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Rather than waiting to use QB Kent Graham to stop the bleeding until several games into the season, Cowher is using him NOW to take the bullets out of the gun (not that Kordell's passes have looked much like bullets lately). Click Here for the full story.

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NOTE: The article below, which was recently featured on, was originally posted by McMillen & Wife on 9/4/00 after the Steelers' humiliating season-opening loss to the Ravens. Yes, it's a bit dated, but we continue to receive fan responses, so we figured we'd leave it up.

Double Vision?
Are fans guilty of a double standard when it comes to Kordell Stewart?
Submitted by Tim McMillen
My wife Sandy and I were sitting here discussing the site Monday Night after the Rams/Broncos game when I decided to take a peek at the "Game Bag" poll numbers from the Ravens game. They revealed pretty much what I expected (Cowher & the O-line receiving the bulk of the blame), but as I was just about to click the "back" button, Sandy stopped me and said, "Nobody's blaming Graham."

Interesting observation.

Let's face it... had Kordell Stewart been the quarterback leading the Steelers in that truly pitiful display of offense on Sunday, we'd see him being hung in effigy in the streets of Pittsburgh, let alone getting pummeled with blame in our poll. Yet not one single vote of dissent for Kent Graham, who I thought stunk it up as much as anybody. Why is that?

MVP (???) Award
Who deserves the game bag for the week 1 loss to the Ravens (that's right, BAG... game balls are for when we win)?
Offensive Line
 ( 45%)
Bill Cowher
 ( 32%)
Kevin Gilbride
 ( 12%)
Kent Graham
 ( 7%)
Defensive Line
 ( 4%)

For whatever reason, the fans of Pittsburgh have chosen Kordell Stewart as the official scapegoat for the fall of the once-mighty Steelers. Why? WHY? Is it because he embodies the unrealized potential of our once-great team?

So much talent and so much promise just two short years ago, only to crash and burn before our very eyes. Folks, those words could apply to the Steelers as a whole as easily as they do to Kordell. Regardless of whether or not Stewart has the trappings of a real NFL quarterback, the present state of the Steelers is NOT his fault... it's time we acknowledge that fact as readily as we absolve Graham of blame. Below, you'll find what other fans are saying about the situation, and don't forget to send us YOUR thoughts.

Tim McMillen
Webmaster, McMillen & Wife

Submitted by Sandy McMillen
I don't actually write an article for this site very often. That is Tim's department and besides, everyone already knows I am the brains of the operation :-). But this Kordell mess is something I feel very strongly about.

I have nothing against Kent Graham. I think he did an okay job under the circumstances. I think he is probably a lot better suited for Kevin Gilbride's offense than Kordell. But that is Gilbride's fault. Kordell has FAR more potential than Graham. Graham is NOT the QB of the future while Kordell still could be. Gilbride should be building the system around Kordell's talents. Stewart is not a drop back passer and with all the money the Steelers have invested in him, you would think Gilbride would try to find a way to use his strengths instead of trying to fit a square peg in a round hole and wondering why it doesn't work. I challenge any of you to deny that Kordell Stewart has the most raw talent of any player on the team. To have him sitting on the bench is a waste.

When Gilbride finally did put Stewart in, it was after he had been sitting on the bench for two hours. So what happens? Three failed plays, and then Graham comes back in (WHY?) to throw the ball away. Who gets the blame? Kordell, not Gilbride. It is always Kordell. There were actually multiple articles on Steelers Live and the Pitt Post Gazette devoted to bashing Kordell for his 60 seconds of playing time. It's simply not fair. How bout an article devoted to Graham throwing the ball ten yards out of the end zone on 4th down instead of at least putting it where the receiver had a chance to get it? No. It is ALWAYS Kordell.

One more thing. Why so many of you guys are screaming for Tee Martin is beyond me. He barely made the team! He is a rookie with literally no experience. Yet a bunch of you are saying he should start. That is ridiculous. Certain people in my household who shall remain nameless (Tim) always go on and on about Terry Bradshaw, and he was great, but he wouldn't do much better behind the offensive line they have now, so how can anyone think Tee Martin would be anything but a punching bag back there? Get real. Maybe put him in once he has had time to learn, but not now.

Somebody who wrote in said don't close the book on Stewart yet. That person was right. Fans are wrongly blaming Stewart for the team's decline. The team is bad because the TEAM is bad. The TEAM. Say it out loud. The TEAM is bad. Get off Kordell's back. Struggling or not, he's still our best quarterback.

