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Week 1
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Week 2
at Baltimore

Week 3
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Week 4
vs. Jacksonville

Week 5
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Week 9
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Week 10
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Here We Go!

Pre-Game Analysis
By the Fans!
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The following comments are listed in the order they were received with the most recent entries at the top. This isn't a "guestbook" format... I read and manually insert every message, so you may not see your submission show up for a day or two.
Week 2
Pittsburgh at Baltimore

Submitted by Tommy "Fleetwood N. Julio" Coleman
Sometimes you get,You get what cha need, ahhhh right.

Pre-Game 4 September 19th vs. Balls 'n' whores:

In regards to Rod retiring as a Steeler, I say YES! Lets get that ball rolling Sunday. Or should I say the Bus Rolling! Rolling right over his Purple disillusioned ass. When he wakes up, he'll be home and this nightmarish crap will be over.

Quote: In regards to Rod's feelings about Art Modell;"He signs my check, so I love him."

And he wonders why he got booed at the Igloo, in a town that stands for family and blue collar values. There is a big, and I mean BIG differance between Art Rooney and that sorry @#5$#32*** Modell... does Rod even remember? Rod, come home and all will be forgiven!


P.S.-- I voted for Rod in your poll, but just barely over Dermontti.

Submitted by Mike DeLancey
I will be short and sweet as I was in Week 1 against the Browns: Steelers 28 Ravens 17 (Bettis 125+ yards).

Visit my web site at

Submitted by Kelley Allison
If the Steelers play as well as they did this past weekend against the Brownies, we're going to reach that one for the thumb, baby. Oh behaaave!

The Ravens (and everyone else on the schedule) are going to take the same merciless beating as Cleveland did on Sunday. Hopefully, it will at least be more exciting than against the Dawg-('yawn')-pound. I almost fell asleep, too, Tim!

I really and truly, from the bottom of my jaded little heart believe that this is Kordell's year to gel as a quarterback. So he had a bad year! So did Bradshaw and look how well he pulled it all together. Have faith, people!

As per usual, it didn't hurt that I was wearing my lucky Steelers sweatshirt from my childhood (rips, kool-aid stains and all).

Now if only the Cowboys would've lost, it would've been a phenomenal weekend.

Take care! " we go, Steelers, here we go...."

Kelley Allison

P.S. -- Oh, by the way, congrats to you and your lovely better half on the bun in the proverbial oven. I know you're having a boy, but if you ever have a girl, I think you should name her after me, being that I am the biggest female Steeler fan ever. =)

Submitted by
Unfortunately, living the land of freaking boring Orioles baseball, Natty Bo, and Crabs, the only benefit is I'm guaranteed to see my beloved Steelers on two occassions. I'm predicting a week 2 blowout over the hapless purple "birdies". I do expect to see Tony Banks, though, which may provide a different look for the men in black. I believe that Scott "I'm about as mobile as Frankstein" Mitchell will get a quick hook in a 28-10 Steeler win.

Submitted by Jonathan Pasterick
The Ravens game should be a good test for the Steelers. Living down here around Ball'mer, I've been able to follow this team a bit. The fact is that the Ravens pretty much stink. They have very few good players on the team, and I don't think Brian Billick has been around long enough to have any great effect. Their quarterback situation is dire. A man who goes by the handle of "Stoney Case" is already challenging Scott Mitchell for the starting job. I guess that after losing to an Arena League quarterback last week vs. the Rams in Kurt Warner, the Ravens must have figured "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em."

The Ravens don't have much running game. They have a stationary QB known to throw some pretty bad interceptions, and aside from occasional spectacular plays from Jermaine Lewis (who I refuse to bag on as we went to high school together), their receiving corps is in bad shape. All of this, coupled with the Steelers pass rush and pass defense (I must say that I was very impressed with their secondary last week. The majority of sacks the Steelers had against the Browns were coverage sacks. It was obvious that, even when Detmer had time, he had no one to throw to) means trouble for the Ravens.

