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See, the thing was, she lived 110 miles away. I figured, "What's the point?" But when Greg (her brother) called and said his ailing Datsun was threatening to cancel his long-awaited trip to see his beloved sister, the hands of fate reached out and slapped me upside 'da head. I eventually acquiesed and made the long journey down to Springfield to meet the so-called "sweetest girl on the planet." As my good friend fate would have it, it was a classic case of love at first sight (for obvious reasons on my part... as for her? Hell, YOU figure it out... I haven't a friggin' clue!).

Gumby, Dammit
Sandy, Gumby, and Me
(Gumby's the one on the right).
Put-Put Girl
So she beat me at put-put. Big Deal.
What's up with those shorts, anyway?

In any case, after a whirlwind romance we decided to do the co-habitation gig, and two years later almost to the day, we were married. We spent the next several years playing music (I'm a guitarist & music instructor and Sandy sings & plays keyboards), watching and going to Steelers games, reading books together, hiking through the local State Park, renting movies, and doing other "happy couple" stuff to pass the time.

Outside Three Rivers
Decked Out for Game
Last Valentine's Day...
One of My Favorite Pics

Eventually, though, we both kinda' realized we needed something more... personally, I thought it was a satellite dish, but she said,"No, honey, we need to have a baby." Well, one thing led to another ;-) and before long, our little son Craig arrived (on Sandy's birthday, no less). Three years later, our 2nd son, Eric, joined us. Which brings us to where we are today...happy and busier than we ever dreamed with "the little big men".

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