Classic NFL Games on VHS
(1951 - 1979)

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'51 NFL Championship Los Angeles vs. Cleveland (24-17): Condition EX: This gem from the archives is recorded from the restored game film! Includes commentary that is uniquely 50's style and the likes of Otto Graham and "Crazy Legs" Hirsch battling on the gridiron! A very exciting game that isn't decided until the final minutes when Norm Van Brocklin comes off the bench and hits Tom Fears with a perfect 73 yard TD bomb! Edited huddles.

'68 Super Bowl III N.Y. Jets vs. Baltimore (16-7): Condition EX-: Namath's famous guarantee! The biggest pro sports upset of all time! Baltimore spends most of the game shooting themselves in the foot. In the first half alone, the Colts suffer a red zone INT, miss a chip shot FG, suffer another INT after a huge 58 yard run, and throw yet another INT on a trick play in which Earl Morrall had a man wide open for a TD! "Broadway Joe" Namath is superb, calling his plays like a master exploiting the Colts' blitzes at will, while Matt Snell's rushing efforts and an opportunistic defense carry the load for the Jets! TONS of pre game, hillarious old commercials, etc. Incredible video quality for a 30 year old game!

'72 Super Bowl VII Miami vs. Washington (14-7): Condition G-: The finale to Miami's unbeaten season, featuring Garo Yepremian's "awesome" pass/fumble/interception...or whatever you call it! With Miami's "No Name" defense completely controlling the line of scrimmage and Bill Kilmer off his game, the skins never stand a chance! Miami's offense, while not overwhelming, is characteristically efficient, making the plays that count throughout the game. Csonka is magnificent as the Dolphins achieve perfection!

'73 Pittsburgh at Miami, MNF (26-30): Condition EX/EX+: New Discovery! Rookie QB Joe Gilliam is initiated in his first-ever start at the hands of the dynastic Dolphins... with miserable results. "Jefferson Street Joe" goes 0-7 with 3 Ints (including 1 for a TD) and Miami leads 20-0 before the crowd even settles into their seats. In comes the injured Terry Bradshaw, who immediately throws an Int of his own, also returned for a TD. At 27-0 against the Fins, game over, right? Wrong. The Steelers use a fake punt to set up a TD on their opening drive of the 2nd half, narrowing the score to 30-10. Franco later scores on a 21-yard burst, and beads of sweat appear on Don Shula's forhead as the Dolphin lead shrinks to 30-17. Late in the 4th, Larry Csonka coughs up his 2nd fumble of the night, and Bradshaw immediately throws a TD pass, making it 30-24 with 4:38 remaining. The Fins fail to run out the clock, and take a safety (30-26), free-kicking the ball to the Steelers with 1:04 remaining. Unfortunately, Bradshaw can't get the team into the end zone, but all and all, a gallant effort by Pittsburgh's dynasty-in-waiting. Note: Miami DB Dick Anderon has 4 Ints in this game! Very nice video quality! Includes pregame and all commercials!

'73 Super Bowl VIII Miami vs. Minnesota (24-7): Condition EX-: Talk about domination! This game is BRUTAL! The halftime score of 17-0 does not begin to describe how lopsided this game is. Csonka is absolutely incredible... I'm too young to remember "The Csonk" in his prime, but this is one of the best performances by a power runner I have EVER seen... the guy is simply awesome. The performance by the Mimai offensive line is utterly flawless (as evidenced by the running of Csonka), Griese is near perfect with his rare passes, and the Miami no-name defense is spectacular.

'74 Dallas @ Oakland (23-27 Saturday Night): Condition EX: Game summary coming soon!

'74 AFC Championship Pittsburgh @ Oakland (24-13): Condition P: Steel Curtain bankrupts the hated Raiders in the most pivotal game in team history, largely due to the incredible play of Jack Ham who snags 2 critical INT's! Franco and Bleier are superb, combining for over 200 yards rushing while the Steel Curtain allows just 29 yards on the ground in 21 attempts! Video quality pretty sad. I also have the "Game of the Week" highlights.

'74 Super Bowl IX Pittsburgh vs. Minesota (16-6): Condition EX: The Steel Curtain absolutely CRUSHES Minnesota and gets one for "The Chief" while allowing Tarkenton's offense a paltry 119 total yards, a Super Bowl record which still stands today (17 rushing and 102 passing). MVP Franco Harris and the Steeler offensive line are superb, and Pittsburgh's defense is nothing short of phenomenal, especially the front four. Talk about "two tons of trouble!" This is easily the best performance by a defensive line I've EVER seen, folks. Greene is spectacular, Greenwood is smacking balls down right & left, Fats Holmes is superb. But perhaps the most notable performance comes from Dwight White, who totally dominates in spite of being weakend by pneumonia! Had the Vikes not scored a TD on a blocked punt, this one would've been a shut out. Includes complete halftime show and lots of old commercials. Video quality very nice!

'75 NFC Playoffs Dallas vs. Minnesota (17-14): Condition EX+: Massive Upgrade! A recently discovered great quality recording of the infamous "Hail Mary" game! Staubach to Pearson wins it in the final seconds! Game summary coming soon.

'75 Super Bowl X Pittsburgh vs. Dallas (21-17): Condition EX: Lynn Swann soars in the greatest big-game performance by any receiver ever! Dallas turns a botched Steelers punt into a quick 7 points and in spite of Pittsburgh's statistical dominance, the Cowboys actually lead 10-7 after 3 quarters. But the 4th quarter is all Pittsburgh as the Steel Curtain and a rabid Jack Lambert shine in one of the most exciting Super Bowls of all time! Swann is clearly the star, hauling in 4 miraculous catches for 161 yards and the game-winning TD. But Lambert is a close 2nd for MVP in this one. I'm telling you, he just EXPLODES on people in a complete frenzy, screaming & yelling, flailing his arms, getting in people's faces! His body-slam of Cliff Harris gets a lot of press, but what Lambert did ON the field is much more impressive. There are a couple of solo tackles Lambert makes that sound like gunshots. This was in Jan. of '75, folks... there were no fancy-schmancy, high-tech mics to enhance the sound of the hits back then. He's just HAMMERING people! Anyway, the tide turns for good when Reggie Harrison blocks a punt for a safety early in the final period. A Gerela FG a shortly thereafter gives Pittsburgh a 12-10 lead, and a brilliant Mike Wagner INT sets up another Gerela FG a few plays later. The nail in the coffin is Lynn Swann's final catch of the afternoon, a picture-perfect 64-yard deep post from Bradshaw (voted "the Greatest Pass of All Time" by NFL Films) to give Pittsburgh an insurmountable 21-10 lead. Give Dallas credit... they fight till the bitter end. What was Noll thinking on that late 4th and 9 play? Jeez! One of my absolute favorites! Includes complete halftime show, plus lots of pregame & extensive postgame stuff, and even all of the old commercials! Very nice video quality!

