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So Whaddaya Think
About Our Schedule?

[Ed. Note: This article was written in July of '99, but I left it here just for kicks]. Guys, we're in... go ahead and make your playoff travel arrangements now. Looking at the hand we've been dealt, a 10-6 season doesn't seem at all out of the question, and personally, I'm convinced we're going to the playoffs for the 7th time in 8 years.

Here's why... we open at expansion Cleveland (1-0), followed by a trip to Baltimore (2-0). We get Seahawks & Jaguars at home (in the case of both teams, they never win here, we never win there, so we could realistically start the season 4-0). A 5-0 start just isn't gonna happen, as we drop one at Buffalo (4-1), but come back in a grudge match vs. Cinci (5-1). We then face the Falcons on Monday Night (if the Falcons were more than a fluke last year, we lose) and go into the bye-week with a loss at 5-2. Sandy asked me to state for the record that she guarantees a Steelers win in this game since it's a Monday Night matchup... guess that means we'll go 11-5, eh?

Ironically, we were 5-2 last season after 7 games as well.

Although we avoid the short week by having a the bye, we run into a buzzsaw in San Fran and fall to 5-3. The good news is, the expansion Browns come to town for a spanking as we improve to 6-3. We then go to Tennessee & drop a close one in a huge matchup against the Titans (6-4), but stay alive by downing Cinci the following week (7-4). Again, this is right where we were last year.

A trip to Jacksonville means a loss (7-5), but unlike last year, luck is smiling on us (and the coin toss rules have changed) as we go on to win three straight, beating Baltimore at home (8-5), stealing a win in K.C. (9-5), and making short work of the Panthers at home (10-5). Houston comes to town needing a win to stay alive and sneaks out of Pittsburgh with a win (10-6), but we're in the playoffs, folks.

We'll get revenge vs. Houston in the first round of the playoffs the following week, and from there, who knows?

Sorry to spoil the suspense of the season for 'ya folks, but this is the way it'll happen. Go ahead and place your bets now. :-) Tim


The following articles are listed in the order they were received (with the most recent entries at the top). This isn't a "guestbook" format... I read and manually insert every message, so you may not see your submission show up immediately. Thanks a million for your comments, people!

Submitted by HardLuck84@aol.com
10-6... you call that optimistic? Thats pessimistic! I think if we play like we should, the only team holding us back is the Jags. The 49ers are a mediocre team this year and are now picking up their heads after an embarrassing loss to the Jags. The Titans have just heard bad news about Air McNair who is predicted to miss 6 weeks. We've got a great shot of doing some serious damage and turning some heads as well. Stewart had a horrible season last year, we all know this, but I think he will have his best year yet this season under this new offense that suits him perfectly. I'm pumped up about this season as should all Steelers fans. Prepare to get back at all your friends who tormented you about your team last year, 'cause payback is a bitch!

Brad 16 MA

Submitted by Mike DeLancey
Tim, I agree with your predictictions... kind of. NO WAY do we lose to Titans at home, and I personally think that we will upset San Fran. Bingo... 12-4.

Visit Mike's Steeler Gridiron at http://members.tripod.com/~mik8s

Submitted by Fleetwood N. Julio
10-6??? Bite your tounge/fingers! 19-0, including the SuperBowl! Nuff said!

How can you even say the Steelers will lose a game, any game, until they do! NEGATIVE WAVES DADDY! The only thing we'll be dropping in BuffyHo is a stain in Rich Stadium's toilet as a result of their Mecca wanna-be tail-gate! As for the 40-whiners, I had to stop reading at that point! Amy's Dad (Tim) doesn't like it when I bang my head on his keyboard !!!$*SHI.&*^#MUTTHA... *!!%&*@!! Ok, I am fine now **@!!!$%*&!!* $#* No, really, it's ok.

Submitted by Fred Enfinger
First, I would like to say that this is the coolest Steelers site I've seen! The Jack Lambert/Terry Bradshaw pages are excellent! As far as going 10-6 this year, I think your predictions are right on with two exceptions -- the Steelers will NOT lose to the Titans in Three Rivers this year and I don't believe that they will lose to the 49ers, even though it's in San Francisco. That puts them at 12-4 at the end of the season and right back on track for a solid run at the AFC championship. I think with the new guys they've drafted and the FAs that they've signed, the Steelers have filled the holes that left them weak last year. Look for a resurgence of the old Steeler intensity and a return of championship football in Pittsburgh!

Fred Enfinger

Submitted by Blitzburgh Tom


Submitted by Scott McKinney
I think Sandy knows what she's talking about... we will go 11-5 in 99. We CAN'T lose both regular season games to the Houston Oilers/Tennessee Titans two years in a row!!!


Scott McKinney

Submitted by Rachel in Tennessee
Hey, I love your page. It's the best Steelers page out here if you ask me. Now, about that 10-6 season... I beg to differ. The steelers will finish 11-5. They will NOT lose to Tennessee at home again this year. The season finale might actually matter this year, as the Titans are looking kind of tough. But listen, I live in Nashville, home of the new baby blues, and I've seen them play Pittsburgh twice (one of these games being completely meaningless). It's not saying much when your first string beats our third string. It's not going to happen again. It's just too embarrassing to get swept by your rival 2 years straight. We WILL beat the Titans at home on January 2nd. That is a promise. But other than that, great call. I can't wait for the season to start. My boyfriend and I are planning a trip up to Pittsburgh to see the Steelers play JAX in October. Can't wait! Keep up the good work... you are a truly dedicated fan (and webmaster).

