Fan Tribute to Terry Bradshaw
"I always wanted everyone to like me. I wanted the city of Pittsburgh to be proud of me. But my first few seasons, I used to count the number of people on my bandwagon on one finger. I had people call me a dummy and a hick. I had a lady stop me outside the stadium and tell me I stunk. I heard the people cheer when I got hurt. Rub up against enough briar patches and your hide will get pretty tough. Mine did."

-- Terry Bradshaw
Perhaps no Steelers player has ever had more of a "love-hate" relationship with fans than Terry Bradshaw. Terry was booed vigorously by fickle fans in Pittsburgh for the 1st five years of his career... funny, nobody is booing now. 4 Super Bowl Titles, 2 Super Bowl MVPs, 2 Team MVPs, 1 League MVP, and numerous Pro Bowl appearances ulitmately silenced Terry's critics. But Bradshaw, who is unquestionably one of the greatest Steelers of all time, has not returned to Pittsburgh since his retirement in the preseason of 1984. The reason is simple... for Terry, the echos of the boos still linger.

There will be no booing here...

Send us your thoughts & memoirs about Terry Bradshaw.

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Submitted by Keith Gillilan
Hi, Guys! I live in the Hall of Fame City of Canton, Ohio & I have had the pleasure of seeing many of my Steeler heros get inducted. My ALL-TIME FAVORITE speech was definitely Bradshaw's speech. I was getting goose bumps listening to that one live. I am disappointed with Swanny not getting in! We will see what we can do!

Go Steelers!!!
Keith Gillilan

Submitted by Johna
What can I say? I love Terry Bradshaw with all my heart. I was born in 1970, the year Terry started with the Steelers, and I have always loved him. On Sundays, I would get yelled at by my parents to sit down and be quiet because I would stand in front of the TV and make up cheers for Terry and the rest of the team. My goal in life was to start the Pittsburgh Steelers Cheerleading Squad and be the head cheerleader (because those Dallas girls just weren't any good), and then be married to Terry Bradshaw so we could be on the sidelines together. God how I hated JoJo Starbuck! I always thought that she and Roger Staubach belonged together -- I mean, heck, they had the same last name (What did I know? I was only 6 or 7). But Terry Bradshaw was the world to me. I liked watching interviews with him with his cheeks filled with tobacco and his Redman hat on his head. Lucky for me, I lived in Latrobe, home of Pittsburgh Steelers Training Camp. It was great. Every morning in the summer, my mom would take me to McDonald's for hash browns and Coke. This was a time before drive-throughs, so you had to go inside for take out orders. While my mom went inside one morning, I stayed in the car. And who do you think pulled up in a little red convertible? Terry Bradshaw and Coach Chuck Noll. I was frozen with excitement. They went in and got in line behind my mother. She turned around and said, "I'm sorry to bother you, Mr. Bradshaw, but my daughter is your biggest fan. She's outside in the car. Do you think you could come over and say hello to her?" And Terry, ever so polite, smiled brightly (that's what my mom says) and said sure, he'd love to. If she would wait for a minute while he ordered his breakfast, he'd be right out. So, my mom came out to the car and I breathlessly told her who I saw go inside. She said he was coming out to see me in a minute. Sure enough, a few minutes later, Terry Bradshaw came over to our car and talked to me. He signed an autograph for me, too. From that day forward through the rest of the summer, when we would go to McDonald's in my mom's little black Fiat X19, and Terry was there (which seemed to be all the time in my young mind), he would always wave and yell hello to us.

Because I'm from Latrobe, I would see Steelers all the time. Franco Harris used to go to my cousin's house. And I have autographs from a lot of the big name players from the 70's -- Harris, Swann, Lambert, Mean Joe Green -- but Terry's is the one that means the most to me.

I always wonder if he remembers the little McDonald's incident, because it's something I'll never forget.

Thank you, Terry Bradshaw -- for the winning, the playing, and the memories.

Submitted by Butch
Man what a Christmas it was for me. First of all, I am stationed overseas at Aviano AB. Italy and this past week we had a little USO visit. When I heard that Terry Bradshaw was going to be there, I knew we wouldn't miss this one. We got there early and got seats in the front row. The MC for the night was Downtown Julie Brown and she was picking kids from the audience to help her introduce the stars. My youngest son (Jaylon) was picked for the greatest honor of all. He got to introduce the one and only T.B. as the greatest football player ever. When Terry came out he shook my son's hand and said, "Here, kid (handing my son an autographed football)... I ain't suppose to give this to ya', but since you knew exactly who I am, you can keep this." I was beside myself! Here was my son meeting one of my idols (and one of the greatest Steelers ever). I can tell you, we had quite a night! He even was picked by one of the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders (the only part of the Cryboys I like) to come on stage and dance with her. I am sending a picture of this momentus moment in my life, and if Terry is out there, thanks a million for the much needed moral boost! Everyone on base is still talking about it.