'76 Pittsburgh @ Oakland (28-31): Condition EX/EX+: The game that prompted Raider DB George Atkinson's slander lawsuit against Chuck Noll! This is a great recording and one of my personal favorites (in spite of the final score), featuring tons of absolutely brutal hits at the very peak the most vicious rivalry in NFL history! Of course, there are plenty of cheap shots by the Raiders, including Atkinson's infamous blow to Lynn Swann's head (prompting Noll to dub Atkinson part of the "criminal element" in the league, setting off the lawsuit). But Mel Blount inflicts some damage of his own to Raider WR Cliff Branch, picking him up and driving him head first into the ground. Blount is outstanding, as is John Stallworth. Unfortunately, the Steelers (who lead 28-14 at one point in the 4th quarter) somehow snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in the final moments of the game. Excellent quality, but missing a few minutes of action early in the 3rd quarter, as well as the last couple of minutes of the game. The nice part about this is, the tape ends with the Steelers still clinging to the lead, so it kinda seems like we won!

'76 Pittsburgh at Cleveland (31-14): Condition EX+: New Discovery! Lambert is ferocious, and Franco (118 yds & 1 TD on 25 carries) is unstoppable late in the game. Bradshaw, possibly bothered by the absence of the injured Swann, struggles mightily early in the game and Cleveland leads 14-0 at the half, so it's up to the defense to pull it out. Enter Jack Lambert. It's easy to see why Lambert was the 1976 NFL defensive player of the year. Aside from forcing 2 fumbles, Jack seems to be in on every tackle and his legs are pumping furiously before every snap. But Lambert's most remarkable play comes when Hall of Fame receiver Paul Warfield catches a pass over the middle and is streaking for a huge Cleveland gain. Incredibly, Lambert not only runs the speedy Warfield down from behind, but also rips the ball away, and Ham recovers for Pittsburgh. Unbelievable stuff. Edited huddles, but very nice video quality.

'76 Pittsburgh at Minnesota (6-17, MNF): Condition EX/EX-: New Discovery! Features Jack Lambert's famous "Buzzard's Breath, Wyoming" quote!

'76 AFC Championship Pittsburgh vs. Oakland (7-24): Condition VG+: What a frustrating game! Franco Harris, Rocky Bleier, Frenchy Fuqua and Roy Gerela all sit this one out with injuries, preventing a Super Bowl 3-peat for Pittsburgh. Bradshaw, who had possibly his finest game as a pro the previous week vs. Baltimore, pulls a Jekyll & Hyde and misses his first 8 passes (including several drops and an interception that's returned to the 1 yard line & leads to an Oakland TD). With Terry clearly off his game (and the officials allowing Oakland DBs to interfere at will), no kicking game, and absolutely NO rushing attack (the Steelers literally have only ONE healthy, active RB left on their roster... Reggie Harrison), the healthy Raiders steal an easy victory from the injury-ravaged Steelers. The Steel Curtain plays great football at times, but spends WAAAY too much time on the field, ultimately giving up uncharacteristically large chunks of yardage on the ground. Mercifully missing the final 6-7 minutes of the game.

'76 Super Bowl XI Oakland vs. Minnesota (32-14): Condition VG: The Black and Silver finally get it done, piling up 266 yards rushing in a devastating victory that leaves the Vikes 0-4 in the Super Bowl! Fred Biletnikoff catches only 4 passes for 79 yards, but 3 of those catches set up Oakland scores, earning him MVP honors! Willie Brown's 75 yard interception return for a TD seals it! Frankly, I wish the Vikes would've won . . . I DESPISE Oakland!

'77 Pittsburgh at Cleveland (28-14): Condition EX/EX+: New Discovery! A real grind-it-out game from start to finish featuring HARD running by Franco and Rocky. Swann also shines, snagging 7 catches (including 2 of Bradshaw's 3 TD tosses) and displays remarkble speed on a great 30-yd punt return to set up Pittsburgh's opening score (Swannie's first TD catch of the day). The punt return is also notable because footage of Swann on special teams is so rare. This game is also quite interesting because along with great play from names like Ham & Blount come outstanding performances from lesser known players like Loren Toews, Jim Allen, and Reggie Harrison. Perhaps most striking is how HARD Pittsburgh's reserves (who see considerable action late in the contest) play when they're given the opportunity. I mean, consider what backups on that defensive unit had to live up to! Edited huddles, and audio gets very low in 2nd half, but nice video quality.

'77 Pittsburgh @ Dallas (28-13): Condition EX: Dallas capitalizes on a Franco Harris fumble to take an early 7-0 lead, but Franco redeems himself immediately, making a great cutback & then turning on the afterburners for a 61 TD burst on the very next play! Harris goes on to dominate the game, grinding out 179 yards on 29 carries as the Steelers run almost exclusively (Bradhsaw playing with broken left wrist) and physically punish Dallas' Doomsday defense. The Steel Curtain is all over Staubach, especially in the 2nd half, sacking him several times & forcing a pair of interceptions, including a pick returned to the Dallas 2 yard line to seal the game 28-13. Has complete halftime show (including a piece on Saddat's historic visit to Israel) and all commercials. Final 9 seconds of game missing (no biggee).

