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Submitted by Nat La Borde
Draft Tommy Coleman
What do I think about this years draft? Hmmmm... doesn't really matter... they don't say around long enough to make much difference, now do they (Chad Brown, Charles Johnson, etc., etc.)?

Nat La Borde

P.S. Draft Tommy Coleman (a.k.a., Fleetwood & Julio)... he seems like a PSYCHO!!!

Submitted by Sheldon McGruder
Galloway Only 5'10''... No Splinters in HIS Ass...
I know my comments are very delinquent but here they are anyway.

Pittsburgh did fine. We won't know, of course, until a few years down the road. But Troy Edwards is a solid pick. I personally would have preferred David Boston (even above Torry Holt) but I think Edwards will produce this season. And I don't even want to bother with those "he's too short for the NFL" arguments because every year there are one or two or three guys that were supposedly too small who make a name for themselves in the league. Joey Galloway was 5-10, 188 coming out of college. I haven't seen him pulling many splinters out of his ass. Same with Zach Thomas, just to name two. Troy Edwards produced big-time in college. I think he will in the NFL as well. This year.

My sleeper pick is Chad Kelsay, taken in the seventh round. Although I hadn't heard of him before last season, I saw him a few times in '98 and he's one of those "motor's-always- going" types. The Steelers may use him as a situational player rather than a full-time starter this year but I think he'll contribute well. He's got the attitude.



Submitted by Steeler Dan
We Will Surprise a Lot of People This Year
Oh Mighty Steeler Sultan of Steeler Lore,

I thought it was a great draft. At first I was confused because they took so many players that no one was high on, but I have come to realize that the experts (idiot sportswriters) are usually wrong. I think they got a lot of speed from this draft that will help the special teams and they took a lot of players that were tape measure flawed but are "players". Better a Zach Thomas than a Huey Richardson. Edwards, will I think be a great player both on returns and as a receiver. What he gives up in height and burner speed he makes up for in quickness and toughness. How many other receivers torched a top 20 school like the lit up Nebraska? He has the potential to be another Jerry Rice and I think he could be the receiver that will make the most impact. I like Famous Amos as the back out of the backfield that will surprise people with his toughness and power. I think it was a solid draft that will mean the exodus of a lot of mediocre veterans and make for a faster team. I wouldn't be surprised if a couple of the free agents make the team as well. Of course time will tell, but I think the coaching changes were significant and with the new young talent we will surprise people this year. Super bowl-maybe not this year, but I think the core is being rebuilt.

Great web site!!!

Steeler Dan

Submitted by
Look Out...
Let me say this: David who?

For anybody out there who thinks Troy Edwards is not worth being excited about, think again. Every person who thinks he was a bad choice... well... let's just say that you will be humbled. You will wish you didn't say the things that I am already reading on this page, cause it will make you look foolish, and "lacking" football knowledge. "He's too small"... "He came from a small school"... bla bla bla. By the way... how tall was Charles "overated" Johnson? This kid is going to blow Johnson's numbers out of the water! Be excited folks.

The one thing that I am very excited about, is the fact that Troy is a talker. People, we need this right now. We need a cocky, loud mouth, arrogant guy on our team. Especially on offense. Troy is the man. Picture this for one moment... Steelers vs. Dolphins in the 99 playoffs. Steelers down by 10 in the fourth qtr. We have the ball at the dolphins 25 yard line with 3:00 left. Kordell steps back, looks, and fires a rocket pass to Troy Edwards... It' caught, he's running... TOUCHDOWN! The way this kid behaves, and the words he chooses to say to his teammates (maybe opposing team as well) after such a play in such a situation just might be the difference between winning and losing this kind of game. Boston doesn't have this, nor Holt, ... but Edwards does. All I can say is...

...look out.

