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Week 1
at Cleveland

Week 2
at Baltimore

Week 3
vs. Seattle

Week 4
vs. Jacksonville

Week 5
at Buffalo

Week 6
at Cincinnati

Week 7
vs. Atlanta

Week 8

Week 9
at San Fran

Week 10
vs. Cleveland

Week 11
at Tennessee

Week 12
vs. Cincinnati

Week 13
at Jacksonville

Week 14
vs. Baltimore

Week 15
at Kansas City

Week 16
vs. Carolina

Week 17
vs. Tennessee

Here We Go!

Pre-Game Analysis
By the Fans!
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The following comments are listed in the order they were received with the most recent entries at the top. This isn't a "guestbook" format... I read and manually insert every message, so you may not see your submission show up for a day or two.
Week 11
Pittsburgh at Tennessee

Submitted by Tommy "Fleetwood 'N' Julio" Coleman
First a little histrionics... Subject: the History of TITanS.

It was 1959 and the first organizational meeting of the proposed American Football League was being conducted by Lamar Hunt. Charter franchises were granted to New York, Dallas, Los Angeles, Minneapolis--St. Paul, Denver and Houston.

In New York, the new owner was radio personality Harry Wismer. The team was named the "Titans," and Sammy Baugh was hired as the head coach. Wismer. Titans. Baugh. All big-league sounding names. With the Giants across town, they new it wouldn't be easy. But what they didn't know was that it was going to be near disaster.

The TITanS played in the old Polo Grounds, and in that first season they ended up 7-7 and drew only 114,628 at home for the entire year. In 1961, 7-7 again and a lower attendance. In 1962, Wismer fired Baugh and hired Bulldog Turner as head coach. Shortly thereafter a conflict arose over Baugh's contract, and Wismer agreed to pay it off and keep Turner as head coach. Then genuine financial trouble struck and Wismer was unable to meet the payroll. It was a grave situation, not only for Wismer and the TITanS, but for the fledgling league as well. The AFL stepped in and assumed the cost of operating the TITanS until the end of the season.

David A. (Sonny) Werblin headed a five man syndicate which agreed to purchase the TITanS for $1 million dollars. The transaction was signed, and Werblin went to work. He first did two things practically simultaneously. He hired Weeb Ewbanks as head coach, and he changed the name of the team from TITanS to Jets. "We need a new image," he said. "So we'll begin with a successful, established coach and a new name. One not so grandiose." Yes, Mr. Werblin,Yes !

These are not those same TITanS, but many (if not most of them) are, in my book, still OILY Ho's from OILY HOtown Texass, and once a Oiler, always an Oiler. If Kevin Gilbride has any of that baby blue paraphernalia crap around his house, now would be a good time to get rid of it. He needs to dip himself in all THREE RIVERS. And while he is at it, he can throw out any of that Teal Tongued Wharf Rat crap as well.

If last week wasn't enough proof, then this week vs. the TITs as well as the Ravens rematch should drive home this medical fact:


...because if you don't, those germs will hibernate,move to some other orifice and start replicating again. I didn't go to medical school, and I don't play a doctor on TV, but if my thesis is incorrect, then why does the Son of the Anti-Steeler, Baby-Blue Oily Ho Poster Boy, Texass President Wanna-be, Anti-Steeler Jr. have his face on THE Steeler Web page? Surely there is a more appropriate place for such...things.

I would like to see Dan Rooney punch that lone star swilling Bud (even Gomez thinks I look like a bad Elvis impersonator) Adams in his Baby-Blue leisure suited belly.

Eddie Joke, Mr. Kirkland would like to talk to you. Air McNugget, want some sauce on that? The Freak... now there is a talented player. Maybe the first legit Flaming T to play in Nashville.

Don't blame Tennessee... A STEEL BIT Drills the Oilers !


Submitted by McMillen & Wife
I don't usually have time to put in my 2 cents on pregame. But with all the defeatism I'm hearing (including my own) after what happened vs. Cleveland last Sunday, I'll chime in for a change.

Last week was last week. It's over. Move on.

Anybody who thinks this Titans team is unbeatable needs to take a little closer look. Yes, they're 7-2. And yes, they did come away with a couple of big upsets vs. Jacksonville (a complete fluke) & St. Louis. But other than that, they've been playing nobody's, and certainly haven't played flawless football. Here's what they've done:

vs. Cinci, 36-35 W
vs. Cleveland, 26-9 W
at Jacksonville, 20-19 W
at San Fran, 22-24 L
vs. Baltimore, 14-11 W
at New Orleans, 24-21 W
vs. St. Louis, 24-21 W
at Miami, 0-17 L
at Cinci, 24-14 W

5 of their 7 vitories have come by a total of 11 points (that's a margin of 2.2 points per game), and mostly against horrible teams. They're not exactly bulldozing the oposition, guys & dolls. And anyone who saw their so-called "win" over Jacksonville will recall that Brunell inexplicably threw an interception in the end zone in the final minute of the game when the Jags were poised inside Tennessee's 10. The Jags had it won if Brunell had just thrown the ball away & let 'em kick the chip-shot FG. As for their win over the Rams, I actually watched that game, and the Rams just had an off day. Everything that could go wrong, did. Let's face it... the law of averages was simply against St. Louis that week. 7-0? No.

Now look at the Tuxedos two losses. One was to a pathetic San Fran team (which is not too many notches down from our loss to Cleveland), and the other was a humiliating 17-0 shutout by Miami. Let me tell you something... Miami's defense isn't any better than ours, folks. Our "D" is damn good. Yes, the absence of Chad Scott will hurt, but since Tennessee (God, I still wanna call 'em Houston) is likely to be missing an excellent receiver in Yancey Thigpen (who's suffering from a twisted ankle), it's gonna be a little less necessary to dedicate a safety to help Townsend out on every play. Thus, containing running back Eddie George should be a bit more managable in Thigpen's absence. Yeah, I really do like our chances. This is definitely a win-able game.

One other point. I mentioned the law of averages earlier. Does anyone think the Titans are really a 14-2, 13-3 team? I sure don't. They're solid, even good, but still not Super Bowl material. Tennesse is 5-0 in the division, too. Does anybody really think that's gonna hold up? Not me. They're due for a slump, guys. I'm tellin' 'ya right now, they're gonna fall to Pittsburgh this week, and that defense in Baltimore is gonna nip 'em in 2 weeks. Wait & see. Jax has 'em again in the next-to-last game, we get 'em in Pittsburgh the following week for the finale. They aren't gonna beat Jax twice, and if we're still somehow in contention that last week, we're gonna sweep their asses. The Titans are an 11-5 team at best (and hopefully, only 10-6 so we have a shot at a playoff berth). But, I'm getting ahead of myself.

It's not over, people. This isn't some "feel-good" pep talk... I'm serious about this. We have a superb defense, and an offense that performs relatively well on the road. I refuse to give up on this season. The Steelers won't give up, either. Time to kick some ass.

McMillen & Wife

Submitted by Tom Bragg
After last week's debacle against the Browns, I think it's fairly safe to say that our Steelers have virtually no chance of beating the Titans. Regardless of how well the Steelers play on the road, they will have to play a flawless game both offensively and defensively. Defensively maybe, but on offense? Forget it, guys... it ain't gonna happen. Titans 31, Steelers 10.

Tom Bragg

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