The Skinny on Staph Infections
By Dave Avery

The following article was condensed from a post found in the Steelers Newsgroup:


I was a biologist before I launched my little business, so I thought I'd chime in here.

Staph in hospitals, clinics and other antiseptic conditions is far more dangerous than the normal kind, thanks to antibiotics and antibacterial cleaners being used in those areas for years on end, thus giving the normally fairly harmless local bacteria super-natural resistance to both. Once you get it, it's very, very difficult to treat. In fact, if you went to Pitt or CMU, and you got sick on a trip out-of-state, you were supposed to tell your doctor that you've just come from an area with a large number of hospitals because oftentimes the first or second choice of antibiotic won't work on the Oakland bacteria anymore.

BTW, as a general note, this current fad of antibacterial cleansers, soaps, etc.., is not going to make you any healthier, but rather it will make the bacteria in your home super-resistant as well so that when an occassion happens that you actually need antiseptic conditions (for example, someone in your household had AIDS, someone just returned from the hospital, etc..,) you won't be able to do it.


Dave Avery
The Card Collective
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