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Steelers Step into the '90s
Welcome to the '90s! Nevermind that it's 2000... the Steelers, albeit nearly a decade late, are finally showing real signs of adapting to life in the free agency era.

During my two week hiatus (busy with the new baby), the Steelers have been busy as well. So busy, in fact, that I've been forced (thankfully) to do a flip-flop of epic proportions on my "drowning like a chicken in a downpour" stance on Pittsburgh's free agency practices.

For the first time since free agency began in '93, the Steelers appear to actually be accepting, and maybe even embracing free agency, rather than pretending it doesn't exist. Restructuring contracts? The Steelers? You betcha. Aggressively persuing free agents? The Steelers? You betcha.

So they're a bit late to the party... better late than never.

No, the Rooney's aren't mortgaging the farm to sign big-name players. But they ARE assembling a group of players that will improve the team. The acquisition of QB Kent Graham is a decent move, and I'm very happy with the signing of Rich Tylski, a starting OG from Jacksonville. Von Oelhoffen and Sullivan will never make us forget Mean Joe & L.C., but they do fill a desperate need on the defensive line at a reasonable price.

Aside from the loss of Roye, I like what I'm seeing, folks. Perhaps we're witnessing the dawn of a new era of shrewd, fiscally sound cap manipulation by the Steelers. While other organizations like the 49ers spent indiscriminantly early in the free agency era only to see their teams disintegrate under the weight of huge cap hits at the end of too many overvalued contracts, Rooney has been quietly observing... waiting to see how the chips fell. Now that the rules have been established, the Steelers are poised to strike. We're not THAT far from contending again, folks... and now that I see the Steelers are finally taking a proactive stance on free agency, the future is looking a whole lot brighter.

Whadaya think, bruthas & sistas? Read what other fans are saying below, and of course, send us YOUR thoughts.

Tim McMillen
Webmaster, McMillen & Wife

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Fan Comments
The following articles are listed in the order they were received (with the most recent entries at the top). This isn't a "guestbook" format... I read and manually insert every message, so you may not see your submission show up immediately. Thanks a million for your comments, people!
Submitted by Tommy "Fleetwood 'N' Julio" Coleman
In response to Barry Fox, Huntley has to play third down because Bettis can't play more than two downs in a row before his "breathing disorder" kicks in. Look, I'm not the type of person to knock our current players... my main problem with Jerome is his "shameless self-promotion!" It's fine to market yourself, but not at the expense of the team (flying to L.A. to do "Wheel of Fortune" during a short week in post season) or saying "it's all about one for the thumb" when you can't get a one yard gain on 4th and 1 and 1st and goal from the one, all season long.

Your assestment of Huntley as a scat back is not correct, in my opinion. He is big and bad and 6.1+ yards a carry ain't too shabby. Amos Z. is more fitting to the "scat" back mold. Which brings me to my main point... Running back is the one position the Steelers have depth at and can afford to maneuver with! Bettis is the best value for trade bait. His contract $ amount and last year status does not help, nor does the "UNTIMELY" surgery on his ankle. Jerome can't be the man without a "DOMINANT" O-Line, and that started to be a problem with the loss of Justin (A is for attitude... NASTY THAT IS )Strzelczyk and the retirement of Will Wolford. Oy Vei!

Now, if they DO re-sign Bettis, think how nice it would be to have Stockar McDougle blocking for him. And Chad Pennington throwing and...etc.,etc., etc. Either way,

Keep the faith,

Submitted by Barry Fox
Huntley is not a bad back when he's not coughing up the ball, but no way is the starter. I want to take you to back a few years when the Redskins had a great offensive line and two good backs. Ernest Byner was your power runner, and Ricky Ervins was the backup. Though Ervins was fast ,he could not hit the holes like Byner. The Steelers have Bettis as the power runner and huntley as the scat back, but Bettis has to start. I don't care what anybody says... Huntley is not a every down back. He is great on draw plays and third downs.

Submitted by Keith Thomas
Tim & Sandy,

Congrats on the birth of your new son! He's a fine looking baby . I hope Sandy and Craig are both doing well also.