'77 Pittsburgh vs. Cleveland (35-31): Condition EX: New Discovery! An all-out aerial assault amidst huge snowflakes makes this one a classic! Anyone who doubts that BOTH Lynn Swann & John Stallworth belong in the Hall of Fame needs to watch this amazing game. The Browns score 1st on a Cockroft FG, but Steelers explode for 28 unanswered points before the half! Swann & Stallworth are amazing, putting on a textbook display of how to make every kind of conceivable catch. Swann saves an 18-yarder by sliding on his knees at the sideline, and shortly thereafter hauls in a picture-perfect 39-yd TD bomb. Stallworth then breaks numerous tackles to turn a short pass into a 40-yd gain, followed by Swann's leaping 24-yd grab between two defenders at the 2 to set up a Bleier score. Stallworth then hauls in a beautiful 39-yd rainbow of a bomb for another TD, and Swann follows up with a diving, sliding, shoestring grab for a 25-yd gain to set up another score for a 28-3 halftime lead. The snow starts flying in the second half, and a Franco fumble sets up a Browns TD, but Stallworth puts the nail in Cleveland's coffin a few plays later with a 10-yd TD grab. Bradshaw finishes 13 of 21 for 283 yds and 3 TDs with both Swann & Stallworth going over 100 yds, and Franco still manages to ramble for 99 yards and a TD amidst the aerial fireworks. Trailing 35-10, the Browns fight gallantly behind reserve QB Dave Mays (Sipe was knocked out of the game), narrowing the final score to 35-31, but the outcome was never really in question. Severly edited huddles, lots of color "smudging" (turning color on set down clears things up considerably).

'77 Oakland @ Los Angeles (14-20): Condition VG: Game Summary coming soon.

'77 AFC Playoffs Pittsburgh @ Denver (21-34): Condition EX: Joined in progress and missing some action in 3rd quarter, but quite nice. A game the Steelers probably should've won, but Tom Jackson has fantasic game (2 Int and a fumble recovery as well as some incredible hits) for the "Orange Crush".Game summary coming soon!

'77 AFC Championship Denver vs. Oakland (20-17): Condition EX: Botched calls by the officials, an unbelievably loud crowd, a slew of Raiders mistakes, and a magnificent performance by the Orange Crush send the Cinderella Broncos to New Orleans! Of course, the most memorable part of this game is the controversial no-fumble by Rob Lytle at the Raiders 2 yard line. Although the play was clearly a fumble, the officials saw it differently and awarded the ball to Denver who scored an easy TD on the next play!

'77 Super Bowl XII Dallas vs. Denver (27-10): Condition EX/VG: The clock strikes midnight on the Cinderella Broncos as the Cowboys absolutely destroy Craig Morton and company! By the time it's all said and done, the Broncos have managed a paltry 35 yards net passing for the entire game, thanks in large part to co-MVP's Harvey Martin and Randy White! So dominant are the Cowboys defensively that Morton completes as many passes to Dallas defenders as he does his own teammates! Features a fantastic diving TD catch by Butch Johnson. First 2 quarters are excellent quality, but 4th quarter along with last half of 3rd quarter are taped from another recording and are VG- quality.

'78 Preseason Pittsburgh at Baltimore: Condition VG: New Discovery! Terry Bradshaw vs. Bert Jones! Includes color commentary by LB Andy Russell. The Steel Curtain looks to be in midseason form. Blount picks off a Jones pass early, so Jones tries his luck with rookie CB Ron Johnson. Johnson plays like a seasoned veteran, however, and gives Jones nothing. Bradshaw gets his nose broken on a 15-yard scramble up the middle. In spite of the fact it's preseason game, Terry finishes the run by putting his head down and plowing into a pair of defenders. Also features a magnificent effort by rookie FA Ron Scott, who runs several defenders over on his way to a TD on a kickoff return.

'78 Oakland @ San Diego (21-20): Condition EX: The infamous "Holy Roller" game! While Tatum and company keep Fouts guessing all day, the Chargers' defensive line does their part by breathing down Stabler's neck all afternoon. After trailing 20-7 at one point, Stabler rallies his troops to within 6 points and eventually finds himself poised on the Chargers 14 with just 10 seconds left. On the final play, Stabler drops back, scrambles to his right and is hit by a host of Chargers. The ball pops out (or Stabler flings it forward, depending on your perspective), bounces toward the end zone, squirts through RB Pete Banaszak's hands, then careens wildly toward the goal line where Dave Casper chases it down and finally falls on it in the end zone for the game winner! Joined in progress (first 10 minutes of 1st quarter missing). Incredible finish!

'78 Oakland @ Chicago (25-19 OT): Condition EX: Game summary coming soon!

'78 New England @ Oakland (21-14): Condition EX: The Raiders totally dominate the first half but squander several golden opportunities and allow the Pats to come back on the strength of an incredible performance by All-Pro tight end Russ Francis.

'78 Dallas vs. Washington (37-10): Condition G+: Thanksgiving Day massacre! Roger Staubach simply shreds the Redskins secondary with lots of deep passes (when he isn't busy picking up tons of yards scrambling), but the real story is Dallas' Doomsday defense. Joe Theisman is crucified by Martin, White, and "Too Tall" Jones, who are seemingly in his face the instant he takes the snap! Theisman hits only 1 of his first 9 passes and the Redskins offense fails to produce a first down until late in the 2nd quarter (and that comes courtesy of a penalty)!

'78 Dallas vs. New England (17-10): Condition VG: Cowboys clinch the division in a match up of offensive powerhouses! The Pats dominate the first half, but 3 missed FG's (including two blocks) and a TD nullified by a penalty leaves them clinging to a shaky 10-3 halftime lead. It's all Cowboys in the second half as Staubach capitalizes on a Harvey Martin INT to throw a 40 yard TD bomb to Hill on a flea flicker! Game includes halftime show and portions of the Pittsburgh at Houston game mixed in during time-outs, etc.

'78 Pittsburgh @ Buffalo (28-17): Condition EX+: 2nd half only (Pope John was aired by all networks on that Sunday, so NO NFL games were broadcast in their entirety). Superb video quality! The game is joined as the 3rd quarter begins with the Steelers leading 14-0. The Steelers appear intent on steamrolling the Bills as Franco, Rocky, & Sidney Thornton eat up yardage in large chunks. Bradshaw is hot, hitting 14 of 19 for 217 yds & 2 TDs, Franco gains over 100 yds, & Bennie Cunningham has a fantastic day!

'78 Pittsburgh vs. Seattle (21-10): Condition EX+: Superb video quality! The Steelers jump on top 14-0 early (in spite of a case of drop-itis by the Steeler receivers) on a pair of Bradshaw TD passes (Swann & Thornton). The Steel Curtain applies steady presuure and forces several turnovers, but Seattle's potent offense, lead by Largent & Zorn, narrows the to 14-10 early in the 3rd quarter. The Steelers, who struggle a bit offensively & make numerous mental errors throughout the day, finally seal the game with an impressive marathon 16-play, 75-yd TD drive capped by Harris (several minutes of this drive are missing). Some edited huddles.

