Neil O'Donnell (aka the greatest QB in Dallas history) won MVP honors in Super Bowl XXX by floating 2 picture perfect passes to Dallas CB Larry Brown.
We Will NEVER Forget!

Your three scatter-armed interceptions that cost us "One for the Thumb"... the refusal to accept any responsiblilty for the loss... the cheap shots at Pittsburgh when you left. These are the reasons we despise you, you duck & cover, big-game choking, Bradshaw wannabe bitch! Someday, we're gonna get revenge, Kneel. I can't wait to see Levon Kirkland make you soil those dainty little panties of yours. Paybacks are a bitch, you overpaid, under-producing, free-agent money-grubbing whore!

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To date, the description of O'Donnell below has gotten the single biggest laugh outta me... thanks, Fleetwood & Julio (aka, Tommy Coleman), who referred to O'Donnell as:

"...the backstabber, forgotten Kennedy, New Jersey toilet-seat accident..."

God, Neil DOES look like he could be a Kennedy, doesn't he?

The following articles are listed in the order they were received (with the most recent entries at the top). This isn't a "guestbook" format... I read and manually insert every message, so you may not see your submission show up immediately. Thanks a million for your comments, people!

Submitted by Billy the Kid
From the moment O'D__khead stepped on the field with the Steelers, I looked at him and said to myself, "This man is a ." My opinion is that even if he won the Super Bowl or did anything else great for the Steelers, I still would hate him. I can't stand that "Where am I, who am I?" look on his face that seems to be constantly there and I hate his lack of class and loyalty. I am different than most... I disliked him from the beginning. And I hate to tell those who doubted me, "I told you so" but... "I told you so!"

Blood, Sweat and Tears of Gold,
Billy the Kid

Submitted by
This Neil O'Donnell sight is great! Please keep it because it is soooo funny! I love all of the pictures, especially the one of him in his Bengals "uniform." Please finish the Picture Archive. I can't wait to see it! Could you e-mail me when it is done? Thanks!


Submitted by Tommy Coleman
Tim, actually my "personal" feelings on Neil O. tend to lean toward the thoughts of Thomas D. Bragg, which are posted just after F. n J.'s. I use them as a pen name to vent or they use me, whatever. After all, Neil was the team MVP in 1995 and we wouldn't have gotten to the Super Bowl without him. Perhaps in retrospect, "toilet seat accident" was a bit harsh. That being said, I hope the latest developement in the O'Neverdonell isn't the "chickens coming home to roost". Ten seconds after the second interception in S.B. XXX, a guy behind me started the "Neil got payed" conspiracy off with a 5 minute diatribe that made me want to puke.

Screw him, screw Jerry Jones, screw the Cowboys and their sorry-ass fans who didn't even stay to see the Lombardi Trophy (must have stopped in Vegas on the way to Tempe) and last but not least, screw the so-called Steeler fans who infer the worst possible things in the most "ride a Negative Wave" way (kudos Donald Sutherland/Kelly's Heroes) whenever a Steeler player shows that he is human. On second thought, they can screw each other... I don't want to catch whatever it is that they have!

From the Heart/No aka,
Tommy Coleman

Submitted by Larry
I've been a Steeler fan ever since I discovered football and that's a long time because I'm almost 50. I like to hit all the Steeler web sites and yours has to be the best.
I voted in your poll to keep the Neil O'dummell page. It was hilarious. It's great to have a laugh on the bastard that caused so much grief to me and my fellow Steeler fans. We had a great chance to win that game until he threw it away. We had open receivers on both those interceptions. I always used to think that our receivers couldn't get open until we went to the Meadowlands to see the Steelers play the Giants. Right after that game I was anti O'dummell because I saw for myself the open receivers he overlooked in that game. We won the game no thanks to him. Like a fool I forgave him for the int's and said lets get 'em next season. Like a fool I thought he'd stay and make amends for that Superbowl he lost for us. Well, he took the money and ran leaving the Steelers, which were a legitimate Superbowl contender again that year, and went with a winless team. I didn't have a problem with him leaving, especially after that piss poor Super Bowl performance, it's when he said "I'm not leaving for the money." Boy did that get me riled. What does he think, we're stupid? Sure it was the money. I started thinking those int's were the money too.
I'm glad your keeping the O'Dummell page and thanks for a great Steeler web site. I spend a lot of time there.