So, what're your feelings with these suddenly "free agent-aggressive" Steelers? Boy, does that sound strange to say. Overall, I'd say the best move so far was the signing of Kent Graham. This guy is definitely no superstar, but I really think he will push Kordell when training camp rolls around. Also, the signing of Tylski sounds like a pretty solid move on the offensive line. However, the signing of Kimo Von Olehoffen and Cris Sullivan don't make up for the loss of Orpheus Roye in my opinion. I still say losing Roye will come back to haunt them before it's all said and done. What's up with this Bettis/Huntley situation? I can't see the Steelers being able to afford both of these guys. Now that Huntley has signed his 3-yr deal with a $1 million signing bonus, one has to wonder if they're getting ready to unload Bettis. If they do, I feel like they're making a big mistake. I'll agree that Huntley has shown some flashes, but the guy has never proven it over the long haul.

Tom Bragg

Submitted by Keith Thomas

Do you know if the rumors about dumping Bettis are correct? I think that would be a huge mistake. Huntley is not a 20-25 carry a game back, and I'm still not convinced he can be the game-in, game-out starter.

Bettis may not have the O-Line in front of him blocking that he needs, but he's the only legitimate Pro-Bowler we have on Offense I really hope they are not planning to dump him.

Keith Thomas

Submitted by Jim Grant
Tim, baby, and all... I know you are busy,but I need help...

What the f*ck is going on in the 'burgh? Who is running this vessel? Are you kidding? Huntley is out for picks or a player according to Rooney, THE OWNER... now the BUS is out. What the f*ck is this bulls*it? One guy says one thing and the coach now says Bettis is out. What the f*ck are we? The LA Clippers" Directionless??? How did we fall so far so fast? I'm adamantly pissed! I love the BUS... and now he is gone? Why? Richard Huntley? Are they smoking crack, or what?

Why is all this s*it going down? How can we get rid of the BUS for HUNTLEY? Please e-mail me with with... an explanation... GURU... WHY???

Jim Grant

Submitted by Tommy "Fleetwood 'N' Julio" Coleman
Keep Huntley!
Trade Bettis!
Draft Stockar McDougle!
Stai? injured alot but productive when healthy.

Submitted by Jim Grant
I was originally against a free agent signee at quarterback. I felt we should go with 'Czak because I didn't want to spend a ton of money. However, I like Graham it is an upgrade over 'Czak for certain. Also, I think he can be a competent starter. He has a strong arm and has had some success. Perhaps he can take some pressure off of the Bus and with a semblance of a passing game, I still believe this is a playoff team. I also agree with the Rooney's on one point of free agency... not throwing wild sums of money at people (a la Orephus Roye)...the money he got for 4 1/2 sacks is ridiculous. With these moves and a decent draft, they could be on to something.

Jim Grant

Submitted by Bob Carapella

Submitted by Keith Thomas
The Steeler's free agency woes in the 1990's are well documented.

What's not is well documented as the successes. First, in the early days of Free Agency, the Steelers did a great job of signing veterans that the WANTED to keep before they became free agents. (Rod, Lloyd & Barry Foster in 1993, Thigpen in 1995, Dawson in 1994 and 1996, for a few examples).

And they also got some good players through free agency. Just who? Well, consider: Kevin Greene, John L. Williams, Tim Lester, and Will Wolford (all quality, if not pro bowl caliber starters) were brought in by free agency in the early 1990's. We all so got some strong role players like Chris Oldom, Johaythan Hayes and Cortney Hawkins through free agency.

But lately all we've had are lemons: Wayne Gandy, Donnel Wolford, Travis Davis, Anthony Brown etc....

As you might suspect, I was skeptical of the Steelers latest activity in the Free agent market. Esp. for signing that guy from the Bungles.

So I asked a friend of mine out in the Queen City what he thought of this guy.

