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Week 14 Pre-Game Show
Steelers (6-6) vs Raiders (10-2)
Sun., Dec. 3, 1:00 p.m.
Send your comments, predictions, smak, & insults about our upcoming opponent as well as your postgame critiques from the previous week. Whether your message is a simple, "These guys SUCK," or a detailed, in-depth analysis, tell us what you think.
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Sunday, Bloody Sunday
Steelers Face Stiff Challenge vs Raiders

Raider Facts
Record: 10-2, tops in AFC

Oakland boasts the top rushing offense in AFC.

Oakland defense No. 3 in AFC against run.

Raiders rank 2nd in AFC for points scored, avg. 29.3 per game.

Fan Website:
The Crows Nest
I'd feel pretty good about our chances in this game... if it was 1975.

'Da Raiders
Gannon will be gunning for a playoff spot this Sunday when the Raiders come to town.
The Steelers-Raiders rivalry of the '70s was the greatest bloodfest in NFL history. More bitterly contested than the Browns-Steelers, Skins-Cryboys, Packers-Bears, and Bush-Gore combined. They were the two best teams of their era, clashing 5 straight times in the playoffs. Bradshaw and Stabler... Lambert and Hendricks... Joe Greene and the Steel Curtain vs. Art Shell and the vaunted Raider offensive line... Lynn Swann vs. Jack Tatum & George Atkinson. Ah, those were the days. Those of us lucky enough to have witnessed those great Steelers/Raiders games from the '70s can't help but conjure images from the glorious past. But let's face it... the similarity between this Sunday's matchup with those games of old begins and ends with the team colors.

Somehow, the prospect of Stewart vs. Gannon doesn't quite send the same shivers down my spine. Worse, all signs point to an annihilation of the Steelers.

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Consider the numbers... the Raiders have the top rushing offense in the AFC, a QB that (quite surprisingly) is in contention for league MVP honors, and an offense that ranks 2nd in the AFC for points scored, averaging nearly 30 points a game. The Steelers on the other hand, who will be facing the AFC's #3 defense against the run, fields one of the league's most anemic passing games (I'm being kind here) and a defense who's inability to stop the run has suddenly been exposed by giving up back-to-back weeks with 200+ rushing yards. Is it just me, or is the writing on the wall not all that encouraging?

The Steelers are a better team than they were last year. They play hard for a full 60 minutes, week in and week out. But they are simply outgunned by the Raiders.

It's hard for me to get enthused about analyzing a game I think we're gonna get pounded in, so I'll be brief. On defense, Oakland fields a secondary led by Heismann Trophy winner CB Charles Woodson that is one of the league's finest. As previously mentioned, their run-stopping ability is superb. At WR, they feature Tim Brown, Andre Rison, and James Jett among others. Starting RB Tyrone Wheatley has finally bounced back from his ankle problems. Sorry, folks, but these guys simply have too many weapons and too much momentum... plus, our bizarre homefield DIS-advantage seems to have reared its ugly head again. With apologies to U2, it's going to be a Sunday, Bloody Sunday in Pittsburgh.

Prediction: Raiders 30, Steelers 13

Having said that, I sure hope I'm wrong. See 'ya after the game, bruthas & sistas!

Tim McMillen
Webmaster, McMillen & Wife

Fan Smak & Analysis
The following articles are listed in the order they were received (with the most recent entries at the top). This isn't a "guestbook" format... I read and manually insert every message, so you may not see your submission show up immediately. Thanks a million for your comments, people!
Submitted by Nat LaBorde
I don't know how, but I got a feeling the Steelers will win this, here's how it plays out.... somehow a win against the Raiders, Giants, and Skins, then with the playoffs riding on it San Diego beats us at home and the Steelers only see the playoffs from their livingrooms..... yeah, that sounds about right!!!

Submitted by James "J.C." Patterson
Ya know, just don't know why, but I got a strong feeling about this one: STEELERS 34 RAIDERS 17 Our defense is gonna make some BIG plays!

Jim Patterson
Fresno, CA

Submitted by Steve Massey

Who the hell drafted him? By the way, refering back to my preseason post will reveal to you that I told you he would be a bust!

-Steve Massey
Hills of North Carolina

Submitted by Tom Bragg
The cold hard facts of this game are as follows:

(1) This is not the 1970's , its the year 2000 .

(2) Secondly this Raider team is a legitmate 10 - 2 football team and most importantly , a Super Bowl contender .