Submitted by DDogg
Size Isn't Everything!
I always hear people talking about how fast a guy can run 40 yards or how tall he is or a bunch of other BS like that. A 40 yard dash has almost NOTHING to do with game speed. And as for size... just look at players such as Wayne Chrebet and Jemaine Lewis who have really came on in the last couple of years. The list doesn't end there either. Former Steelers such as Lynn Swann, Louis Lipps, and Chris Calloway were (and in Calloway's case, still are) great recievers despite their small size. I can go on and on. Everyone's acting like Edwards is the first of his kind. He's not in more ways than one. You have to realize, especially anyone with a shred of football knowledge, that if an offense passes as much as Lousiana Tech did, recievers are going to get triple and double covered ALL the time. I don't care where you come from, if you can perform like he did under those circumstances, you are a high caliber WR. It's truly a shame that people don't realize that. He has proven himself. What more can you ask from him? The Nebraska game speaks for itself (21 receptions for 405 yds)! That's amazing, especially against a championship team like Nebraska.

I hope all of you will give this some thought. Give the guy a chance. He needs all the positive feedback he can get. Don't turn your backs on him the way you did Kordell (especially considering he hasn't even played yet). Save your criticism for the regular season. Until then, let's hope we just drafted the next Lynn Swann.

Go Steelers 99'
Dennis Wright
Las Vegas,NV

Submitted by Epasterick
How Tall Was Lynn Swann, People?
Folks, the Steelers made out well in the draft this year. Everyone seems to be all concerned that Holt and Boston were gone by the time the Steelers picked. So they got Troy Edwards. He "only" caught 140 passes last year alone. And all this stuff about his size? True, he's only a little over 5'9". But I think that Steeler fans, of all people, should stop and think before they criticize Edwards' height, considering that the best wide receiver in Steelers history was 5'10" (Lynn Swann, counting his '70s afro). The only game I saw Edwards in last year was the Nebraska game, and he abused them. Nebraska didn't have one guy (or two or three at one time) that could stay within 5 yards of him after the snap of the ball. His motor (and his mouth) are set to high gear all the time. They got a big, strong, fast safety in the second round, and they cleaned up in the third. Zereoue is quality, and anyone that saw West Virginia play the last two years will tell you as much. And as for Kris Farris in the third round, anyone who won the Outland Trophy as the best lineman in college football last year must have some good in him. They filled a lot of the holes they had to. The Steelers, as usual, took the right strategy into the draft, looking to complete an entire team rather than trying to hit a home run with one draft pick and laying their entire future on one guy's legs. And hey, if all else fails, the Steelers can always re-sign Neil O'Donnell. He'll be begging for work now that the Bengals cut his ass. Ha, Ha!

Submitted by Ron Rankl
11 Reasons (At Least) This Was a Good Draft
Most excellent page, dude (and dudette)! I think we had a pretty good draft. Moving up for Boston or Holt would have cost AT LEAST 2 picks, and we needed them for depth. At #13, most of the players teams wanted to trade up for were already gone; besides, how far down could we have gone and been sure Edwards would still be there? The kid's numbers speak for themselves (top scorer in Div. I-A, most rec., most TDs by WR).

In round 2, we got 2 extra picks from Minnesota (see above reference to needed depth), and still got our man for the round. The extra picks enabled us to get our guy for OLB (Porter) and steal the Outland Trophy winner in round 3 as well (why are people so down on this guy? He couldn't have won the award for nothing. By the way, he allowed a whopping 1 sack in these last 2 years at UCLA). Topped off day 1 by getting Amos, an exciting pick. By this time, the front office was back to drafting the best player, instead of drafting for needs. Our 4th and one 5th rounder were both rated much higher than we got them - 2 more potential steals. Johnson has good size at WR, and a good attitude. This could be one of those sleeper picks. All in all, what looks to have been a pretty good draft, addressing our most pressing needs.

