

The weather was incredible. I never have seen rain that hard since I moved out here in 1991. The wind was gusting at 25 mph.

I had great seats and enjoyed every minute of the game. There were so many Steeler fans there. Mariucci said he has never seen so many fans of the opposing team at 3Com. Late in the 3rd quarter the stadium was rocking with "Here we go Steelers, Here we go..." It was truly a wonderful day. I had my camcorder and a camera and documented the afternoon.

They are now ready for a run at the playoffs. It will be hard, the AFC is stacked but they are on the right road. Bring the Brownies.....

Steelers Title Drive 2000.
Jim Vickers

Submitted by Scott Springer
Brutha Tim and Sista Sandy,

Another week has brought us another victory, and with this one cautious optimism. A few questions have been answered, but there are still some more that need to be answered in order to figure out exactly where this team is capable of going this year and in the years to come.

First, I'll take back what I said about Kordell last week - at least for now. If he is given time in the pocket, and he is given receivers who are better than the opposition's defensive backs, then he can win a game for us. He is definitely getting more comforable in Gilbride's offense, and his confidence is coming back. It was obvious that the week off did him some good.

I'm still not sold, though. San Fransisco doesn't have any sort of a pass rush. They were blitzing all game and they still couldn't get that much pressure on Kordell. I feel this is more a result of San Fran getting older than dirt than anything our offensive line did. Kordell still can't run and throw at the same time - he needs to set up. When he does try to throw in stride, he'll do one of two things: either overthrow the ball, or toss a soft, fluttering pass out for grabs. This is a key part of his game that he desperately needs to work on in the off season this winter. Although this wasn't Cleveland, it also wasn't Jacksonville. Have a game like this against a top-notch defense - throw as accurately as he did on Sunday against the 49ers - and I'll be more confident in Kordell's abilities.

Great QB's make the players around them better. Kordell isn't doing that yet. As of last week I was sure that he never would, but what a difference a bye week makes. Still, he has a long way to go before he can get the label "effective quarterback" let alone "great quarterback". Let's see if he can put the team on his shoulders, say "follow me", and put the ball in places for his receivers to make great, game breaking catches. That's what great quarterbacks can do. Better yet, let's see if he can get the ball into the "catchable" area on the majority of his passes on a weekly basis and make the same kinds of decisions he did against San Fran. That's what effective quarterbacks do, and that's all we really need from Kordell.

Don't be too hard on the defense for the running game breakdowns this week. Yeah, they made the San Fran RB's look pretty good, but they still kept them out of the end zone - although our best defensive player on Sunday may have been Steve Mariucci with his red-zone play calling. We were stong against the pass, and a lot of the holes on the offensive line may have resulted from poor footing more than anything. The same thing could be said for those runs outside that Richard Huntley was getting on third down. The bye week may have also had something to do with it. Either way, they picked a good week to take a day off, and we'll have to see whether or not this is a trend or not.

Still, our biggest problem is the offensive line. San Fran hasn't got a great defense. Actually, they don't even have a good defense and we still can't run between tackle. Jerome has no holes to run through - bottom line! This offense needs to be able to run the football in order to be successful! It's a traditionally based offense that relies on ball control for success. If you can't run the ball - three to four yards a carry - then you are going to have problems no matter who the QB is! Talk about the West Coast offense all you want, every San Fran team that won a Super Bowl has an effective running back in the backfield and a line that could move people.

Let's not get all giddy over this win. This was a win against a Carolina - or maybe even Cincinatti - level team. I need to see that line improve their run-blocking to make me happy. Let's start moving some people, creating some holes, and getting the Bus loose so that we aren't in third-and-nine situations all day. If we can't get that, then we are going to be watching other teams in the playoffs come December!

Scott Springer
Hershey PA

Submitted by Jordan Allen
Hey, hey, Stwey finally pulled a win out of his ass against San Fran. But Stwey still stinks & the 49er win does not mean anything. What do you expect against a team who's defense is ranked 30th? I still think Stwey is garbage.

Catch ya later,
Da Ill Kid

Submitted by Sheldon McGruder
Nice to notch another victory, eh? The thing I like most about this game is that it's the third consecutive victory, racking up a few W's in a row now. That shouldn't stop next week against Cleveland. Build that winning mind-set.

I enjoyed Huntley's runs and Bettis' scores and seeing Stewart hitting his receivers...but the lasting image I have of this game is Jerry Rice dropping that easy pass over the middle, turning to see how many heartbeats he was away from getting absolutely planted by Kirkland, who was just hovering. Perhaps a little intimidating for the man who was once one of the game's premier go-to guys?


Submitted by Will Smith
Well, I only got to see the first drive and then listen to the next two on the radion as I had a business function to go to, but from the score, it looks like that is where most of the excitment was at. From the articles I read, the rain began to pour down after that, possibly saving the 49ers from a HUGE EMBARRASSEMENT! Kordell looked good (borderline great) while I was watching. Even the pass where he got the pass interference call was good... definately catchable had the DB not held Ward up. If he continues to throw accurately and the recievers continue to get open, this could turn out to be a special season yet. The defense making Charlie Garner look like Barry Sanders Playing a Rams team from the eighties was troubling (even on the first possesion). Anyway, the point is, the team is playing 100% better now than it was just 3 or 4 short weeks ago. Stewart could have easily thrown for 300 yards had the rain not started. After all, he had 99 in the first quarter (that's also assuming, of course, that the play calling would have remained aggressive). In any case, I'm definitely looking forward to the upcoming games vs. Tenesee and Jax. Tenesee doesn't scare me anymore. We're at the point in the season now where they typically collapse and end up an 8-8 team. Jax, on the other hand, is going to be a true test for us. Bring on the supposed cream of the AFC Jax and Tenesse... were going to kill'em

Submitted by SSgt. Kenneth Hoffmaster
You guys have the best STEELERS site on the web! Every week I check out the new posted items. I must say that this week (week 9), the STEELERS totally kicked the "Whiners" into the mud (literally) and showed that they can play offense. Thank goodness for that bye-week we had. LETS GO STEELERS!!!

SSgt. Kenneth Hoffmaster

Submitted by McMillen & Wife
With apologies to Schultzie on "Hogan's Heros," I know NOTHEENG! (Gotta stop watching so much TV Land...)

Rather than commenting on the game itself (I'll leave that to those of you who actually SAW the game), I do have a few peripheral comments to make...

First of all, it's heartwarming to see the Super Bowl-buying Niners "going down" (a little Gay Bay lingo, there) the proverbial tubes. After watching Frisco find ways to sidestep (euphemism for cheat) the salary cap for all those years while our Steelers were getting ripped apart in free agency, it's nice to see it finally catch up with 'em.

Secondly, the jerks at WOIO in Columbus can kiss my ass. I spent my morning raking leaves (yet again), then came in for lunch. To my delight, Cleveland was the only game on, meaning CBS had the double-header. The Cleveland network can't broadcast both games when the Brownies have a home game, but the Columbus station can. And since Pittsburgh had an afternoon game, that meant we'd get to see the Steelers beat up on the Niners after the Browns game, right?


After getting ourselves psyched into a frenzy to watch the Steelers as the final seconds ticked away in yet another hillarious Cleveland ass-whipping, we were rewarded with the monumental matchup of... Cincinnati at Seattle. Needless to say, our reaction was not pleasant. Man, we have GOT to get a DSS system. Thank God for internet radio simulcasts.

One thing is for sure... we'll definitely get to see the Steelers next week. Get ready for that steady (and oh-so-familiar) pounding sensation, Dawgies.

Until then, my bruthas!
Tim McMillen
Webmaster, McMillen & Wife

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