Take care and "GO STEELERS"

Submitted by Rich Geary
I love your Cleveland Browns page. I am the self-proclaimed biggest steeler fan in the world, but i disagree with most Steeler fans about O'Donnell. O'Donnell was great. The Steelers wouldn't have even MADE IT to the Super Bowl or the AFC Championship with out him. Who would have led them there? Tomczak? Miller? Stewart? C'mon! After last year's embarrassment of a QB, I would have gladly had O'Donnell leading our offense, and I was dissappointed that the Steelers didn't look in to signing him this off-season. I absolutely can't believe that TRUE steeler fans would resent O'Donnell. Then again maybe there are only a few TRUE (hint, hint) Steeler fans like me. Most are just idiots with no football knowledge.

Submitted by Fleetwood N. Julio
In regards to the "Click on Monkeyboy/Neil O'Dollarsign" picture...

We object strongly to the portrayal of the backstabber, Forgotten Kennedy, New Jersey toilet-seat accident as "Monkey-Boy"!

F. 'n' J.

P.S.-- Why was Sandy dressed up as Cris (pencil-neck) Collinsworth?

Submitted by Thomas Bragg
By no means am I going to sit here and say that Neil O'Donnell was one of the all-time greats that played for our beloved Steelers... but is the bashing always justified?

As we all know, that's as far from the truth as anything could possibly be. Neil definitely made his share of screw-ups during his career with the Steelers, rom throwing passes over the heads of wide open receivers to having almost no mobility to avoid an on rushing lineman. And as far as the two unbelieveable interceptions he threw in Super Bowl XXX, I thought I would have a heart attack and die as I witnessed that! However, when I think back to the 1995 season, the fact is, the Steelers never even would have gotten as far as they did if it wasn't for Neil O'Donnell. I think sometimes we all forget that no quarterback since Terry Bradshaw hung up his cleats in 1983 ever came close to getting the Steelers back to the Super Bowl. A period of fifteen years passed by before a guy named O'Donnell acomplished the feat. Granted, he may not have won it, but like it or not, he did get the Steelers back to the Super Bowl. Let's hope we don't have to wait another fifteen years.

Thomas D. Bragg

Submitted by Brinley Dempski
That clown has to be the most shameful player in Steelers history! He is directly responsible for the two most heartbreaking losses I could remember. We had the big bad cowboys by the throat late in the forth quarter and that clown RONALD O'DONNELL throws the biggest game of the year... 4th and goal 3 yards from the big show RONALD O'DONNELL panics, the ball is tipped away... my God, it was like doing a 100 miles an hour and smashing into a brick wall... It was devastating! I will never forgive that freakin' clown.

Submitted by Holly Manley
Tim, I love you dearly. Love the site, but the loss of the SB was a culmination of several things. Poor coaching on the part of Erhardt, a QB with no imagination: O'Donnell only knows one thing, do what the coach says - and does not see beyond that. The calls in favor of Dallas were horrible, and the Cowboys line was too dam strong.

Granted, O'Donnell never deserved the money that was thrown at him, but hey if someone offerred me that type of money, I would suit up.

So let's go on with our football life. PLEASE!!!

Holly Manley

Submitted by Danielle Crampton

Submitted by Todd Heitzenrater
Yes, that's right, I live in Cincinnati. Imagine how miserable it is for a guy who grew up in western PA during the era of the "Steel Curtain" and four Super Bowl titles to live in such an area. As if seeing Kenny Anderson's face all over the TV wasn't bad enough, Mike Brown decides to bring O'Donnell to town. Now I get to see the two QB's that I truly despise the most nearly every day on the local channels.