Ron (a.k.a., Bleed Black & Gold)

Submitted by Thomas Bragg
The "Experts" Are Wrong... Draft Grade: A
For all you so-called experts out there that are ripping the Steelers apart because of who they drafted, you are way off base and very misinformed. The Steelers' number one need coming into the 1999 Draft was wide receiver and everybody knew it. When the 13th pick rolled around and Torry Holt and David Boston were long gone, the Steelers had one choice to make and that was to draft Troy Edwards. Contrary to what the "experts" think, the Steelers made the right choice! This kid was one of the best wide receivers available coming into the draft and the Steelers were fortunate to get him. A lot of the major draft publications had Troy Edwards ranked well ahead of David Boston. Everybody wants to immediately write this kid off because of his size and the fact that he came from a small school, Louisiana Tech. In regards to size, it certainly had no effect on him in college, because in his last two seasons this kid caught 242 passes for 3,703 yards and a mind boggling 40 touchdowns! This ain't no misprint, folks... look it up yourselves! And before anybody says that this kid never played against any quality competition, check these figures out: Against Nebraska in 1998, Edwards caught 21 passes for 405 yards and 3 touchdowns! Say what you will, but these are the facts and they dont lie. Troy Edwards will make a huge impact in the Steelers passing game and it won't take him long to do it. Oh , and by the way... as far as coming from a small college program and making it in the pros, it most definitely can be done... just ask Jerry Rice or the 1998 rookie of the year Randy Moss.

One other point to make on Steelers draft is the two 3rd round picks of Kris Farris of UCLA and Amos Zereoue of West Virginia. Both of these players will make an impact in 1999. Farris is capable of stepping in and starting right now. As for Amos Zereoue, this kid is deinitely the real deal. Being a West Virginia native, I had the privilige of watching Zereoue on many occasions and all that I can say is backup running back Richard Huntley better be looking over his shoulder, because his days will definitely be numbered when Amos Zereoue gets into town! DRAFT GRADE... A

Thomas D. Bragg

Submitted by AOD4LIFE
"Famous" Amos Zereoue... the Most Interesting Pick
This is it... the most interesting pick of the draft. I am from West Virginia, and I have been watching Famous Amos Zereoue burn other teams and be considered for the Heisman. Many think that he should have stayed for another year and been a #1. I am very excited that Pittsburgh drafted him, because he is a player that we have never really had. Spare me your Pegram comparisons. Erric Pegram was a slasher back and Famous Amos is pure explosion and speed. NOW the papers are remembering his first freshman carry vs. Pitt for a 69 yd TD. Famous Amos runs a 4.3 40 and stands at a muscular 5'8", 200 pounds. Zereoue has excellent hands and drive. Now we have a BUS and a Ferrari in the Garage. I think that Zereoue should be a welcome change of pace to Bettis' punishing assault. I can only think that Huntley is a goner and Fu is going to be made into more of a Fullback-type role. I am sure that they will all find time to carry. Now we have a legitimate threat to score everytime he carries.

Submitted by Michael J. DeLancey
Only Time Will Tell
Tim, I agree with you regarding the draft. The Steeler front office is THE finesest in football, so I trust in their judgements. Also, I remember picking up the Pittsburgh Press over 20 years ago and reading the headlines... "Joe WHO?". They were, of course, referring to Mean Joe Greene. Only time will tell on these picks, but I for one think that the Steelers may have some sleepers, and let's not get down on the #1 just yet... this kid is a GAMER. And I LOVE this MONSTER saftey!

Later Pal, Mike
Pittsburgh Steeler Gridiron

Submitted by Dave "D.C.U.P.S.S." Clifford
We Picked Up People We Can Use
Ok, boys. Let's get into this one, 'cause Art and I disagree here. Just for fun, Artie, my you know how tall Hines Ward is? Well, he's 6' even. I saw some real impressive stuff from Ward as did you and I believe he's gonna be a huge player this year. Now, are you going to tell me that the open field running ability, the breakaway speed he has (articles say it) and escapability this kid has is enough to slam him for three lousy inches??? Me, I'm gonna hold off on worrying about it for now.

But I like a lot of the picks. We needed help in a lot of areas and we couldn't afford to try to sign one big name in Boston or Holt even if we could have traded down to get them. We got a lot of talent picked and a number of future stars. And they won't cost us Fort Knox this year. We'll use them where we can.

