Pre-Season Games SUCK!
More Griping from the Webmaster

Yeah, I know we're all chomping at the bit for some Steelers football, my bruthas, but I HATE the pre-season. Invariably, at least one semi-key player gets KO'd for the season, and numerous other important personel wind up with nagging injuries that generally have at least a mild impact on their performance during the regular season. I realize coaches use these games to evaluate players & get the team prepared for the regular season. Fine. I'm also aware that injuries frequently happen in practice (e.g., Bettis & Dawson). That's life. But do we really need to endure four or five of these no-win contests every year? What's the point?

Let's face it... how many players have we seen play great ball in the pre-season only to stink it up once the REAL action starts? And vice versa? Is a pre-season game REALLY that much better of an indicator of a player's ability than practice? I doubt it. The intensty in these games is always subdued. Hey, the games don't matter, so why should the players be all pumped up? And if the players aren't giving 100%, couldn't you get the same result out of a pair of pre-season contests rather than five? Again I ask, "What's the point?"

Admittedly, I'm no NFL talent scout, so maybe that's why my tiny brain can't compute the necessity of these games. So be it. But I HATE the needless injuries (hope I'm not being prophetic here). And with nothing at stake, the games themselves are lame. In spite of those facts, pre-season tickets (which are forced on season ticket holders) cost as much as the regular season tickets. Hmmmmmm... maybe THAT'S why we have to suffer through FIVE meaningless pre-season games, eh? Instead of selling tickets for 16 games a year, the NFL can rake in the dough for 21 games a year...

But they wouldn't participate in that kind of shameless money grab, now would they? Naaaaah...

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