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Fleetwood & Julio's!

By now, you're asking yourself, "What in the hell IS this place?" To make a long story short, it's a forum for fans like you to show the world who you are through your thoughts, pictures, interesting links, and anything else you think is cool enough to send us. For the "War & Peace" novel-length version of the mission of this page and how it came to be, read the scrolling section below.
Fan Pictures, Images, & Snapshots!
Have a cool picture you want posted for the world to see? Send it! In the meantime, CLICK HERE to take a gander at our archive of fan-submitted snapshots & images. Updated 4-3-99.

Fleetwood & Julio's Tour '99
People, you have GOT to check this out! Here you'll find info about Fleetwood & Julio, details of the exploits of Tommy Coleman & Mike Terry (among others), and other assorted craziness. If I hadn't actually received a videotape proving some of this stuff, I'd never believe it... but I've seen it with my own beady little eyes. For a closer look at our heroes, select from the options below. Updated 3-28-99.

The Lyon's Den: Fan Jokes
Jokes, jokes, & more jokes. Click Here and prepare to laugh your ass off at our archive of fan-submitted funnies. Updated 4-2-99.

The "Hate Files"
Let's level with each other here... we ALL hate somebody. Why not take this opportunity publicly humiliate 'em? Click Here to see who fans hate the most! This section coming soon!

Acknowledgements: Thumbs up to Steelers fans everywhere, and in particular, the often misunderstood/misdiagnosed Tommy Coleman (the primary caregiver to Fleetwood & Julio and the catalyst for this page) for his outrageous sense of humor, originality, and unwavering loyalty to the Steelers.
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