This all said, the Ravens are only your garden variety sucky team. They are not Cleveland bad. The Ravens are pretty much in that group of teams like the Rams, Saints, Eagles, Lions, etc. If you don't play well, you could lose. I don't think anyone will say that about the Browns this year. Plus, the Ravens see the Steelers as their arch rivals (although, Ray Lewis, easily the best player on that team, put it well when he said in reference to the "rivalry" between the Ravens and Steelers, "it ain't no damn rivalry when one team always wins."), so the Ravens are always motivated to play well against the Steelers. Also, they get pissed off when they have a home game against the Steelers, and are outnumbered in their own damn stadium by Steelers fans.

I'm not going to come forward with a prediction, because even as I write this, I fear I'm jinxing the Steelers by prognosticating at all about the Steelers' future. If the Steelers play as well as they played against the Browns, I think they'll handle the Ravens (sorry I sound like a politician here). Either way, it'll be a better gauge of where the Steelers are right now than the Browns game.

Keep up the good work,
Jon Pasterick

Submitted by Thomas Bragg
As crazy as this is going to sound, this Sunday's Steelers/Ravens game is going to be the Steelers first real test of 1999. Now before everyone thinks I fell off my rocker, I'll tell you why. In the past several years, everytime the Steelers had a big win over anybody, the following Sunday they've came out and literally stunk up the joint. You can call it complacency or overconfidence, but the fact is, after a big win one week, the following week the Steelers do not look like the same team. This Sunday in Baltimore, we're going to see just how professional these 1999 Steelers really are. If they come out with the same fire and intensity as they did against the Browns, then the Ravens are dead ducks! On the other hand, if they come out and sleepwalk through this game as they have in past seasons, then this will be a good indicator of just what type of team the Steelers have. Believe it or not, but this game Sunday against the Ravens is going to determine just how far the Steelers go in 1999. My prediction on the game 28-10 Pittsburgh.

Tom Bragg

Submitted by Terry Ingle
First off, it's good to see that you are still as dedicated as you were last year. Awesome web site my man. I like the new features.

Now down to real business. We showed a hell of a lot of improvement last week against Cleveland compared to last year's final 6 games. With Gilbride at the helm this year, I think teams will not know what's coming at them week in and week out. Throw in Haslett's piece of the pie on defense, and I believe that the opposing team's defense will stay out on the field as long as the Browns did. I truly believe we have something special going on here. The Ravens are not an expansion team, but have played like one throughout their brief history. Nevertheless, our boys will be challenged more this week then last week.

I heard a rumor that Scott Mitchell is at 260 pounds. If this is the case, I see plenty of blitzing from the linebackers, and even bring a CB all at one time. As I stated before, Haslett is a special type of coach. I wouldn't be surprised to see a 3-3-5 (BLITZ) defense on some passing downs to really put the pressure on fat-ass Mitchell. After he shows he can't handle it, enter Tony Banks. When this happens, we take over the NFL lead in interceptions.

The only worry I have on that is that running back Priest Holmes has had some good games against the Steelers. We can't become complacent and forget about this guy.

The secondary will play a major role in this game and be the key for victory as will the special teams in stopping Eric Metcalf. Although I still like and respect Rod Woodson to death, I would like match up Troy Edwards and Rod one on one deep to see if Rod can keep up with him (that is, if Baltimore puts a free safety on a receiver one on one). Folks are saying that Edwards has the speed of Jett from the Raiders. Is the biggest Steeler killer still out (BOULWARE)? That would be a good thing.

Here are some key stats from the St. Louis/Baltimore game: The Rams outgained the Ravens, 350-223, and had a 23-13 advantage in first downs. I LIKE OUR CHANCES!!!!!

Anyway, here is my prediction. Steelers 35, Ravens 12 (all field goals). Note: Steelers' 1st team will not play in the 4th quarter.

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