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Preseason Post-Game Show
Send your postgame critiques, analysis, ranting and raving about the last game as well as your predictions, smak, & insults about our upcoming opponent. Whether your message is a simple, "These guys SUCK," or a detailed, in-depth analysis, tell us what you think.
Last Week's Postgame
Steelers at Panthers (13-0)
Postgame Smak
Game Recap
Scoring Summary
Player Stats
Team Stats
August 10th 1 2 3 4 F
Steelers 7 3 3 0 13
Panthers 0 0 0 0 0

Key Stats & Facts
Stewart 1 of 7, 8 yds, 14.3%, 0 TD, 0 Int, 1 sack. Over the last 2 games, Kordell is 1 of 13 for 3 net yards... along with 1 INT and 3 sacks.
Graham 10 of 18, 95 yds, 55.6%, 0 TD, 0 Int, 2 sacks. Even though Graham's modest numbers are "God-like" compared to Kordell's, he's not getting it done, either.
Chad Scott 1 Int, 2 passes defensed, 5 tackles. This guy looks like he's on the verge of becoming something special. Now if he could just keep his helmet on...
On the surface, the defense was again outstanding. Hard to criticize a shutout... but the injury-ravaged Panthers were practically fielding their waterboys, so what does it really mean?
Pepe Pearson was our leading rusher. Yup, it's definitely pre-season, folks. If Pepe leads the team in a regular season game, I'll paint my house brown and orange.

Stewart: The Writing is on the Wall
Yawn. Another dismal performance from Kordell, who is 1 of 13 for 3 yards, 1 Int and 3 sacks over the last 2 games. Oh, well... I refuse to dwell on it, bruthas. While I haven't given up on praying for a miracle, I've pretty much resigned myself to the fact that Stewart will be gone by the time next season rolls around.

Unfortunately, that leaves us with Kent Graham. Please excuse me while I see how well this paper bag fits over my head... I wanna make sure the eye-holes are in the right place so I can see clearly when Graham is repeatedly swarmed under by defenders for sizable losses.

Yup, it still fits just as well as it did last year. [:-)

In reality, the outlook for the Steelers is probably not quite as bleak as it might seem. After all, our defense has looked outstanding (albeit against pretty "limp" competition) and they have almost single-handedly won all three games for us. If I'm forced to settle for "half" a team, I'll take defense over offense any day. A good defense can keep you in a game, and as the Steelers have demonstrated repeatedly this preseason, a defense can also score points (which, sadly, is something our offense seems unable to do).

Chad Scott looks as though he's finally arrived. When you've got a big, physical corner who can handle receivers one-on-one down the field and also be superb in run support (a la Rod Woodson), it makes your entire defensive scheme work better. Safeties are able to concentrate more on stopping the run, which frees up our outstanding linebackers for blitzes (be they pass rush or run-blitzes) and filling gaps. The freedom to blitz causes confusion on the opposing offensive line, easing the burden on the one weak link on our defense... the D-line, whom our system depends so much on for stopping the run. If the Steelers can muster even average play on the line, this unit will be in good shape.

As for the offensive line's play, I really don't even want to discuss it, but how can I not? Things are cataclysmic at best, folks. Even when the starters eventually get back in there, the O-line has major shortcomings. But in their current state of disrepair, we may as well just put up a few turnstiles for enemy defenders to pour through... at least then, we wouldn't lose count of 'em.

But, hey, it's only preseason and... well, you know the rest. 'Til next week, folks!

Tim McMillen
Webmaster, McMillen & Wife

Fan Smak & Analysis
The following articles are listed in the order they were received (with the most recent entries at the top). This isn't a "guestbook" format... I read and manually insert every message, so you may not see your submission show up immediately. Thanks a million for your comments, people!

Submitted by Keith Thomas
The game was a few days ago, but I'm only getting to write about it now.

The Steelers defense looked good the other night. Gildon and Porter and Levon and Earl all looked great.

And Chad Scott simply was a stand out. He is starting to get that look that he had at the end of 1997. Now I can remember why I was so big on him then.

The offense still is terrible. By any account.

