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"I have no patience for 'As long as we're winning' Steeler fans."
Terry Ingle, Life-long Steelers fan

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true Steelers fans to speak out on behalf of their team.

The following articles are listed in the order they were received (with the most recent entries at the top). This isn't a "guestbook" format... I read and manually insert every message, so you may not see your submission show up immediately. Thanks a million for your comments, people!

Submitted by Rick Strawsburg
I usually don't respond to this type of thing. But there is nothing worse than a fair weather steeler fan. I have been a steeler fan since 1976. I loved those days but they are gone. I hope that sometime in my lifetime they will win another ,but if not in my time, maybe my son's. I am trying to instill the virtues of being a steeler fan in him so maybe he will see it. If they were 1-15 I'd still be a fan of the steelers on the past joy they brought me. Hell, one of my all time favorites is Mark Malone. If he would have only had a little better talent around him, I think he would have done a fine job. If Malone being one of your favorites doesn't make you a tried and true steeler fan, nothing will.

I still recall Bam Morris' effort in Super Bowl XXX and me like a big dummy standing there crying with tears running down my face, cheering him and the team on... that's what makes being a steeler fan special. On my grave they can put "Here lies a Steeler fan, 'nuff said". Players and seasons will come and go, but not me... I'm here for the long haul.

Rick Strawsburg

Submitted by Ron Rankl
True fans are true to the end. I have always been proud to be a Steelers fan, and always will be. It's not just about wins and losses - it's about the great organization we back. It's about having a team that's willing to part with talented players rather than keep drug addicts or convicts on the team. It's about having one ofthe few family owned teams in the league, and having one of the few owners who actually gives a rats-@ss about the fans. It's about the tradition that has been built here. And it's about knowing that when you meet another Steelers fan, you've met a friend. Bandwagon-jumpers are not welcome here - I am just as proud to don the Black & Gold after a loss as after a win. That's what being a true fan is about.

Ron Rankl (aka, Bleed Black & Gold)

Submitted by Al
The true Black and Gold "All Weather Fan" can not be conceived on a whim. It is a belief... a religion, if you will. Unlike Jaguar or Titan fans (man, what names), we rally around our team with unconditional support. The "fair weather fans" will show their faces when things are grand... two weeks later they are gone, faded out and onto another bandwagon. That is just fine with the Steeler faithful... we don't want 'em. Devotion to our institution is where we belong. Win, Lose, Rain, Snow or hurricane. The power we emulate cannot be duplicated... it is untouchable !

Remain true, and content with all that occurs and back the STEEL 100%. We are the best fans in the NFL, dammit! Fair weather fans... get the hell out!

- Al

Submitted by Danny
I've been a Steelhead since '78, and I agree that we've had greater years, but we've also had worse years. If people can't follow with their hearts, then let them follow some other team, for this is a family, not just a sports team . We may have brothers who come and go, but we, the fans, will be here till the end. Now that we have a new stadium and money, things will be better than a true fan could ever have thought possible for our team.

Submitted by Greg "The Bus" USMC
They are like rats on a sinking ship! They are bailing on a team because of a bad year! Yes, I'm talking about the bandwagon fans that have been riding the Steeler train for the past several years. REAL Steelers fans are those of us who will be around even if they go 7 and 9... we are the faithful who buy the football package on DSS for no other reason than to watch our team play. Yes, we dread seeing them lose but still fly the black and gold colors and dare someone to take them down. We are the mighty! It doesn't take character to proclaim your love for a team when they are winning. I guess we will see more people wearing purple jerseys this off season! They probably were wearing black and gold last year. Good riddance to those who jump ship. In fact, let me give them a shove! I will be on board for the duration. Next year when we come back with a vengeance, I will be there to watch those who will try to board the gravy train once again. To "the Bus" and Company, we are there for all of you. The faithful do not cast blame (although we would like to see changes). To the people that jump ship, "Eat $#!T and die!" HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!

GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Bill McCombs
You're either a Steeler fan or nothing. You have to love 'em when they suck and cheer for 'em when they win. And always be proud they play for you, the fan. They have always had off years, but the Steelers are still on a short list of football dynasties. I would think that after all the good times we've gotten from our Steelers the least we could all do for them is to help 'em back up instead of kicking 'em when they're down. That doesn't say much for us as Steelers fans, does it? Hey, Steeler Fans are as much a part of the dynasty as the Steelers are. Are we going to just be there for them when they play well?

I'm damn proud to be a Steeler fan. Even if I do have to turn the TV off for a few minutes to regain my fan powers. Anyone can cheer for teams like the '70's era Steelers. It takes a true fan to love 'em in the face of a loss or losses. We know they always come back eventually. We have high expectations and no team is going to always live up to them. Who knew the Chicago Bulls before Mike played for them? They got no publicity. What Cowboys fan can name players from the 70's? Very few. Most Cowboys fans became fans AFTER they started going to SBs. Now mostly what you hear about the Cowboys are bad jokes. Let's not stoop that low!

But, we as Steelers fans know our players all too well. We know what they're capable of and just because "it just ain't workin' right now" doesn't mean we should quit on 'em. I'm sure they haven't quit on us. Steeler fans are the best fans there are. Let's let everyone know it and not embarass ourselves.

Bill McCombs

Submitted by Bodie
Where to begin? Well, lets see... the Steelers... they remind me of the great comedian Rodney Dangerfield "No Respect"!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so sick of everyone just having to point out the bad things about our Men of Steel no matter how the team is doing, Its always the other team is playing bad and the steelers are just getting LUCKY enough to piss a man off.

Kordell? Leave the Man alone. He's still green and he's still just trying to get the feel of the offense. And we all know than when he hits the mark, BOY, OH BOY, does he hit it hard!!!!!!!

I mean, come on! Just look at it... the team is never the same from year to year. We have new players, rookies, position swaps, and we still manage to man-handle the @SS PACKERS!!!!!

Then, the damn Zebra Boy Forgot His F__ki__ Hearing Aid!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another thing that just irks my @ss are the damn fans who are just along for the damn sweet ride (who were formally Cowgirls fans, no doubt). But of course, they're out of the pic now. But the Steelers look good... might go buy myself a new damn hat to wear. Ohhh, wait! They lost! Better go buy a Broncos or Vikes hat to keep with the flow. What a bunch of shit...

One Bastard had the nerve to make the dumbest comment to me... the SON OF A _____ had the nerve to say at least the Cowboys have won some Super Bowls OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH BOY DID THE BROWN STUFF HIT THE FAN....

My thoughts are, a true fan and his team are a love without end. AMEN!!!!!!!!!!

This all from a man who's been a TRUE fan through the 80's and beyond!!!!!!!!


Submitted by A. Rosa
I think you're correct. We need to support our team no matter what happens. Thats what makes a true fan. Sure, I get angry when they lose, but what fan doesn't? I still love to watch the Steelers, even when they lose. They've been my team since I was small. I despise bandwagon-type fans. A true fan cheers their team through thick and thin. That type of thinking is what made (and continous to make) Steeler fans famous for their pride in their team.

Submitted by George Logan

Its great to have a page like yours where Steeler Fans on the "left coast" can keep track of the greatest football team ever.

Once upon a time I lived in Butler. When I was a small lad, my grandad took me to my first ever football game. I can't tell you now who the Steelers played, or if we won or lost. What I can tell you is that a true STEELER FAN was born that day. I loved that day, as I now love the Steelers, and every time I see the black and gold I see my granddad.

When the time comes, the first live football game my granddaughter will see will be with me, and you can bet all the tea in China that it will be a Steelers game. And, if I have anything to say about it, we will watch the game in Pittsburgh, where real football is played and the stands are full of real fans.

George in California

Submitted by Kelley Allison
I am a true Steelers' fan.

I'm not a fan only when they are winning, only when they look good all of the time, or only when they go to, and win, the Superbowl.