'78 Pittsburgh vs. Cleveland (15-9): Condition G+: New Discovery! The famous "flea-flicker" overtime game! There's so much to talk about in this classic battle I don't know where to begin. The game ends in overtime when Bradshaw hands off to Bleier, who hands off to Swann, who pitches the ball back to Bradshaw, who throws a bomb to a wide-open Bennie Cunningham for the game-winning TD. And while that play is one of the most famous in Steeler history, there are plenty of other memorable moments. Jack Lambert plays one of his finest games ever. It's a beautiful thing, folks... Lambert's hate for the Browns is literally foaming over, and he caps an afternoon of excellence by making the biggest defensive play of the game, destroying the ball carrier for a loss in the final seconds of regulation to knock Cleveland out of FG range and send the game to overtime. L.C. Greenwood & Dwight White also shine on a day in which Pittsburgh's defense, emulating Lambert's "kill 'em all" attitude, is flagged for 4 personal fouls! Offensively, Swann is the man, snaggin 6 catches on a day when the rest of the offense does little. Swannie receives one of the most vicious shots I've ever seen in this game. Swann is breaking toward the sideline to catch as pass... he reaches out to snare the ball, and all of the sudden --- BAM!!! Ron Bolton leaves his feet and just CREAMS Swann with a shoulder to the head at full speed. Swann's entire body (starting with his head) instantly snaps backward from the incredible force, his feet fly up in the air, and he hits the ground with a sickening thud. NBC announcer Dick Enberg literally screams in horror, and the crowd let's out an "ooohhh," but Swannie simply adjusts his face mask, bounces up & returns the the huddle. There's more... Late in the 4th quarter, the mic picks up a dispute between Bradshaw and an official in which Bradshaw screams, and I quote, "BULL$#!T, he caught the F#@%ING ball!" Terry was right, by the way. Finally, the infamous Three Rivers Jinx is alive and well in this one. On the overtime kickoff, Larry Anderson stumbles, falls on one knee (but was not touched by a Brown), gets back up and fumbles the ball. The Browns recover and the Cleveland FG unit trots on the field, but the officials incorrectly rule Anderson down by contact and the Steelers keep possession. The rest, as the say, is history.

'78 Pittsburgh @ N.Y. Jets (28-17): Condition EX+/EX++: If I didn't know better, I'd swear this was the original tape! Terry Bradshaw shreds New York's secondary in amazingly easy fashion, and Lynn Swann is absolutely devastating, catching 7 passes for 102 yds & 2 TDs (and had another great catch nullified by a motion penalty). The Jets move the ball extremely well, particularly in the first half. But Jets QB Matt Robinson spends a good deal of the 2nd half looking out his ear hole as Steel Curtain tightens up, and New York comes away empty a few too many times due to turnovers & mistakes. A very entertaining game with unreal video quality (but many edited huddles), this little gem also features Franco Harris throwing the butt-ugliest pass I've ever seen!

'78 Pittsburgh vs. Atlanta (31-7): Condition EX+: Outstanding video quality! Man, what a butt-kicking. I mean, this is like sticking a guy in the electric chair, toasting him in a matter of seconds, but then leaving the power on an extra couple of hours just to watch him fry. Franco SHREDS Atlanta for well over 100 yards, Bradshaw hits 13 of 18 for 231 yds & 2 TDs (1 rushing), and Stallworth catches 6 passes for 114 yds & a TD (highlighted by a 71 yard catch & run), but the glory this day belongs to the offensive line along with the Steel Curtain. The O-Line gives Bradshaw all day to throw, while Steve Bartowski is the victim of one jail break after another. Its amazing to behold the pressure applied by Pittsburgh's front four... with no LBs blitzing, the Steelers still put incredible pressure on Bartowski (who plays quite well in spite of it), leaving 7 defenders free to cover downfield on nearly every play. Features post-game interview w/Bradshaw.

'78 Pittsburgh @ Cleveland (34-14): Condition EX+: Stunning video quality! A must for Lambert fans! There are a number of things that stand out in my mind about this game... the overwhelming, SWARMING speed of the Steeler defense is astounding as they bewilder Sipe with a vast array of all-out blitzes... Swann & Stallworth are dazzling... Bradshaw's mobility in the pocket is amazing. But what really stands out in my mind is the unbridled hatred between these bitter AFC Central rivals, which is epitomized by Jack Lambert's ejection from the game. Lambert spears QB Brian Sipe helmet-first as Sipe is being tackled out of bounds. When the flag flies, Lambert is instantly in the official's face shouting his case. A Browns player gets a little too close & Lambert erupts, catching the guy with a nice right hook (the dude isn't wearing a helmet). Lambert instantly returns to chewing out the official, who throws another flag, and then Lambert REALLY flies into a rage and is ejected. Noll looks as if he starts to bitch at Lambert on the sidelines, & an infuriated Lambert gives Noll (who wisely shuts up) an earfull, too. Noll pleads Lambert's case to the officials to no avail, & Lambert unloads on the refs again. For the record, Lambert deserved to be ejected... and I love the guy for it! No one has EVER played the game with more fire & intensity than Lambert. NO ONE. Many edited huddles, but great video quality!

'78 Pittsburgh vs. Houston MNF (17-24): Condition EX+: Features Jack Lambert's famous "QB's should wear dresses" quote during a halftime interview with Howard Cossell (refering to his ejection for a hit on Sipe vs. Cleveland the previous week)! If not for an avalanche of mental errors, this one goes as a "W" for Pittsburgh. Pastorini is sharp, and the Oilers run extremely well, alternating between Earl Campbell & Rob Carpenter. Swann shines, catching 2 TDs (plus a 3rd that was nullified) and is wide open for the tying TD in the final seconds of the game, but Bradshaw short-hops it by inches. Grossman also has a big game for Pittsburgh, but penalties, a pair of errant Bradshaw passes late in the game, and a dropped TD pass by Stallworth are a little too much to overcome.

