Steelers Fans Say Farewell to Greg Lloyd
We'll all miss Lloyd immensely. As a tribute, I'd like to post some parting thoughts from other Steelers fans about Lloyd. Please send me YOUR lasting impressions of Greg Lloyd... gone, but not forgotten.

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The following articles are listed in the order they were received (with the most recent entries at the top). This isn't a "guestbook" format... I read and manually insert every message, so you may not see your submission show up immediately. Thanks a million for your comments, people!

Submitted by Charles Hanley
Greg Lloyd was exactly what Steeler defense was all about. He brought the attitude that the great teams of the 70's had back. Since his departure the defense has been in decline and will continue to until we find the next player to fil that role. That attitude is simply shut up and smack someone in the mouth.

Thank you, Greg.

Submitted by ritzjonz
Greg Lloyd visited our town in 95 as a Mentoring Program speaker. It was super to get his autograph and meet him... he was awesome! That was the year of Greg Lloyd in '95! He made a true impression on my then 7-year-old son and we will miss him. He would make a great coach someday... talk about motavation! Wow! Any news or info on him and how he is doing would be appreciated.

Submitted by B. Amend
Greg Lloyd was the epitome of the Pittsburgh Steelers' Blitzburgh defense. Deep inside, he was the emotional equivalent of the 70's Steel Curtain contained in one package.

During the 90's Lloyd WAS the Pittsburgh Defense, and we should honor him.
B. Amend

Submitted by MANDINGO128

Submitted by Klint Simmel
Just wanted to say that Greg Lloyd was my favorite STEELER and he still is. It broke my heart when they cut him. If you look back, the team has not been the same since. I wish the Steelers would bring him back as a coach. I've come to realize he probably can't play like he used to, but his presence with the defense and the fans would be overwhelming. I also wanted to tell you that it's a great website and to thank you for keeping Greg Lloyd a part of the Steeler family.

Klint Simmel

Submitted by Patrick Trimble
To all Greg Lloyd fans, and the countless others who feared and, Geronimo!, respected him, remember these things:

Greg Lloyd graduated from Fort Valley State College with a degree in Electrical Engineering. Sure, he did not need to use his degree to pay the rent. But remember when 95 had us 'wired', and 'electrified', and seemed to call on unbelievable 'voltage' to just up-end and destroy a block, a ball carrier, a passer, it was a guy who put his education first.

Greg Lloyd had a tough time with his parents. We all hung on the words of interviews when he described being raised by his aunt, not knowing the protective love from his mom or his dads whereabouts. Now, I wasn't in the room, but I recall the news of him working towards reconciliation. His children met with their grandmother, and he wanted everyone to act respectfully, warmly. Lloyds example teaches us that even if we don't get a lot (of family, wealth, or security), we each start from scratch each day with the opportunity to work at these things. Mr. Lloyd excused no one from trying to do right.

Sure, he 'counted out' Al Toon. He swore on national TV. He didn't like the media, or quarterbacks, or the league office (protecting offensive players but not others; making money off of Crunch Course videos of hits which he was fined for). He wore some pretty ratty t-shirts to work.

But after years of bravely playing a violent game with swagger, he still practices control through martial arts. After making millions, he still eats dinner with his family. After learning it's rough out there, reads a book and treats his kids gently.

If you still think he isn't the greatest, you just ought to see him play football. wow. Thanks 95.

Patrick Trimble

Submitted by Chuck B.
I have been a Steeler fan since I was a kid. Celebrating through the Superbowls, suffering through the retirements and pitiful seasons. Cringing at losing to The pathetic "Cowgirls." Thank you Kneel! However, without a doubt watching a player like Lloyd have to limp away from the game was crushing. Lloyd played the game the way it was supposed to be played. The way the Steelers play football! Down and dirty, rough, blue collar and full tilt until the game ends win or lose!