Don't get too frustrated here, my friend. We got a lot of training camp to wade through and a lot of talent will show there. Either by picks or FA signings. I am very optimistic this year. Moreso than last year. Why? Because Stewart had as bad a year as anyone could have he can only improve, the front line suffered through injuries and we got some young blood there, we added two new receivers with good prospects, we have a couple of raw and unproven talents, Chad Scott has been rehabbing for a year and we picked speedy guys with hitting capability on defense!!

So those are my opinions. I could be so far off base that we tank the whole season or we could end up with the very first undefeated 16 game schedule. It's way too early for me to tell and I am so optimistic sometimes, but hey, gotta stick with 'em 'cause I luv 'em so much. Just my two cents. Tim? Robert? Your turn(s).

Dave Clifford
Here we go Steelers, here we go!!!

Submitted by David Beers
I Don't Understand Their Thinking
Well, I'm not impressed, to say the least. There were some big name players out there that could have come to Pittburgh and made an inpact when that 13th pick rolled around, and we didn't take any of them. We could have given up some picks and moved up some spots, but we didn't. I don't understand their way of thinking in the draft this year (the sportswriters don't either). Why hold on to so many picks when you don't have the money to sign them? I think Dikta might of had a good idea... screw the picks get the best player. We need more than a bunch of average college players.


Submitted by Anonymous
Just a "Little" Disappointed
Well, I haven't heard from any of you, so I'll just start the barking from my state. What in the hell are we doing drafting a little 5'9" wide receiver in a division and a time in the NFL when EVERYONE knows you have to go tall with your receivers! I'll say it now and loud, Troy Edwards will not help us much at all. I've been praying now for years that we would some day get someone over 6'. For the first pick in the draft for the mighty Steelers, we sure pissed into the wind with this one! I'll say it... I'm disappointed! Thank goodness I can split time with the Arizona Cardinals out here. They got one of the best two receivers in the draft as well as one of the best two offensive lineman in the draft. Just what we needed the Steelers to do! Hard to believe our roles have reversed with the Cardinals. They've been the one's noted for making bad moves. Now I worry it's the Steelers. A 5'9" wide out... I just can't believe it. And Baltimore gets McCalister. Damn!

Later Days

Submitted by Terry Ingle
Boston Gone... I'm Gonna Puke!
I just heard, BOSTON GONE to Arizona!!!!! SHIT!!!!! What now that Boston and Holt are both gone? I am in a state of shock!!!!! I thought for sure this was a done deal. I gotta go throw up!!!!!

The following comments were submitted BEFORE the '99 Draft.

Submitted by Terry Ingle
As Predicted Months Ago, Boston Will Be the Guy
It's been a long off season and the NFL DRAFT means that the new season is right around the corner. I have been on your site everyday and believe when I say, out of all the Steelers Web Pages, YOURS KICKS BIG ASS. Regards to Sandy for me and glad to here her dad is at home and doing better. Judy and my thoughts are with you guys. We went through it in 1984.

Lets talk draft for a minute. Way back, I posted something on your draft page. Matter of fact, I was the first post. Go back and see who I predicted. A couple of more days and we'll see if the BOYZ will pick David Boston. I believe it would be a big mistake if they didn't. I don't believe Holt will be there. That's OK with me, because Ohio State has produced some big name receivers in the past, and I have a feeling that Boston is the next Rice (baring injuries of course). Being from Delaware, Ohio, I followed this kid closely. If Boston gets to wear BLACK and GOLD, I'll go on record to predict the season for the Steelers, to include the playoffs.

You are exactly right..................STEELERS WILL BE IN THE SUPERBOWL THIS YEAR.


Terry, a.k.a. M1A1HVY

Submitted by Thomas Bragg
Draft Day Pressure Building
The NFL Draft is now less than one week away and our beloved Steelers have some glaring needs as the big day nears.

The Steelers must address their wide receiver needs first. The players that can remedy this problem once and for all are Torry Holt or David Boston. It is 99.9% certain that the team will draft one of these two players with the 13th overall pick in the first round. Their is no way the team can go wrong by drafting either of the two players mentioned, because both will be EXCELLENT players at the pro level. Each should be in the Pro Bowl within their first three years in the league.

