Classic NFL Games on Audio
(1972 - 1978)
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'72 AFC Playoffs Pittsburgh vs. Oakland (13-7): "The Immaculate Reception"! Audio recording only of radio broadcast.

'74 AFC Playoff Pittsburgh vs. Buffalo (32-14): Bradshaw comes of age with a fantastic performance! Franco and Steel Curtain are superb!

'74 AFC Championship Pittsburgh vs. Oakland (24-13): Steel Curtain bankrupts the hated Raiders in the most pivotal game in team history, largely due to the incredible play of Jack Ham who snags 2 critical INT's! Franco and Blier are superb, combining for over 200 yards rushing while the Steel Curtain allows just 29 yards on the ground in 21 attempts!

'75 Pittsburgh vs. Cincinnati (35-14): Lynn Swann soars vs. Paul Brown's Bengals! Features NFL's top 2 rated passers (Bradshaw and Anderson).

'76 Pittsburgh vs. Oakland (28-31): The absolute peak the most vicious rivalry in NFL history! Plenty of cheap shots by the Raiders, including Atkinson's infamous blow to Lynn Swann's head. Stallworth and Blount are exceptional. Unfortunately, the Steelers (who lead 28-14 at one point in the 4th quarter) somehow snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in the final moments of the game.

'76 AFC Playoff Pittsburgh vs. Baltimore (40-14): Pittsburgh simply steam rolls the Colt's, with spectacular performances by Bradshaw, Swann, Harris, Lambert, and every other player on the team for that matter. A nearly flawless performance for the Steelers in all categories. I'd kill to have this game on video! Unfortunately, Franco & Rocky go down with injuries...

'78 Pittsburgh vs. New Orleans (20-13): Game summary coming soon.

'78 Pittsburgh vs. San Francisco (24-7): Lynn Swann is superb! Game summary coming soon.

'78 AFC Championship Pittsburgh vs. Houston (34-5): The Steelers absolutely DESTROY the shell-shocked Oilers in terrible weather at Three Rivers, scoring 17 points in a stunning display of power during the final 48 seconds of the first half to effectively end the game! Talk about killer instinct! Bradshaw, Swann & Ham are spectacular, but the incredible play of Pittsburgh's offensive line is the key to the game! Bradshaw has time to eat a hoagie (let alone a sandwich) in the pocket! Defensively, the Steel Curtain is absolutely inpenetrable, intercepting Dan Pastorini 5 times and completely neutralizing the great Earl Campbell. Total dominance! Slop causes 14 turnovers!

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