This is what he told me:


Here is another edition of Bengal Bits:

I think the Steelers got a lemon in signing Kimo vonOelhoffen. This guy was mediocre at best. He was not a starter at the beginning of the season and played about half of the time. I think he was lucky to hold his own on the Bengals defensive line. The radio talk shows today were shocked at the money the Steelers gave him. Don't expect much from Kimo.

My buddy Paul knows his Benglas the way I know my Steelers, so unless he's mistaken, or unless this guy's got DNA that's programed to make him play farther up stream on the Ohio River, it looks like me might have the second coming of Keith Gray.

And apparently we're looking at some backup lineman from New England named Sullivan. (Know anything about him Matt?)

But it looks like we're brining in busts.

Well, what else can be said?

We've already lost our best player to the Clowns. Although I do think that the 30 mil. for six years is WAY TOO much for Roye. Still, the Post Gazette made a good argument that if we'd have done more to sign him earlier, we'd might have kept him for far less.

Again, we used to do that very well, why can't we do it now?

Look at the bright side, we still have a shot at signing Mike Tomzack... (Yes, I AM saying that with a healthy does of sarcasm.)


Submitted by Bob Carapella


Submitted by Mick Milne
How did we get here? All of a sudden we are coming off a nightmare season and the next one looks set to be the same. Tomczak has been around about two years too long and the smell is starting to get bad. Kordell has had his chance and should not get another, especially with what he's costing us. What about Anthony Wright? He could do no worse, surely. Coach Haslett goes to New orleans and the first thing he does is sign Jeff Blake, whilst we sit and watch. Even a Brit like me knows that if your QB is no good, then you may as well stay at home, especially when the cheerleaders are more talented than the offensive line. I just hope Cowher and company know something I don't... otherwise, it's gonna be another long season. Also, I am unsure about the Sullivan signing, but at least he's still fairly young, but what about the ex-Bengal van Olhoffen? You've gotta be kidding me.

Nice site by the way
Mick Milne

Submitted by Alvin Johnson
The Steelers need players that will bust their butts for four quarters and not be little whiney asses. Also, the Rooneys need to dig deep in their pockets and learn if your gonna win in this league. You've got to pay and keep free agents, not let them go to rival teams in your own division that can come back to haunt you! I think Cowher is an awesome coach, and I mean "coach," not babysitter! If half the team would play as hard as they whined or would quit thinking, "That's alright... I still get a check," then maybe they would be in the post season! Get off your dead stiff asses, Rooneys, and listen to us fans... pay the free agents and give Bill a team to work with ok!!!!!!!

Alvin Johnson

Submitted by Jimmy Grant
Let's face it, folks, we better hope for a stellar draft and then get ready to dig in. I predicted it already... it will get worse before it gets better. I understand Rooney to an extent. I mean, $30 million for Orepheus Roye's 4 1/2 sacks? Too much. Then again you have to wonder... 41FA's lost since free agency started. I'm actually starting to wonder how committed he is to putting a winning product on the field? Is that a possibility we have to consider???

Submitted by Rich Knight
I am right there with you in your frustration over losing Orpheus, but there is no way the Steelers could have hoped to match the offer the Browns gave him. Also, Orpheus is good, but he ain't worth that kind of money. Surely you can agree with that, so save your real anger for the 2000 season when we win an all-time low 4 games.

[Note from the Webmaster: You're absolutely right, Rich... $30 million for "Orfice Boy" is WAAAY outta line. But that's not my beef. What makes me crazy is that we didn't get him to sign a long-term contract LAST year when he was a RESTRICTED free agent. The time to sink your "contractual hooks" into a young, promising player is BEFORE he becomes unrestricted. Time after time, we fail to take care of 'bidniss, instead choosing to simply tender our restricted FAs with a 1-year deal, and then the following year, they're unrestricted and test the market. We all know what happens next, bruthas & sistas... bye-bye, black & gold.