Sandy McMillen
Commander in Chief, McMillen & Wife

P.S.--Bush/Cheney in 2000!

Fan Reactions
The following articles are listed in the order they were received (with the most recent entries at the top). This isn't a "guestbook" format... I read and manually insert every message, so you may not see your submission show up immediately. Thanks a million for your comments, people!
Submitted by Shawn Lucas
I'm probably a bit late to the party on this debate (story of my life) but I thought I'd write anyhow. I mean, what can it hurt right? I admit that I was one of the last ones on the "Bash Kordell" bandwagon. But I did jump on, and I am not proud of that fact. The more I see Kordell play, the more I think that Kevin Gilbride, that Sherman guy (don't remember his first name) are the idiots. They tried to turn Kordell into something he's not. I don't know if it is partly his doing, but they were trying to make him a drop back passer. It's not his strong point. He needs room to roam, to get around, to find the open man. If there is no open man, he needs to have the option to pull it down and go 76 yards for the score.

Those are the things at which he is incredibly strong. They are taking this poor, young man's bucket loads of talent and throwing it out the window. When his contract expires, if recent history is our guide, he's gonna sign with someone else (probably in the division), and come back to bite us in the rear two times a year. Gilbride, Cowher, somebody needs to figure out what a diamond in the rough they have and build an offense around this kid. He very well could take this team all the way given the chance.


ps-Nader/LaDuke in 2000!

Submitted by Mark Hissom
I visit your site at least twice a week, but this is the first time I have voiced my opinion. I was born a Steeler fan, and I will die a Steeler fan. God help me if I die while Kent Graham is the quarterback of my Steelers. I may not be an expert on the game, but I cannot believe there are Steeler fans who really believe that Kent Graham is our best chance to win. Letting Graham start at quarterback is like letting Josh Miller start at inside linebacker. Graham looks out of place. He can't think fast enough to play the position. Kordell Stewart was our future, and I believe he still is.

I am fortunate to be able to attend 3 home games this year, and I will make my annual trip to Cincinnati to join the huge number of Steeler fans present every year. I just hope that Kent Graham will be out of the picture. I attended the game against the Titans and to be honest I could not believe that Kordell was booed as soon as he came on the field. Although they were not as loud as the boos O'Dummel received, there were way too many. Wake up people. Kordell is our future, we need to support him with cheers not boos. Where has Kent Graham played? Why didn't they keep him?

With a better offensive line and some more playing time for our receivers, things will start to gel. When Kordell starts to shine, and you unfaithful fans start to like him again. How sad are you going to be when he skips town for the money like the rest of them have?

Mark Hissom
Columbus, OH

Submitted by Joseph O'Hanlon
Bet you wish you had Neil now don't you.

A rare response from Mac & Wife: Oh, yeah... we'd really be headed down the road to the Super Bowl with 'ole "Duck & Cover" under center, wouldn't we? He couldn't get it done in '95 behind the BEST offensive line in the league, the BEST running game in the league, the BEST collective group of wide receivers in the league, and the BEST defense in the league, so it makes PERFECT sense that you'd deduce that he'd lead us to glory with THIS bunch backing him up. Yeah, whatever you say... you #$%*ing idiot.

Submitted by Michael Whalen
Sandy, Sandy, Sandy - YOU GO GIRL (go see Cower and ask if you can be offensive coordinator).

Your article was the most on-target thing I've read yet on the Kordell situation. Certainly better than the drival Steeler fans have been getting from the clueless columnists of the Post Gazzette.

Gilbride's misuse of Kordell isn't his only mistake. The Steelers are hurting for size, speed, and experience on offense. Yet they failed last year to use their speediest player - Amos Zereoue, their biggest reciever - Malcolm Johnson, their most experienced right tackle - Shar Pourdanesh, or the one reciever who seems to get open - Bobby Shaw.

I had high hopes for Gilbride after the Steelers beat the Browns 43 zip last year. His game plan for that game was excellent - lots of rollouts and bootlegs. Granted it was only Cleveland, but by mid season they lost to the Browns 16-15 using a much more conservative game plan. Why did they abandon so quickly a game plan that had worked so well? The essence of good coaching is the ability to design a sytem around the available talent, and Gilbride hasn't done it.

Isn't it ironic that the Steelers, who started the trend toward more mobile and athletic QBs, are now being left in a cloud of Quarteback dust.

Mike Whalen
Reston Va.

