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Here We Go!

Post-Game Analysis
By the Fans!
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The following comments are listed in the order they were received with the most recent entries at the top. This isn't a "guestbook" format... I read and manually insert every message, so you may not see your submission show up for a day or two.
Week 11
Pittsburgh at Tennessee (10-16)

Submitted by Travis Tallman
Many Steeler fans might find this slightly offensive:

I have always been a DIEHARD STEELER Fan my whole life. In my 20 years on this earth, I have seen both good and bad teams. This past weekend I took a hunting trip deep into the mountains and spared myself another ulcer. It felt wierd to not watch the game for once, but I have come to terms with the fact that we are not a very good team. It was Tuesday before I learned of our debacle... I expected it, however. The point that I am trying to make is that some fans are too involved (like myself) and we should support our team, but I have found that if I don't watch, I can spare myself some sanity. I still love the Steelers and I really hate this losing streak. I am debating what should be done to rebuild and return to glory. One thing that I will be watching Coach Cowher for is how HE RESPONDS to the current situation. Will he make changes? Are Malcolm Johnson and Amos Zereoue going to get reps? I say the season is done for us. But do not fret. WE WILL BE BACK. WE SHALL ARISE FROM THIS DARK DAY TO TRIUMPH ONCE AGAIN!!! Now, let's see who and what can be salvaged for next year! GO STEELERS!!!

A Diehard Fan,
Travis Tallman

Submitted by Stuck In Hell
Dear Mc and Wife:

For the past 15 months, 9 days, 23 hours, 47 minutes and some few seconds I have been stuck in a living hell called Tennessee. I just wanted to write you to say thanks for the web site... it has been a saving grace for Stiller fans everywhere. I would be absolutely bonkers without this site. Living here is the pits, and to top it off the Titan Fans were picked Number 1 Fans by Pro Football Weekly. I still have trouble sleeping at night when I hear that. It's hard to believe that a town where no game (except the Steeler game) sold out before the season started, where no one shows up for the game until the end of the first quarter is over, where PLS still are available, could be ranked number 1. I attended the game on Sunday and it was terrible. My wife and I left for the stadium at 8:00 a.m. because I told her (from my past Steeler experiences) that we had to get there early so we can get a place to park. So we arrive in dahntahn Nashville at 8:20 and, low and behold, we could park ANYWHERE. No tailgaters except for the 10-15 thousand Steeler fans that showed up. And the Tennessee fans are the number 1? RIGHT!!!

Thanks for letting me bitch, and keep up the great work.

Stuck in Hell

Submitted by Tommy "Fleetwood 'N' Julio" Coleman
Jerome had 70 yards in the first quarter... SEVENTY! And ends up with 88 for the day. It was not a huge adjustment by the TITs D, it was poor play calling, especially on the last drive with OVER 3 MINUTES ON THE CLOCK AND TIME OUTS! RUN IT DOWN THEIR THROATS! And in the first half, why didn't Bill Cowher challenge the Air Nugget TD? He sure can't say it's because he didn't want to lose a time out, because week after week, season after season, Steeler games come down to the last play/second, yet year after year Bill Cowher treats the first half as a (?) warm up? What happened to 60 minutes of football? If take a knee and regroup is the Steelers end of the first half philosophy, then they need a new one. Time outs are used in the first half like candy, so why not challenge? It didn't look like a TD to me. AND PLEASE, BILL, YOU HAVE A QUARTERBACK THAT CLAIMED HIS FAME BY THROWING A 70+ YARDER HAIL MARY! TRUST ME, I SEE IT REPLAYED ALMOST WEEKLY SO WHY TAKE A KNEE IN THE 1st HALF EVER?

To sum up: I can drive 5-5. I do it every day. So can the Steelers, but the speed limit is 70 and the best they can do this week is 6-5. Put Gilbride in the booth where he can see better. The O-line did a great job run and pass blocking (I won't mention all those stupid penalties) and he sqaundered it!