'78 Pittsburgh vs. Kansas City (27-24): Condition EX+: Superb video quality! K.C. picks off Bradshaw's first pass to set up FG. Bradshaw responds by leading the Steelers (who's offense is running like a well-oiled machine) to TDs on 3 consecutive drives, each of which is time consuming & perfectly balanced! While Swann rips the heart out of K.C.'s secondary in the first half, the Steel Curtain does its part by forcing a drive-ending interception (Ham) at the Steeler 3-yd line. The Chiefs fight back, scoring 17 unanswered point courtesy of a Bradshaw fumble & interception, but Donnie Shell's fumble recovery for a 17-yard TD late in the game seals it! Edited huddles, & missing some action at end of first half.

'78 Pittsburgh @ L.A. Rams (7-10): Condition EX: Action begins in second half of this penalty-filled "Mud Bowl" when Swann makes a fantastic leaping grab in the back of the endzone (while being blatantly interferred with) for the first score of the game. L.A. strikes right back, moving quickly downfield for a FG, and from there, the two best defenses in the league slug it out. With the Steelers continually pinned deep in their own territory, Cappelletti finally breaks a 26-yard run to set up a short Haden TD pass & a 10-7 Rams win. Features the top two defenses in the league at their best. 2nd half only with some edited huddles.

'78 Pittsburgh vs. Cincinnati (7-6): Condition EX: Game summary coming soon!

'78 Pittsburgh @ San Fran MNF (24-7): Condition VG-: Bradshaw & Swann star as the Steelers beat the living crap out of the Niners on Monday Night Football! Bradshaw dissects San Fran's secondary with comical ease, and Swann is particularly devastating, grabbing 8 passes for 134 yds & 2 TDs. The Steel Curtain, meanwhile, is having a blast crucifying Niner QB Scott Bull (Who???), who takes some terrifying shots. While this is (supposedly) recorded from the source tape, the original broadcast was very blurry (the guy who taped it had some definite antenna problems), so the quality isn't fantastic. This game is a must-have for Swann fans.

'78 Pittsburgh @ Houston (13-3): Condition EX-: Revenge! Features Donnie Shell's famous hit on Earl Campbell (who had run all over the Steelers to that point), cracking Campbell's ribs & sidelining him for the game! As usual, an extremely physical game with other injuries to numerous players on both sides (including Swann & Pastorini). Both defenses play extremely well. Pastorini is brutalized by the Steel Curtain, while Bradshaw seems confused by Houston's coverages. Harris is shut down all day, but breaks a HUGE 32 yard run in the 3rd quarter to the Oiler 4 to set up a crucial FG. Bradshaw finally gets it together late in the game, engineering Pittsburgh's only sustained drive of the game keyed by two great catches by Stallworth, the 2nd for a fatal 5-yard TD. Slight ghost images throughout game.

'78 Pittsburgh vs. Baltimore (35-13): Condition G/P: Terry Bradshaw has a freakishly good game in near-blizzard conditions (11 of 18, 240 yards, 3 TDs), throwing perfect pass after perfect pass in seemingly unplayable weather! Swann and Stallworth appear only briefly in the first half, but their acrobatic grabs and long runs after each catch put the Colt's out of the game early. The Steel Curtain is terrifying, absolutely suffocating the "Bert Jones-less" Colts who never knew what hit 'em! Gotta love the Zamboni clearing snow off of the yard lines between plays! Among my favorite games! Some video dropout.

'78 Pittsburgh @ Denver (21-17): Condition EX/VG-: Bradshaw and Stallworth are superb as the Steelers jump out to 21-0 lead at Mile High Stadium and then hold off the Broncos in a tune up for the playoffs! Highlighted by an incredible bomb from a scrambling Bradshaw to John Stallworth, who makes an unbelievable leaping grab for a TD! Bradshaw (who plays only in the first half) sets the record for most TD passes in a season (28) since the NFL/AFL merger! Denver comes back late in the game against the Steelers second team players, and the game ends with the Broncos failing to get into the end zone from the Steeler 1 yard line on the final play! I have two versions of this game: Upgraded version is EX quality initially but has edited huddles and deteriorates as the game progresses (flickers between color and black & white). The old version is unedited, but condition is pretty bad (G at best).

'78 NFC Playoffs Dallas vs. Atlanta (27-20): Condition EX-: One of the signs of a great team is the ability to win even when you play poorly. The Cowboys commit one personal foul after another, muff several kicks, suffer numerous turnovers, and lose Staubach to a concussion all before haltime! Danny White then fumbles away his first snap plus has his first pass picked off! Yet, midway through the 3rd quarter, Dallas has complete control of the game and goes on to win on a late Laidlaw TD. The Cowboys are so dominant in the 2nd half that Atlanta manages just one first down!

'78 AFC Playoffs Pittsburgh vs. Denver (33-10): Condition EX++: An Absolute Masterpiece! Literally looks like it was recorded yesterday! The game is relatively close until Terry BOMBS the Broncos into submission in the 4th quarter. I'm telling 'ya, this game features a few of the most beautiful deep passes you will EVER see. Stallworth is magnificent and makes some eye-popping catches en route to a playoff record 10 receptions. Meanwhile, Swannie works a little magic of his own with an unbelievable leaping TD grab at the goal line in spite of having a Denver player draped all over him! Franco Harris is in typical playoff form and does his part by rumbling for over 100 yards, setting up Pittsburgh's aerial assault. Tons of All-Pro defensive players on both teams (incredibly, the two defensive squads combined have all 11 Pro Bowler starters)! But while Pittsburgh's offense is able to move up and down the field almost at will against the Orange Crush, the Steel Curtain absolutely SMOTHERS Denver's offensive efforts! Video quality AWESOME! Sharp, crystal clear, vivid color! Some pre-game and commercials, some halftime stuff, and TONS of post-game including interviews with Swann and Stallworth.

'78 NFC Championship Dallas @ Los Angeles (28-0): Condition EX: The two best defenses in the NFC slug it out! Neither team is able to generate much offense during a first half in which both teams blow golden scoring opportunities. Turnovers hurt both teams but finally devastate the Rams. Charlie Waters is the player of the game as his 2 INT's lead to Dallas' first two TD's! The key play of the day is a superb Dallas effort to stuff a 4th and 1 power run at the 13 late in the third quarter. The shell-shocked Rams give up two more TD's in the final three minutes including a 70 INT return by Henderson.