Submitted by Keith Thomas
I agree with everything that Tim and Sandy have said (accpet, alas for their choice of President.) But on the important issue, i.e. the Steelers, we agree on this subject.

Lets face it, since seeming like he was on the verge of greatness in '97, Kordell has crashed, and crashed badly. While I think he's probably one of the best athletes the Steelers have, the guy just seems to lack mental toughness, which suprises me all the more so, in light of his seemingly limitless ability to mount comebacks in 1997.

But if Kordell has been a disappointment, the fans have given him too much of a bum wrap.

OK, all Steelers QB's since Bradshaw have it difficult. And the press in Pittsburgh doesn't help things by over-simplifying EVERYTHING. (I could go on about this, but I won't because a critique of the Pittsburgh football media could be a subject of its own website.)

But with that said, Kordell has been a scapegoat of unbelievable proportions. I mean, I am only exaggerating slightly when I say that last year when the defense would give up one its 40 yard touchdown plays, people in Steelers bar I go to would blame Kordell. Bettis fumbles, blame Kordell.

This was true even in 1998, when while it was obvious Kordell was regressing, it was also obvious that Charles Johnson wasn't up to being a number one widereciver, and that we REALLY MISSED John Jackson on the O-Line, Jermain Stephens was a bust, Jahenie Arnold was a bust etc.....

In 1999 he played poorly too (at least at home, on the road his numbers were a little better), but the O-Line played even more poorly than the year before, and the defense gave up WAY too many big plays.

The entire offense stumbles throughout the opener, looking horrible. But, Kordell was in their for 3 series (in garbage time no less), and hence, blame Kordell.

After defending Kordell for a long time (and taking alot of heat for that), I'm pretty certain that the Steelers will, and should cut in after June 1, 2001. He showed promise, serious promise, had his chances, but ultimately, the promise hasn't been realized, and I don't think is going to be realized in a Steeler uniform.

But to place all of the blame for our decline on him, or even most of the blame, that is going way too far. There is more than alot of blame to go around.

'Nuff said.

Submitted by Will Smith
I'm glad somebody else realizes, Kordell isn't the only problem... I have a Kordell jersey I wear it with pride I get so called "Fans" all the time. "I can't believe you are wearing THAT shirt, Steelers shirts are okay but not that shirt", I'm like dude if you can't see that QB isn't are only problem you are either blind or don't know very much about football.

I've been fighting with people over on the Steelers Digest Message board about Kordell, It's amazing but people STILL blame Kordell for our loss last week. they put him in and he fumbled. I go okay so if Graham stays in and scores we lose 16-7 it's NOT Kordell's Fault. I say boy, Kent Graham had a passer rating of about 39.2 last week he must have sucked, people say no, he had no time and receivers dropped balls, I say these are the same things I was saying about Kordell and you called them "excuses" so I say to you NO EXCUSES! I don't think Graham played Horrible and to me the real problem lies with Gilbride. I say that and I get, first it was Sherman now it's Gilbride. I'm supposed to believe we got 2 bad offensive Coordinators in a row? I say yes not just yes HELL YES. let's think about this.....

1st and Goal we put Kordell in, bus up the middle (Are you telling me that Graham couldn't have done that) 2nd and goal Kordell drops straight back and throws a pass that falls incomplete (I KNOW Graham could do THAT), 3rd and Goal fumbled exchange between the Bus and Kordell (Yup I think Graham could probably do that too). Okay that is all of Kordells playing time. My question is, if we put Kordell on the field for all of his unique talents that make him dangerous in this situation why the HELL did we not try to utilize them?!, picture this....

Kordell comes on the field the bus is at FB and Zeroue at HB Kordell takes the snap fakes it to the bus, and sprints to his left, Zeroue also sprints to his left, it's the option! if they pinch inside to stop Kordell he pitches to Zeroue, if they try to cut off the outside he cuts in and gets a yard.


Kordell takes the snap fakes it to bettis and rolls out to his right, if the lb's are pulling up to stop him he can toss it to bruener, if not run it in.

Kordell is only dangerous when he is a threat to run or pass on the same play, why they don't use this to their advantage is beyond me. Look at the preseason again, Graham had a much better "PASSER" rating, notice it is not called a "QB" rating there is a reason for that. Kordell was every bit as productive in the Preseason as Graham (at least through 4 games), he had as many Td's and probably just as much total yardage (running + passing) and he was playing with Edwards and Buress two receivers who in the preseason consistently dropped balls, fell down, and ran the wrong routes. While Graham usually had Ward and Shaw or Ward and Hawk, 2 out of 3 of those receivers were VERY consistent catching running good routes etc. I don't know maybe I'm the moron here, but I still believe in Kordell, and I think that he is definitely our best shot at a W this week or any other given week, for those who like stats the team in it's past 5 games without Kordell and a QB with a better "Passer" rating are 1-5 I know Kordell was better than that last season.

