Steelers Fans are a
Superstitious Lot!
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Here's Our Little Ritual
First comes the Steelers shrine on top of the TV (which on every other day of the week is cluttered with Steeler game tapes). Mugs, Terrible Towels, mini helmets, pictures, football cards, shot glasses, and anything else we can dig up related to the Steelers goes on top of the TV until we can't fit another item up there. Of course, we wear our respective jerseys (a #12 throwback for me, a Kordell or Woodson jersey for Sandy, and a Woodson jersey for Craig the crumb-cruncher). I have a certain pair of jinxed Steelers sweats that I refuse to wear on game day (given to me by my Browns-loving brother... trying to work his voodoo on me again!). We have 4 terrible towels... two are for home games, and two are for away games... to mix 'em up means a sure loss for the Steelers. I plop on the couch, VCR remote in hand, and Sandy sits (indian style only, unless it isn't working) on the love seat, TV remote in hand (we've learned she HAS to have the TV remote for good things to happen). There's more... sometimes something as minor as the position we're sitting in can vex the Steelers. If they're doing well, we barely move a muscle (until excitement gets the better of us). If they're doing poorly, well, then we try sitting up, lying down, covering up, uncovering, sitting on the floor, you name it.

To illustrate the depth of our dementia (we are SOOOO sick, people), Sandy spent the final few minutes of the '95 AFC Championship vs. the Colts standing stooped on top of the toilet seat in our master bathroom listening to the radio only, and only BETWEEN plays... I was forced to give her play-by-play until the end of the game. I assure you, I am NOT making this up!

So there you have it. There are numerous other little pregame warmups we go through, but I've given you enough to get the point. Now that we've exposed OUR insanity (as if you hadn't already guessed), do us a favor:

Send Us YOUR Rituals!

The following articles are listed in the order they were received (with the most recent entries at the top). This isn't a "guestbook" format... I read and manually insert every message, so you may not see your submission show up immediately. Thanks a million for your comments, people!

Submitted by Doug Harris
I'm the biggest STEELERS fan and Cowboys hater ever! I used to live about 80 miles south of the 'Burgh, but economics and politics made it necessary to move to North Carolina.

I start with the pregame shows, courtesy of NFL Sunday Ticket (DirecTV). I eat no food and drink very little before the game. If things are going well, my wife prepares something traditionally STEELERS to eat, like Kielbasa subs with grilled onions and peppers and a Rolling Rock (we can buy here) or an Iron City (brought back from home and only consumed during STEELER games). I don't drink very much alcohol for the simple reason that I have to keep my head clear to be able to analyse plays when they don't go right or scream and throw fists in the air if they are (my southern neighbors scratch their heads with wonder 'cause they can hear me from next-door). But the biggest thing is my STEELERS hat, black with STEELERS emblazened across the front in large letters. This is the ultimate mojo for me. I never wear it until things start getting close and usually in the second half. I keep it close by just in case. But regardless of the outcome, I always wear the hat after the game... if we win, it's to put it "in your face" who the STEELERS are and if we lose to show my undying, win or lose support of the greatest football team in the NFL! I also have a STEELERS page on my web site: Give it a visit and send me an email (

Submitted by
Well, it's very simple... come gameday, I watch all pre-game shows, but only listen when the Steelers come up. Then, 15 minutes b4 kickoff, we dress; first, the Steelers socks, then the Steelers sweats, and then, the wrist bands. The shirt comes on only after I find out if we will recieve the kick or kickoff. Then, I will switch jersey's depending on which unit is on the field, offense or defense. Next, I set up my Steelers helmets on the side of the TV with my autographed Woodson ball on the top of the set (only if the defensive backs are getting beaten). I like to start with Kirkland on defense and whichever offensive player I think will have a big game (as far a which jersey I wear) . I then chant "Here we go, Steelers, here we go" until the kickoff is over.

Now, it's time to watch the game (thanks to Direct TV). I then have both terrible towels in hand and will constantly move until the game is over. I have even taught my (son who is 5) to do the Bettis run after big plays. I have a Steeler room in which I try to watch all games, but I must admit if a loss occurs, I will no longer watch a game there. I also have some family rules pertaining to Steelers games; they are as follows: Rule #1-- no sports until Wednesday after a loss... rule #2: we must watch the press conference no matter what... rule #3: I won't answer any questions about a loss for 30 minutes after a game so don't call... rule #4: after a win, you watch all highlights until you fall asleep... and the last and most important rule #5: no matter what the outcome, we will find a way to win next week. So go Steelers! Fans, stop ragging on a group of guys living out our fantasies, and last but not least, have faith... we're Steelers fans and we WILL come out on top!