'78 AFC Championship Pittsburgh vs. Houston (34-5): Condition EX++: An Absolute Masterpiece! Literally looks like it was recorded yesterday! Steelers absolutely DESTROY the shell-shocked Oilers in terrible (and I mean TERRIBLE) weather at Three Rivers, scoring 17 points in a stunning display of power during the final 48 seconds of the first half to effectively end the game. Talk about killer instinct! Bradshaw, Swann & Ham are spectacular, but the incredible play of Pittsburgh's offensive line is the key to the game. Bradshaw has time to eat a hoagie (let alone a sandwich) in the pocket. In stark contrast, the inpenetrable Steel Curtain absolutely swarms Pastorini, intercepting him 5 times and completely neutralizing the great Earl Campbell. The incredible slop causes 14 turnovers. Next to S.B. XIII, this one has to be my favorite... great performances by great players in miserable weather... I love it! TONS of pre and postgame interviews & analysis plus halftime show featuring the "Immaculate Reception". Video quality AWESOME! Sharp, crystal clear, vivid color! I also have the "Game of the Week" highlights.

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'78 Super Bowl XIII Pittsburgh vs. Dallas (35-31): Condition EX++: An Absolute Masterpiece! Literally looks like it was recorded yesterday! Titans clash in the greatest Super Bowl match-up of all time as Bradshaw, Swann & Stallworth air it out against Staubach, Dorsett & "America's Team" in a circus of big plays! Game MVP Bradshaw is brilliant from the outset (particularly on 3rd down, where he hits 8 of 9 passes for 165 yards & 2 TDs), and by halftime, Terry has broken every significant Super Bowl passing record, ultimately finishing with 318 yards and 4 TDs. Few people remember that Bradshaw really got the hot hand after the Henderson/Hegman strip for a TD. Terry was hurt on the play and actually had to take smelling salts on the sideline. So what does he do during the next few minutes of play? He merely throws a 75-yard TD strike to Stallworth, hooks up with Swann one big play after another, and finally engineers a masterful 2 minute drill capped by a beautiful touch pass to Bleier for the go-ahead TD! Speaking of Swann & Stallworth, their final stats speak for themselves; Swann 7 rec. for 124 yds & a TD (the game-winner), and Stallworth 3 rec. for 115 yds & 2 TDs (in spite of playing only the 1st half due to leg cramps). While the final game statistics suggest a shootout, Pittsburgh is clearly the dominant team---Dorsett gained 45 yards on Dallas first ill-fated drive (yet only had 47 yards by halftime), and much of Dallas' total yardage comes in "garbage time" after Pittsburgh has opened up an 18 point 4th quarter lead. And, contrary to the claims of many Dallas fans, the Jackie Smith drop occurred during the 3rd quarter, not in the waning minutes of the game. I also have TWO HOURS of pre game, the complete halftime show, and some post game stuff. Video quality AWESOME! Sharp, crystal clear, vivid color! My personal favorite, and one of the most entertaining Super Bowls of all time! For the most EXTENSIVE source of info on Super Bowl XIII you'll EVER see, CLICK HERE!

'79 Pittsburgh at New England (16-13 OT, MNF): Condition EX/EX+: New Discovery! The season opener on Monday Night Football in Foxboro. Early on, Steve Grogan looks extremely sharp as the Pats march down the field and score on their opening drive. But Pittsburgh's pass rush intensifies as the game progresses, and a great diving INT by Lambert sets up what would have been the tying TD had Rookie Matt Bahr not missed his first-ever PAT try (Bahr also misses his first FG try). Bradshaw uses Franco and Thornton extensively, and while Franco doesn't pile up huge yardage, his amazing cutback ability yields a number of key first downs. Stallworth is outstanding, especially late, and although the hobbling Swann manages only one catch, it's a spectacular leaping, head-over-heals, flipping masterpiece... one for the ages. TE Russ Francis is OUTSTANDING for the Pats... he makes a number of unbelievable grabs and is almost the undoing of the Steelers. The Pats add a pair of FGs and lead 13-6 until Bradshaw (15 of 26, 221 yds) hits a wide open Sidney Thornton in the end zone to tie things up in the final minutes of regulation. Bradshaw alternates handoffs to Franco and Thornton in overtime against the worn-out Pats, and young Matt Bahr gets redemption, nailing a 41-yarder right down the middle to win it. Features a bit of pregame with Cossell, Meredith, & Gifford.

'79 Pittsburgh vs. Houston (38-7): Condition EX+/VG: With the exception of Swann (5 catches for 95 yards), the Pittsburgh offense doesn't have a particularly good day. Fortunately, the Steel Curtain plays so well the Bradshaw & company could've stayed in bed and the outcome would've been the same. Pastorini is simply crucified by the Steelers, throwing 3 Ints and getting blasted on nearly every play until he's finally wheeled off the field on a stretcher in the 3rd quarter! Houston turns the ball over 6 times and Earl Campbell is a total non-factor. Fairly severe ghost images in first half, but picture is absolutely fantastic in 2nd half (ah, a little antenna adjustment does wonders).

'79 Pittsburgh @ St. Louis (24-21): Condition EX+: An inartistic but nonetheless satisfying victory for Pittsburgh. Turnovers plague the Steelers (who turn the ball over a league-high 52 times in 1979 yet amazingly manage to lead the NFL in scoring with 416 points) and give the Cards repeated opportunities deep in Pittsburgh territory. Fortunately, the Steel Curtain is magnificent and holds 'em to FGs (St. Louis settles for 5 FGs & scores only 1 TD with a missed PAT). Things go from bad to worse when a writhing Bradshaw is taken off the field on stretcher in first half with what appears to be a season-ending leg injury. But Terry returns to lead Pittsburgh's offense to 17 points in the 4th quarter (spearheaded by the hard running of Rocky Bleier late in the game) to pull out the win!

'79 Pittsburgh vs. Baltimore (17-13): Condition EX/EX+: A VERY entertaining game with lots of big plays & nice video quality! Things look bleak as Baltimore picks off Bradshaw's first pass and the Steelers lose both Harris & Swann to early injuries. But Bradshaw, always resillient, bounces back to have a truly outstanding game (19 of 29, 249 yards, 2 TDs) & Sidney Thornton plays the finest game of his short career (129 yds on 13 carries, including a great 75-yard burst). The Colts play surprisingly well against the Steel Curtain, and the game isn't safe until the final gun. HOFers Jack Ham & Jack Lambert each have drive-ending interceptions inside the 10 yard line! A really fun game to watch.