Submitted by Grampa Zig Zag
I don't understand , maybe I do, about you all trying to make excuses for #10 .He looked good for a year or so. Nobody was happier than I when he was a team player. You do remember when he was so pleased with his self that he proclaimed "I'm gonna be in the hall of fame".

You also havn't forgotten about the tirade he had on the sidelines when he got within a whisker of Bills chin, and had the nerve to stick his finger in his face . He's lucky that wasn't coach Noll or The Big Tuna or Ditka or Lombardi. It wouldn't of been a pretty sight. Bill is just to nice a guy, He does the tough love thing without the tough.

I've got to be out of my mind to start raggin' on Bill , 'cause I really dig him , but I'm starting to respect him a little these days . Well up to a couple of weeks ago anyway, with two weeks remaining in pre season, when he said Kordell is the man so far. I was pretty sure he had his mind made up but was courting a miracle. It did not happen.

I remember not standing up for my rights, and a friend said to me "man you are doing just like your people did during the war , [ W W TWO ] You are just turning your head and leaving it up to someone else to grant you mercy".

That woke me up. Well I don't own the team and Hell I'm from a different time zone even. You've spent a lot of bread on Stewart, back loaded I hope. I think it is time to cut your losses. A lot of talent with the wrong size batteries.

Sorry to lay this bummer on yenz. GO STEELERS

Submitted by Tim Smith
My observations are that the last time the steelers offense looked good was in 1997 when our motto all year long was simplify the offense. Kordell and his receivers were all on the same page because the routes were not as complicated they new exactly where each other was going to be. Right now the receivers are tentative in their routes thinking to much keeping them from getting open. Both quarterbacks look confused on their reads and have no idea where the receivers are going to be when they are not picking themselves off the turf. The offensive line has talent right now but lacks aggressiveness. They look to be slow off the ball trying to think about what to do next instead of just hitting someone. Gillbride right now should go back to what worked best for the team smash mouth football hit the other team straight forward with the bus,huntly, and fu matafala. Have the "O" line just line up and continuously batter the man in front him forget the complicated blocking schemes they're not working and haven't worked in two years. Just a few observations from a loyal fan.

Thanks for reading my fit of insanity

Submitted by Anne McIver
I purchased the NFL Sunday ticket so I could watch the Steelers and Kordell Stewart play. I hope Coach Cowher will give Stu an opportunity to get his confidence back and be the great leader of the Pittsburgh offense I know he is. Kordell is a great team player and encourager. I watch him on the side lines, always giving encouragement. I have confidence in him and will continue to be one of his greatest fans, always.

Anne McIver
Springfield, Missouri

Submitted by John Zrnich
First off, my hat's off to you on the best Steelers site I've yet to see. You two have done an outstanding job and I'm sure I'm not the only Steelers fan who thinks so. Thanks! : )

Now that the obligatory ass-kissing is out of the way : ) --really, you do have a killer site!--I'd like to throw in my less than two cents worth on the QB situation. I agree that Stewart has taken a lot of criticism over the past few years. And it's true that Gilbride is the third offensive coordinator in four years. But look at like this. In '97, Stewart's "golden year," he had 21 TDs (passing), 17 INTs, a 54% completion rate, and a passer rating of about 75. These numbers tell me that even when he plays well, his numbers are mediocre at best.

And consider that, last year, Tomczak had more yards passing and more TDs in five (six?) games than Stewart had in the previous 11 (10?). Tomczak also had, at that point, three coordinators in three years, but he learned the offense more quickly. Yes, Stewart's not a pocket passer and yes, Gilbride's offense is not one that relies on the QB rolling out of the pocket. . .but Stewart is an NFL professional. He should be able to learn what he needs to do (as Tomczak did--God forbid I should give him credit, but it's true). From what I've seen so far, Stewart simply can't make reads fast enough and can't look off the DBs. That won't change whether he stays in the pocket or scrambles.

Don't get me wrong, he could be a saint, for all I know. Yes, Graham is a journeyman at best, true. But Stewart (and the Stewart clone, Martin) definitely won't solve the Steelers' problems at QB.

And now, let the flaming begin. . .

Again, kudos on the awesome site.

