This pathetic article was obviously penned BEFORE Kordell shredded the Packers.
Is it Time to Bench Kordell?
After All, It Worked for Terry Bradshaw
By Tim McMillen

Scoff if you will, but I saw something on the faces of the offensive unit Sunday when T-zak was playing that I haven't seen all year... belief. When Tomczak started that comeback at the end, those players were looking at him like, "Just tell us what to do, man... we'll die for 'ya if that's what it takes." And after trailing 41-15 in the 4th quarter, Mike Tomczak actually had them convinced they could pull out a win. That's an intangible that a seasoned veteran, even one who's really pretty damn average, can bring to a struggling team.

Listen, I like Kordell Stewart. I like his attitude. I like his enthusiasm. I like his talent. For what its worth, he's my wife's 2nd favorite player ever (next to Rod Woodson). I think he's by far Pittsburgh's best prospect at QB since Terry Bradshaw. But all of the God-given athletic ability in the world won't do you a bit of good if your team doesn't really believe in you, or worse, you don't believe in yourself.

All of the people in question, the important ones anyway, say "No" when asked if T-zak will replace Kordell at starter, from Cowher to Stewart to Tomczak himself. I'm not an idiot... I understand the reasons why. But its time to put the best interests of the team ahead of protecting Kordell's psyche.

Its one thing to be in a slump. Everybody goes through 'em. Bradshaw suffered through plenty of 'em. Brett Favre is in a bit of one right now. And, unfortunately, Kordell is mired in one. But how long is a slump a slump before it becomes something more serious? The season is half over. Kordell has yet to look even average, let alone good, and has barely shown even brief flashes of the greatness he displayed so often last season. It's not like he hasn't been given a chance to break out of it. Eight games, folks... eight games. In spite of what's been said publicly, he's beginning to doubt himself, and his team is begining to doubt him. It's only natural.

I realize Tomczak is no savior. Kordell is vastly superior, in the long run, to T-zak in every facet of his game. But at the moment, Kordell lacks confidence. Tomczak, for all of his shortcomings as a QB, has NEVER lacked confidence, something this offense sorely needs right now, and that is precisely why I think he should replace Kordell as starter for at least a couple of weeks.

People say, "Oh, you can't do that to Kordell's confidence!" Bullshit. My response is, if he's fit to play in this league, he'll overcome it. Bradshaw did, numerous times... and with FAR less support from Noll than Kordell has from Cowher. In fact, Bradshaw later pointed to his benching as the turning point in his career. I believe Stewart can overcome this as well. This is the NFL... sink or swim, Kordell.

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