Enough Depression!
WRs Reason for Optimism
By the infamous "cman" of Newsgroup fame

The following article was snatched from the Steelers Newsgroup. Thanks a million, cman!


This time of year always seems to be bad news for Pittsburgh, but even with the news of Scott, Modrak and Rumors of Cowher leaving (if true, that one bothers me more than anything), there are several things to feel pumped about at this time: our WRs.

A more potent passing game? What? Did I just write that? Yes, and here's why. Even with Yancey Thigpen gone, I like the chances of a formidable WR corp. There are so many candidates of WR having a break out year, it tickles me so. Here's why PGH will not experience any YT post depression:

a.) New offensive coordinator. I think he is just what the Doc ordered and will develop KS. This guy likes to tinker with more TE and RB stuff too. I don't think enemy defenses will have a clue to tendencies as much as last year.

b.) Where do I start? CJ proved in '96 he could make the big play down field. How many acrobatic catches did he make where he just plain went up and took the ball? Even if he isn't as consistent as YT on every down plays, he still gives us a great deep threat.

b.) Is it just me, or is Hawkins underrated and unappreciated? Go back and look at the first NE game or 2nd Jax game; he made some clutch grabs that were very tight. He is great at nabbing 3rd down balls, and he also is underrated at run after the catch. Remember, it was his screen and subsequent scamper that capped off the NE win. Hawkins is solid and valuable.

c.) Blackwell - he already showed flashes last year that contrary to his 40 time, he has the speed and quickness to make a return man and a dangerous WR. Earth to everyone: He has also added over 10 pounds of muscle to give him some more strength. TSNs names him the #1 WR for a breakout year. He could be the guy, if PGH doesn't have too many quality WRs to fight the ball over. Between CJ, Hawkins and him, I already feel secure about the WR corp. But it gets even more intriguing after that.

d.) Adams - really did showcase some potent talent in college, and I think he has grown up (which was PGH got him so late). He was devastated about his ACL, and here is another thing: Have you ever heard of a player tearing his ACL and not knowing it and continuing to play on it? I haven't, but that's what he did. If he is that driven to succeed then he will shine at some point. I hope the ACL didn't do too much long term damage.

e.) Hines - From what I've heard, he is just a player. He might have trouble getting anything his way with all the quality on the roster but then again he might be too productive to have on the bench. He will be exciting to see develop.

f.) Bailey - he was the best player in pre season I saw. He was incredible, and the coaches all said he was the most improved player they had ever seen from one season to the next (actually, it was like 3). Did you see the play where he broke like 6 tackles? I hope his ACL injury isn't too bad as well.

g.) (Yea, that's right, we are at G!) Marsh, Coleman, Arnold and Holiday are all gravy. I don't see PGH needing them, but 4 more bodies to choose from ain't bad.