A Steelers fan waaaay out on the west coast,

Submitted by Steeler Mike

I'm sorry, I disagree. Kordell has had his chance. I don't doubt his ability as the most athletic QB in the league, what I doubt is his leadership. The QB is THE MAN on the field. He is the leader of the offense, period. When the offense struggles who do they look too, the QB to make something happen. In 97, Kordell won in spite of himself, he was a one half QB. He did not dominate in an entire game. We got behind in the first half, and he pulled it out in the second half. I and everyone else wasn't complaining, but I didn't feel real secure after the win. It was boy, we slipped out of that again. Defenses started to see what would rattle him after time. Stack the line against the run and make him pass. Take his athleticism out of the game. That is exactly what they did. If you look at Bettis's rushing numbers, they go down as the passing yards do. Other teams bet the farm that Kordell could not beat them throwing the ball. They were right!

I got so tired of watching the Steelers last year. It was down right painful. Lets take off the gloves a minute. There is no way in HELL they should have lost to, an expansion, Cleveland, at HOME!!!!!!!! How did this happen? Kordell was terrible that day. Nobody was near him when he threw one of his many, really ugly INT's. John Thierry did not have a receiver within 10 yards. Does anybody remember the Bengals game at home last year? Yes, the defense gave up some big plays early. But Kordell had big problems against their defense throwing the football. Tomczak came in a mop up role and almost led them back. You can say well, the Bengals didn't want to give up the big play. When you are up by that many points, desperate for a win as the Bengals, what do you do? You bring the house. Tomczak made some decent plays. And Cowher saw that Tomczak was more of a leader and benched Kordell. Cowher stayed with him too long. I thought Stewart was done in Tampa in 98, when he was on the sideline crying his eyes out. That is not a leader. And the entire team lost respect for him. This is this the guy that is going to lead us?

Two last thoughts. I get so tired of fans saying "We don't boo the Steelers and we should stand by them through thick and thin". I stand by them ALWAYS. I have more Steeler stuff than most people. My wife calls me the "walking Steeler billboard". Just because I get pis*ed off, as I am now, does not mean I'm less of a fan. I see this in Steelers Digest all the time. Back off Bro's, we want to win maybe more than you!

Finally, I do agree with you Sandy.... Go Bush/Cheney in 2000!!!!!!!!

Steeler Mike

Submitted by Jimmy Grant
Here comes the feel sorry for Stewart bandwagon....jump on board everyone. This isn't JV Football let's face it...nice guy or not...Stewart isn't any good anymore. He has struggled repeatedly for over 2 years.

In addition, how can anyone bash Cowher for bringing him in on the 1 yard line. My oh my, are we some fickle fans. 5 years ago when Stewart was Slash.....and Cowher brought him in on the goaline or in short yardage Cowher was a genius. WHY????? Because it worked. Now it doesn't work and Cowher is stupid??? Come on fans get real.

I'm also tired of Coordinators being blamed. This is two different Offensive 3 seasons.....lets lay the blame where it falls on Stewart. I would also give some blame to the O-line. We have made too many excuses. Before it was the receivers.....well Stewart never had great receivers.....Thigpen was hurt frequently and CJ was average at best. So the receivers now are == or better.

as for Graham....he never had a chance...he was on his back the whole game. Give him five starts and then evaluate. Finally, I really miss 'Czak he was better than both of them.


Submitted by Dave Bradshaw
I must say this is a great steelers site ... good job.. i love it!! i've been looking for pictures ,etc on the steel curtain , and also pics of stallworth who i think should be inducted with swann and l.c greenwood , rocky blier,but i think they are to afraid to admitt that the steelers of the seventies where loaded of hall of famers and if they inducted all of them people would give alot of grief meaning non steelers fans... but they are well deserved to be in the hall of fame...also since this is the last year for the old three river stadium it would be great to show some pics of it and a little history about the building we all so dearly call home ...

I would also like to say great job on the jack lambert story in which i feel is the greatest football palyer of all time with the biggest heart for the game... I also love terry bradshaw and all the others who have wore the steeler jersey.