I try to make it to the big game (Cincinnati vs. The Steelheads) in Cincinnati every year. I am truly amazed at the amount of fans wearing black and gold at the game. All they need at that stadium on game day is a little Steelers Polka and you would swear to God you were in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh fans absolutely rule that stadium on game day.

I thought I died and when to heaven when 102.9 the Wing started carrying Myron and the boys on their am station 1410 in Dayton, Ohio. Recently, the coolest Pittsburgh bar opened in the Dayton area called "Sneakers". This place rocks on game day! If any steeler fans unfortunate enough to be passing through or visiting in the area on game day need to stop, have an Iron and hang with the Steeler fans.

P.S. As if living in Cincy wasn't bad enough, I married a diehard Browns fan. Oh well... we can at least agree on one thing... screw Neil O'Donnell and the friggin' Cincinnati Bengals.

Submitted by Doug Fredericks
I didn't think the day was ever gonna get here. Finally, the Steelers get their shot at Prima O'Donnell. I generally don't wish injuries on anyone, after all it's only a game. So, let's skip the injury idea and just off him first defensive series and be done with it.

He does't deserve to exist on the same field and in the same stadium with Pittsburgh. The money-grubbin' slime ball never had any sense of loyalty for anyone but himself. Forget the two interceptions in the big one, all I remember is his trying to pad his stats all through the second half of the season to up his contract offer from the Jets. Everyone knew he was bailing after the season, but the scum-bucket kept denying it and playing for himself.


Doug, Da Steeler Fan

Submitted by "mash"
Great site, Mcmillen family! I've been a Steelers fan since 1972. I was six, so I guess that was the rebellion in me. You see. I'm from Cincy. I always tell my parents they did a great job raising me... after all I turned out a Steelers fan. The Bungles signing Neil is typical Bungles. Pay one bazillion dollars for to Q.B.'s that couldn't pass his past a pop warner D. Draft up to get Ki-Jana Carter, and completely overlook the fact it all starts up front with the O-line. Bungles fans do not understand football, and Mike Brown hasn't a clue, which is obvious. Thats what makes living in Cincinnati fun. Every time I discuss football with a Bungles fan, they get this look like a deer caught in the headlights.

Bungles fans and Mike Brown don't understand the importance of the offensive line. I could go on but the previous sentence says it all. I guess all Steelers fans will get to see the same look I'm so familar with this weekend. However, this time it will be on Neil's face as he gets mauled by the Steelers D.

I get to see this first hand as I will be there drinking my Iron City Beer, and I know it is early, but I'm tempted to break out the towel.

Thanks, Steeler Mike

Submitted by Mike Broadbent
Mac -n- Wife -n- Son,

Love your site...GO STEELERS- HOOAH!

How about that bum, Neil? I agree, what a Loser. He definitely belongs in the Cowpokes hall of fame before Aikman.

The wife and I love to go to this one restaurant down here in San Antonio... Guess what they have framed? Neil O'Loser passing to his favorite Super Bowl receiver... a Dallas defensive back...

WHAT A PUTZ! How about the fourth and goal, seconds to play, fourth quarter, AFC Championship, Super Bowl bound with the score... opponent San Diego (can you remeber the Year)? This is what little kids dream of and play in the streets all the time... and what does our Neil O'Loser do? Throws it to the San Diego defensive back! Go figure...

The Man is a Loser... nothing more and much less. Good News though... he's playing for the Bungals (Chris's Boyz)! What do you think? He probably will have a few completions this week... to the BLACK & GOLD... Yee Haa

Enough of the Loser. Keep up the Good News da BLACK & GOLD News!

Mike, Margaret, Gary

Submitted by Wildthangz
Waz up? In my opinion, Neil (" Duck 'N' Cover") O' Donnell really blows. You can tell by the stretch marks around his lips, but what is even worse for me is to see that damned old Bubby "the bucket head" Brister having all that luck now that Elways injured.