--Rachel in Tennessee

Submitted by Fleetwood N. Julio
10-6? Bite your tounge/fingers! How can you even say the Steelers will lose a game, ANY game, until they do! NEGATIVE WAVES, DADDY! The only thing we'll be dropping in BuffyHo is a stain in Rich Stadium's toilet as a result of their Mecca wanna-be tail-gate! As for the 40-whiners, I had to stop reading at that point! Amy's Dad doesn't like it when I bang my head on his keyboard! $*SHI. &*^#MUTTHA..*!! %&*@!! Okay, I am fine now **@!!! $%*&!! *$#* No, really, it's okay.

Submitted by Nick Vollentine
It's about time! Last year, I think the Steelers had the toughest schedule in the NFL. This year, I am only disappointed that they don't get 3 Monday night games like last year, 'cause those games are really good for us (nevermind last season's finale... think Steelers vs. Chiefs for the past few years). For what's it's worth, I would argue it is more important to win games down the stretch rather than get off to a good start as D-Dogg suggested. As of recent years, the Steelers just don't get off to good starts, but they somehow pull it together by mid season, usually with a big Monday night win. That Falcon game could be very important! God I love the Steelers on Monday night. Keep up the good offseason work, Tim.

Submitted by Harry E. Payne III
I concur that we will win at least 10 games this season. Look at what happened to Dallas. When you have a sub-500 record at the end of the season, the NFL compensates you with a softer schedule the following year. Unlike Dallas, however, we only had a few weak links due to injury that made us so mediocre. Dallas is just old. If we can rally around this new offense of Gilbride's early in the season, we may be able to tack on two more Wins. I know Boston is fast, but I would love to see Torry Holt in black and gold! Go State! Go Steelers!

Submitted by Mark Malone
I think we are all going to be suprised at how good the '99 STEELERS are. I really believe last year was a fluke. Sure, we have some personnel problems, but a couple of free agent signings (Gandy,Davis), a decent draft (Boston-please!), and some players stepping up (Vrabel, Blackwell), and we are right back in the hunt. Gilbride and Kordell might be the most important pieces of the puzzle.

I just wanted to let you know, in my opinion, you have the best Steeler site out there. I enjoy the humor and other fans' insights. My wife and I are huge Fans originally from (little) Washington, PA, and go to all extremes to see every game possible even though we moved out of state. GO STEELERS!!!!!

Mark Malone

Submitted by Thomas Bragg
Tim... A 10 and 6 record for our 1999 Pittsburgh Steelers looks and sounds great, but the chances of that happening are slim and none. These Steelers have far too many holes to fill and there is no way they are going to be able to do it between now and September.
As far as the new schedule is concerned, the only freebees are with the expansion Cleveland Browns. If the Steelers play any ball at all, they should easily win both games against the Browns. However, after the two Browns games the rest of the schedule is a toss up. Every other team on the schedule is easily capable of knocking a knot on the Steelers head! The recent signings of Wayne Gandy and Travis Davis are very BIG ADDITIONS for the Steelers and should pay quick dividends for the team. Unfortunately. on the same day they signed Gandy, tackle Justin Strzelczyk reinjured the same knee he practically destroyed back in October. His prognosis is probably out for the year. That is a devastating injury to an already devastated offensive line! When you couple that with the fact we have lost Carnell Lake, Charles Johnson, Tim Lester, and Darren Perry (all of which were starters a year ago), the Steelers' chances really don't look that good for 1999. My prediction for 1999 is, at best 9 and 7, but realistically, 8 and 8.

Thomas D. Bragg

Submitted by Sean O'Connor
Well, hello again, guys... I can almost smell the crisp cool fall air (Sheesh! Summer is not here, and already, I want it to be over!!!). Anyway, I am getting pumped! As soon as that schedule comes out... the juices start flowing!

I agree with ya... 10 wins are not out of the question!

My Prayers to Sandy's Dad.

Take Care,

Sean O'Connor

Submitted by D-Dogg
In my opinion, the Steelers have an ample group of young, talented wideouts just itching to unleash their skills. You can't really blame anyone on last year's demise... it was a team loss. These WR's are good. To it, you add competiton, let's say David Boston, and suddenly you have a hell of a group of young wideouts who ALL want to get paid and have something to prove... not only to the Steelers, but to the league. We all know that if they all play well, many of them will leave via free agency. But if we can get something done next year while they're still together... WATCH OUT! These guys are athletic and will snare all of Kordell's passes. They key is a STRONG start. With confidence, this team will go a long way. Coupled with a young, big, fast, smart defense, a rested & regrouped OL, and KORDELL STEWART, there is no doubt in my mind this team will redeem itself. We got to be believers.

Positive feedback from the fans is very important to these players. They need us and we need them. They don't critisize us, so we shouldn't critisize them. They're human. If you want to watch robots, rent Terminator.

Go Steelers 99'

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