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Click Here to see "Kneel" in his lovely, curve hugging Cinci Uniform!

Click Here to see the All-New O'Donnell Doll!
Neil's Talk Show
Neil isn't just a failure at QB! Few people know about Neil's miserable stint as a talk show host.

Ronald O'Donnell's Playhouse

Ode to O'Dummell
Written by poet extraordinaire Ron Brison
Bungles Drop-Kick
Ronald O'Donnell
With his release from the Cincinnati Bungles, Kneel O'Dummell is once again out of work and seeking gainful employment. My suggestion? McDonald's, of course. Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce, Neil! Click Here for the heartwarming details about O'Donnell, who has been cut twice by as many teams in the last nine months. God, I love it... 'Ya want fries with that?

The Greatest O'Donnell Article Ever!
A MUST-READ! I wish I knew who to credit this one to (it's one of those ''heard from a friend, who heard it from a friend'' deals). Without a doubt, this is the funiest, best-written O'Dummell article of all time. Click Here and prepare to laugh your ass off!

Fan Comments Full of Spite!
Updated 3/30/00! It is my firm belief that no self-respecting Steeler fan can hold anything but comtempt in their hearts for Neil "Ronald" O'Donnell. Click Here for some venom-filled fan comments about the biggest STIFF in Pittsburgh History, and don't forget to send us YOUR comments!

What Does MVP Mean to Neil?
Updated 11-3-99! The traditional meaning of MVP is "Most Valuable Player." But throw Neil O'Donnell and his pathetic showing in Super Bowl XXX into the mix, and you can come up with lots of more "telling" definitions for the acronym (e.g., MVP = Must Vacate Pittsburgh). Click Here for a slew of O'Donnell acronyms, then send us yours!

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