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Jack Lambert

"Jack Lambert is what every football player wants to be when he grows up..."
Submitted by Nat LaBorde
Send us your thoughts & memoirs about the greatest middle linebacker of all time.

The following articles are listed in the order they were received (with the most recent entries at the top). This isn't a "guestbook" format... I read and manually insert every message, so you may not see your submission show up immediately. Thanks a million for your comments, people!

Submitted by Mead132810856
I've been a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers for as long as I can remember. I recently found your web page via my brother who is also a long-time Steeler fan. Although I haven't lived in PA for the past 20 years, I will always consider the Steelers to be "my team."

I enjoy your web page. Simply one of the best I've run across for the Steelers. I especially liked the story on Jack Lambert from Sports Illustrated. Brings back a lot of great memories. I remember as a young girl watching him practice at St. Vincent in Latrobe, PA. Nothin' compares to seeing the Steelers... nothing comes close.

Thanks for an awesome web page. Keep up the great work!

Robin Fermin
Fayetteville, NC

Submitted by Mead132810856
I'll never forget the images of Lambert lining up at middle linebacker and barking out the defensive schemes and him not having any front teeth. What a true linebacker! He was truly the greatest linebacker of all time.

Submitted by John Jewett
I personally think the best middle linebackers of all time had to have been Dick Butkus, Jack Lambert, and Ray Nitchke. All three of these players had great aggression and loved the game. They all hit their opponents so hard which is why I like to watch their highlights. As a fellow football player and middle linebacker, I respect them and am trying to follow in their footsteps.

John J.

Submitted by Lambert810

Submitted by Scott Hodgson
First of all, I would like to commend you on your EXCELLENT site. I grew up in the Mon-Valley area IDOLIZING 'ole Jack. I can remember playing midget league football in the early to late seventies being disappointed that the numbers on our uniforms didn't go up to #58. Every kid's dream was to BE Jack Lambert. At our banquets, a couple of Steelers would come and speak and sign autographs. I met a ton of them during those years. In '75, the two Steelers were supposed to be Jack Lambert and John Kolb. To our dismay, Jack had to cancel at the last minute and they sent Lynn Swann. We were like, "Who the hell is Lynn Swann?" They even misspelled his name "Swan" on the banner behind the two Steelers. This was obviously before his spectacular catch in the Super Bowl against Dallas. I grew up playing high school and college ball... refusing to play anything but linebacker in the tradition of Jack Lambert with a touch of Ham and Russell. Truely the greatest trio of linebackers EVER! If anyone out there has the pic of Jack in the first Superbowl against Dallas (the one where he's gritting his teeth in front of Staubach, please send it to me so I can make some wallpaper out of it.

#58 RULEZ!!!

Submitted by Mike McFarlin
Last year (or the year before), I was watching "Inside the NFL" and Chris Collinsworth told a story about his first encounter with Jack. He was a rookie, in his first game against the mighty Steelers. He ran a pattern across the middle, and Lambert nearly knocked him out. Looking up, Collingsworth saw Lambert growl down to him, "Collinswoth, don't you ever come across here again!" Collinsworth made his way back to the huddle with a grin on his face. His teammates wondered what the grin was about since he just got flattened. He explained, "Jack Lambert knows my name!".

Mike McFarlin

Submitted by
I feel like I've died and gone to Black and Gold heaven! I just recently joined America OnLine and have been surfing the Net looking for information on my beloved Pittsburgh Steelers. I took the day off work today to do just that, pumping myself up for the game. I just happened to stumble on the Steelers Fan Ring. Yours is the 2nd site I've visited, and I was blown away. I saw your tribute to my all-time favorite player, Jack Lambert. I still have my original copy of the S.I. article. It's framed and hanging on the wall with all my Steeler Stuff. My wife calls it my Altar. Anyway, I printed Jack's Hall Of Fame acceptance speech. It's going on the wall next to the magazine... thanks so much!!! I'll be visiting your website often. Here we go Steelers, here we go!

Submitted by night.ranger
I've been looking for a Lambert site for awhile. This is by way the best Lambert site I've ever seen! Thank you for putting this page up. I've been Lambert fan for years. Again, thank you for doing tihs tribute to best middle linebacker of all time!

Submitted by Fran Bires
McMillen and Wife,

Someone just passed along the web site about Jack Lambert to me. It made my day. I had no idea that this site existed and it is much needed. I found it very interesting that he informed me of the web site today because of what happened to me last night. I coach football and I was trying to get my kids pumped up and said, "if someone shows me some intensity and good tackling, you'll earn the Lambert award." One kid looked at me and said, "The what award."

I don't know if I have anything for your site, but I want to first of all thank you for putting it together. It is now a bookmark on my computer. Lambert was indeed my favorite player. Actually, he was a favorite of many of my friends, so much that we started a group and we called ourselves "Lambert's Lunatics." My buddies and I were from Aliquippa and went to Hopewell High School. If you were a Lambert fan, then you saw the banners that hung in the same location in Three Rivers Stadium throughout the years. We had t-shirts and jackets and Annual Lambert Picnics in our hometown. The picnics started the football season off and they attracted a couple hundred people.

I still have my t-shirts and jacket. I went to all of the games and was in charge of hanging the banner in the stadium. Oh the memories!!! They grow fonder all the time especially with the eventual tearing down of Three Rivers Stadium.