I am proud to wear black and gold. I am proud to wear my Steelers' sweatshirt and hat and walk into the lions den (around here for Steelers' fans, it's a Cowboys bar called "The Blue Star Cafe") plop my @$$ down and scream loudly for my team. Sure, I'm outnumbered, but I don't care!

True fans remember the glory days, but also relish in the success of the team of today.

I am a true Steelers fan.

Kelley Allison

Submitted by Mike "Morty" Mortland
I have been in and out of your site for some time now and wanted to LYK that I for one appreciate your site and all that it represents. I have always loved and will continue to love the Steelers no mater what the outcome of this season, this decade or BEYOND. It's not about TODAY. It's about putting passion into a part of my life that I can always say "I love this sport. I love this team. I love these guys."

We are truely a blessed team. I live in Warren County, PA, equal distance from Pittsbugh, Buffalo and Cleveland. There are always fans from all the cities represented here and at times, its a little out of control. One thing is for sure... the Steeler fans in this area are NOT and have NEVER been fai-weather fans, unlike the Buffalo (NOW they're coming out like termies on fresh-cut wood). Cleveland... WELL, WHO CARES!!!! HEHEHE. The further away from Pittsburgh I get, the more passionate I become. There are fewer FANATICS in Warren to surround myself with, but I will be heard every week, whatever it takes.

I could ramble on and on, but I won't. I have written to Shout my suppport Today, Tomorrow, FOREVER.............>:-)

Like you said before, "If you don't like it GET OUT." The rest of us will stay , and some day you will return and we will still be here with open hands.


Submitted by Jim "the Crippler" Davis
O.K folks, here's the situation... We are 6-4 with 6 games to go. We ARE NOT out of this thing by a long shot. Its time to buckle down and knuckle up! Time to pull out the ghosts of Steelers past and play with some serious attitude. Get MEAN! Get DIRTY! Get NASTY! We are the Pittsburgh Steeler fans! We will not be denied what is rightfully ours (that big shiny trophy). Attitude is everything. I wanna hear the hits a block from the stadium! I wanna see the enemy walk off the field in disbelief and awe! I wanna hear them say "Damn, they can hit, " and "Coach, I think I pulled my groin muscle," just so they don't have to come back out onto the field. Look at the colors you wear, fans and players... they stand for dishing out serious punishment, making the opposing QB cry, total domination in the trenches, and a running game that your opponents are seriously afraid of! Now GET OFF THAT COUCH AND YELL FOR YOUR TEAM! HERE WE GO STEELERS!! HERE WE GO!!!

Cheap plug for my ICQ chat room----- the number is 22816188----- come on in and join the pregame festivities! If you dont have ICQ, get it... its free at

Jim Davis

Submitted by Sean O'Connor
Hey Guys! Just a short note here about being a true Steeler Fan!

What makes Steeler fans the best fans in the world, in my opinion, is the fact that we stick with our team. Do we get down on them occassionally? Sure, but what about those other fans? The ones that jump ship when things are going badly. I personally would NEVER, EVER be able to even think about rooting for another team! There's just something about the Black and Gold... the terrible towel, and all of its mystical powers. The way that Cowher, time after time, seems to be able to field good team after good team, despite all of the defections. Hey, maybe these defections are finally catching up with us... and just maybe, we won't make the playoffs. But here is the true test... when the Steelers play and you sit down to watch them (which I can do only occassionally, living in New Jersey) and you take out all the *stuff* (e.g., the Terrible Towel, jerseys, good luck charms, turning your living room into a sea of Black and Gold), do you get that twinge in your gut... feeling as if you are actually playing? Well, I sure do, and I love it!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know all the stats and history. I also don't have the keen football insight that so many of the fans do. All I know is that there is no better team to root for...

...and just think... you could be a Detroit fan!!!!!!!! (HEEHEE)

Thanks for the page guys!!! Here is to you, and all the Steeler fans out there!!!!

Sean O'Connor

Submitted by Doug Fredericks
OK, you want positive. I promise to lay off the Cheapo Rooneys and talk positive.