The Steelers second round pick must be offensive tackle, because with Justin Strzelczyk probably out for the year after reinjuring the same knee he tore up last October, the team has a glaring need at right tackle. The Steelers cannot afford to go into the season with Jamain Stephens as their right tackle. By the time the Steelers make their second round pick, the "premier" tackles will be gone. However, one that comes to mind that should still be on the board is Soloman Page of West Virginia. This guy is roughly 6'6" and well over 300 lbs. He could prove to be a HUGE asset (literally) for the Steelers if Justin Strelzcyk does not return in 1999.

Thomas D. Bragg

Submitted by Sheldon McGruder
I Dunno About the Van Dyke Trade
The Steelers' (fairly) high draft slot has me geeked. However, I'm not real enthused about their trading away the sixth-round pick for Alex Van Dyke. His NCAA yardage record proves he's got (or HAD) potential. Hundreds of players coming out of the draft over the years have [had potential], only to go on to NFL obscurity. The fact that he's never cracked the Jets' starting lineup bothers me. Sure, Johnson and Chrebet start, but why doesn't Van Dyke if he really has the goods? And you might think, "Well, it's just a sixth-round pick". Let me run a few sixth-round picks from past years by you: Dwayne Woodruff, Matt Bahr, Tunch Ilkin, Bryan Hinkle, Orpheus Roye, and...Greg Lloyd. That's right, Greg Lloyd. Check it out. Hey, I hope I'm proven wrong.

I'm psyched! Bring on the draft... and the Brownies! Take care.


Submitted by Jonathan Pasterick
WR Should be Priority
I know there has been some talk of taking this guy John Tait, an offensive lineman from BYU, and I know that the Steelers love to build their lines through the early rounds of the draft (see Alan Faneca, blocking TE Mark Bruener, Jamain Stephens, & Brendan Stai). But as thin as they may be on O-line, there is absolutely NO question that they are thinnest at receiver.

Right now, none of Pittsburgh's leading receivers would be anything other than a third down receiver on any playoff team. Proof positive of this is that the supposed "fastest receiver" on the team last year, Jahine Arnold, was unceremoniously cut yesterday to make room for a safety. They need a receiver first and foremost.

The problem is that, although the receiver crop of this year's draft class is good, there are no prototypes. Torry Holt is the most explosive, but he is coming off a knee injury and is of a rather slight build (and everyone knows that Steeler receivers have to be able to block). David Boston is bigger, but may not have game-breaking speed. Troy Edwards may run the best routes and has great hands, but is only about 5-10 at best. Regardless, the Steelers HAVE to take one of these guys.

My pick is Torry Holt, because he's a blazer, and he can get stronger over time. Plus, last year he torched the Florida State secondary, and that's no easy task. And he didn't come from a system that was totally geared towards him and the passing game, so you know his numbers aren't artifically inflated.

In any event, the Steelers will likely do well in the draft; they always do. Plus, its always exciting to try to figure out which late round they'll pick their gem in. Invariably, they find a great player in the 4th to 7th round.

Keep up the good work, Tim. Your site kicks ass.

Jon Pasterick

Submitted by Art Lyon
O-Line is the Key

Man, I can't believe all the shit on your page. Can't wait for the Lambert stuff. I was checking out the story on the mock draft. I'm going to tell you right now, if the Steelers are able to get Chris McAlister from Arizona, I will be a very happy camper. I watched him here all year and I'll tell you right now, except for Ricky Williams, I think he's the best impact player in the draft. You never know how a college player will do in the pros, of course, but he made so many big plays here that I think he's a sure bet. I think he's as good as Woodson in Oakland and could be better! Hope I'm right. Hope we get him. We are really going to need something if Flowers bolts too!!!!

Later Days Lyon "STEEL" from Prescott Valley

Submitted by ARNKIDS
O-Line is the Key
David Boston sounds like a great player to draft or any of the top four in any position, but it seems to me the Steelers do not tend to draft those projected blue chippers. I will be shocked if we draft a well-known player with the small amount of room we have left under the salary cap.