Everyone can talk about Singletary or other LB's that have come and gone. But as far as I'm concerned no one has matched the intensity, aggressiveness and just plain old meanness as Lloyd! Don't get me wrong, I love Jack Lambert! That dude just killed people! Lloyd however, I'm sure made many a QB wet themselves when he came blasting around the corner!

I doubt anyone will rise to the level of Lloyd. But if I'm wrong in that respect at least I can rest assured that he will be wearing the black and gold! Real football players play for the Steelers. Players who love the game, love to hit and hate the enemy with a passion! Players who give their all for the team rather than themselves or their careers. Players who put the fear of God into the opposition and will not stop in their pursuit until the whistle blows! That is what Greg Lloyd did every Sunday. It was a pleasure to watch him play and see the impact he made on the field. He will be sorely missed.

Best wishes to Mr. Lloyd... farewell.

Chuck B

Submitted by Nat LaBorde
I remember sitting on a friend's couch watching Lloyd play early in his career, telling everyone in the room he was the real deal. I got damn near laughed out of the room. My pals were like. "Greg who? That little guy ? ha!ha!ha!" etc., etc. You could see it on Lloyd's face... this guy came to PLAY... and play he did! We could all think of many, many times Lloyd changed a game, whether it be a forced fumble, a helmet smashing speech in the locker room, or pasting Dannyboy Marino. What I will remember about him most is that he brought the fire back to Pittsburgh in the 90's. When he left, the leadership and fire in our defense left too (hold on Tommy, put the gun away... I'm being honest here). We still had a good defense, but not a great one these last few years. We're still looking for someone to step up to the leadership plate (Kirkland, I'm talking to 'ya, guy!). Of everyone who has left the Steelers in the 90's, I miss Lloyd the most.

Thank you, Mr. Lloyd, for everything you did for the Steelers and fans. I'm sure glad you played for us... just think of how many more QB's we would have gone though playing against you!

Nat LaBorde

Submitted by Robert Wright
I have been a true Steeler fan since the time I was old enough to start having an interest in the game of football. From the very first time that I recall actually seeing my beloved Steelers play on TV in '75, there was something about these ominous warriors clad in intimidating black uniforms that made me addicted to the game of football. Was it the sheer wizardry and super strong arm of the quarterback? Or maybe the talent of an incrediblly tough pair of running backs along with the most amazing pair of wide receivers I have ever seen. No, it was the DEFENSE. I was mesmerized by what appeared to be super-human strength and talent stopping opposing teams dead in their tracks. Thus began the love, admiration & devotion to the one and only football team that I will ever truly worship and call "my team".

Years pass and through good times and bad, there are always certain individuals who stand out at their respective positions. Greg Lloyd is one such jewel that whenever I see or hear his name mentioned, will stir some great memories of absolutely one of the best outside linebackers to ever play the game. He was and will always be one of my favorite players. Wherever he goes, to me he will always be a true Pittsburgh Steeler. He is the epitomy of what an OLB should be. It always seems like something is missing out of our fine defensive unit now that there is no terribly intimidating #95 out there roaming over the field in all-out attack mode. The man always gives 200% when he plays. His work ethic, athleticism, pride, vicious hitting, attitude and disposition are the perfect example of what a true classic Steeler linebacker should be. Seeing him fire up the troops (and me on Sundays) and totally demolish anything in his path is something sorely missed.

For everything that he was to this organization, I sincerely believe that something should have been worked out to let him finish his career in a Steeler uniform where he belongs. Even with his injury plagued final season with the Steelers, can anyone truly deny how obvious it was that his presence is missed on our defensive unit. Compare the respective performances between the two years. As always, I stand by this team no matter what--I bleed black & gold. Best of luck to Greg, in whatever or wherever his situation may be from now on.

