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Kaye Cowher
On the Record

It's sad that it ever came to this, but here is Kaye Cowher's public dismisal of the bogus affair rumors. Click Here for the full story.

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Is the press out to "get" Cowher? Click Here for the facts and you make the call.

  Sex, Lies, and E-Mail
There is nothing so believable as an oft-repeated lie.
Submitted by McMillen & Wife
There is nothing so believable as an oft-repeated lie.

Bill Cowher is NOT having an affair with Kordell's sister. Nor did he knock up his secretary. He hasn't been kicked out of his house, and Kaye (his wife of 16 years) did not leave him and return to North Carolina.

Yet, these rumors have been all over the internet, all over talk radio, and have seemingly circulated to just about every football fan I know. We've received e-mail on a daily basis asking for the "real scoop" on these rumors. I've refrained from making ANY comment or reference to this subject to anyone other than my wife... until now. Why? Because we didn't have the FACTS. Of course, neither did anybody else, save Bill & Kaye Cowher. Folks, I have just one question:

What in the hell is wrong with some of you people?

First of all, what kind of sick freaks come up with this stuff? "Gee, Cowher has had a couple of bad seasons... we're spoiled-rotten, crybaby Pittsburgh fans (or members of the media) who can't deal with losing. Hey, let's see if we can't ruin Cowher's personal life as well." Rumors that spread like this are not orchestrated by just one person, folks. This crap was all over the radio for a number of weeks being portrayed as fact. If I was Bill Cowher, I'd be looking into suing a few lying, backstabbing, nothing-better-to-talk-about media assholes over this. Man, to screw with a guy's family is beyond reproach. It's just plain sick.

Secondly, by simply acknowledging unsubstantiated rumors like these, you perpetuate them (see the first line of this article). It's sickening enough that these fables ever built up any steam, but what makes me really boil is that they actually reached the point where the Cowhers were finally forced to publicly "face their accusers" to dispell the rumors. Why? My guess is, because they have three young daughters who have probably been faced with questions about this at school. Rumors like this are rotten to the core. Why so many people feel compelled to give legs to this crap by asking their neighbor if it's true (how in the hell would their neighbor know, anyway?) is beyond me.

Which brings me to my last point... there are other equally nasty, equally unsubstantiated rumors raging in Pittsburgh and on the 'net about certain other members of the Steelers team and organization. Please stop asking us to confirm or deny this crap, because:
A) We don't know.
B) We don't care.
C) Even if we did know, it's none of our damn business.

On that note, I bid you adieu.

Tim McMillen
Webmaster, McMillen & Wife

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