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Week 3
vs. Seattle

Week 4
vs. Jacksonville

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Here We Go!

Pre-Game Analysis
By the Fans!
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The following comments are listed in the order they were received with the most recent entries at the top. This isn't a "guestbook" format... I read and manually insert every message, so you may not see your submission show up for a day or two.
Week 3
Pittsburgh vs. Seattle

Submitted by Mazter
Q: Why do seahawks fly upside down over Seattle?

A: The Place isn't worth $#!tting on... hahaha!

Submitted by Terry Ingle
Here we go again, the world according to me. Although 99.9% of the predictions that I make in all aspects of the game rarely come true, I will go ahead and do it again. Here we go.

I truly believe that Kitna can not get it done, especially in Three Rivers Stadium. Therefore, on that point alone, I do not see Seattle scoring that many points. 13 will the the maximum. As far as our offense goes, Kordell and the BOYZ will be facing a lot of 8 man fronts to include 3rd down situations, just to try to confuse him. Here is the deal... it will not work. Gilbride has got a plan to beat this team, and only he and BOYZ know what it's gonna be. I will take a stab at what the plan is. The plan is called TROY EDWARDS. This rookie will have the game of his young career today over Willie Williams and Shawn Springs. My only concern is Chad Brown at this point. He is another story I don't have a solution to. Here is the prediction.


Terry (A.K.A. - M1A1HVY)

Submitted by Larry
I have a good feeling about Scott Shields. The guy is big and fast and has a heart like a lion. I don't think we'll lose much with him in there. I wish he wasn't playing due to Flowers' injury, but I really like the way this guy plays, and can't wait to watch him. I think he'll do very well.

Take care,

Submitted by McMillen & Wife
This one is going to be interesting...

When you combine the fact that Seattle has never won in Pittsburgh (nor have the Steelers ever won in Seattle) with the fact that the Steelers have nearly always won their home openers under Bill Cowher (unless they were playing the Cowboys, that is) and this should spell a certain Steelers victory, right?

Of course, it's not quite that simple, my bruthas. Injuries to the Steelers' offensive line and secondary could weigh heavily in the outcome of this game.

Defensively, Seattle is solid. A good defensive line led by DE Michael Sinclair and a solid LB corps led by former Steeler Pro-Bowler Chad Brown combined with a reshuffled Pittsburgh O-line could make running tough, so much of the burden will lay on Stewart's shoulders. Expect lots of eight-man fronts from the Sea Pigeons (thanks, Tommy Coleman, for that euphemism) in an effort to stop Bettis and company. But fear not... Kordell has been accurate, and while I don't expect him to have a field day against Seattle CBs Shawn Springs and former Steeler Willie Williams, Stewart's running ability will keep the Seahawks guessing. I'm sure coach Holmgren is very aware that Stewart, not Bettis, led the team in rushing last week, so Seattle is going to have to dedicate a player to "spy" Kordell on most plays... that losens things up elswhere. The bottom line, as always, is SCORE POINTS... if the Steelers don't finish drives with TDs when they have the chance, their chances of winning this one aren't good.

The Steelers defense has their work cut out for them. Lee Flower's injury (out at least 2 weeks) has forced Travis Davis to take his place at strong safety, which means rookie Scott Shields will replace Davis at free safety. I dunno about you, but that worries me. Seattle's west-coast, Green Bay clone offense has been moving the ball well, and I suspect the they'll score at least one "gimme" TD on a rookie mistake in the secondary. Pittsburgh will try to give help to Shields, but that will lossen things up for RB Ricky Waters. Yoi! Sorry, guys, this ain't the Browns.

The key to a Steelers win? Simple. Turnovers... force 'em and don't commit 'em. I doubt we could win an offensive shootout with this team, but we've had great success in the past forcing mistakes vs. teams using the west-coast offense (remember Green Bay on Monday Night last year?). Seattle's QB's Jon Kitna & Glenn Foley are young and inexperienced, and the Steelers need to prey on that by using lots of different looks and blitz packages. Rattle 'em early, and we win. Let 'em get settled in, and we don't.

Prediction: Steelers 20, Sea Pigeons 16

Submitted by Tom Bragg
The Steelers passed their first test of the young season last week by beating the Ravens. They proved they could play a tough game on the road in a hostile environment and still come away a winner. Now it's time to come home and play not a great Seahawk team, but definitely a team better than either the Browns or Ravens.

The Steelers need to continue to build on what they accomplished in the first two weeks. On offense, Kordell must be careful with his passes. To put it simply, he must be accurate. If not, Shawn Springs and ex-steeler Willie Williams will have a field day with Kordell. On defense, the guy the Steelers cannot forget about is loudmouth and trash talker Ricky Watters. If given the opportunity, Watters can make a defense look silly. My prediction on the game is Pittsburgh 24, Seattle 17.

Tom Bragg

Submitted by Tommy "Fleetwood N. Julio" Coleman
Pre-game thoughts, week 4, Steelers vs. Sea Pidgeons, Sunday September 26th 1999... the first Autumn game of the young 1999 season;

To quote Bill Cowher, "Dominate that Ass!"

Nuff said,

Submitted by Mike DeLancey
I think this game is going to be a tough one for the Steelers. Hawks always seem to cause us grief. But we will prevail in a close one. Prediction: 20-14

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