Submitted by Robert Botkin
I could talk about Greg Lloyd all day, but since I'm typing, I won't. I just want to say that I love Greg Lloyd as a football player. To me, there has never been a better linebacker (sorry, Lambert). Greg Lloyd IS the Steelers... I know it was a buisness decision, but Greg should still be with the Steelers. It wasn't like he was crying about being offered more to play on God's team than any other team was willing to pay him like a certain Mr. Piss-Ant Woodson! I might be jumping the gun, but I think that Lloyd is one of those special players that come along that we will never have a chance to see play like that again. I thought I could never be lower as a Steeler fan than when we lost to a Cowboys team coached by Switzer in the Superbowl, but the day the Steelers released Lloyd was right up there with that feeling. Thanks for all the great memories... I'll never forget you, Greg Lloyd.

Sincerly, your biggest fan,
Big Bad Bob Botkin

Submitted by James "J.C." Patterson
I'll never forget seeing Lloyd in training camp -- looked like a Greek statue... I wish the Steelers would sign him again, if for nothing else than his leadership on the field and in the locker room.

Fresno, CA

Submitted by L Train
Let me tell you something... I will take Greg Lloyd with half a knee, and the heart of nobody I have ever seen, on my team any day of the week. Greg, Chad, and Kevin at one time were the most devastating LB's I have ever seen, and they had a young kid they were teaching by the name of Kirkland, who in my opinion was the MVP of the Superbowl a couple of years ago. I have never in my life seen anyone like Lloyd. I remember in his last year, he had been playing on that ankle that ended his career in Pittsburgh, they were playing Cincy and Lloyd hit KiJana Carter so hard he fumbled and then before Carter ever knew what hit him, Lloyd was already on the ball waiting for someone to come touch him so he could be downed. I will never forget Greg... he went through the hard times and I will always have respect for a guy who tackles Emmitt Smith on the sideline one on one, and then goes over to Switzer and says,"Don't run that S--t to my side, boy!" WOW, that is what Steelers football is all about, and that is what Greg Lloyd was all about. I truly miss him.

L Train

Submitted by Thomas Bragg
Greg Lloyd's sheer intensity and leadership is something that you just don't replace easily. The steelers haven't had that type of leadership from any player since Jack Lambert retired in 1984. It will be years in the future before the steelers find leadership like his. Greg Lloyd is just another name on an already long list of players that should've finished their career in a pittsburgh steeler uniform. It's a travesty that they never were given a chance!!! We'll miss you, Greg... you were one for the ages !!!!

Submitted by
Tim, by now you have heard enough of my rantings, but I was really moved by your tribute to Greg Lloyd. I really miss his intensity. He was the best linebacker I ever saw wear the black and gold. Occasionally, I'll flip to a Carolina game and check him out. He was my favorite player... since he left, it's just not the same. I LOVE the STEELERS, but if I was a running back and saw him coming at me with his different face mask, huge biceps, and snarl... I'd throw the ball down and run away. He used to make a play that would break a team. Remember the int vs. the Bears in '95 or him crunching David Klingler to fumble? Levon is good, one of the best. Lloyd was a field presence that we miss. My favorite Lloyd memory was him almost attacking O'Dummell at halftime of the Browns game in '93. Neil hit Eric "I'm a big drug addict tight end" Green for the winning score. I LOVE THOSE STEELERS, WIN OR LOSE, BUT I STILL MISS "MR. INTIMDATION," GREG LLOYD! Carolina signed him for 1 year, $500,000, and Bill Cowher got a new bigger contract on the same day. But at what cost?

Submitted by Dave Clifford
Visit Dave's excellent Steelers website: D.C.U.P.S.S.

You have so many devout members of the Black & Gold fan base writing with regards to the departed Greg Lloyd, I felt it necessary to add my thoughts as well.

I have been a Steeler fan for 23 years and because of location and financial constraints, had never been to a regular season game before last year. I was lucky enough to see the Steelers play against the Ravens in Baltimore. A fine game with so many ups and downs, I thought that would be an experience to last me for a while. It wasn't. I got the thrill of my life (amidst the others with kids being born) when I got to shake the hand of Mr. Lloyd. He was all smiles and signing anything anyone handed to him. I know, he signed my Terrible Towel. Anyway, I walked away so much happier for having met the man who epitomized Steeler football since the Lambert, Greene and Ham days.