Wildthangz, NC.

Submitted by Michael Flynn
Kneel O'Dummell is going to get O'Pummelled!

Submitted by Jim "Nature Boy" Davis
Well, here it is... my thoughts on the "N" word. Before I start the flaming, I would like to note that NOD had a very good winning percentage with the Steelers, much better than Malone or Brister. The bottom line is, I think something was fishy about the 2 picks during the BIGGEST GAME of the season. If there had been a Steeler receiver anywhere in the area that he threw too, maybe... maybe I could understand. BUT THERE WAS NO ONE THERE (except Larry Brown)!!!!!!!!!! He sold out, he sucks, he blew it, it was a secret plot against the Steelers. I've heard them all, and at this point in time, I don't think it matters. One man single-handedly ruined the year for hundreds of thousands of Steelers fans. He should be taken out and shot for being such a bonehead! I HATE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, I'm feeling better now! Thanks, Tim, for giving us this chance to vent!

Crippler/Jim Davis

Submitted by Scott Breeden
I must reply to your request, for I too despise the once "thought to be great" Steeler Q.B. The son of a bitch sold us out in the Super Bowl and should be subject to firing squad for treason.

I've got a game plan for Bill if he has any vengeance in his veins.

a)Kirkland should blitz on every single down and splatter the bastard on every play.

b)Roye should "accidentally" run out of bounds on a kick-off and level the bastard while he is standing on the sidelines with his helmet off and upper lip curled under. That would be justice. Hit him a little harder, squeeze him a little tighter, and stick your knee in his groin as you get up off his sorry, back-stabbin ass.

c)Bettis and Fu should direct all running plays to the bengals sidelines, taking the entire crowd with them, and run O'donnell over.

d)Kordell, get the ball on first down and throw the damn thing as hard as you possibly can straight at the bastards bare head on the sidelines.

e)Justin, just go up to Kneel before the game and give him a big ass bear hug... until he turns purple and passes out.

f)Lake, when you intercept him (and you will intercept him), seek him out on the way to the end zone and stick a helmet in his sternum.


h)Vrabel, dip your inside shoulder on the quick rush and stay low when you make that big-time 3rd sack of the game. Oh yeah, and send me your jersey with Kneel's blood on it. #56 is the mad-mans number... make your place in Steeler history this week, Mike.

If the above suggestions don't sound painful enough for the traitor, then just meet him after the game and settle the unfinished business with him, one dollar a punch all the way to 25mil.



Submitted by Mike Terry
In response to Fetal O'Downhill... I was at Super Bowl XXX, and Kneel's banker (Larry Brown) ran right past me with his belated Xmas gift. It hurt like hell. I said to myself, "The little fetal O'Donnell screwed us for the last time." This is it... the week of retribution is here! The man most deserving of the first bone crunchin' sack will be Carnell Lake, with Levon finishing him off in the 3rd quarter with a little Jack Lambert shove into the mud and off he goes, our little fetal boy, on the sidelines again !

Mike from UTAH
(Yes, I know, I'm sorry I live here, too... soon I'll be back...)

Submitted by Mick from Mingo Jct., OH
God luv Cincy. God luv Neil. Being form Ohio, I know quite a few losers, I mean Cincinnati fans. During the dark era of O'donnell in the 'Burgh, I put up with a lot of grief from them. It is great listening to them defend their new "savior". With any luck, after he finishes off the Bungals, he will move north to destroy the new Dogpound. Give Kirkland the scent and turn the big man loose. Great page and beautiful family. Hope to run into you at Three Rivers someday.

Go Steelheads.
Mick from Mingo Jct., OH

Submitted by Shawn M. Lucas
Ya know, being a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers, I'm really not supposed to like the Cincy Bungals, am I? But to know that they actually did the Steelers a favor this year by signing O'Dummell, and giving us not one, but two chances to whip Super Bowl XXX MVP O'Dummell around the football field. This is the first Super Bowl that I remember (I have seen all four, but I was 4 years old when they won their last game, so....) and I was so revved up to see the Steelers vs. the Crybabies.