Submitted by RJM
I thought you might want to hear this story: My grandmother owned a bar in Illinois called Rita Mae`s. Terry stopped in the bar and had adrink or two. He asked what a Rita Mae was and talked to my grandmother for quite a while. That`s my link with Terry Bradshaw.

Submitted by Lois Nippo
I am a female who use to hate football until I saw Terry Bradshaw play. I am a die-hard Steelers fan and there will never be any quarterback to play like him ever again. I wear his #12 jersey on every Sunday game day... he is my hero! I would like to know how to get his autograph on that jersey... that would be my prized possession!

#1 fan, Lois Nippo

Submitted by Bill Sampert
Dear Terry,

When I saw you on TV at the Tom Landry Memorial Service, it made me feel so proud. I remember the games that the Cowboys played in Pittsburgh when you scalded Dallas and went on to win the Superbowl. All of us in Dallas thought you were one of the greatest quarterbacks ever to play against us and enjoyed your sportsmanship and ability.

You were indeed a very noticed adversary at the Memorial Service and I know that all of Dallas very much appreciated your being there.

Best Regards,
Bill Sampert

Submitted by Paul Reidl
Terry was blessed to be the quarterback of the greatest team in history. He performed in kind -- after a few shakey years trying to learn how to "finesse" the ball to his receivers. He was one of the greats -- not doubt about it.

- A Pittsburgh boy who used to watch Booth Lustig kick paper cups into the net on the sidelines.

Submitted by Joanna Wherry
Mr. Bradshaw,

I just wanted to tell you that the commercial that you do for 10-10-321 is really stupid and it makes you look really stupid. I can't believe that you could allow yourself to be so demeaned.

[Ed. Note: Listen, underpants, do you REALLY think Terry Bradshaw actually has anything to do with our piddly little site? This is a FAN tribute, you moron. Furthermore, that 10-10-321 comercial is great.]

Submitted by Donald Spires
My dad always told me the Steelers were a bunch of old men trying to make it; well, we both rooted for them through 4 SUPERBOWLS. Good or bad times, Pittsburgh will be back. Thank you for the Bradshaw site. Terry's da man! GO STEELERS!

Submitted by Beau Massey
Simply the greatest quarterback of all time. As you can see from my e-mail address (, I'm a pretty big fan. I got the idea for my e-mail address after I also put STLRS12 on the license plates of my black 1996 4WD 4-door Geo Tracker LSi. GO STEELERS!!!

Submitted by Brett Cannon
I would like to thank each of you for the web page because I was doing a project on Terry and I couldn't find any of his stats or other info. My last option was your webpage and luckily I found it. I again would like to thank you for the info.

With Gratitude,
Brett Cannon

Submitted by Larry D.
What can I say? Even from the age of six when I had a Terry Bradshaw Christmas (received a Steelers helmet, pants and a #12 Steelers jersey), Terry Bradshaw has been my idol. From playing football in my back yard when I was young, through high school and into college, I have emulated his style of quarterbacking. It wasn't until my high school years when I finally stopped throwing the football with my index finger on the back tip of the ball. All through my football career, I have worn #12. I even use this web page as my home page. Like many others, playing quarterback in the NFL has always been my dream. I thank you for giving me something like that to strive for.

The only thing left is for me is to meet you and get an autographed jersey to frame next to my #12 college jersey. I wasn't a math major, but I do know 12 + 88 = 6. From one #12 to another, thank you for giving me an idol that was a great athlete as well as a great person. Thank you, and I'll be watching you on FOX.

Larry D.

Submitted by

Submitted by Nola Sayne
When I was a young, pre-teen girl, the only time I got along with my step-father was when we watched the Steelers play football. Our family loved Terry and the "Steel Curtain!"

I was surprised when I read that Terry got a hard time from Pittsburgh fans, because everyone in our house thought he was THE BEST QUARTERBACK who ever lived! My mom and I always thought he was cute.

I read that Terry has never been back to Pittsburgh since he retired. Well, I've never been back since we moved and I'm not missing anything... except the pride of a city in its team, AND Bradshaw, Swann, Franco, Lambert, Blier, Chuck Knoll and the entire team that gave a city champions it will never see the likes of again.

Thank you Terry!
Nola Sayne

Submitted by Kina Louise Hoffman Bradshaw

I am such a big fan and I am so proud to have the same last name as you. My mom has been in love with you and your self-achieving goals in football. She would do anything to get at least a letter from you. I was hoping we could write to each other back and forth. You are my inspiration and my main goal in life but the only problem is I am a girl and can't play football. If you could please respond to me I would so happy and I could show my mom how much her fan cares.