1 more note... is kordell stewart i truely feel bad for the kid ,i like him alot even if he's having alot of troubles now with the fans but i do think he can and will if given the chance to grow with the team to become another terry bradshaw.. with all the free agents leaving for more money its hard for him to live up to are expectations when defenses are getting all over him cuz lack of line support... but soon it will all change when the new stadium is done and generating more money for the team to be able to keep these great players ... the steelers will be once again the #1 FORCE in the nfl .Well thanks for all the great insight on the team i was born and raised to love and aways will....GO STEELERS

Dave Bradshaw

Submitted by David Pressick
Sandy, I was reading article about Graham vs. Stewart and absolutely astonished... it seems that you and I have the very same opinion on the subject (also Bush/Cheney). I wrote in last week to declare that Kordell is very talented and the fault is with Gilbride.

Anyway, you've probably already read my opinions that I voiced last week.

Thanks for reaffirming that I have a grasp of the situation. I'm not stuck out here in this place by myself.

At least I'll get a little solace being the coach for my son's flag football team. :)

Oh, and one more thing.... Hank Fraley... I thought I saw our next center in him... now he's gone. What'd you think of him?

David Pressick

Submitted by Barry Fox
well i would just like to remind myself and every steelers fan that without a offensive line we can't get it done. it starts in the trenches. remember when the qb plays well so does the rb if you don't believe me look at 97 season when kordell and bettis put up great numbers. the dumbest thing we can do right now is run cowher, stewart and bettis out of town. remember the cowboys of the 90's: aikman, smith, irvin, well even the 70's bradshaw, harris, swann, stallworth, we have to get it together. stewart should be starting soon if he can ever get a system that show how talented he is. ask steve mcnair. better yet ask the ravens fans who were more worried what stewart was going to do than the starter graham. i'm telling you i got caught up to being a hypocrite but it is time to do it. tee martin ladies and gentlemen is just like stewart, stewart is graham with a stronger arm.

Submitted by MANDINGO128


Submitted by Tom Bragg
This is a follow up to the first article I submitted . In regards to getting rid of Bill Cowher the reasons are as follows . (1) Why is Hines Ward standng on the sidelines each week and Troy Edwards is starting ? Edwards has done NOTHING in the pre-season and nothing in the opener against the Ravens . The only thing Edwards has done is cry and complain that he doesnt get enough passes thrown his way . When the passes were thrown his way the only thing he did do cosistently was drop them going all the way back to the beginning of training camp . After the game against the Ravens , Edwards was interviewed and he stated , I cant get up there and block defensive lineman . Our running backs and QB"s were being hit in the backfield all day long . Can you say fingerpoint ? If this loudmouth kid is trying to divide the team like last year , he is well on his way to doing it . Hines Ward on the other hand has done nothing but impress every time he's been on the field . (2) Where is Courtney Hawkins ? The same thing applies in this case as the one above . A dependable veteran reciever standing on the sidelines when the guys in front of him are doing nothing ! Why keep Hawkins around if you have no intentions of playing him . It makes no damn sense !

Tom Bragg

Submitted by Travis
Tim and Family, Let me start by saying that it is because of your in-depth thought and insight that keeps me coming back to this website. Finally someone realizes that the downward spiral is not all Kordell's fault. I have quit going to the official site because I am tired of the mudslinging. Everybody wants to run Kordell out of town on a rail. I have never booed a player (ok, ok, except for Neil O'Donnell) nor will I. Regardless of whom is under center, we are going to have to look at the big picture, Cowher. Let me explain: Sunday I made my 6 hour pilgrimage to Three Rivers to see our boys play. I kept the expectations realistic. Upon arrival into the stadium I saw something that nobody else is seeing on television.....I saw posters and signs decreeing the end of Cowher. I could not believe it. A home town boy being lynched? Many fans even booed Kent Graham and the dismal offense. When Kordell came into the game. Fans in my section and all over stood and applauded the change. I think at that point everyone could see that Graham was taking a beating. I will go out on a limb and say that if we continue this downward trend (we are not even a 500 team this year) and this anti-Cowher feelings keep festering then Bill needs to buy that house in Houston. Thanks for the great article, submit it to anyone


Submitted by Ritzjonz
Hi Sandy,

I agree with allyou said and more....i too still believe in Kordell, he just needs the O-Line (like any QB). Bettis said it all too, people missed assignments, didn't block, went the wrong way..heck even Big Dirt admitted he was rusty. Ravens are a very tuff defense...we now know that....I hear all the Tee Martin calls, every one thinks like Payton Manningish will save the team....its not too late to salvage Kordell, Graham is the starter, but they need to USE Kordell as a slash or mix it up QBs, not as lame as they did sunday. I still scratch my head over coaches thinkins too Hines Ward, needs more time in, same as Hawkins...Plex IS better than Troy...whats up with Troy? Amos is great and we need to mix it up to USE the talent we have!! I agree with all you said Sandy...Kordell gets way to much Blame....i recall that Ravens/Steelers game when HE brought the game back from 21 down loss to an awesome WIN...he has the talent..he needs the support. I agree with all you said, but not Bush Cheney (sorry)..... GO STEELERS I'm die hard fan always will be!!!