I believe Bill Cowher legitimately is one of the greatest NFL Coaches ever. PERIOD!! I'll withhold judgement on why every single season the Steelers lose more blue chip players than any other team in the NFL. Fact is when you lose the quantity and quality of players that the Steelers do, it hurts and it hurts badly.

You don't lose great individuals, you lose the team. The special bond and team chemistry that successful teams enjoy is horribly damaged, if not destroyed. Only a great leader and motivator can overcome this deficit, year in and year out. BIll Cowher is such a leader. I defy anyone to name me one other coach, active or retired who can consistently rebuild his squad practically from scratch every season. He not only rebuilds, he somehow manages to produce a winner. The only coach, I believe who shares his talents in this area, is Don Shula. I never was a Dolphin fan, but was always amazed at how competitive Shula's teams always were, with the most mediocre talent imaginable.

You want to talk about lousy coaches. How bout Forest Gregg and Marty Schottenheimer. Two goons who you can hand incredibly talent laden contenders to and they'll figure out how to ruin their clubs and run them into the basement. (you might want to add Pete Carrol to this list too, although his owner bites like, er, uh, never mind)

I ache for Cowher. No coach should be put through what he is subjected to every spring. This is a man who deserves his place in Canton one day. I really am beginning to wonder if he will ever get there. Something needs to give. I wish I knew the answer. Somehow, he and the front Office need to put together a core of solid players, who will remain together for at least a couple of seasons to gel and be molded by Cowher into that Black and Gold dynasty we all are begging for.

To me, Bill Cowher represents more than a team. He is the Ambassador of Pittsburgh. He wears his heart on his sleeve, as a blue collar, up from the shop floor, blood and guts leader. His work ethic and enthusiasm is contagious to his players, fans and city. If he can achieve, what I believe he is capable of, I think we have another "America's Team" in the making. I'm just not so sure I want to share them.


Doug Fredericks

Submitted by Timothy Arbisi
This is a LOOOONG one, but if this guy isn't a true Steelers fan, then NO ONE is! CLICK HERE to read a great article by a great fan.

Submitted by Frank W. Bondi
I'm sick and tired of people telling me the Steelers are too cheap, and that's why they're having a sub-par season. Get real, folks. The Rooneys gave huge contracts to Joel Steed, Levon Kirkland, Brendan Stai, and Kordell. I'm sure they'll make Carnell Lake the highest paid DB in the NFL next year, so get away from me with this "cheap" talk. The team has been decimated with injuries, especially the offensive line, and that's why we're looking so inconsistent. We're 6-4 right now and no one is conceding the division yet. Jacksonville sucks. They haven't played anybody yet. The toughest part of their schedule is coming up, beginning with Sunday's game at Three Rivers where, by the way, they have yet to win. And where they won't win on Sunday.

Submitted by David in L.A.
So right regarding the fair-weather fans. Losses suck, especially ones in which the Steelers should or could win, but the season is far from over and I see another playoff trip, culminating in an upset over unbeaten, over-confident Denver -- right there in Mile High. Then, after winning the game, Stewart can slap his head at Romanowski and say, "Hey fella, howdaya like THEM apples?" The Super Bowl dream lives on...

David in Los Angeles (Mac, I'm the guy who argued with you regarding Ken Starr, etc.)

Submitted by Todd Heitzenrater
Okay, think about this... It has been asked numerous times by NFL commentators in the past (and will most definitely be said again): How does Pittsburgh remain a dominant force every year after constantly losing valuable players to free-agency?

First, we have an outstanding coaching staff that knows how to evaluate talent and that can inspire players to play beyond their normal level. Second, our team has never succumbed to restructuring contracts to sign a free agent for some ungodly salary for a short term gain. Be damn glad you cheer for a team that can hold their head high no matter what the final season record is. Talent and depth is the key to sustaining a winning franchise in the NFL, and the Steelers have it.

Hell, just look what happened to Carolina!

A true fan can find something in each game which deserves recognition no matter what the final score is. Go Steelers!

Submitted by Ron Brison
You tell 'em Tim! I wish I had a buck for every know-nothing Bozo that trashes the Steelers in a bad (or not so bad considering, the losses weve taken in the past three years) season!

