Revolving Doors
A Suggestion for New Stadium
After observing the Steelers' free agent moves this off-season, I can only hope the architects of the new stadium remembered to include one thing in their blueprints: a revolving door in the locker room. Above that door should hang a sign that reads, "Attention, loyal veterans and team leaders: Don't let this door hit you in the ass on your way out or you will receive a bill for any damages incurred." Farewell Levon Kirkland and Dirt Dawson... I hope you guys at least got a phone call.

I doubt I'll ever get used the modern era of free agency. The word "loyalty" is now snickered at as arcane and unrealistic. Clearly, the front office has learned to keep any emotional ties out of their personell decisions. But I, as a LOYAL fan, have not. The ability of the Steelers to be impartial when making cap decisions may ultimately be for the betterment of the team, but I think it's also to the detriment of the sport. Levon and Dermontti, we LOYAL fans will miss you.

I don't mean to sound too bitter, folks. Admittedly, the writing was on the wall for Dawson, but somehow I figured the front office would find a way to restructure his contract. He still had the potential to be productive, and it sure would've been nice to have a future Hall of Famer retire a Steeler. As for Kirkland, never in my wildest dreams did I imagine we'd see his outright release. True, last year wasn't his best season and restructuring seemed in order, but to simply cut him? Yoi! Was a trade never considered? Double yoi!

Of course, I'm glad we re-signed Bettis. Without question, getting the Bus to ink a long-term deal was our top priority this offseason. But when I looked at our free agent list after last season, I wrongly assumed that all we had to do was wrap up Bettis and we'd be okay. At this time, let me be the first to admit that I have absolutely no clue what the Steelers are doing... besides pinching pennies.

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