Then came the game. Not a bad game, 'cept for the O'Dummell fiasco. So glad he took the money and ran with the Jets. The guy is just weak. Any team that would invest their future in this geek is just asking for it. Glad to see yer in Cincy, Neil. Couldn't have happened to a better player. Maybe next year, you can lead the expansion Browns, and give us even more reason to hate the city.


Submitted by Hawaiian Dude
Aloha, Mcmillen and Wife... nice page you got there. I'm die-hard Steeler fan here in Hawaii. Everytime I think of that SB 30, it makes me sick. Kneel sold us out. I've got lots of friends who are Muuboys fans and they admitted that Kneel sold us out. They knew the Steelers gave them that SB. I've reviewed the video tape about a 100 times and I still say that ass-hole sold us out. You saw how quickly he went and signed with the Jets afterward. Hope the Steelers mess him up royally, (excuse my French).

Anyway, you take care.
Die hard Steeler in Hawaii....

Submitted by Darrin Billings
Everybody, including myself, has put O'Donnell down. But his problems are really the fault of a lackluster education. Few people know that the steelers told him to always throw the football at the stars. This worked fine for the Steelers since they have the three four-pointed stars on their uniforms. All they had to do was keep him from looking into a night sky and he did good. Then of-course came the Super Bowl and the finding of the lack of education. Poor Neil saw stars all over the field. Because of all the stars, being color blind and yes, not being able to count, Neil royally screwed up.

Submitted by Gregthebus, USMC
Big Mac and wife, what can I say about Neil O that hasn't been said already? The guy is a loser and looks like the kid i beat up in school on a regular basis. The only reason he still has a job is because the steelers made him look so good when he was with them. He couldnt beat his way out of a wet paper bag. I would rather have Mark Malone as my QB than Neil O. And every time I think we drafted Malone in front of Dan Marino, I laugh. People don't want to talk about Neil O because it brings back memories of him. I cant even say it! Have a good one and looking for more pics of Sandy.


Submitted by Karl Breakey
I am not a big Stewart fan, but he is a hell of a lot better than Kneel O'Dummell. I am still bitter over the loss to the Plowboys because of him. I hope Kirkland and company make his debut against us the most painful 60 minutes of his life. I am glad that the Bengals are giving us the chance to thump his sorry butt this year. See all of youns at the Super Bowl.

Submitted by Greg
You can NEVER be to tough on that rabbitt-faced, buck-toothed, pansy-ass, skirt-wearing, overpaid, Mark Malone arm infected S#@t for brains! OHHH, I'm sorry... did I get a little rough on poor old "I think my receivers wear (duh) stars on their helmets" Neily boy? If you think he SUCKS... give me an, "OH, HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!" Hey, no S#@t, you have the best Steelers sight on the web!!!! I'm from Uniontown (Brownsville to be exact) and my mothers maiden name was McMillen. Are we any relation??? Write back! It would be a pleasure to chat with a REAL Steelers fan!!!


Submitted by Ron
Ron also submitted the "Mickey" quote on the Sandy page... thanks a LOT!
Yes, once again the glorious season is upon us, and once more we have a whole new crop of guys in black and gold to grow to love (what's with these free agents? Isn't the awesome honor of playing for the Steelers enough? I would be bench licker for minimum wage!). This is the year, Tim... I kin fill it in me bones... not the year to win the big one, for that is every year... but the year of revenge!!!!!!!! The year a cheated defensive line gets their hairy knuckled mitts on O'Donnell's traitorous neck! I cant stop giggling... his little trip to Tehran on the Ohio may yet lead to the other joyful day. The day the beast is chained for a millenium... the day O'Donnel retires! Woooyah!

Just thought I would get in touch as the preseason has drawn me out of hibernation... yuk yuk. Neil in Cincy... couldn't happen to a nicer town... or a nicer guy. Death to the boys, and GO STEELERS!

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