Don't believe me? Keep your eye on what the Steelers do with RB Richard Huntley. If they don't sign him to a MULTI-YEAR contract instead doing their usual 1-year "you'll be gone after next season" deal, I'm gonna pluck my friggin' eyeballs out. Huntley is a player that we need to KEEP. He's extremely talented and has produced every time he's been given the opportunity. More than any other player on our roster, I think Huntley is the one most likely to explode next year. I hope I'm wrong, but I'd be willing to take bets that he ends up signing a 1-year contract... it happens every damn time. God, I'm sick of being a "farm team" for the rest of the league (speaking of farms, that's kind of a nice segue into my "chickens drowing in a downpour" theme, isn't it?).-- McMillen & Wife]

Submitted by Tom Bragg
It is becoming increasingly hard to be a Steeler fan these days. Not only that, but it is very hard to pull and root for an organization that is proving more and more everyday that they are simply not commited to winning anymore. As Tim McMillen stated (and I totaly agree), for the first time in my life I am embarrased to be a Steeler fan. I have been a Steeler fan all of my life, going back to the mid-seventies. I have one entire room of my home devoted to nothing but Steeler memorabilia. So make no mistake... I am by no means a fair weather fan. How can a team go into an upcoming season without a number one QB on their roster? The answer is, you can't. Guess what? Our Steelers are going to attempt this. Four candidates for the job and none of the four are no where near capable of leading this team through a sixteen game season! Kordell Stewart - after two consecutive years of the worst QB play in recent memory, this guy's career in Pittsburgh is all but over. Mike Tomczak - a good player whose better days are behind him. At 38 yrs. old, this guy needs to get on with life's work. Anthony Wright - a young, inexperienced kid thats never played a down in a meaningful NFL game. Pete Gonzales - same as Anthony Wright, a forgotten man by the organization. Where in this field do you find a competent QB to lead your team through an NFL season? The Steelers have stated publicly that they will not pursue a QB in free agency and will go with the current players already on the roster. Does this truly sound like a team that is committed to winning? Hardly.

Secondly, this is in reference to the article submitted by Dave Potts. The comment you made in your article about the Steelers losing so many linebackers because we couldn't have played them all anyway makes absolutely no sense. Three of those players mentioned were PRO-BOWL PLAYERS! Chad Brown, Kevin Greene and Greg Lloyd were three of the greatest linebackers in recent memory. You dont replace that kind of talent with cheap bargain-basement replacements. When you do, the results are 6-10 seasons. Another point concerns the comment about Wayne Gandy. If Gandy is currently our best offensive lineman, then we are in deep trouble. This guy, when he wasn't abusing referees, was beaten like a DRUM on many occasions last year. If that's the best we have, then we had better hang it up now.

Finally, the time has come for Dan Rooney to do what his former head coach used to say... get on with your life's work. Rooney is completely out of touch with what it takes to win in the NFL today. Until he stops his practice of not wanting to spend some of his many millions and trying to replace Pro Bowl talent with cheap imitations, the Pittsburgh Steelers will never be anymore than they currently are. A very mediocre football team with a very mediocre front office!

Tom Bragg

Submitted by Art Lyon
What else is new?! ANOTHER young player that we developed and is ready to explode on the football scene is lost to free agency. We lost the veterans and All-Pros in the past, and lately, we are losing the youngsters that are three or four years learning the trade and ready to be really productive! Roye's development reminds me of Searcy. A huge, energetic body that just needed to learn. Well, he has, and now another one has gone to a division rival. THIS SUCKS and I can't take it anymore either! What is the stinking plan? Does anyone have any idea? br>
Later Days

Submitted by Dave Potts

First, the suck up: Great website! You should have been the Visa's Steeler Fan and should have gone to Canton. Then again, I know you would have made the statement that you won't go until Swann goes!!!!!

