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  End of the Road?
  Is 'Da Bus Headed Outta Town?
Submitted by McMillen & Wife
Take a deep breath and relax, folks... Bettis is staying in Pittsburgh. And frankly, we should all be ecstatic that the Rooney's got their long-term hooks into Huntley (who is on the verge of becoming a star) BEFORE he became unrestricted next year. This is a GREAT situation for the Steelers, not a negative one. Hey, we all know what happens to our young, talented players once they become unrestricted... they take the money & run (can you say, "Orpheus?" We thought you could).

Admittedly, it remains to be seen if Jerome will sign a contract extension before he becomes an unrestricted free agent after next season. And Jerome's current contract status (final year) makes him a good trade candidate. But I fully expect him to be in the Black & Gold in 2000. Look, the Steelers aren't gonna let Bettis go for chump change, and with the Bus coming off a relatively subpar season, I just don't think any team is going to ante up enough trade bait for the Steelers to bite. We'll be riding the Bus for at least one more year.

For those of you suggesting Huntley is an "uproven" player who has only shown "flashes of brilliance" in limited action... well, you're absolutely right. But history is FULL of great players who were "unproven" due to limited action early in their careers. And you don't have to go clear back to John Stallworth & Mike Webster to find 'em, either... recent examples are Barry Foster (who inexplicably warmed the bench behind Merril Hoge) and Yancey Thigpen.

Take heart, bruthas & sistas... you're seeing the future, and it looks brighter by the moment. The Steelers are making real strides this offseason. And if Cowher and new director of personel Colbert can nail a good draft, we may be talking playoffs sooner than you think.

Tim McMillen
Webmaster, McMillen & Wife

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