Again, thanks for putting together such a tremendous site for such a tremendous football player.

Submitted by Gunnery Sergeant Bonar
I have been a dedicated Lambert fan since he first signed with the Steelers. I followed his career from my youth, to working for National Steel Weirton Mill, to the United States Marine Corps. I am currently a Drill Instructor at Officers Candidates School at Quantico, Va. My son is 11 years of age and plays middle linebacker (as I did). He has chosen Jack Lambert as his role model (again, as I did). I have told him of the NFL highlight film shown on ESPN of Mr. Lambert. He hangs on each word as I describe it to him. He told me after practice last week if he could just see that film, he knows he would play better. He is quite a good player, as the other teams quickly double-team him after the 5th or 6th defensive play. But he knows seeing this film would help make him better. Being a Drill Instructor takes much time away from me to spend with my family as it is. When I can do something extra special for them I will stop at nothing, as Jack never did, nor the Steelers, nor the Marines. So I am dedicated to get him this film clip and all info on Mr. Lambert as possible. There are no role models in today's world that can compare with Jack Lambert. His dedication and intensity and honor are of no question. I want to be able to show my son why he is my role model and how through hard work, dedication, and overcoming life's obstacles he can achieve his goals as Jack Lambert achieved his. Sorry if I am rambling but us Marines get fired up sometimes!!! Please, anyone with information or help in getting this film or other type of references, help me! I also was wondering if Jack Lambert still had his Linebacker summer camp going? Thanks for your time.

Dedicated Dad and Lambert Fan
Gunnery Sergeant Bonar
Semper Fi

Submitted by Eric Bradish
My most vivid memories of #58 are:

1. I think it was a playoff game against the Oilers. Houston had the ball near the goal line, and gave it to Campbell. Jack met him head on... what a collision! They seemed to freeze at the moment of contact for a second, then Earl fell backwards (as did Jack). Earl wobbled off the field, Jack shook the cobwebs out and stayed in.

2. Jack throwing that a**h*le Cliff Harris to the ground after he taunted Gerela for his missed FG in the SuperBowl. The Steelers had been playing a little lethargic up to that point, and Jack's reaction seemed to ignite them.

Submitted by Mark H.

Mark H.

Submitted by
If you look up the word "great" in the the dictionary, you will find Jack Lambert's picture. He is simply the best middle linebacker to ever walk on the gridiron.

Submitted by Stephen Lang
Jack Lambert defines what Steeler Football has always been; hard nosed, blue collar, meat and potatoes... for the love of the game.

Submitted by
Jack Lambert without question was and will always be the best middle linebacker to ever play the game. The way Lambert use to decimate opposing QB's and running backs was simply brutal. I remember watching a game when the STEELERS were taking on the BROWNS, and QB Brian Sipe tried to scramble to the outside. Sipe pumped the ball once and was met in tornado fashion by, who else?... The Vampire!!! Lambert hit Sipe so hard, Brian went to the STEELERS bench instead of his own. There are so many great hits, but that shot from a 220 pound M.L.B was just way outside the normal realm of that position. LAMBERT played against all the odds. God help you if JACK said something and you did not believe him. He will always be my favorite player... without question!!!


Submitted by Thomas Bragg
In all my years of watching professional football, I've never seen a player give more of himself on the football field than Jack Lambert. This man put on a clinic every single time he stepped onto the field. Jack played the game with a major chip on his shoulder, and he would dare any man to knock it off. Needless to say, no man ever did.

When Jack stepped onto the field, it was if he was going to war and the opposing team was the enemy... in Jack's eyes it was kill or be killed, and their was no way on earth that Jack was going to be killed. This may sound a bit drastic, but that's the way Jack Lambert played the game.

The man played with a vengence and a reckless abandon that has never been matched to this day. Jack proved that a player playing the position of middle linebacker doesn't have to weigh 250 lbs. to be effective. The most Lambert ever weighed in his career was around 220 lbs., and he was never really a physically imposing player. But when it came to heart and sheer determination, no man playing at that time could carry his jock strap! Sometimes I think when God sat down and designed a football player, when it came to linebacker, the image of Jack Lambert was the blueprint that was used.

One final point I would like to make is that some football historians regard Dick Butkis as not only the greatest linebacker ever, but the greatest all around football player that ever lived . To that I say, as great as Dick Butkis was, he was a one dimensional linebacker... he was a great run stuffer and a good pass rusher, but nothing more. Look at any old film footage of Butkis in action and I guarantee you won't see him dropping into pass coverage covering wide receivers and tight ends. This is the very reason if I am building an NFL defense and I have the choice of either Jack Lambert or Dick Butkis, with out a doubt, it's gotta be Lambert. Mr. Lambert was truly the complete package when it came to the position of inside linebacker. If you wanted a run stuffer, he was it. If you wanted a pass rusher he was that, too. And if you needed him to drop into pass coverage and cover a running back coming out of the backfield ,he was the man that could do it! My personal conclusion is that Jack Lambert was the greatest linebacker to ever step on a football field ... BAR NONE!

Thomas D. Bragg

Submitted by Nat LaBorde
Jack Lambert is what every football player wants to be when he grows up...

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