Now the unpleasantness: stop your whining about free agency!!! Unless you want football to turn in to baseball where the deepest pockets win, please shut up now about free agency and the salary cap! We lose people not because of free agency, but instead because of the salary cap. Every year WE ARE AT THE CAP! We CAN'T spend any more. As far as "getting around" the cap, just look at the Cowboys, 49ers, Vikings and a few others. They can't keep ANY of their players because they "got around" the cap over the past 4 years. They also didn't win any titles then either. Just look at Jones this past weekend spending $6 million a year AND two #1 draft picks for a receiver. They still won't get near the Super Bowl and screwed their future by giving away picks and tying up their salary cap. I'm glad the Steelers don't make that mistake. By the way, over the last 4 years, the teams on the upswing are teams that haven't gone crazy with free agency; Denver, Tenn (except for Yancy and he hasn't been worth it), Rams, Colts, TB etc. Even teams like GB, SF & Dallas have won Super Bowls, not because of free agency, but instead by the draft and picking up bargain free agents that nobody wanted. Most teams that spend big $$ on free agents, those players don't live up to the money and the teams have been strapped.

Now for the players we lost; how many outside LBs can we have played anyway? So we lost Brown, Greene, Nickerson, Lloyd, Emmons (we will) etc. Didn't we always find great replacements pretty cheap? Yancy was a bust. Woodson was no longer a CB but safety and not worth the money. Love... bust. Neil and the Jets... bust. Charles Johnson... bust with Philly. By the way, how much would it have cost us to keep all of these free agents? What "tricks" would we have had to do to keep them? What would our cap situation be like, the 49ers?

Just read the article you have on your website about how much the 70's Steelers would be worth today. They estimated last year that it would be worth $91 million. Remember, we able to keep that team together for a number of reasons, the most important was that all of the owners were of limited means and were cheap. They didn't want to spend the money on free agency. They had their own "salary cap". There wasn't the Snyders, Jones and others that didn't care if they lose money each year as long as they win.

Now for the future: unlike you I think the future will be good for a number of reasons. The past 2 years are actually a blueprint why. Why did we fail? 2 main reasons why. The first one is the players quit during the 2nd half of the seasons. This can be corrected by the 2nd reason. Our offensive line was devastated by injuries. No team will ever win without a set offensive line, period! Our lineup was constantly changing. All great offensive teams have had a line that played together for some time. Check out all the good teams, the line was never injured and played together for years. Now as far as our team, if DD comes back to his all-world play, our interior line will be set with him flanked by Stai and Faneca. They now will have played together for a number of years. Add Gandy (who rated out as the best lineman last year) playing another year next to Faneca, now you have 4/5ths of the line being able to play as a unit/team. Add Bruener and you have 5/6ths. As far as right tackle, hopefully someone will step up (Farris?).

If our line stays healthy, they can now play as a unit and then the Bus can run. They will also be able to protect Steward and give him some time. Remember, Mark Rypien and that over the hill RB were all-pros with the hogs in front of them. Emmett ran well until his line got hurt and then improved when they returned. Denver still ran well when Davis got hurt and with no QB, I think it was the O-line playing as a unit.

As far as the rest of the offensive; great deep backfield, Edwards coming on as a receiver and the rest will be good 3rd, 4th receivers, role players.

As far as the defense, they played great until they were on the field too long and as the season went along. Played great except for the mental lapses (part of quitting). If the offensive line starts running like they can, the defense won't be on the field that long. Chad won't be coming off an injury this year. Shields should fill in well with playing time. Porter should improve the rush (which we need!). Staat now with some experience at NT on 3rd down should also improve our 3rd down pass rush. Although, the defensive line is still a big worry for me. Losing Roye was a killer. If Steed can't make it back, we might be in for some trouble.

Now for our needs, a 2nd receiver, OT and DL help (with or without Steed). The draft can be a big help since we are drafting so high. Before you scream, just listen to the logic first; we don't need a WR in the first round, although I wouldn't pass on Burress if he dropped. Either Simons (DT-FL St) or Chris Samuels (OT-Alabama) would fill in our major holes. Also, those positions are shallow in the draft this year. WR is another story, a very deep quality crop. 7 of the top 30 (23%) rated players (from Kiper) in the draft are WR. 10 of the top 34 (30%) are WR. This means that a lot of quality WR are going to be dropping in the draft because of oversupply and other teams needs. We can easily pick up a great quality receiver with a high 2nd rd pick and maybe another with the high 3rd rd pick. This way, we don't have to stretch with any of our first 3 picks, all quality players that we'll probably lose in 4 yrs anyway. However, they can fill in our needs.