Submitted by Avoid Lloyd (Lady Lloyd's Hubby)
O-Line is the Key
I must admit that David Boston looks very good, but living in Ohio, I see him all the time. I think he will be a top receiver in the NFL. BUT... from what I saw last year (and im tryin' real hard to forget it), the biggest need is on the offensive line.

Where were the holes for Bettis this year? IMO, we must settle our offensive line and THE BUS will lead us to One For The Thumb! We do need a receiver over 6'3", but if Kordell ain't got the time, he ain't gonna get squat! We need a veteren lineman... just one, and we are on the right track. If we can do that in free agency, then Boston is our man. But if y'all think about it, why is Pittsburgh so good? 'Cause We Run The Damn Ball! THREE YARDS AND A CLOUD 'O DUST, FOLKS... THAT'S STEELER FOOTBALL!!

Submitted by Ben Morgan
Think Defense in Draft!
I'm hoping the Steelers resign Johnson at Wideout and go after another guy in free agency. Personally I'd like to see Sean Dawkins or Raghib Ismail in Black and Gold. Either would be withing our "small market" price range. We really need an LT who can come in and play straight away. Bearing in mind we've taken Jamain Stephens and Alan Faneca recently on the OL and neither has come straight in, I think we have to go after a free agent LT as well. Lomas Brown and Blake Brockermeyer will both be available at around 3m which is probably out of our price range. Maybe Orlando Brown?

With that said I'd take Jevon Kearse (LB, Florida) or Chris McAlister (CB, Arizona) in round 1. Kearse if he's available over McCaliister but I think one of them will be around at #13 as I see most of the teams above us taking offensive players. Second round I'd go for a wideout with good size and power who we can rely on over the middle. Bates would be ideal but he might not last that long. Kevin Johnson perhaps might be around too. In the third round I'd take the best corner or pass rusher (depending on whether we got McAlister or Kearse in the 1st round) and with our supplemantary pick (I think we still have one this year???) I'll take a big OT as a prospect.

Ben Morgan

Submitted by Doug Fredericks
Bring on the Vets!
If there is one thing that the Steelers do not have that other successful franchises have, it is the presence of at least one mean, nasty, crotchedy vet on the field.

We used to have such players. I'm talking about men like Kevin Greene and Greg Lloyd in recent years, and guys like Jack Lambert or Mel Blount in years past.

I think we need at least one of these battled seasoned vets in the worst way, the kind of guy who pukes at the very thought of losing.

What I saw in the 98 Steelers was a bunch of guys who really didn't mind losing. We need someone to shake the tree, someone who will drag a slacker under the bleachers and kick their butt if warranted. This season about 3/4s of the way through, I read where Levon Kirkland was heard to say, "Maybe we should call a team meeting." We need an on-field leader to not mention that maybe we need a meeting, but to throw the coaches out of the locker room, slam the door and instill holy terror in the team. (NOT a slam on Kirkland, he is a great player, but a nice, quiet personality, not the type to kick teammates' butts).

I would rather see the Steelers trade a high draft pick for a kick-ass vet who is at 80% of their prime, if they will provide the leadership we need. I did not see a serious lack of talent on the 98 Steelers, just a serious lack of attitude. Hopefully the new coaching staff will help, but I'm not overly confident they will.

Here's to a greatly improved 99 Team! HERE WE GO STEELERS, HERE WE GO!!!!!!!

Doug Fredericks

Submitted by
Boston is the Guy
Well folks, I have to agree with the first response on this posting board. From what I have read, and learned, it seems as though David Boston out of Ohio State would be a great draft pick for the Steelers. He has the prototypical size of a reciever, being 6-3, 205, and has above average speed. He has excellent separation ability from the DB's, and a good first step. This guy also is a mean blocker downfield, which would definitely make him a great fit for the Steelers. However, if we can't get David Boston, I think we certainly could get my second favorite: D'Wayne Bates out of Northwestern. This guy, along with Tory Holt, has true homerun speed, which is what we want anyway. Big play capability, good hands, solid blocker, and fast. He is 6-1, 215. Pretty good size. He won't get looked at as much due to being on Northwestern, but scouts realize he is definitely a threat. Lastly, if for some odd reason, we can't get these guys, heck, go ahead a pick up Peerles Price out of Tenessee. Small guy, 5-11, 177, but is an explosive runner with very good hands, and has Big Play capability. We won't take him, but he's my third favorite anyway.