Submitted by Will Smith
I'm usually one to keep the good faith in our boys, but I have to say that this season is just about over. It just sucks to lose by less than one score every game. Oh, well... at least we are not Cincy fans or Philly fans (sigh). I really don't know what to change right now. It's obvious that something must be done. How about Malcom Johnson at WR as the 4th or 5th or HELL just start him because the other guys suck so bad. Maybe Amos Zereoue could play a little WR. Well, we know T-zack sucks, and we know that Gonzales and Wright aren't starting QB's, but maybe Ward could play the position for a little while. Oh, well. And our play calling consists of stupid screen passes that get picked off, short out patterns by the recievers, and the seldom-used Jerome Bettis off tackle. What wizardry from the Guru Gilbride (sigh)! Oh, well. What do we draft 1st next year? Another WR (cuz you know the Steelers don't trade up in the 1st round and all of the good QB's will be gone by the time we pick, even if we lost the rest of our games this year.

Submitted by AG7JG22
Okay, let's face it... the steelers will not make the playoffs.

However, I will go neutral at Kordell this time. Is he a good quarterback? Not really. But does he suck in this day and age in the NFL? NOOOOOO!!! There are several average to below average QBS. He is one of them. The Steelers have no receivers outside of maybe Edwards. I question the play calling. What is the best weapon the Stillers have? THE BUS. Give him the damn ball 30 times a game. He only touched it 14 times for 88 yds on Sunday. When did Gilbride become a great offensive coordinator? The Steelers have multiple problems on offense, and it isn't all Stewart. The receivers stink, the line is below average. And the QB is below average. Give the ball to the BUS 30 times and roll the dice. He is their best weapon. So give the ball. Don't count on Stewart. The season appears to be over, so why not put all the eggs into the BUS'S basket. They will never be a throwing team with Stewart. They should have kept Lester and let the BUS just run. It isn't totally over, but it is close. They will be in every game down the stretch unless they mail it in. Ride that defense and see if the BUS can get you into the playoffs. Winnable games still exist vs. the Bungles, Baltimore, Carolina, and Tennessee at home and perhaps the Chiefs. 10 wins is still do-able... not likely, but do-able. Ride the BUS until it breaks down. BUS passes must be issued, you BETCHA......

Submitted by RJHurf
Dear Mr. Cowher:

Please give Famous Amos and Malcolm Johnson a chance. Maybe Pete Gonzales and Anthony Wright for a couple of series. What have you got to lose? Worried that you won't score any points?? Don't worry. It can't get any worse. Maybe something will click. Just tell them to go out there and bust heads. Run around, have some fun. You never know.

Submitted by Nat LaBorde
Wow! Cool loss! I thought football players were not allowed to smoke crack! What do I know? Well, one thing is for sure... our team sure knows how to get wasted! What ever happened to "find a way to win?" Because we certainly have found every possible way to lose.

Well, let me see... who will be on the Steelers next year? Earl Holmes... see ya buddie. You can play football, and I am sure the coaches are not pleased with that, so see you in a Jagoff uniform. You too, Kirkland. But hey,don't cry... it looks like Kordella will be with us for a long time! That's right, kids, we're kicking EVERYONE out of the basement. We want it all! They will be called the Pittsburgh Basement Buddies next year, or better yet, the Baseheads! I'm free, free basing, I'm , free basing!

On note even sadder than our season (and more important), Vann Washington, a rookie safety in camp for the Steelers, was in a really bad car accident. Mr.Washington is in a coma, with serious head injuries... Football ain't everything.

Later Daze,

Submitted by Terry Ingle
WHAT A BUNCH OF x##*@!&. Words can not describe this. This is the last straw for me. Hey Levon, anymore "FALSE HOPE" comments you'd like to share with the best fans in the world? Sure, you know what to do! Win the next 6 games. Fat chance, Levon. Hey Bill, you guys keep saying that the team is not that far off and that we are still contenders. HAHAHAHA. The Pittsburgh Steelers turkey (or goose, whatever fits) has been cooked early and the only thing we are contending for is a high draft choice. Dating back to Thanksgiving last year, we are 5-10. I am definitely not used to a record like that. Kinda makes you wonder if the boys and coaching staff have lost the FIRE and WILL to win. Hey, I have a great idea... LETS REBUILD!!! What a concept, huh, Tom Donahoe!!! I can't type anymore... this is SICKNING. Again Tim, great job on your page. I just wish the boys in Black and Gold would show as much effort as you are!

