"A Little History..."
For those of you out there thinking about e-mailing me with the oft-asked question, "How did a girl like that ever end up with a dork like you?" read this little tale for the answer. It's not exactly a "how-to" guide on scoring with babes, but rather a classic example of being in the right place at the right time... good 'ole dumb luck.
Beauty & Beast
Look at those beautiful curls... those full lips... that pretty smile... and Sandy doesn’t look half bad either, eh? :-P

I've never been a big believer in "destiny" or any of that crap. I've always felt that we make our own choices and our lives ultimately follow the paths that we carve out. But when I look back at the chain of events that lead up to Sandy and I meeting, I've gotta wonder a little. It just seems like nearly every decision I ever made ultimately steered me in her direction, from chance meetings and decisions about whether to continue with college to her brother's car breaking down. Destiny? Maybe... but again, I prefer the term "dumb luck."

Crazy Woman Heeeeelp!

I owe Datsun a huge debt of gratitude. Why? Because it was her brother's junk Datsun that precipitated my first meeting with Sandy. It's a little frightening how close we actually came to never even meeting. Her brother, who was a good friend and the singer in the band I was in at the time, insisted that I meet this "wonderful sister" of his. I, being the mental giant that I am, resisted for months. I know what you're thinking... "What, is this guy some kind of IDIOT???" Well, not entirely...

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