That was my personal moment. My professional moments are two and one is kinda weird. The crushing blow put on Natrone Means when he attempted a 3rd and 1 run on Greg's side in a 1994 meeting. Helmet to helmet, Greg almost stationary with Means lowering his head to try to barrel through. Stopped. Plain and simple. The other moment is when he actually hugged Neil O'Donnel. Yes, I know that is a little strange, but, in my eyes it showed he is a man with a heart and a heart that wants to win. And that hug to me meant he was telling a man whose position he had no respect for, but the man he did and they were actually just one step closer to the goal of all football players. To be champion.

I am not as upset about losing Greg because of what he brought to our team. I am most upset that he had to go without that championship ring on his hand.

Dave Clifford
Here we go, Steelers, here we go!!!

Submitted by Holly Manley
Great Site! Love your tribute. I am a Lloyd-a-holic, and am very bitter about the way he was treated by the organization that I have followed for the last 20 years. I still feel this is about Cowher. His controlling the team and the 2 million he is now getting. The players' coach, who in the end basically told Lloyd don't let the door hit you in the a_s. How nice, the Steelers retired number 95's number. I wonder how many letters they received from fans objecting to Greg's release. Then there were comments by the organization as reported by the Tribune's that no one wanted him, etc. Why don't the Steelers treat their aging players with respect? Never have and probably never will. Sterling examples, Bradshaw, Lambert, Harris, Woodson, and now Greg.

If I was a player for the Pittsburgh Steelers, who essentially said, I would like to retire a Steeler, I would think twice and go for the bucks like Yancy did, but then again, people always think that they are different and it will never happen to them.

I use to love watching him pop someone, e.g., Kevin Greene would grab the guy and Greg would take him out, and contrary to some people's views toward the end of the season, before he injured his ankle, there were a few plays (not sacks), e.g., RBs going over the top to score or someone taking off down the field, and he came out of nowhere to stop them.

I remembering Cowher running up to him, egging him on. It all seems like BS now.

Holly Manley

Submitted by Art Lyon
Greg Lloyd is no longer a Steeler. I still can't believe it and won't until I see him in another uniform. I'm 41 years old and have had only two favorite players in my life... Jack Lambert and Greg Lloyd. I've only owned one jersey....that's right, #95. I will continue to wear that jersey because it stands for an intensity and an attitude that said "I dare you to try to beat me and my team! It won't happen this Sunday if I have anything to do with it!" Lloyd would out and out kick his opponents ass! He asked no favors and gave none. I always had the feeling that when the offense couldn't score series after series that no matter how many times it took, the defense would hold on until we finally scored late in the fourth quarter. How many times did we watch our pathetic offense make mistake after mistake while he held the defense together. How many games did we think there was just no way they could continue to hold the opponents from scoring! Lloyd was the man that did that for us. He's not just another player going through the motions. He is a leader and an attitude adjustment! He's the guy that would retaliate for his teammates. I will always be proud of him and the way he played. I hope to hell that Cowher didn't feel the need to get rid of him so he could control the defense himself. LLOYD WAS THE DEFENSE!!!! I will miss him more than any of those who have left before him and my prayers were answered when he didn't sign with another AFC Central team. God Bless you and your family, Greg. And thanks for all the great years of sacrifice, playing with pain, and coming back from injuries. You made the other linebackers better because you were there and you made the Steelers a team that our opponents feared!

Art "STEEL" Lyon

Submitted by Mike Hoffman
#95 gone... another Steeler Great cast away for nothing. The Steelers, my all time favorite team, real men don't wear Black, they wear Black and Gold!