Submitted by Tommy Coleman
Tommy's insanity inspired us to creat "Fleetwood & Julio's Fan Tribute!" Don't miss it!
I start at 12:00am by putting the gameday insperational message on the S.N. hotline (734)665-2924, then I light the AnnArbor shrine in the morning (yellow,orange/red,blue lights,lava etc.). Then I put on the Black N Gold, including my Black Mack Steeltoed Boots and, by our club ambasador's Priscilla's request, a shirt that reveals my tatoo (pic attached).

I get Fleetwood & Julio (Orangs, pic attached) ready by listning to the Stones "Monkey Man" at HIGH volume... "I'm a flea bit painted monkey, All my friends are Steeler junkies, But that's not really true"... Oh, by the way, the Orangs only have on Steeler belts and the fur coats they were born with! Fleetwood holds a Michigan license plate "BURGFAN" compliments of Marc (loveble yet lame) Vernick & the Grand Rapids,Michigan Steelers Fan Club. Hey Marc, Where's the Scans, Man??

Then, it's off to the game. We watch the games at Gallagher's AnnArbor or a member's home if it is on network T.V. Each member brings his/her own decor/ritual with them and I won't name all of them but they include: Heinz ketsup (Mon. River Water) Burgherblaster spaceshipbottle, towels, Black N Gold Magic Steeler Dust in a bottle, assorted monkey statuettes, and of course, the B-N-G candles with spare batteries (we were told no open flames in the bar, gotta adapt, don't cha know). Oh, and a Terrible Brick!

During the game, we shout out appropriate comments such as: "This land is your land" which is answered, "This land is KIRKLAND!" or, on a opposing team's penalty someone can be heard shouting "Cheat'N Bastards". On kicks-offs, it's "Who Wants It!" On extra points and FG's, it's "The Cash Registers... (The kick is up and it's good)...OPEN!!!" Ala Norm "the BankTeller" Johnson (Gary Anderson was the "Money Man"). If there are no minors attending, I might yell "A Black N Gold Penis in Your Eye" on a sack, but only if the Freak O'Metor is redlining and so on and so on *!!$##**&@

YEAH! Love and Asskick'N!
Tommy Coleman:
Pittsbugh Steelers Fan Club of Washtenaw County, Michigan

P.S.-- One brief word of caution on "ROOT'N" for the Ravens; You're more likely to find one of Art Modell's full and discarded diapers than that T. Towel of Legend! For God's sake, love Rod from a safe distance!
Your Black N Gold Brother, Tommy

Submitted by Ronald E. Stough
Hi Tim,

My ritual is to plant my behind on the love seat, wearing my famous Steelers cut off sweatsirt, with my steeler mug filled with Coke (not Pepsi, for this will result in a loss), my terrible towel placed on the back of the love seat for easy access. I have to sit motionless whenever the Steelers have the lead, which is so silly, and I constantly change positions when we're behind.

Well, there you are... my Steeler ritual.

Take care!
Ronald E. Stough

Submitted by Steelerworm
I have a black and gold brigade t-shirt that I have to wear every sunday, and I get my terrible out also and start yelling at the tv (driving my wife nuts)!

Thanks from the Steelerworm!

Submitted by Mike Terry
I cant say much about last Sunday... it makes me sick. Where are Webster and Moon Mullins when 'ya need 'em?

Okay, man... my Steeler rituals: First, the Terrible Towel must reside on the bar with no drinks on it, unless of course, things are not going well. Then I buy a shot of Irish Wiskey and leave it on the Towel until something good happens... really good, like we take the lead or cause a turnover. Also, there are Fleetwood and Julio, my friend's life-size cut-out orangutans (not monkeys). They go with us to all the games. You have to see 'em to believe it... Steelers dog leashes for belts, fists in the air, jerseys, etc. We can usually find away to get them into the stadium {they travel well} And changing the position I sit in is something I have been doing since I was a little tike in like 73 or so {it still works usually}.

