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Week 1
at Cleveland

Week 2
at Baltimore

Week 3
vs. Seattle

Week 4
vs. Jacksonville

Week 5
at Buffalo

Week 6
at Cincinnati

Week 7
vs. Atlanta

Week 8

Week 9
at San Fran

Week 10
vs. Cleveland

Week 11
at Tennessee

Week 12
vs. Cincinnati

Week 13
at Jacksonville

Week 14
vs. Baltimore

Week 15
at Kansas City

Week 16
vs. Carolina

Week 17
vs. Tennessee

Here We Go!

Post-Game Analysis
By the Fans!
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The following comments are listed in the order they were received with the most recent entries at the top. This isn't a "guestbook" format... I read and manually insert every message, so you may not see your submission show up for a day or two.
Week 1
Pittsburgh at Cleveland (43-0)

Submitted by Chris
Although this is not anti-Browns since we really don't even have to acknowledge those Dawgpound idiots after last night's public slaying, you will probably get a kick out of this article:

Also, I would like to commend you on your Jack Lambert page! I found it to be the best tribute page on the web and must give credit where credit is due.

Oh, and I am a dog trainer. Those dawg pound fools need an electric collar... a couple zaps like last night ought to wake them up! Ah, at least they have the expansion excuse.. It's not like they ever had an excuse in the past... to suck, that is.

Submitted by Bill Williamson
I went to the Steelers-Clowns game on Sunday and had a blast. I stayed at the Embassy Suites in Beachwood, and the guy behind the counter told me that the Steelers were staying at the Marriott (two hotels over). I wound up going over with my camera, just to see if I could see any of them there. As I got out of my car, I saw Paul McGwire and Solomon Wilcots walking behind me (got a picture too). Then I hung out in the lobby and 10 minutes later, Mike Patrick and Joe Theismann from ESPN came in (Joe was not too friendly). Then I saw a tall, light-haired lady walk into the gift shop (she looked like she was expecting). I think it was Mrs. Cowher (could someone help me here, is she expecting?). Unfortunately, I did not see any of the players.

As far as the game went, three comments: Nice stadium, rude Browns fans, and Steelers 43, Clowns 0. I was lucky enough to sit with Troy Edwards' family (there were about 20 of them there), got pictures, and talked to his dad a bit (nice guy).

For you Clowns fans, we're looking at 0-16. Steeler fans, I think 2-0 after the Ravens game is reasonable.

Bill Williamson

Submitted by Bob Botkin
There is nothing better than watching the Browns get slaughtered like they did on Sunday. Oh, by the way... wasn't there a certain linebacker (I can't remember his name) that was going to make sure Bettis knew who he was all day?

Submitted by Tommy "Fleetwood N. Julio" Coleman
Ouch! I predicted 45-0. You should have heard me at the end of the 4th quarter, screaming for the "first" safety in the new Clowns' Stadium! Under "Firsts" in the next Clowns media guide; "See Pittsburgh Steelers media guide". That was so bad, I heard D'arcy (the female bass player for Smashing Pumpkins) quit the band!


P.S.--Next Game: Steelers vs. Ravens -- Steeler Nation will be at Gallagher's, State St. & Ellsworth, Ann Arbor Michigan. Open Invitation!

P.S.S.--For Baltimore pre-game smak: As Myron Cope would say (sung to the tune of "Deck the Halls"); "Deck the stalls with Modells meatballs, Fa Gah Gah Gah Gah Gah Gah Gah Gah!!!

Submitted by Mike
The Steelers' performance in the Brown's game was encouraging. With our personnel losses, banged up Bus, and shaky QB, we still played like a quality football team. We will win this year thanks to Cowher. I look forward to Jacksonville, San Francisco, and Tennessee. With the Jets w/o Testaverde, we have a good shot at the playoffs. Buffalo, Seattle, Oakland, and New England will be our playoff contention competitors. I think Denver, Jags, and Miami are solid.

Submitted by Ed from N.J.
What a beating!!! Yes, it was the Browns' first game, and yes, they have no quarterback or running game. But, destroying the browns 43-0 is heaven. I almost forgot how much I hate them! Welcome back boys, but the pre-season is over!!!

ED from N.J.

P.S.--I am looking foward to seeing Mark Brunell in a Kirkland/Porter sandwich!

Submitted by Ed, Trac, Jack
Two months ago, I stumbled onto your GODlike steeler web site. I'm sorry I didn't know of it earlier. Yesterday's slaughter of the Browns was absolutely awesome, and at the same time really funny. How in the world can any human being allow themselves to become a Browns fan? That automaticly makes you a piece of @*&$.

Anyway, the Jack Lambert tribute is exellent. There is no one nastier or meaner than him! I kept my Lambert memories alive by naming my dog after him (JACK).