Anyways, Greg Lloyd joins the likes of Johnny Unitas, Jack Kemp, Franco Harris, Len Dawson, Rod Woodson, Kevin Greene, Yancey Thigpen, Joe Greene and others (notice I didn't include Neil O'Donnell or Bubby Brister in this list) whom the Steelers have sold down the river... the Steelers who we all Love build from within and then Trash thier Veterans. Greg Lloyd was one the greatest players ever to wear a Steeler Uniform. He anchored the Defense, and was a loyal and great player on and off the field to the fans. Greg we will miss you. Good luck with the Panthers. Everyone remembers when The Steelers one the AFC Championship against the Colts and what Greg said on Camera. I was watching the game with my wife and said< "Honey, did you just hear what he said? Hahahaahhah." A funny moment in Steeler History!

Mike Hoffman

Submitted by MJ12
Directly and Concisely.....Greg Lloyd stimulated the Steelers to demonstrate an attitude of Supremacy. He held the offense in contempt for even THINKING of running his way. I will never forget when he predicted knocking Marino out of the game and followed it through. THAT is Steelers football!!! Good Luck Greg and we appreciate your dedication and ferocity.


Submitted by Steel
Great page!! Keep up the good work.

This is tough. This is not as big of a shock to me as it was to see Rod leave the beloved Black and Gold. However, the Steelers lost much more than perhaps the best linebacker in Steeler history. Yes, I remember Lambert, Ham and all the great players that made up the dynasty of the 70's, but none can compare to the inspirational leadership and intimidation factor that Greg brought to the Steelers defense. After seeing all the big names that have left the Steelers via free agency over recent years you would think it gets easier. It doesn't. Nothing lasts forever but you hate to see icons Like Rod and Greg leave the NFL wearing different colors.

The Hall of Fame game is three days away. When I see the Steelers take the field the excitement will soon make me look past recent events. When I see Kordell, Jerome, Dermonti, Levon, Joel, Carnell, Mark Bruener and the rest of the team it will be clear again as to why I still watch the game.

What was once a great sport is now 90% business and 10% game. Unless this changes we will continue to see some of the greats walk away.

Good Luck Greg...You are already missed...I'm sure in early December with a crisp chill in the air, the smell of sweat and blood, aches, pains..playoffs around the corner...someone else will have to take the reins and try to fill your shoes. Don't worry, they may stand in your place, but never in your shoes.


Submitted by Gean Bearer
I haven't respected a football player more for their tenacity and determination on the field since Jack Lambert. I named our second son after Greg and I thank him for some great memories. My hope is that he regains his health 100% and we see him back in a Steeler uniform!

Submitted by Matt Heaps
Visit Matt's excellent Steelers website: The Steel Factory

My first game I ever went to was in San Diego in the early 90's. My buddy and I flew down from Chico where we were attending college. Both of us were die hard fans and it was the first time we were able to see them live.

We arrived in San Diego and got settled at our hotel early Saturday morning. David, my buddy, suggested we drive to the Murph and check out the Stadium. We arrived and some how got into the field and talked to the field crew. They told us where the visiting team stayed....swhoosh, we were in the car driving what seemed to be 100 mph down the street to the hotel. We walked into the lobby and God must of been looking down on us that warm afternoon because when we entered the hotel there was about 30 fans all dressed in black and Gold. As my eyes focused, that isn't all that I saw, the Players were in the lobby as well. My jaw dropped as Rod Woodson walked by with Carnell Lake. I did nothing but look like a fool and with my chin on the floor and my eyes wide open.

After I composed myself, I sat down and talked to Bryan Hinkle for about 10 minutes about about the game tomorrow. He was one of the nicest guys I have ever met. Then I saw him, a man in a purple suit behind the ropes that hotel security set up so the players could have some privacy. Lloyd was just leaning up against the wall looking cool. On this side of the ropes were about 15 guys trying to get his autograph. Of course, I got up and went over were all the other fans were to beg too. I am telling you, Mr Rooney must of been looking down on me that weekend becauase for some reason, Greg told the security guy to let me in so he could give me an autograph. I don't know why he picked me out of all of those people but I don't try and question it. It is just a memory that I will always cheerish.