Submitted by Tom Bragg
Tim & Sandy...I will agree that Kordell does take alot of abuse from the fans in Pittsburgh . Smetimes more than he should have to take . However , the fact is , 95% of it he brought on himself . Everytime this guy has stepped under center for the last 2 plus years he has done absolutely nothing . Overthrows , underthrows , wide open recievers running toward the endzone waving their arms in the air , but somehow Kordell just never saw them . Athleticly he is probably the most gifted QB in the league without a doubt . But athleticism alone wont get the job done . You have to be able to pass the ball consistently and you have to be able to read defenses . Kordell is not capable of doing either one and he has been proving it for over 2 years now . By the same token , Im not a Kent Graham fan either . Graham is an average QB at best and thats all he will ever be . He is by no means , the long term answer at QB . I said in April , and I'll say it again the Steelers should have taken Marshalls Chad Pennington . If they had , they would have had their QB of the future . Finally , to sum things up the biggest problem with the Steelers today is their offensive line and their head coach . They have one thing in common , they both STINK ! The Steelers running game and the passing game will never improve until the problems with the offensive line are taken care of . I dont care if it was Terry Bradshaw back their taking snaps and Franco was standing behind him , neither one would be worth a damn playing behind that pitful line . Bill Cowhers decision to bring in a guy like Rich Tylski in the offseason is an excellent example of a coach with his head in the sand . The guy was a backup with the Jags and Cowher trys to make a starter out of him . This guy was beaten like a damn drum Sunday against the Ravens , watch the film . Finally the decision to bring Kordell in on the goal line after he was standing for three hours was pure stupidity . If we get Cowher gone , and correct our offensive line problems we may just have team again someday .

Submitted by Lambert Lunatic
Did you read where Kordell wants to be traded to Miami to be back with Chan Gailey? I say if they can get a decent offensive lineman, do it. I think Kordell may come around yet, but I just can't see it happening in Pittsburgh sadly. And sad is what I thought of our Offensive line. With the Steelers WR's, we should have an offense so wide open the Bus should be able to run for 100 yards on his knees.


Submitted by Dave "Doomsday" Bolock
Hi Tim and Sandy,

Don't worry, give it about 3-4 games and the fans will be calling for Grahams head (a**) as well. Steeler fans do have a little bit of patience (believe it or not).

What happened in the Baltimore game is what should have been happening in about the second exhibition game. Due to all of the injuries and looking at other players (can you say Anthony Wright) we accomplished nothing in the pre-season as an offense. If we were not having success against defenses who could not hold a candle to Baltimores (2nd, 3rd, 4th stringers) what made us believe we would magically start firing on all cylinders in game 1.

I still believe the Steelers can be a decent team this year. No they are not likely to be in Super Bowl XXXI. I think they can be 8-8 maybe even 9-7 if they work at getting a consistency on offense. Putting Graham in at quarterback is the best thing for right now. I say midway through the season, if it apparent we are not going to make the playoffs, lets take a look at Tee Martin. He should be ready by then. My hat is off to Kordell Stewart for his attitude and perserverance. I just don't see him as an NFL quarterback in the city of Pittsburgh. So I say, good luck next season Kordell as the Cinncinati Bengals starting quarterback.

Dave "Doomsday" Bolock

Submitted by Barry Fox
i totally agree with you. the only thing stewart could have done to help the team was to be a scrambler which the ravens did not want to see. i love the steelers and i will ask the offense to put up some numbers or you will see stewart back behind the saddle. a lot of people want to kill stewart but the truth is we can't get a offensive coordinator or even a offensive scheme that can help kordell stewart. they still want hime to be a pocket qb and he is not so if we don't start winning some games stewart will be back. now evryone loves graham but we will see when he starts messing up who will they blame then! i have been a hypocrite and also wanted to see graham play but let's face it brotha's and sista's we want anything to help us win! remember bradshaw,brister,malone,stoudt,woodley we booed all those guys! well i hope we have a better game against the browns! enjoyed listening to myron cope while i was leaving church on sunday in johnstown to get to my aunt's house and watch the rest of the game!

