Steelers Fans Say
Farewell to Greg Lloyd

Greg Lloyd's departure from the Steelers was a truly emotional event for many fans (myself included). The response to the following articles dealing with Lloyd's parting was so strong that I decided to leave them on my site as a tribute to Greg.

For those of you who haven't yet responded, feel free... I'll add your comments as long as they keep coming in.

Lloyd The World Will End Not With a Bang, But a Wimper; Steelers Cut Lloyd.
How can this be? I guess it's always a little surprising when one of your favorite players finally succumbs to injury or ''old age'' and calls it quits. The first year without Bradshaw was a bit surreal. By the time Lambert retired, I was pretty disallusioned by the whole thing... when you're a kid, you just think those guys will always be there. Woodson's departure had an impact on me even as an adult (and was catastrophic to my wife, who adores him). And now, sadly, Greg Lloyd has been asked to clean out his locker. CLICK HERE for my humble tribute to the ''Nastiest Man in Football''.

Fans Say Farewell To Lloyd
Respect. He's earned it. He deserves it. And Steeler fans everywhere are showing it for a man who been the heart and soul of the Steelers since 1987. CLICK HERE to read some excellent fan memoirs about one of the greatest LB's to ever wear the black and gold. Thanks for the memories, Greg. We wish you the best. There are currently 36 fan submissions on this page.

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