I have meet Lloyd only once since then and he is truely an intense player. The guy puts his game face on an entire day before a game. As Donahoe said, "He was one of the Best, not just on of the Steelers' best but one of the best in the league. Greg could play in any era. He has the makeup, whether it's in 1998 or 1938. he's just a football player."

Greg, you will always wear black in gold in my eyes and I wish you luck in the future. You ARE the heart and sole of the Steelers defense and it will be difficult to watch the games this year without 95 in the lineup. In tribute to you, I will wear my 95 jersey for every game this year. WE LOVE YOU MAN!

Submitted by Joe Velasquez
I was a true, die hard STEELER fan. Joe Green, Lambert, Ham - a fan from the seventies. I lived those glory years. Then, out of nowhere, came one bad, nasty linebacker named GREG LLOYD, who shook me out of the 70's. He inspired me to relish in the fact that be it 70's, 80's or 90's, there will be no better team than my beloved Pittsburgh Steelers. God bless you, Greg Lloyd. Black and Gold forever.

Joey V. baby

Submitted by Anonymous
I was hoping that they would keep Lloyd around just for his inspirations to the game and for what he meant to the fans as well as other players. He played the game like it was suppose to be played and he would say if you can't do your job to let someone else do it. He was his own biggest critic. Greg you were bringing a whole new steel curtain to our city. If you don't play for anyone else, I hope the Rooneys will bring you back as a coach. We enjoyed watching you play the game the way it was suppose to be played. Thank you.

Submitted by Blake Mccoy
A grown man in VA sat in his living room a few nights ago, in his favorite players jersey (#95), watching Sports Center with big tears in his eyes as we Steelers fans said goodbye to another of our all time greats. What can I say about Mr. Lloyd that has not already been said? Simply the greatest LB of his time, and if there is any justice in the world, a future Hall of Famer.

My Lloyd's jersey was retired yesterday. It is at a professional framers being put in a frame with his autographed picture, rookie card, and portrait drawn by a friend. I miss him already, it truly won't be the same without him.

Thank you, Mr. Lloyd. I wish we could have found a way to Avoid (losing) Lloyd.

Blake McCoy
McCoy, VA

Submitted by bodie
HEY AWSOME PAGE! I LOVE IT!!!!!! Best one I've seen yet! Keep up the kicka$$ work!!!!!! Just a couple of words... Lloyd... best there ever was....... and LEGENDS never die!!!

Submitted by The Crippler

Mr. LLoyd, thank you. I'll never forget two games... Pittsburgh against Miami and Pittsburgh against Green Bay. Mr. Lloyd took out Marino (*smile*) and well, Favre was on pain killers and alcohol, or he would have dropped too. Even when unable to play, his inspiration and leadership was there.

Thanks, Greg, for the years of great plays and quarterback kills. You'll always be a Steeler. THANKS AGAIN!

The Crippler

Submitted by J.C. Clyde
Ok I'll admit it, I'm a linebacker freak. Growing up in Pittsburgh, my bedroom walls were adorned with posters of Ray Nitschke, Dick Butkus and Andy Russell. Then came a magical time and my past heroes kept getting pushed to smaller and smaller areas of the room. I had a new linebacker hero. This guy played with an intensity that was just flat out unheard of up till then. Opposing QB's got rattled and made mistakes just lining up against him. Opposing coaches tried to devise offenses to avoid him. Hell, this guy even scared his own teamates. I lived and breathed Jack. When I shipped off with the Navy in the Mid 70's, I proudly wore my 58 Lambert jersey in every port across Europe. It gave me a connection to home and a certain attitude that only Steeler fans can understand. Sadly, those days came to an end.

I've only worn one other Steeler number in my life. Of course that would be 95.