Being a fan isn't always about playoffs or Super Bowls. A true fan takes a team into his heart and shares it's ups and downs. ('member the 80's?) You just have to the Broncos the next couple of years and see if free agency doesn't take its toll there too. It ain't about the Rooneys being cheap... its about a little thing called the salary cap and giving every hard playing Steeler a fair share of it. If you want over-priced playboys, you oughtta be wearing a blue star on that jersey. As for me , I cut my hand today and the blood was black and gold. I'll stick with the steelers.


Submitted by Shawn M. Lucas
Hey Tim,

Just thought I'd write to get my spirits up in the wake of the disaster against Tennessee. Sorry to hear about the flu bug that bit ya... great to hear that you're back on your feet again. Anywho, on to the "rah-rah". I have to admit that after the Tennessee Titans (ed. note: man, what a STUPID name) game, I was extremely bummed to see the score. However, it didn't get me as badly as that Cincinnatti debacle. I watched the highlights of that game five times (yes, FIVE times) to make sure that it had actually happened. Then after the Green Bay game, man, I was confident that this was the wake-up call that the team so badly needed. But then the team went out and tanked one against the Titans (ed. note: again, STUPID name). (Where's the "rah-rah," you ask? Keep reading, I say.)

The fact of the matter is that Steelers fans are (on the average) the greatest, most knowledgeable football fans on the planet. I don't care what they say in any of the other football towns... in Pittsburgh, the fans are super. Man, they cheer their Steelers through everything. Loss after loss, a Steelers fan keeps coming back for more, no matter the detrimental effect on his health, happiness or psyche. The Steelers are a team that has been sold out for every home game for as long as I can remember, and will continue to be sold out into the next 50 years. It's just how it works in Pittsburgh. Whether the team is winning or losing, we will be there to support our "Super Steelers".

Keep spreading the good word,

Submitted by Terry Ingle
My man, well put words in your column. I for one STILL believe in the SUPER BOWL STEELERS and will never stop believing. We have been through worse times than this, and if you can't count on anybody else, I WILL ALWAYS BE IN YOUR CORNER, MY FRIEND. "AS LONG AS WE ARE WINNING" Steeler fans, I have no time for, I have no patience for. True Steeler fans are probably in a bit of shock, but you can believe that they are there until the bitter end. One more thing... all these KORDELL HATERS can kiss my @$$!!!!!!!!!! Swallow it people... KORDELL is the man and will continue to be the man. COWHER is the man and will also continue to be the man. Now that I've unloaded on these SO-CALLED fans, I am through venting. Jacksonville will go down Sunday and again on Monday night at the end of the season. Tennessee has a tough schedule left and they really are not that good. They didn't win Sunday... we LOST it. Christmas came early by way of an injured Norm Johnson.



Submitted by Mick from Mingo
Mac, good to have you back! Great to see you are full of attitude! I as well am tired of listening to the whining from so called Steeler fans. Sure losses hurt. Last week, my loving wife almost cried, but at no time was hope or loyalty abandoned. We have a long standing tradition of football in Pittsburgh. Thank you, Rooney family. We have endured much tougher seasons than this. This season is far from over, and no matter who says what, we have one hell of a team this year. If you want positive Karma, come watch a ballgame at this house. To those with doubts, there are plenty of band wagons to jump on. We don't want you. Any one that boos our boys at Three Rivers can go to hell. Keep the faith. GO STEELHEADS!!!

Mick from Mingo

Submitted by
Without the Huntly fumble, we win. I hate the fuckin' Oilers. I hope we play them in the playoffs.

Submitted by Darrin Billings
I agree with you. The first football game I can ever remember watching was Superbowl X and I have been a fan ever since. Considering all of the coaching and personnel changes the last couple of years, it truly is amazing they have done as well as they have. Whether they win or lose, I'll stand behind them and root for them. Personally, I see them beating the Jags and then remaining 1 behind until that faithful Monday night at the end of the season when the Steelers will beat the Jags to tie and win the conference. Go Steelers!

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