Thank you for your time,
Kina Louise Hoffman Bradshaw

P.S.-- By the way, are you related to Bryn Bradshaw? I hope you (haha). That's my dad. You probably aren't, but that is so cool to have the sam name as you. Your #1 biggest fans!

Submitted by Jim Grant
I'm only 25 years old. However, I grew up in Greensburg and my earliest memories as a child are Steelers memories. Going to Latrobe with my dad, Steeler games, and entire neighborhood Steeler parties as a child. I was a Terry fan as a child... he was the first athlete I idolized and is my favorite Steeler of all time. I grew up trying to emulate him and have so many vivid memories of him. In first grade after he broke his arm on Monday Night Football (81' vs the Raiders), I cried so hard my folks let me stay home from school. I remember the anger I had in '82 when the Steelers blew a late lead versus the Chargers in the playoffs (strike year) and the old warrior rescuing the Steelers one final time by lifting them into the playoffs by beating the Jets in '83. I will always idolize Terry, not only for his play, but for joyous memories of childhood and times spent with family and friends. The greatest and most exciting quarterback to ever live! #12

Submitted by
Hey what an awesome site!! Damn, Bradshaw is my Hero... there was nothing more beautiful than a Bradshaw ~ Swann connection. Black and Gold rules... forever! All I have to say is, I have been a Steelers fan for 22 years now, and there will never be a bandwagon leaving from this house! Luv my Steelers! HERE WE GO STEELERS... HERE WE GO! Thanks for a wonderful site on the BOMB team.

Submitted by Nat La Borde
I grew up in the 70's in upstate New York, spending my summers and holidays in DuBois and Clarion, PA at both of my grandparents houses watching the Steelers play. To me, the the Steelers always seemed like they were also family... like they were just all mine, 'ya know? Everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) in my family loved the Steelers (still do). My grandmother bought me Steelers shirts for my birthday and made me that really good home made pizza only she could make for me as I watched the games. Man, those were the days... And everyone in my family always liked Terry Bradshaw. WE ALL thought he got a bad wrap. We couldn't understand why people threw so much crap his way. Terry was the ultimate winner and leader. I seriously believe he wasthe greatest EVER... no quarterback even comes close! Thank you, Terry, for all the GREAT memories... the STEELERS made life GREAT for me as a kid!

Nat La Borde

Submitted by Thomas Bragg
During my years of watching professional football, I have seen many great quarterback's come and go. Dan Marino, John Elway and Joe Montana' just to name a few. Yet, if I'm building an NFL team from the ground up and I had a choice of any of the three players mentioned above, I don't take any of them. Why, you ask? Because of a man named Terry Bradshaw. Terry was truly a prototype quarterback that was ahead of his time. He was everything that you look for in a QB; Big, strong, and had what could easily be defined as a CANNON for an arm. Terry's accomplishments speak for themselves. A four time Super Bowl winner, a two time Super Bowl MVP, a league MVP and a team MVP. Also Pro Bowl trips out the (ying yang). Terry Bradshaw left a lifetime legacy that will never be forgotten in the city of Pittsburgh. As far as the boo's of the past and all of the stupid comments that were made, they are in the past and they need to be left there forever. Terry needs to let bygones be bygones. In other words, let it go and let the hard feelings die.

In January of 1996, I had one of the biggest thrills of my life because I got to meet Terry Bradshaw in person. It was at a sports banquet here in West Virginia. Terry was the featured speaker at that time and he gave one of the most inspirational speeches that I've ever heard in my life! After the speech, Terry held an autograph signing and I just happened to have my authentic Steeler game helmet with me to be signed. I waited in a very long line to get Terry's autograph only to get about four feet away from him and then listened in horror as his publisist says thats it (NO MORE AUTOGRAPHS). Terry got up and waved to the fans and walked out of the auditorium. I could not believe what I was seeing! I was standing close enough to reach out and touch him and now he was leaving. This could not happen to me and I would not allow it to happen. Not on this day anyway. With my helmet tucked under my arm, I took off and followed Terry out of the auditorium, and after I got by two different security guards, I finally caught up to the man I idolized all my life. I literaly grabbed him by his left arm and begged hm to sign my helmet. Terry was only a few feet from walking out the back door of the building and this was a restricted area off limits to the public. Yet when I explained my situation to him and told him that I followed his entire career he immediately stopped and took the helmet in hand and signed his name. He could have easily had me thrown out and never given it a second thought, but he didn't. That's the type of man that Terry Bradshaw is and thats the type of memory I will have for the rest of my life.

Tom Bragg

Submitted by
Thank you for the Bradshaw webpage... Terry Bradshaw's Hall of Fame speech is the most awesome speech ever. It brought back all the emotion from hearing it for the first time in '89!!! Thank you again for sharing the Steelers... this website will keep me busy for some time to come...

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