Thank you Greg Lloyd for playing the game the way it should be played, Intense, Intense, Intense! I'll retire your jersey to a hanger that carries another number close to my heart. As a Steeler, no make that, a linebacker fan, you did good kid.

J.C. Clyde
Laurel, Md.

Submitted by Brian Cho
Well, all I have to say is that I feel sad... depressed... All I can wish for now is that Lloyd get's inducted into the HOF wearing Black & Gold. Thanks, Greg, for everything!

Submitted by J. DuPree
Greg Lloyd - along with Jack Lambert - are my two favorite players of all time. They epitomized what the game is all about. Greg deserved so much better. Although I will always bleed black and gold, Greg - no matter who he plays for - will always be my favorite player.

Submitted by Kevin Bascle
To be honest, I feel like I've lost a family member. A person who every Sunday I got up waiting to see on the field. That was the hardest thing I had to read... his release from the only team that means anything in my life. Greg, I have your jersey and shirts and even your SLU figure displayed (and don't you think that I'm taking it down, either). I dont know what to feel, but I know we all need to move on. This is football in the 90's now. I and all of us will never forget you, Greg Lloyd. The drive I get sunday and every day, you were the factor that added the emotional plus. Hell I will even say it... I love Man. You were an IDOL to me.

Submitted by Nathan Scott
The badest man in the whole damn town... NFL....World : (

Submitted by Lady Lloyd
Visit Lady Lloyd's excellent website: Lady Lloyd's Steelers Page

First off, I would like to say how wonderful I think it is that you've put together this tribute to Lloyd! I really dont know what to say at this point about the whole issue. All I know is it deeply saddens me. Like many other Steeler fans, I too have a room totally devoted to the team and many, many Greg Lloyd items. A lot of times when a player leaves the team, fans turn their backs, laugh at them when they get their asses whomped when they eventually play Pittsburgh, but you would never see that happening with #95. I've seen many players leave Pittsburgh. Some bummed me out, but none made me cry, and I guess the tears that fell on July 14th. Goes to show the respect that was earned by the great Greg Lloyd.

Thanks Greg for all the memories and best of luck to you!

One Fan That Will Miss You Terribly,
~Lady Lloyd~

Submitted by Michael Conner
Greg Lloyd was the greatest Steeler of his time. He was the best in the league at his position. His 5 Pro Bowl appearances prove that his peers respected him. Lloyd backed up everything he said on the field. No one wanted to line up against in him prime as the keystone of the blitzburgh defense of mid 90's. Lloyd & Co. tore through offensive lines. I remember a 1993 game in Cincinnati when young David Klingler was laid on his a@$ ten times!

My fondest Lloyd memory is of a Monday Night game [1995] in Miami I went to when during a pre-game interview, Greg Lloyd promised to knock Dan Marino into next week. Even though the Steelers lost the game, Greg hit Marino so hard that Dan didn't move for minute. A uneasy quiet came over the fans at the then Joe Robbie Stadium. Marino was taken off the field and did play for 2 weeks! After that, no one in that stadium was talking about the score! {Greg earned respect that day.}

I will miss Greg, and now I'll have to get another jersey to wear. After 5 years of games, drafts and just trying to look cool in it, I'll hang it in the room of my home I've unconsciously turned into a museum of Pittsburgh sport legends. Someday, I hope one of my children asks me the following question; "Daddy, who wore that shirt with the big 95 on it?" Then I will get the tell them about one of the legends of the game and pass along mystique of the Steel City, like my grandfather did with me when I left as a child. Thank you, Greg Lloyd, for honoring Pittsburgh with your on-field play and your off-field charity.

Submitted by Joe Hicks
I hate to see another Steeler great leave us. I've been watching and following the Steelers for a long time and there have been so many great Steelers to be members of the greatest franchise in professional footbal. Greg Lloyd will be a Steeler I will never forget. I will be very sad to see you in another uniform, but I wish for you only the best. You have given our footbal club nothing but your best and you deserve the same. I will cherish the 95 jersey with Lloyd on the back and wear it with pride. The Steelers organization should be proud to have been your home for the years you have been part of the team. Best of luck, Mr. Lloyd !