We still have some great players with very good players in the support position. While we do have a couple of holes (which team doesn't) and we don't have as many quality backups that we once had (who has any depth) we still have a very complete team. The few holes we should be able to fill with our first 2 or 3 picks, but this season, like all others, depend on a healthy offensive line. We do have quality players up front and if they can stay healthy, we should be in great shape. If not, well, no team ever survives without an O-line.

Keep up the good work with the website and have fun with the kiddies. Try and get some sleep.

Dave Potts
Steelers fan in Jersey

P.S. - Just a little bit of good news... Jacksonville hit their peak and will start to go down hill. They came out of nowhere by picking up on a few cast-offs, the draft, and having a ton of money for free agents. Now they had to re-sign those players who became stars. Now they are "re-working" everybody's contracts to stay under the cap and sign a couple of their players. They are losing all of their depth and the cap will start to kill them in the next couple of years (I think Brunell's cap is now $12 million for 2001). They can't pick up anybody, they have to dump Paup (who was not worth the money and still will have $3.5 million in signing bonus that has to go against their cap, $1.5 in 00 and $3 in 01).

Also, they won't go too far next year for the same reason that killed them every year so far, no defense. I hope you're not like most people who actually believed that they had a defense this year. Every year they had a defense ranked 26th or worse. This is because of a lack of talent. At the beginning of the year they came out with a new system and it worked for a while. Well, welcome to the NFL. Give people time to study what you do and they will find a way to eliminate that advantage. In the 2nd half of the season, people adjusted and now they were left with just the talent of their defense, which sucked. Now during this off-season, people will be able to break them down even more. Therefore, their defense will suck and people are learning how to attack their offense, just look at their production this year compared to years past. They will still be above average this year, but they will plummet (like the Patriots) in the next couple of years.

Submitted by General Destruction
I tell 'ya, man, if there is one thing you can depend on the Steelers to do year in and year out, it's f*%# up a wet dream! The one guy that was vital to keep in a Steeler uniform was Roye. Instead, they let him go just like all the rest, and what's worse is, to a team in our own f%$#ing division. Wworse still is he's going to the Browns! Give me a f&#%ing break here, huh?! $#!t, we haven't even persued any of the kick ass free agents out there. Man, what the hell is going on here?! The Cowgirls have signed Galloway, Redskins have signed B. Smith, Falcons have signed Ambrose and Jefferson, Saints have signed Blake. Then there are the teams who locked up their players with the franchise tag, while we haven't done $#!T! Now I've found out that we're not going to go after any QB's, and instead are planning to hang onto Tomzak. BULLS#!T! Meanwhile, all these other f$#%ing teams are signing all these damn free agents that are going to kick our asses this up comming season. I'm fed up with pouring my heart out supporting this team and facing these other punk ass fans (Cowgirls, 69'ers, etc.) who don't know $#!t about football or their "team." Yet those teams are winning and these $#!theads are jumping on the band wagon year after year. While real fans like us are kept waiting year after year. It seems to me that the Steeler organization don't give a $#!T about us at all. All I do is bleed f%#*ing BLACK & GOLD every year. Well, it's never going to change and I'm never going to stop being a Steeler fan, so I'm going to stop bitching.

See Ya next time... this is General Destruction broadcasting to deep within enemy lines (Cowgirls territory).

Submitted by Jonathan Pasterick
I've never been one to be too pessimistic about an upcoming season. If anything I'm overly optimistic. However, having just read the article in the Tribune-Review about the Steelers making no attempt to get a free-agent QB in the offseason, to put it mildly, the future is not rosey. I'm not sure how this team can look at the QB play over the past two seasons, and conclude that they are fine with Kordell Stewart, Mike Tomczak and Anthony Wright as their three QBs. To be blunt, if they go into the season with those three, their QB situation will be a complete f***ing joke, and they won't have chance one of making the playoffs next year. I am absolutely mystified at how they can look at Kordell Stewart's performance these past two seasons and still be comfortable that they don't have to bring in any competition in case he falters, except for 800 year old Mike Tomczak, who makes Methuselah look spry. Did the organization watch the same team I did last year? Did they not learn from the St. Louis Rams that a solid QB is a MUST to succeed in this league today? It has now become laughable how cheap this team has become, and how they have completely abandoned any serious effort to contend for a Super Bowl. With this decision, the organization has ostensibly decided that they have no intention to contend for anything next year except the No. 1 pick in the 2001 draft. That's not fair to the fans.

