Is There Still Hope?
Will the Steelers EVER
get One for the Thumb?

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Submitted by Bodie, aka "MACK"

I feel we still have small window to climb through for a wild card birth. Even if we don't get all of our bugs worked out and we call it a year after regular season play, we are still a young team that in my opinion is coming along real well. When we get everyone too play in sync whith one another, we can take down the big teams, but the little stupid and costly mistakes keep the brakes on. Well, keep up the great through the off season, Tim... you're doin' one hell of a job.

Bodie aka "MACK"

Submitted by Mick from Mingo

Are the Steelers going to the playoffs? Yes, but unfortunately as a wild card. Last week was one of the most frustrating games I have ever witnessed from the coaches to the players to the fans. After leaving the stadium Sunday, I was not proud of being a part of the people there. Maybe we are spoiled, or maybe everyone just needed to vent. In either case it did my heart good to read submisions from some fans with a never say die attitude. Keep the faith folks. As to how do we improve our team for next year:

3. Get Bettis back into shape. He is not a speedster, but he has been in much better shape.
4. Give Bettis the ball more than 12 times.
5. Get off your wallet, Mr. Rooney, and sign Carl Pickens. He knows he is wasted in Cincy, and he's looking or a new home. We need to remain a run-first team, but we also need deep threat.
6. Send the prevent with Mr. Sherman. Let's put these teams away when we have the chance.

Even without these needed improvements, we still have a great team. See 'ya in the playoffs. GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!

Mick from Mingo

Submitted by Terry Ingle

I sit here 3 days after a crucial loss and think to myself, "WAKE UP Terry, it's a bad dream." Win , Lose, or Draw, Black and Gold is in my viens and yes, there is still a slim hope for a wild card. All the AFC East teams have got to play each other and the Oilers and Jags have a tough schedule left. Worst case scenario - we don't make the playoffs. People, I get sick and tired of, AND I SAY AGAIN, fair weather fans. Where is the true heart? I wish to GOD that the BAST..D who threw the beer on Kordell would read this. Please do, and then email me. Believe me, there are still a lot of TRUE fans (me included) no matter what the outcome is. As long as there is still a chance (and there is), I will never give up.

Tim, if by chance we don't go, please keep this site up during the off-season. This is the most fantasic sight on the web. From a 1-10, I give it a 20 rating. Good job and keep the faith.


Terry (a.k.a.- M1A1HVY)
SSG Ingle
DSN 370-5338/5360

Submitted by Ron Brison
Tim (O Great One),

It doesn't really come down to fumbles (tho' may Huntley roast in Cowboy hell) or fiendishly inept officiating (may Huntley be poking Phil Luckett's a$$ with a pitchfork!). What it comes down to is the fact that Jack Lambert is pulling out his f___ing hair because we cant drive one home! Complacency, that's what it is! Prevent defense my a$$! I wanna see that go for the throat, kick 'em while they're down and break some ribs while you're at it DEFENSE!!!! As in DIE before you let them encroach upon your lead! DEFENSE! That is the key to the playoffs! Where is the pride in the tradition of bonecrushing defense the has shaped the attitudes of Steelers fans the world over? Are we turning into some goddamn west coast offense wanna be? Ya gotta play like you're behind even when you're not. We will get to the playoffs as soon as this defense realizes how good they are and remembers the fear they inspire in opponents (think Marino aint skeert?). C'mon guys... Stewart has risen to the challenge, and I don't care if we fumble on our own one yard line, this defense is good enough to stop them! Much less keep the friggin' pathetic lions out of field goal range. We will be there or that damn sewer pipe will be fixed one.

Keeping the faith as always,

Submitted by
I bleed black and gold. I nearly died when Eric Metcalf returned 2 punts to beat us in the Pound. I cried when O'donnell threw 3 picks to lose the Super Bowl. I sat back and grinded my teeth watching Bubby Brister and Neil O'donnell quarterback bad offenses. I held my breath when I saw Barry Foster, Greg Lloyd and Rod Woodson down on the carpet of Three Rivers with career changing injuries. I remember how my heart stopped with Harbaugh's Hail Mary. When the Steelers win I have a good week. When they lose I am miserable until they play again. And I miss Art Rooney, who is rolling over in his grave with his son wrecking the team.

Submitted by
Do we have a chance for the playoffs? Yes. Should we go? As a Steelers fan, I want to watch my team play. I love to watch them play (as all real Steelers fans do). We have a very young team, and with that comes inconsistancy. Win or lose this year, our young team is growing up fast. So, if just for the experience, I would like to see the Steelers in the playoffs.


Submitted by Jim "The Crippler" Davis
Well, we are still in the hunt... however, I would like to express my concerns on the "prevent" offense and defense. We all know that prevent O&D "prevents" you from winning the game. If we would open it up and play with some sense of urgency, we would have a legitimate shot at that big shiny trophy. This is a very talented football team... we just seem to go on auto-pilot when we get the lead. BTW, has anyone seen our running game? I've seen enough of Huntley... either he is to nervous (afraid to make a mistake), or he needs to go to the practice squad.

My $.02

Jim "The Crippler" Davis

Submitted by Terry Ingle
OK, here we go!!!

People, here is the world according to me. You can read this or not read it. That is what makes AMERICA great, "YOU HAVE A CHOICE". Below is my choice and my opinion:

The 1998-99 PITTSBURGH STEELERS are going to the playoffs not as a Wild Card Team, but as the AFC Central Champions! Oh, and by the way, it starts this Sunday against New England, then Tampa Bay, then Cincinnati and last, but surely not least, Jackoffs on Monday Night in Jacksonville. The curse of not winning in Jacksonville is over. Also, the Jags can lose this weekend against Detroit because rumor has it that Luckett and the crew will be there for that game. Tennessee has the ability to also go in to Jacksonville and play great football. The Jaguars then must go to Minnesota and get whipped up on and a little banged up before the MONDAY NIGHT GAME. Let me sum this up below,

Pittsburgh - New England, at Tampa Bay, Cincinnati, at Jacksonville

Jacksonville - Detroit, Tennessee, at Minnesota, Pittsburgh

Look at it people... Jacksonville could go 1-3 in the last 4 games and we could go 4-0 (almost need to). Stranger things in the NFL have happened (COIN TOSS). Where is the faith, people? ART ROONEY and the "MAN ABOVE" are tight. The "GOOD LORD" above and ART made the STEELERS, and if they made anything better, they kept it for themselves. Once in the playoffs, it's a whole new season. Lets take one step at a time. Tim, I know this is long, but, it's the facts. DON'T GIVE UP FOLKS, IT'S FAR FROM OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Terry ( a.k.a. M1A1HVY)

Submitted by Nat
With the loss of Greg Lloyd, the Steelers seem to have lost their balls. What the hell is it gonna take to piss these guys off? Two losses to Tennessee? Naaah. Getting their asses kicked in the last minute by Neil O'Donnell and the Bengals? Naaah. Maybe getting their asses whipped by a rookie QB from PA on Thanksgiving Day? I dunno. If you have an answer, please let me know what it would take. Maybe Dan Rooney needs to freeze the players' bank accounts. Personally, I dont think the Steelers give a damn anymore. Maybe they've realized the only thing they are gonna do in an AFC Championship game is LOSE.

Well, at least I won't have to see Bill Cowher's smiling face at the end of this years AFC Championship game telling me what a great learning experience this has been for our ball club... AGAIN... Because we won't be there.

One totally pissed off Steelers Fan,

P.S.-- Richard Huntley is a piece of crap

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