Submitted by Mark Kovach
The coaches are pathetic. If they get Michael Vick in the draft, they will probably try to make him a drop back QB like they did with Kordell. They should have kept Donahue and fired Cowher.

Submitted by Dave Clifford
Couldn't agree with you more. Kordell Stewart has taken it on the chin for far too long.

These are the PITTSBURGH STEELERS. The same team that went to the Super Bowl 5 years ago with that future Hall of Fame Quarterback, Neil O'Donnell. Of course I'm being sarcastic. For crying out loud, people, this is just not Steeler football as we have known to love it. Gone are the days of grinding it out on the ground, blitzing almost effortlessly with corners, free safeties and linebackers. No, this team has attempted to try an air game. That's fine but, we can't give up on the running game.

So believe those numbers if you will. I choose to blame the fact that the transition of this team has left a very good running back in Jerome Bettis to fend for himself, a promising, athletic quarterback in Kordell Stewart wishing the nightmare of playing at home with fans who hate him was gone.

You wanna blame someone for the Steelers bad play of late? You all ought to try looking at it from the guy who wanted the air game in the first place. And you wanna know something? I haven't the foggiest idea who he is.

Later folks.

Submitted by Ken Brown
The answer is simple - you can't reasonably compare 2 1/2 YEARS of poor quarterbacking to 1 GAME of poor quarterbacking. Also, I disagree that graham had a horrible game - he did OK with what the o-line gave him. He threw for 199 yards. Last year Kordell had one game with 216 yards and did not exceed 177 yards in any other games (with the average being around 140 yards per game). I heard his game by game stats from last year on the radio as I was leaving 3 Rivers Stadium sick from what I had just witnessed!!

Kordell earned his scorn, Graham has yet to be given a fair chance!

-ken brown-

Submitted by Mick Milne
Kordell stewart has had more than enough chances to regain his form and should now be selling hotdogs at halftime. Kent has only had one game against one of the best defences around and I think he deserves a bit more time to settle in and a few more games to try and improve. Hopefully, the next time he is at first and goal they will leave him in. Kent is no long term answer but he is probably the only QB we have. If Kent fails then Tee Martin should be given a chance, towards the end of the season. Kordell should have been traded in the offseason so at least the guy could take his chances elsewhere. Maybe cowher thinks that being a backup will take some pressure off Kordell. It seems that he can't handle the pressure of whats expected of him since his first brilliant season as a starter.

Roll on free agency, so we can sign a Jeff Blake, and resign Bettis, and end what will surely be a miserable season. Only 15 games to go!


Submitted by Gregg Wigen
I agree whole-heartedly with your article. Stewart is done in Pittsburgh. Cowher's attempt at a charity 1 yard TD backfired horrifically and now Stewart and the rest of the Steelers have to deal with the aftermath.

I am still at a loss to see why on earth Cowher would put a cold QB into the game for a 1 yard TD attempt after the starter had finally managed to put together a decent drive. Only 2 outcomes were possible. A) Stewart scores a meaningless 1 yard touchdown and is considered a charity case by fans and critics alike, while Graham takes the (deserved) credit for driving the team 86 yards in the first place. B) Stewart fails on the attempt to score and is officially blamed for the loss by disgruntled Steeler fans.

My surveys of a number of post-boards after the game revealed how venomously angry the fans are with Stewart. A strong percentage are actually blaming Stewart for the loss. This fixation with Stewart is the most unusual situation I've seen in professional sports for 20 years or more. Some fans love him, some hate him - but regardless of your feelings of Stewart, he absolutely typifies this team.

I live in near Reno and a local sports program played sound bites from the game. The boos heard when Stewart steps onto the field and plays his downs are embarrassing enough, but the thunderous applause and cheering Graham gets when he came back on the field was astonishing.

Pittsburgh has chosen. Stewart is the scapegoat. I only hope that Cowher doesn't play Kordell this season so the guy can find some semblance of a career someplace else.

Submitted by Steve Barkaszi
Hi McMillen & Wife,

I agree with your observation and comments 100% on your recent "who to blame" poll. Graham's performance was as bad or worse than any recent Stewart game. Yet no public execution has been scheduled for him by the Fans or the Media.

I am and will remain a Stewart supporter for all his days as a STEELER, and to totally blame him for our sad state of affairs is very short sighted for a true follower of the game. ( Stewart will probably be blamed for Bettis amassing 8 yards on Sunday ) .

Until they fix the offensive line we will continue to have problems at QB & the offense in general.

Thank you for a GREAT site,
Regards, Steve (York, Pa)

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