Joe Hicks
A Steeler from Kentucky.

Submitted by Bob Ryder
Hi Tim, great site....

The thing I remember most about Greg Lloyd didn't take place during a game, but it very clearly defined for my father and I what kind of OVERALL athlete Greg Lloyd was / is / might be again.

I live in Cumberland, RI so I don't get many trips to the promised land anymore, but in 1995 I was able to get tickets and make the trip to the New England game (Buckner strips Bledsoe and goes 50+ for a TD late in the first half, Mills goes 79 with a slant and Oldham picks up Coates' fumble on the Patriots' next possession to put it out of reach after the Pats tied it late in the game...).

Anyway, my dad and I got to the Stadium early, spent some time in the Clarke Bar and then tailgating and entered the Stadium as soon as the gates opened. Lloyd was in the end zone on our end of the field in just his "attitude" T-shirt and his game pants (no jersey, shoulder pads, helmet, etc.) He was standing on one side of the end zone playing catch with someone else (I don't remember who), throwing the football across the entire length of the end zone. No big deal, right? Until you watch closely and see that he's throwing perfectly tight spirals, alternatingly with his left and then his right arm!! Here's a guy who is a linebacker in a game that is becoming increasingly more specialized who (at the time) played every down whether he was supposed to rush the passer, defend the corner or otherwise stop the run, or drop into coverage. Anyone who ever watched him knew he could do all of that as well as any linebacker in the game (yes, LT any linebacker....). But to see him very casually throwing the ball ambidexterously from one side of the field to the other just blew me away.

Anyway, I'm with you, it's going to be very tough not seeing him on the sidelines this fall. It will be particularly tough to see him in someone elses uniform. Kind of like Harris as a Seahawk or Woodson as a niner.

Bob Ryder

Submitted by Frank Bondi
I sat in the 6th level for a game against the Oilers, back when they were still in Houston, and watched as Lloyd got himself ejected for disputing a touchdown. The Oilers had the ball on the Steeler goal line, 4th down I believe, and tried to run it in. Lloyd met the runner at the line and threw him backwards, but the officials ruled the ball had crossed the line, and gave the Oilers a touchdown. Lloyd jumped up from the pile and got into the ref's face, bumping him in the process. He was tossed immediately. The thing that stands out in my mind was that when Lloyd walked off the field he didn't take the side line route, but went straight across the 50 yard line, while Houston was kicking the extra point. The officials could have thrown a flag but didn't. It's this kind of intensity that Steeler fans will miss now that he's gone.

Submitted by ''Mr. Freedo''
Mr. Lloyd will never be forgotten. He will go down in the Steelers history pages as one of, if not the most intense linebackers in the game. I don't believe him to be mean, just aggressive... VERY aggressive. He played the position the way it was intended to be played. We will miss his tenacity, his "f@#$ you, come get you some" disposition. He is a man among men, if we should be so lucky to see a linebacker 1/2 as intense as he, we are surely blessed.

Rue the day that we see him in a opposing team's jersey, for we all know, he hates all quarterbacks, and I think when he returns, Kordell Stewart will have a big bullseye on his back. I hold no animosity towards Mr.Lloyd, only sorrow that we don't get to watch him play as 95 in the Black and Gold. Good luck to him and Godspeed in his recovery.

A saddened fan.

Submitted by David Beers
With all things considered, I feel the STEELERS made the right choice. Over the years they have proven the fact that when they release a player, that player's career is all but over. (e.g., Woodson, Morris, Eric Green, Pegram, & Foster). But with all that said, I can't help but look around my house at all the 95 jerseys, LLOYD posters, every trading card I could find, all this hanging on my walls.........It hurts.

David Beers

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