'79 Pittsburgh @ Philadelphia (14-17): Condition EX: MAJOR upset! Offensively, the Steelers do little as Swann's absence really affects Bradshaw's play. Bradshaw has a miserable day, throwing a HUGE interception late in the game, Franco later coughs the ball up at the Philly 1-foot line, and the Steelers commit some terrible penalties (one allowing Philly to escape from a 4th & 40 situation, another overturning an onside kick Pittsburgh recovered). Hard to believe that in spite of playing so poorly, Pittsburgh still had themselves in position to win if not for the onside kick penalty. Edited huddles, but nice quality.

'79 Pittsburgh @ Cleveland (51-35): Condition EX/EX+: People, I LOVE this game! Pittsburgh jumps out to 27-0 lead with Bradshaw throwing 3 TD's in the first 16 minutes as Steelers amass an unheard of 361 yards rushing (that's correct, 361 yards)! The 1st quarter goes something like this: Cleveland fumbles on their 1st possesion, and Bradshaw immediately hits Cunningham for a TD (set up by a 25-yard Thornton run). Browns punt, & Bradshaw promptly hits Stallworth for 36, then goes to Thornton with short TD strike. Cleveland drives to Steeler 6, but misses FG, and Franco immediately bursts 71 yards off right tackle for TD. Cleveland fumbles the ensuing kickoff, & Bradshaw promptly lofts a TD to a diving Jim Smith (PAT failed) and a 27-0 advantage just 1 minute into the 2nd quarter. Cleveland then drives to Steeler 1, but Shell picks off Sipe in the endzone. Game over, right? Wrong. Cleveland fights back gallantly and actually makes it game late (getting as close as 44-35 with 9 long minutes left in the game), but the Steelers (aided by a 71-yard TD run by Rocky Blier and a late marathon 94-yard drive) hang on to win. I've never seen a game with more offensive fireworks and big plays, folks! Has some pregame & halftime stuff.

'79 Pittsburgh vs. Dallas (14-3): Condition EX: The Steel Curtain throttles Staubach and Dorsett while Franco and Stallworth run wild in a rematch of Super Bowl XIII at Three Rivers Stadium! Features a 60 yard TD burst up the middle by Franco (reminiscent of his TD run in Super Bowl XIII, only a LOT longer) which effectively puts the game out of reach for Pittsburgh! L.C. Greenwood knocks Staubach out cold in the 4th quarter with an absolutely VICIOUS hit! Staubach is scrambling around, trying to make something happen, and L.C. just UNLOADS on Jolly Roger with a brutal helmet-to-helmet collision. Staubach is out cold for several minutes on the field, and spends the rest of the 4th quarter on the sidelines, pondering retirement (or maybe just trying to remember his name).

'79 Pittsburgh vs. Washington (38-7): Condition EX: Bradshaw throws for 311 yards & 4 TDs while playing only the 1st half and one series of the 3rd quarter! Terry spreads the ball around to everyone, from Swann to Stallworth to Cunningham to Thornton to Smith to Grossman, but key plays are a pair of 30-40 yard passes to Swannie & a 65-yard TD pass to Stallworth (an incredible grab by Stallworth). Both Swann & Stallworth enjoy substantial run-after-catch yardage. Occassional edited huddles. Video quality very nice (would've rated EX+), but original broadcast was not very clear (damned antenna!).

'79 Pittsburgh @ Kansas City (30-3): Condition EX/EX+: Total domination! The Steel Curtain is definitely on their game, absolutely crushing the Chief's offense & giving QB Steve Fuller a brutal pounding. Meanwhile, Pittsburgh's offense is nearly unstoppable, racking up a 20-0 halftime lead on the strength of TD passes to Swann (who makes an absolutely unbelievable "how'd he get both feet down" TD catch in the back of the end zone) & Stallworth (on a razzle-dazzle flea-flicker). Includes an interesting Spalding shoe commercial featuring Terry running through the woods with a dog and a full head of hair, plus a pregame interview on a Pittsburgh talk show with John Stallworth (who's doing his best Johnny Cochran immitation).

'79 Pittsburgh @ San Diego (7-35): Condition VG-/G: Yikes! This one is brutal. Game summary coming soon!

'79 Pittsburgh vs. Cleveland (33-30 OT): Condition F: Pittsburgh piles up 606 yards of offense in a THRILLER!!! The Steelers come back from a 27-13 4th quarter deficit to preserve the "Jinx" on Matt Bahr's winning FG with only 9 seconds remaining in overtime! Bradshaw sets career highs for attempts (44), completions (30), and yardage (364) as he and Sipe combine for over 700 yards through the air. Bradshaw's 28-yard run with less than two minutes remaining in OT turns out to be the key play in the game, but it's Franco Harris who is the undisputed MVP for Pittsburgh. Harris rushes for 151 yards and catches 11 passes for 81 yards... amazingly, Franco's longest run was just 11 yards! Features Lynn Swann actually jumping over a car (that's right, a car) on an overthrown pass in the back of the end zone! The quality of the game itself is very fuzzy, and the Browns pants really glow without some major color adjustment, but this is the most definitely pivotal regular-season game of the '79 campaign. Also has tons of commercials and the complete halftime show with Bryant Gumble's 'Fro, and I've also got the "Game of the Week" highlights in EX+ condition.

'79 Oakland vs. Miami (13-3): Condition EX-: Game summary coming soon.

'79 Pittsburgh vs. Cincinnati (37-17): Condition G: Lynn Swann simply rips the Bengals a new one!!! Swannie sets career high for receiving yards, scores 2 TD's and sets up another, averages over 35 yards a catch, and basically runs wild through the Bengal secondary as he leads the Steelers to an easy victory! Some edited huddles when the Bengals have the ball (Thankfully, huddles are NOT edited when the Steelers have the ball!).