As much as I hate to say this, because it kills me to do so, if these are the three quarterbacks they enter this season with, I look for a record of no better than 6-10 next season. That is as optimistic as I can be. It may be much worse.

Jonathan Pasterick

Submitted by Tom Bragg
The Pittsburgh Steelers are like the old Huey Lewis song from the eighties... "I WANNA NEW DRUG." They obviously are on some type of drugs when they are worried about re-signing two average at best backup players in Will "no-thrill" Blackwell and Mike Vrabel of all people. At the time of this writing, the Steelers have made no attempt whatsoever to resign un-restricted free agent Orpheus Roye. This is literally an INSANE move considering Roye is without question the best defensive lineman they have. Not only that, but Roye is one of the better up and coming lineman in the league. This is a player that is VITAL to their defense but no real attempt has been made to re-sign him. Instead, our very confused Steelers are trying to re-sign a couple of STIFFS in Blackwell and Vrabel -, both of whom have done virtually nothing since they came to the Steel City! It's these types of front office moves that are killing this once great franchise. One would think that this organization would finally wise up and learn from its past mistakes, but unfortunately, they never do. If this upcoming free agent signing period goes like all the rest, it will go something like this; The Steelers will sit back on their collective asses and wait until all of the marquee players have been signed by the other teams. Then the Steelers will go out and sign one or two average (at best) players that will not even be on the roster two years from now. Makes a whole lot of sense, doesn't it, folks ?

Tom Bragg

Submitted by Keith Thomas
To get through this life, one needs a sense of humor. And one needs also to look at the bright side of things. Seriously, you do.

Free agency starts at midnight tonight. One good thing is sure. The Steelers won't lose any more Pro Bowlers this year... we've hemmoraged them in the past, but we won't lose a one this year...

...because we haven't got any to lose!

Seriously, if reports out of Pittsburgh are on target, we'll lose Roye. He's our best defenseive line man, although that's not saying much.

Still, even with Tom Donahue gone and the revenue from the new stadium on the way, the Steelers aren't (suprise) planning any bold moves in free agency.

Not that I think they should spend like the 49ers used to, you've seen what happens then.

But this team is hurting in so many places, a few million here an there keep Roye, sign a fullback, try to bring back Rod to teach Shields the saftey position etc... could go a long way.

But you know how the story goes.


Submitted by General Destruction
Well, we should deffintly go after some of those kick ass defensive line free agents like Brackens, Rice, and Porcher. Don't forget we need some WR help also, like J. Galloway for instance. We really need to improve our offensive line and Lomas Brown is available. How about TE help? Ben Coats is floating around out there. This year we need to go after some competant free agents help to improve our lack luster team. We'll never see those glory days if we don't start getting some balls and go after good free agents instead of depending on developing rookies. Don't get me wrong about rookies, but everyone knows it takes about 2 to 3 seasons for rookies to start comming on, unless your luky enough to have Kurt Warner or Payton Manning on your team. We need QB, DB, DL, OL, WR help badly, but some extra LB, RB, TE, ST additions wouldn't hurt, either. Lee Woodall is out there, speaking of LB help. I think we should focus on the small amount of free agents on the team that are worth keeping for a change. Free agency couldn't hurt us that much anymore considering that all our best FA/Pro Bowlers are on 23 other teams. I really don't have a best answer except we need to get our heads out of our asses and get down to business and start going back up to the Super Bowl and stop freaking around! Well, that's all for now... this is General Destruction broadcasting to you from deep within enemy territory ( Cowgirl Country ). See ya next time.

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