Greatest Performances
This section contains recaps, stats, articles, and other miscellaneous information about Terry Bradshaw's greatest triumphs as a Steeler.
I'll be adding new games frequently until this section gets up to speed. For now, here are a few games to get the ball rolling. Each features an extensive article detailing the game along with a box score and Terry's passing stats.

Please give me your comments on this section. It's VERY labor intensive, so I wanna know if it's something I should continue to bust my butt working on! :-P

The following games are listed in chronological order.

1974 AFC Divisional Playoffs
Pittsburgh 32, Buffalo 14
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The birth of "Hall of Famer". The following week in Oakland, the Steelers "Dyansty" officially took root, but this was the game that propelled Terry Bradshaw into greatness. The ridiculous "dumb" label was shed. His leadership took hold. The entire team played incredible football that day, but Bradshaw transcended everything negative that had happened up to that point in what was without question the most pivotal game of his career. CLICK HERE for a detailed game summary, stats, & info!

1975 Super Bowl X
Pittsburgh 21, Dallas 17
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Of course, it's Lynn Swann's gravity-defying performance that everyone remembers from this classic game (deservedly so). But lost amid Swann's heroics and Lambert's fury was a superb performance by Terry Bradshaw. As is often the case with Terry, the stats (9 of 19, 209 yds, 2 TDs) are not indicative of how truly great he was. Bradshaw made numerous big plays in this game, the biggest of which was a throw I doubt ANY other quarterback could've made... the spectacular deep 64-yard post to Swann for the game-winning TD. With Cowboys hanging all over him, Terry lauched a perfect bomb that travelled over 65 yards in the air, hitting Swann (who was well-covered) perfectly in stride to put the game out of reach. It was a throw that NFL Films recently voted "the Greatest Pass of All Time." I agree. CLICK HERE for a detailed game summary, stats, & info!

1976 AFC Divisional Playoffs
Pittsburgh 40, Baltimore 14
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This was quite possibly the best overall team performance in Steelers history for a single game. Many people (including a large contingent of the Steelers players from the 70's) consider the '76 version to be the best of those Steelers teams, although my personal opinion is that the '78 Steelers take that honor (and were likely the best pro team ever assembled, PERIOD). In any case, the injuries suffered by Rocky and Franco in this game unfortunately kept them from playing in the AFC Championship game against Oakland the following week, preventing a Steelers three-peat in the Super Bowl. CLICK HERE for a detailed game summary, stats, & info!

1978 Super Bowl XIII
Pittsburgh 35, Dallas 31
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For me, this is the greatest football game of all time. Not necessarily the most dramatic or the most exciting game (although those elements are certainly there), but from a standpoint of having your favorite players perform at their highest levels against a great adversary, it's the best I've ever seen. Swann, Stallworth, Harris, Blier, Blount, Lambert, Ham, Greene... all played at the top of their games in this one. But it was Terry Bradshaw who really stood head and shoulders above the rest. In a game that was the finest moment of the greatest team of all time, the absolute pinacle of a dynasty, it was Terry Bradshaw who shined brightest. I watch my recording of this game often, and I never tire of it... if there is a football heaven, surely this is it. CLICK HERE for a detailed game summary, stats, & info!

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