I love my Steelers, and I will back them up no matter who they select. Peace.

Submitted by Paul Smiley
A Left Tackle is a Must
If I had my pick, it would be Terry Holt from N.C. State. I live in Raleigh, and can tell you that he's the real deal. Boston may turn out to be the Randy Moss of the draft, but Holt is definitely the Jerry Rice of the draft. Double and triple teamed all year and blew them all away. Especially Florida State, against whom he scored 7 TD's in two years!

If both are gone, I would like to see a LT at #13 - seems to be quite a few good ones available. I like WR Darnell McDonald in round 2 if we go OT in round 1. I hope that we don't make the mistake of drafting a LB in round 1. We need some offense!

Biggest priority right now is to re-sign Lake!! I wonder why there is no news about contract negotiations going on right now?

Paul in Raleigh

Submitted by Thomas Bragg
Take Full Advantage!
With the 13th overall selection in this April's NFL DRAFT, the Steelers must take FULL ADVANTAGE of their pick! With such a high pick, they cannot afford to make a mistake as in years past such as HUEY RICHARDSON OR AARON JONES (just to name a few).

I agree with Terry Ingle that the team must go for a wide receiver with the first pick. The current group of receivers on the team is just not good enough to get the Steelers' offense back to where it needs to be. Also, there is no legitimate deep threat anywhere on the team for Kordell Stewert to throw the ball to at the moment. The three best receivers in the draft are Peter Warrick, Terry Holt, and David Boston. As far as the Steelers are concerned, Warrick and Holt most likely will be gone when the Steelers make their choice. David Boston, however, should still be on the board waiting to become a Steeler. If this scenario works out, then David Boston is your man!

In regards to Mr. Ingle's comment about Yancey Thigpen, I totally agree that Yancey showed a MAJOR lack of loyalty by taking the money and running the way he did. On the other, hand you cannot argue with Thigpen's numbers on the field when he was playing and healthy. His absence this year was a major reason Kordell Stewert and the passing game SUFFERED BIG TIME! Personally, it KILLS ME to have to say that but, those are the COLD HARD FACTS!

Thomas D. Bragg

Submitted by David Beers
Keep Players (Heros) We've Got!
Right on the mark, I to would like the STEELERS to pick up David Boston, but Terry is right... it is a slim chance that he will last till the 13th pick. If not, the next choice should be Peerless Price from Tennessee. He's not as quick as Boston, but he has Steve Largent-type qualities. Keep in mind if we lose too many defensive players (I should say Heros) like Lake & Perry, the first pick will be to fill one of those holes.


Submitted by Terry Ingle
Snag WR David Boston!
I don't really keep up with college football that much, but there is a certain team that I do keep up with. I would really like to see the Super Steelers pick up a wide receiver with the 13th pick. The receiver I'd like to see in BLACK and YELLOW would be David Boston from Ohio State. This kid has good size (6'3", 205), good speed and hands, but most of all, a GREAT ATTITUDE and work ethic. I believe all fans would agree that our receivers did not get it done this year. I truely believe that Boston would be a great asset to Kordell. Folks, this kid is not scared to go over the middle. There is one problem, I don't think he will last till the 13th pick. The reason I say that is because San Diego picks 8th, and for the money they spent on Leaf, he needs a go to guy. Boston has that ability. Then again, stranger things have happened in the NFL.

Boston reminds me of Thigpen, (his ability, not his lack of loyalty).

I would appreciate some feedback from true Steeler fans to make sure I am moving in the right direction.

As always Tim, great job and keep it up. Long off season ahead for us.


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