We're die hard Steeler fans from Long Island, NY and we try to get to Pittsburgh every year with the Steeler loyal. Talk to 'ya later.

Ed, Trac, Jack

Submitted by Ron Brison
Finally stopped the gales of belly laughs enough to type! (BTW, new e-mail account, same ole' Ron, tho') We smashed dem punkins real good-like!

Sure, they are an expansion team... of course they suck. But Kordell is back and the Bus is a-rollin'! The receiving corps has miraculously grown, uh... what do they call 'em? Oh yeah... HANDS! To catch stuff!

I know Sunday isn't going to be typical, but I now believe that a 10-6 season is possible and you werent having vapors when you suggested it. I know a lot of wise asses are going to say that it was a gimme game cause the Browns are new, but the fact is, they are all pro players and it takes a purty good team to make a pro team look that bad.

Congrats on your second son (my wife says you're not man enough to blow their balls off)!

All my best to Sandy's Dad, and I hope things work out for the best. I lost my dad to cancer last year and my heart goes out to your family. Its not easy, but you have to fill the days with love and hope. You've got my prayers.

Ron Brison

Submitted by Gary Mikula
My prediction was also 10-6 at the start of the season. With Cleveland, Cincinati, and Baltimore on the schedule, that would leave only 4 more wins needed to reach this.

Everything won't be as easy as Sunday night. Baltimore is going to be a very good "next step" indicator. Their defense did not give up a touchdown last week. They lost the away game, so they're going to be fired up... it's their home opener. We'll have a better idea of how far the new offense has improved.

Joe Chioda, owner of arguably Pittsburgh's best sports bar and avid Pittsburgh Steeler fan, has predicted an 8-8 record as reported in this week's issue of InPittsburgh.

Here we go Steelers, Here we go.....

Submitted by LESKER
Okay people... it seems that I was much too kind in my pre-game saying we would win 24-3. 'Ya know, in the middle of the 4th quarter, I almost felt sorry for the Browns fans - almost.

Anyway, against these guys, the big 'O was in midseason form, and boy did the line look good. Kordell was sharp as a razor... while he did have a few sail on him early, 90% of the time the ball was right where it needed to be. He was running around like a maniac in the first half... it was simply a thing of beauty. And the offense was innovative! Who's seen a fake QB sneak recently? And after all of the talk about scrapping our 5 wide receiver set, I think it was the first play we came out in a 5 wide set and Stewart runs a draw. Beautiful, even more impressive were some plays by the wide receivers Edwards and Ward. These guys are providing the big play capability that Thigpen used to. That to me was the biggest aspect of this game. I knew Stewart would turn his game around, and I knew the bus would be okay, but the receivers stepped up. I think of Ward's 1 yard pass from Tomczak... he just out-muscled the db for the ball and the long pass to him when Kordell caught him in stride. It was very refreshing to say the least.

Only time will tell if the Steelers are that good or the Browns are that bad. Oh (and I almost take this for granted), I have to praise the defense. It was it's usual outstanding self, allowing a meager 40 total yards by the Browns the entire game and perhaps even more telling -7 yards in the second half with some backups in. Our D will be strong for years to come.

Submitted by Michael Clark
I was hoping to get a look at the young Steeler defense. Kinda hard to form an opinion when they only spent twelve minutes on the field... HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Submitted by Michael J. DeLancey
Sorry, I was a bit off in my prediction of Stelers 35, Browns 10... I gave the Dawgs entirely to much credit.

Visit my web site at

Submitted by Tom Bragg
CAN YOU SAY "TOTAL DOMINATION?" After watching the Browns and Steelers Sunday night, I must say I'm impressed with Kevin Gilbride's new offense. Two major observations I made: 1) The way Kordell Stewart handled himself... this guy is looking like the Kordell of 1997! His confidence is at an all-time high right now. 2) The play of Jerome Bettis... you would never know that the Bus missed all of training camp as well as the four pre-season games. He truly looked like he was in midseason form as well. Granted, the Browns are no playoff contender by any stretch of the imagination, but if the Steelers can continue to build on what they started in Cleveland, then this team is going to be lighting up a few scoreboards in the weeks ahead. I've seen some ass-whippins in my day, but this Browns/Steelers game was a real treat!

Tom Bragg

Submitted by Boro
WOW! What a start to the season, huh? Okay, okay, I know it was the expansion Browns, so we can't expect this every week. That's not the point... the point is, the execution looked good on both sides of the ball. Kordell passed well, the line blocked the well, the Bus was running better then ever, and the defense was just amazing. In other words, they jelled as a team. Yes, the competition might as well been a high school team. But the experience for the team in general was sooo positive. Now its time to continue to jell and see what they do against a real team. But with this showing, we can only hope for more. That game was like a enema for an offense that has been backed up since last year. Now they KNOW they can click offensively. Time to run with this momentum!

Hoping this is for real!
Boro fooball

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