Kordell's one completion in two games -- OK, several of those can be explained away, but a QB's job is to move the team, and he's not doing it.

Despite two games with a fierce pass rush, Cowher seems willing to put pressure on Stewart.

The one think I've liked about him is that he's been willing to run, and run decisively.

But I don't wonder if Kent Graham didn't begin to make a case for being the man under center on opening day.

Lets be clear, Graham didn't look to be the 2nd coming of Neil O'Donnel let alone Terry Bradshaw.

And he is still having trouble mastering the offense.

But when he had time to throw, his passes were more accurate than Stewarts.

And the team also appeared to respond to him a little more.

They left the first string in for Graham, but I don't know how long Carolina kept their first string in.

And our offensive line is in BAD shape, so I don't know how long Kent can last for us.

We'll see, many think that Cowher has 8.1 million reasons to play Stewart, and that may be right.

We'll see.

I also think that the offense itself is too complicated, the recivers and QBs, all of them, are clearly having a tough time with it. It needs to be simplified.


PS Remember everyone, when Graham signed I predicted that he'd win the starting job but get hurt behind our pours line, thereby giving Stewart his final shot. Cowher's comments later in the spring seemed to contradict that but we'll see....

Submitted by Jimmy Grant
Like Jack Nicholson said... "What if this is as good as it gets?" Well folks, it is. The writing is on the wall. If I'm Cowher I would use the final two preseason games to get Graham ready. He should be the starter. He hasn't played great but he has played better. Name him starter and get him ready. Anything else is irresponsible too the team and fans. Stewart is finished in Pittsburgh. Worst Steeler QB in the Post Bradshaw era.

Jimmy Grant

Submitted by Barry Fox
sorry kordell i have taken up for you and now i want you make me eat my words. slash needs to go back to slash if he can't handle the pressure at quarterback. we are on a mission to get back to winning ball games. i will be crazy mad if we don't play better than we did last year. these afc central teams were beneath us two years ago. my brutha's and sista's we can root our hearts out but if the players don't come to play we are frustrated. i really would like to talk about more positive things now . THE DEFENSE IS A BEAST THAT IS BREAKING OUT OF A STEEL CAGE. JOEY PORTER,LEVON KIRKLAND,JASON GILDON,HAGGANS,CHAD SCOTT, CAN YOU BELIEVE THE EFFORT THAT AINSLEY BATTLES IS MAKING TO BE ON THIS TEAM, THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT. NO THE THRILL IS NOT GONE FOR STEELERS FANS. I HAVE TO BE CRAZY OR A STEELERS FAN TO LIVE IN ALEXANDRIA VIRGINIA AND BE PROUD TO SAY I'M A STEELERS FAN. MY WAITRESS LAST NIGHT AT THE SPORTS BAR HAD A GREG LLOYD JERSEY ON NOW THAT'S STEEL CITY FIRE!

Submitted by Tom Bragg
Tim... After going through three preseason games our beloved Steelers are setting at a perfect 3 - 0 . On paper , that looks and sounds wonderful ! But the sad painful facts are this Steeler team is no further ahead right now than it was last year at this same time .

Last season it was done with strong defense , good special teams and a great kicking game . One year later , its the exact same thing , strong defensive play , good special teams and probably the best kicking game in the league . However , the offense is just as PATHETIC as it was last year .

Our offensive line is in shambles . Our two top running backs have missed most of the preseason due to injuries . And last but certainly not least , we have the same SORRY STINKING QB making the same SORRY STINKING MISTAKES that he"s made for the last two years ! Fact one - Over the last two preseason games , Kordell Stewert has completed a grand total of one pass in thirteen attempts . He looks totally confused and totally lost running this offense . Is this the guy thats going to lead us back to the promised land ? Yeah right !

Bottom line - Bill Cowher has got some serious evaluating to do over the next couple weeks , lets hope and pray that the right decisions get made regarding the QB position . If the correct decisions are made the depth chart at QB will read - (1) Kent Graham , (2) Kordell Stewert (3) Anthony Wright . Time will tell .

Tom Bragg

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