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I really need to scan some new pics of the fam in their Kordell jerseys...

No self-respecting Steelers fan would be complete without an arsenal of jerseys, hats, t-shirts, earrings, socks, underwear (yes, underwear), pennants, and other assorted goodies strewn about their household. For my contribution to the "Steeler Nation," I've fully indotrinated my family, from my son's room to Sandy's wardrobe to my own Steelers Shrine (formerly known as "the den"). We're even going to redo our master bath in Steelers colors (the black & gold tile is already in place... now all we need to do is hang the wallpaper). For the record, I'm pretty sure our neighbors are frightened of us.

In any case, here's a list of suppliers of Steelers apparel. I'm not actively soliciting business for any of these companies, nor am I necessarily giving them an endorsement (although I've done business to my complete satisfaction with all of the sites here). In any case, since I get a ton of e-mail asking for good places to get Steelers stuff, I figured this might help some of you displaced Steelers fans out there get in style.
Listen, can someone please explain to me what the media's obsession is with these idiotic "Cheese-Heads"??? Its gotten so bad that I spotted a bunch of morons in Cinci wearing cheese-heads painted in Bungles colors. Gee, how original... then again, it's the Bungles... I guess a striped piece of cheese does look better than a pile of dung on your head, eh?
Thanks to those brilliant, entrepreneurial Steelers freaks at, Steelers fans everywhere can now have their OWN headgear to wear to the game (and OURS won't turn into penicilin during the off-season)! Sandy and I wore ours during the Green Bay game on Nov. 9th, and dudes, I've gotta tell 'ya... we're convinced these hats were the difference in the game! Besides, NO WAY were we gonna be outdone by a bunch of dorks wearing those ridiculous Cheese-Heads! GO GET A STEEL-HEAD (the hippest headgear in the league, BTW) and show these morons who are stinking the joint up with cheese on their noggins what REAL headgear is made out of... STEEL!

BTW, check out their site for a pic of Sandy wearing her Steel-Head.

From the Sidelines
A great mail-order catalogue with lots of cool stuff for Steelers fans (just ordered a Bradshaw jersey from 'em... something lighter weight than my throwback that I can wear in warmer weather). A great place for Steeler fans to get gear (they also offer apparel for all 30 teams as well as all kinds of memorabilia). We've been very satisfied with our past purchases from 'em. Make sure to have 'em send you their mail-order catalog... there's a ton of stuff in there that you won't find on their website.

John E. Anderson Company
Also known as JEACO (jay-co)
Go here for some really cool "homespun" T-shirts, including a pair I own myself (the "Immaculate Reception" 25th Anniversary shirt and the "Blast Furnace" shirt) among others. Hurry! Some shirts are available for only a limited time!

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