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Please follow these steps closely to preserve the integrity of the ring!
1. Read the Content Criteria
To insure that each site in this Ring presents unique, relevant, and useful content, we have instituted the site content criteria, a simple but rigid set of standards that new sites must meet in order to join this Ring. It is mandatory that you read our criteria before submitting your site to the Ring.

2. Register Your Site
To register your site, simply fill out the form provided below. Upon submitting the form, you will receive an e-mail containing your site ID along with HTML fragment and images for your Fan Ring banner. Make sure you write down the site ID number you are assigned! This will put your page in the NFL Fan Ring database, where it will remain until you are added to the Ring. This does NOT insert you in the ring; the actual insertion is done later.

Site Submission Form

Site Title:

Site URL:

The Fan Ring banner MUST ALWAYS remain at the URL you submit here! Removing it will destroy the integrity of the ring and will result in the removal of your site from the ring.



Choose a password (don't forget it!).


Enter up to 20 keywords describing your site.


Enter a short description of your site.

3. Add the Fan Ring Banner to Your Page
When you receive our e-mail containing your site ID, HTML Fragment, and images for the banner, make the changes that are indicated in the comments of the fragment, then copy & paste them on your Steelers site. Don't forget to save and upload the specified images to your site server (failure to do so will cause broken images in your Ring banner).

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT BANNER SOURCE CODE - Make sure the word onMouseover and the following text in 'single quotes' are all on the same line, or you will get MAJOR javascript errors! CLICK HERE for more details on proper banner installation.

The resulting Ring Banner should look like the one you see below (thanks, Madrax for the superb graphics!).
The Original NFL Fan Ring
Previous Ring Site
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Da Webring
Premier Fan Sites
Next Ring Site
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[List All Sites]
This NFL Fan Ring Site is Owned by McMillen & Wife.

IMPORTANT! This banner must be installed on the URL that you submitted above before your site can be inserted into the Ring. Your banner must ALWAYS remain on the page you submitted... failure to do so will break the integrity of the Ring and will result in the removal of your site from the Ring.
Note: Members needing to change the URL that the Fan Ring links to can do so from Edit Site Content. Keep in mind, the page the Ring links to MUST have the Ring Banner on it to preserve the integrity of the Ring!

4. Banner Code Inspection
Once you've submitted your site and have installed the Steelers Fan Ring banner, your page will be reviewed by the ring manager (McMillen & Wife) to make sure the NFL Fan Ring HTML fragment is properly installed and operational.

Please take the time to CHECK your page to make sure you have correctly added the banner. Literally dozens of sites have requested membership in the ring without first verifying that their banner is working correctly. Please keep in mind that ONE PERSON (who happens to be 'lil 'ole me) has the unenviable task of fixing all potential-member sites that have not been set up correctly. Please follow the directions carefully when adding your banner... your help in this matter, my fellow Steelers fans, will be greatly appreciated! CLICK HERE for more details on proper banner installation.

5. The Ring Panel of Voters will Vote on Your Site
The Panel of Voters of the NFL Fan Ring will review your site and vote to accept or decline your member application. If a majority (51% or greater) gives you the thumbs up (and the banner code is working properly), your site will be added to the ring. The voting period lasts two weeks. You will receive an e-mail notifying you of the vote results.

6. That's It!
You should now be able to navigate the entire ring until you make it back to your own page. Happy surfing!

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