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Huntley vs Holmes Brawl Raises Questions
Don't laugh at the Rodney King reference, folks. This wasn't your ordinary, everyday spat on the field during the heat of battle... it was a locker room brawl which nearly erupted into a riot. Friction between Huntley & Holmes finally exploded into a no-holds-barred "bench-clearing" melee involving numerous players, with the two instigators (as well as Jason Gildon) ultimately wielding chairs and stools as weapons. While minor skirmishes often improve team unity, we might have cause for real concern here, my bruthas... this was not minor.
Fan Responses
The following articles are listed in the order they were received (with the most recent entries at the top). This isn't a "guestbook" format... I read and manually insert every message, so you may not see your submission show up immediately. Thanks a million for your comments, people!
Submitted by Jim Grant
I like the brawl for a couple of reasons. First, it shows some grit. Guys are showing that they are pissed off and that this matters to them. Secondly, I firmly believe that this kind of shit happens all the time. This just happened to be witnessed by reporters. Fu talked about seeing this in college a lot... I played small college ball and this stuff happened all the time. It was handled and then it was over. Now, if on the first day of training camp they are still fighting, then maybe it is a problem. For now, I see this as being about pride and competitition.

Jim Grant

Submitted by Donny Drummond
Tim, first off, a long overdue congratulations on the little guy. Nothing gives me hope in the world like the addition of yet another towel-waver, this one with argueably some of the best lineage a Steeler fan could ever hope for.

Next up, the site looks great, as usual... the cream of the Steeler site crop.

Ok, now to the fight. So what? I've got two older brothers, 9 & 11 years older than me. We had wars, none bigger than the one after our beloved pulled ring #4 from the posterior of big bro's Lambs. But never did an outsider come between us. Not then, not now. I don't know what was said to ignite Holmes fury, but I have read it was brewing for several days. So it's done.

Animal watchers call this kind of agression posturing. Posture this. I see a commited football team that I have grown to miss in recent years. If Holmes wants to knock the snot out of Huntley and it makes our team a winner, so be it. I am more interested in the fact that Gildon came to his fellow defender's aid... sounds like brotherly unity to me. And that Fu took a shot in the face for his teammate. Hmmm... when Huntley breaks off a 30 yard TD run or Holmes tattoos somebody on the goal line, they'll be like country cousins.

Somebody get a bucket of ice water! So what are you doing for the playoffs? I sure ain't rooting for big bro's Lambs again! Be good big daddy.

-Donny Drummond

Submitted by Tom Bragg
Tim, Hows it goin', dude? The new layout on your site really looks good.

As far as the much publicized and much overated locker room fight is concerned, I say it's long overdue. The Pittsburgh Steelers have been a team that has been embarrased every way a team can be embarrased over the last two years. These players have been sitting and boiling with anger and frustration for the past six months. When mini camp rolled around last week, it became a time to release and vent some of that frustration. Contrary to what some people believe, there are players on this team that are sick and fed up with losing! The Dawsons, and the Kirklands and the Bettis' of the world have had enough! These players are pissed off at the world and are anxious to prove that the Pittsburgh Steelers are not whipping boys for the rest of the league. What happened at mni camp last week was nothing more than two players that had been going at each other in 90 degree heat for several days and tempers flared. I will agree that it should not have spilled over into the locker room. Whatever happened should have been left where it originated, on the field. But the fact is, it happens to the best of teams in all leagues. The only difference on this occasion was there just happened to be a couple reporters in the locker room and they witnessed something that is normally not seen or heard by the general public.

When training camp starts next month, these players wil look back on this incident and laugh about it. Personally, I miss the days when players such as Jack Lambert and Greg Lloyd were not afraid to get up in another player's face and tell them, "GET OFF YOUR ASS AND DO YOUR JOB!" The Steelers of today need that same type of fire and intensity if they ever want to return to the days of old. It may very well be that this brawl is the Steelers way of saying, "Guess what NFL? We're pissed and we're not takin' this crap anymore!" If that works, I say more power to 'em!

Submitted by Tommy Coleman
I have heard a few different accounts of this, but does anyone remember that in 1974, the Veterans were on strike and that gave the rookies a leg up, so to speak, in training camp. Well, legend has it that when the Vets returned, Mean Joe Greene decided to take liberty with one rookie, Jack Lambert, in the locker room. I don't know the particulars and the players mentioned have always denied or disregarded any inquiries about it, but the story goes Jack beat the living snot out of Joe.

True? I don't know, but like I said, I've heard it from different sources. ATTITUDE... how important is it? Now, comparing the 70's Steelers to any current team is always at risk of being called "Wishful Thinking" and the two events are obviously different, but keep in mind the 1973 Steelers Defense was said to be one piece of the puzzle (#58) away from greatness, and the 1974 Steelers went on to... Wishful?... WHO WANTS IT!


Submitted by Barry Fox
I really hope the team can get together as a unit and move on from this. We need to get it together. We have not been a playoff team in two years. We lost that fire of confidence somewhere between the Thanksgiving game in 98 and losing too many players took a toll on the team, fans and community. We have to unite as one if we are ever going to have a chance at the promised land again. we need to win a Super Bowl very soon and I'm talking within five years. This city is all about the Steelers. The fans want to see that fire on the field during the regular season into the playoffs, but not against each other. Wake up, Steelers... if you want the money, the fame, the great career, and the rings you have to start winning. That's all that the fans want.

Submitted by Carroll Martin
I don't think it's that serious. I've played football, as a middle linebacker no less, and it's hard to "allow" any running back to blow past you, no matter whose team he's on. And without pads, running backs have been known to talk a bit of trash because you can't nail them like you want. But, as far as this being serious, it's just preseason angst. You have to remember that these guys have been badly embarrassed over the last couple of years and they're just anxious to get out there and start knocking heads. Be thankful that the steel is finally being put back into the Steelers.

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