Thanks again, and Keep the Faith, man!

Submitted by Daniel Krueger
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Dear McMillen,

You left out the most basic of all Steeler superstitions... don't wash the towel!!! Anyway, my rituals for Steelers gamedays are pretty basic. I get up and put my flag out and get all the pregame coverage I can until the game starts... T.V. newspaper, and web. Once gametime comes around, I already have on all my Steelers paraphernalia (hat, jersy, etc.). I then sit glued to the tube for the whole game, cheering my head off and waving my towel. Maybe we all need to change a little after the whuppin' we got in the Tennessee game!

Go Steelers,
Daniel Krueger
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Submitted by Kelley Allison
Not a ritual, per se, however I always wear my Steelers sweatshirt that I've had since I was five years old. Needless to say, it's seen its better days! A hole here, an unravelling there. The waistband now rests above my belly button and the sleeve bands just below my elbows. I look pretty silly, but when I don't wear it, they always lose -- no lie!

Kel :)

Submitted by Lady Lloyd
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Fantastic job on the site, as usual Tim! I certainly don't find your rituals odd at all!!!! (S)

Our game day rituals go like this... first thing in the morning, we place a huge Steelers flag out on the split rail fence flying high! I live on a main road and there's no way anyone can miss seeing it! Then below it in the yard goes the sign that reads "Home of a Steelers Fan". If my neighbor doesn't have his flag out by game time, I can assure you he gets a call from me LOL... I've found that both flags flying means an almost sure win! The one time I forgot to put the flag out... they lost! I take full blame *smile* This year, we finally broke down and bought a satellite and first thing I ordered is the NFL Sunday Ticket. No more sitting in the car to hear the game on the radio. One time I even ran an extension cord to the car with the baby monitor sitting on the dash so I could pick up the game in the house!!! LOL No kidding! My husand always has on his favorite jersey, which until this year was his Lloyd jersey. He drinks beer in a helmet-style mug and nothing but! I, on the other hand, have my own strange 'lil ritual... Whatever jersey or sweatshirt I had on the first win of the season is the only one I will wear the rest of the games! Period, no ifs, ands, or buts!!! Same goes with the pants and naturally the socks. Hubby is usually standing with hands on knees, crouched over yelling about two inches from the screen the whole game. I sit on the couch with my steelers blanket... indian style usually, about as tense as tense can be. We tape every game, no exceptions! Of course, if it's a W, we will watch it several more times that week. Our kids (last count I beleive we had 3 LOL) all must be in at least a steelers shirt. The baby, of course, has her own drinking mug... a Steelers bottle. One key thing we don't do... call to harrass the other team/s fans... until we make the first big play!!! If you call before we make a good play its a sure jinx! (yaw remember that, ok?)

Glad to know we aren't the only strange ones out there!

Submitted by Brian McBriar
Hey! Just Brian from Wisconsin. I don't really have a "ritual," but I do wear one of my Steelers hats and a Steeler t-shirt or sweatshirt on game day. I seldom get to see the Steelers play, but when I do, you bet I don't leave that television even during commercials. You never know what you may miss! I can't wait for the Monday night game against the Pack! It is a day before my birthday and I am going to the bar to watch it and show my Steeler pride among all of the cheese-heads!!!

Brian from Steelman's Town

Submitted by Mick from Mingo Junction
This is the e-mail I received that prompted me to start this section

Everyone is talking about the fantastic effort put forth by the boys in black and gold at Arrowhead. Hopefully, it was the break-out game for us, and Kordell will return to form next week.

Let me share with you the story of a pair of way behind the scenes heros; namely, two beautiful ladies from Mingo Junction.

At the beginning of the second half, my wife took a terrible towel upstairs and wrapped it around our sleeping youngest daughter, Brianna, also known as "baby luck." Brianna has picked the towel up during Sunday games and sparked big plays in the past. Many may scoff at the thought of the power of luck and the power of the towel, but Myron Cope and I will tell you otherwise. My oldest daughter, Desire', is a K.C. fan. Where did I go wrong?! However, as a result of a bet with her mother, she went off to school this morning wearing a Pittsburgh Steelers sweatshirt!

Looking forward to this week's updates. GO STEELHEADS!!

Mick from Mingo

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