'79 Pittsburgh @ Houston MNF (17-20): Condition EX+: The Astrodome is rockin' in a brutally physical game on Monday Night Football! This game is a Steeler loss, but it is one of my absolute favorites, and the video quality is outstanding. Though Houston puts on a magnificent performance and dominates statistically, it takes a blown call by the officials on an onside kick at the end to thwart a Steelers comeback! Lynn Swann plays an incredible game, making diving catches, catching a pass that bounces out of Stallworth's hands, and scoring a TD on a reverse! I also have the "Game of the Week" highlights.

'79 Houston @ Dallas Thanksgiving Day (30-24): Condition EX: The incomparable Earl Campbell bulldozes for 196 yards en route to a thrilling Houston victory in a Thanksgiving Day shootout, outshining Roger Staubach's impressive 20 of 25 passing performance! Staubach opens the game with a 70+ TD bomb to Drew Pearson, but Campbell immediately answers with a 60+ yard TD blast down the sideline! A very entertaining game from start to finish and my personal favorite "non-Steelers" game!

'79 Pittsburgh vs. Buffalo (28-0): Condition EX+: The Bills open the game by driving to the Steelers 14 yard line only to have a FG attmept blocked by Joe Greene. They never come close to scoring again. Defensively, the Steelers are all over QB Joe Ferguson, forcing 3 picks while giving up nothing on the ground. Lambert in particular, plays like a man possessed, literally body slamming running backs, breaking up passes, and creating mayhem all over the field as the Steelers clinch the AFC Central. While the Steelers offense struggles at times, they make scoring look ridiculously easy at certain points in the game. Swannie makes a great leaping grab for a TD and Harris scores twice while rumbling for 100 yards.

'79 AFC Playoffs Houston vs. Denver (13-7): Condition EX: The battered Oilers simply out-physical the Broncos in a frenzied Astrodome! Houston's situation looks bleak when both Earl Campbell and Dan Patorini are forced out of the game with injuries. With the outcome of the game resting squarely on their shoulders, the Oilers defense rises to the occasion, unleashing a savage pass rush on Craig Morton to preserve a Houston win! Love 'ya blue!

'79 AFC Playoffs Houston @ San Diego (17-14): Condition G/VG: If you've ever rooted for the underdog, you've GOT to love the Oilers in this game! With their offense crippled by the absence of Campbell and Pastorini, the tenacious Houston defense simply refuses to give up. Great performances come from many players usually relegated to supporting roles, but the player of the game is without question Vernon Perry. Perry not only sets a post season record by intercepting 4 passes, he also blocks a FG and leads the team in tackles! Video has serious interference during the first Houston possession, but clears up fine after that.

'79 NFC Playoffs Los Angeles @ Dallas (21-19): Condition EX-: Huge upset in "Big D"! Game summary coming soon!

'79 AFC Playoffs Pittsburgh vs. Miami (34-14): Condition EX++: An Absolute Masterpiece! Literally looks like it was recorded yesterday! Seemingly unable to make a wrong move, the Steelers pour it on early, smashing Griese, Csonka, and the vaunted Miami defense! Pittsburgh's offense jumps out to a 20-0 lead while controling the ball for a staggering 13 minutes of the first quarter! The Steel Curtain does it's part by limiting Miami to just 25 yards rushing in 22 attempts on the day (a pitiful 1.1 yard average per rush)! The humiliated Dolphins never come close to being in this game as Don Shula suffers his worst playoff defeat. Video quality AWESOME! Sharp, crystal clear, vivid color! Following the game is HBO's "NFL This Week" featuring highlights of all the playoff games that weekend.

'79 NFC Championship Los Angeles @ Tampa Bay (9-0): Condition EX: Los Angeles is far more effective offensively than the final score indicates, and their defense is absolutely incredible! Doug Williams misses his first 8 passes and amasses a grand total of 12 yards passing, completing just 2 of 13 and throwing an interception! His backup fares little better, exactly matching Williams' 2 of 13 effort, but amassing a "whopping" 42 yards!

'79 AFC Championship Pittsburgh vs. Houston (27-13) Condition EX++: An Absolute Masterpiece! Literally looks like it was recorded yesterday! A concise resume' of Steelers football during the '70's! Joe Greene (who plays a legendary game) and the rest of the Steel Curtain put on an unbelievable performance in one of my favorite matchups, limiting the great Earl Campbell to just 17 yards in 15 attempts! The game starts with Vernon Perry returning a Bradshaw pick 75 yards for a TD, but it's all Pittsburgh from there as Bradshaw cooly responds by picking apart the Houston secondary for the rest of the afternoon. Features Mike Renfro's famous "no catch" in the back corner of the end zone. Give the battered Oilers credit... they really hang tough and are never truely out of it until the final minutes of the game. Video quality AWESOME! Sharp, crystal clear, vivid color! Some pre game and commercials, TONS of post game interviews with Noll, Bradshaw, Greene, Swann, Stallworth, Franco, Webster, and more! I also have the "Game of the Week" highlights for this one.

'79 Super Bowl XIV Pittsburgh vs. Rams (31-19): Condition EX++: An An Absolute Masterpiece! Literally looks like it was recorded yesterday! MVP Terry Bradshaw combines with Swann and Stallworth to bring the Steelers back to win in a close, competitive game versus a tenacious Rams team! Los Angeles didn't figure to put a dent in the Steel Curtain, but as Chris Berman says... that's why they play the games. After sleepwalking through a lackluster first half (and consequently trailing 13-10), the Steelers open the 2nd half with a picture perfect 47 yard Bradshaw bomb to Swann, who makes a breathtaking leaping grab for the TD. Pittsburgh's lead is short-lived, however, as the Rams score quickly on a stunning halfback option pass to sieze the momentum right back. A game-ending injury to Swann and two Bradshaw INT's send the Steelers into the 4th quarter trailing 19-17. But Bradshaw is resilient... on 3rd and 8 from the Steelers 27, Bradshaw lets loose a rocket to Stallworth deep down the middle for a 73 yard TD. Terry's pass proved to be the winning score in a game which saw the lead change hands six times. The Rams threaten to once again take the lead late in the 4th when Jack Lambert snags a Ferragamo pass to ensure a Pittsburgh victory! Terry uses a 50 yard bomb to Stallworth to set up an insurance TD and bring Art Rooney a fourth Lombardi Trophy. Some pre game and lots of post game interviews with Noll, Bradshaw, Swann, Stallworth, and more. Video quality AWESOME! Sharp, crystal clear, vivid color!

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