HERE WE GO STEELERS HERE WE GO (Right out of the playoffs down the drain)!!!


Submitted by Thomas Bragg
Can you say, "Total self destruction?" Or how about the words, "Holding, offsides, encroachment, & false start," just to name a few. The Steelers sure can say them, because against the Titans, that's about all they did. Pittsburgh did everything except hold that gun to their head and pull the trigger! Once again, the defense plays well enough to win but the offense says, "Not today, boys!" The minute that Tenessee went up 14 - 7, you automatically knew that this game was over. The Steelers couldn't have scored another TD if their lives depended on it. In a way, their lives DID depend on it... their playoff lives, which doesn't make much difference now. As far as all the "DEFEATIST BULLSHIT" thats supposedly taking place, guess what guys... we are defeated. Like it or not, people need to face facts and admit that this Pittsburgh Steeler squad is a very mediocre team at best. Major questions need to be answered and its time for people to start being held accountable!

Tom Bragg

Submitted by McMillen & Wife
It just figures... I'm finally done with yard work for the year. The leaves are raked, the lawn is mowed, the storm windows are in, the weather-proofing is done, and I've finally got my Sundays back again. So what happens? My beloved Steelers promptly go down the tubes. Pittsburgh's loss to the Titans Sunday effectively ended their playoff hopes for 1999. What am I supposed to do now? I'm really tempted to scatter the leaves all over the yard again, just so I'll have something to take my mind off football next weekend. This just sucks, people.

I can scarcely remember the last time the Steelers season was ostensively over just 10 games into the season. But here we are. Yeah, I know... mathematically, they're still alive. But let's face it... the fat lady started warming up before the Titans game, and by the time the final gun sounded, she was singin' her ass off.

There's almost no point in assigning blame this week (Lord knows there's plenty to go around). Stupid penalties (often coming one right on top of the other) on both the offensive & defensive lines proved very costly. Mental errors helped sustain several Titan drives & killed several Steeler drives. Add the blown FG attempt and that ridiculous safety into the mix, and it was just too much. Yes, the defense played pretty well after struggling during the first quarter, but those 14 early points they allowed were simply too much for our anemic offense to overcome.

Speaking of anemic, Kordell was awful (again). While the intentional grounding penalty resulting in a safety wasn't Kordell's fault (the officials blew the call saying Lyons wasn't eligible and awarded a safety to the Titans), there's no WAY should Kordell should've held the ball for that long standing in the shadow of his own goal post. And like last week, Stewart once again threw a "huh" pass late in the game that was picked off to seal the Steelers fate (a "huh" pass is one where Kordell throws the ball into a crowd of defenders and Sandy & I look at each other and say, "Huh?!"). Compounding Kordell's problems was yet another awful outing by our receivers, and the O-line (by virtue of all those pre-snap penalties) was also a liability. Doesn't leave much room for praise, does it?

At least Bettis looked good. He was kicking some major tail whenever he got the chance (88 yards on 14 carries). Josh Miller (who's likely to be their only Pro Bowler this year) was marvelous as always. Other than that, it was pretty damn bad. Let's just hope the Steelers can find a few bright spots during the remainder of the season to build on. At this point, the games become little more than full-speed practices. Be that as it may, Cowher needs to hold these guys together... play on for pride & glory rather than just going in the tank. Yeah, the playoffs are no longer an issue, but we're still the Steelers. Let's see it we can't still deal a little death.

Do me a favor, coach Cowher... get this team fired up to beat the snot out of Cinci next week. Don't just squeak one out or worse yet, lose (God forbid). Humiliate them. Please.

Okay, I'm done. See 'ya next week. Until then, my bruthas!
Tim McMillen
Webmaster, McMillen & Wife

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