(3) The Steelers are a barely average to mediocre 6 - 6 football team .

(4) The Steelers offense will be buried alive this week by a very strong Raider defense .

(5) CBS had better have another game to switch over to in a hurry because this game probably will get very lopsided in a hurry .

(6) Final score - Raiders 31 - Steelers 7

Submitted by Jeff Alberter
Looks like this one will be the straw that broke the camel's back (as the playoffs go anyway). If the Steelers keep bleeding rushing yards like a stuck pig, sayanora. It looks like the opposition finally figured out how to neutralize Kimo and Co. up front (I mean, how else could you explain the domination by the Bungles' O-line? It couldn't have been pure talent). The only formula for a Steeler win these days is playing on the road and on grass.

Raidahs 27, Stillers 10

Submitted by Tommy Coleman
Last weeks game was a plus? I don't see taking Kordell out of the game after three quarters as a sound decision.The Off. needs the work !Not to mention the idea of actually finishing off a team.28 points were 28 points too many!A win is a win but not when you need the practice of the BASIC FUNDEMENTALS !

Pre: OCB ORIGIANAL CHEAT'N BASTARDS coming to Mecca one last time! Will the bloodless freak owner dare to come along? Note to the OCB Ex-Wolverines; You can't be both, Wolverine and OCB that is so thanks for the memories and if I don't see Brock Middlebrooke myself this weekend tell him to stay out of my ride and by his own stereo! I'm not sure how many of the current Steeler Players can even spell Noll but someone better tell EM' Dermontti knows! How Bout rest!

Q. What is a Raider ? A. Raper,Pilager,Theif,Murderer,etc.

Q. What is a Steeler?


Submitted by Jeff from Korea

I liked your pre-game analysis. It was, objectively, right on target. But I refuse to be objective when it comes to the Steelers and the Raiders. I also watched those playoff games in the '70s. The Black and Gold vs. the Black and Silver. Both were tough, real physical football teams, but there was a difference: The Steelers played "working-man" tough, and the Raiders played like street thugs. And there was another difference: the owners. That slick-haired sunglass wearing polyester shirt move my team to another city cheesey scum versus the Rooney family. This is Pittsburgh-tough versus Kalifornia-tough. The Steelers are just fundamentally different than the Cowboys, Jets, and the Redskins --- those flashy, money, pretty-boy teams. The Raiders and the Steelers went to battle with much the same attitude, and were very similar in their mystique. Both were successful. But if you are a Steelers fan, you must despise the Raiders. They want to carry the banner as the tough, winning, traditional football team. We need to bring them down and pound them into the turf of 3 Rivers Stadium one more time. We need to take our lunchbuckets out and smash them. We need to send them back to Oakland or LA or --wherever they live-- bruised and sorry they ever met the Steelers. This is not an objective analysis. This is a mission the Steelers need to carry out, and I think they will. I think the Steelers of 2000 understand. GO STEELERS!

Jeff from Korea

Submitted by Gordo
After a long time, I’ve found my way back to your site... Never ceases to amaze me how you keep making that damn thing better! Damn!

Wanted to stop by and wish you the best of luck in Sunday’s game, just as long as we win!!!! LOFL!!!

Raider ON, brother…

P.S.---Glad to see you’re a Bush fan… (I mean the election. LOL!)

Submitted by Barry Fox
this week we have the raiders. just think how dangerous we really can be if kordell plays well, receivers catch balls and bettis running down hill. not to forget the defense to come back to life and stop the run the way they did when we were on that five game win streak. man we would be dangerous. hey we still have some life left in the iron city. that's right brotha's and sista's we can cheer the black and gold the way we are suppose to, with pride and dignity. let's get it together i know that i am not the only one who has been waiting since 1980 to return to glory. i have been a steelers fan since i can remember football and that would have to be since 1974. my younger brother was born and his name is franco (harris). yes that's first and middle name after my mom's maiden name. but the iron city fan burns inside of me. see it all started with my mom. she was born in pittsburgh and raised in the mountains of johnstown. home of jack ham. all my relatives in johnstown are steelers fans. i will continue to wait as long as i have to. i wear black and gold during the off season too. so when your in the washington d.c. area just remember there is a lot of black and gold iron city fans all over. LET'S GO! ANY OF YOU WHO ARE VISITING THE ALEXANDRIA , VA AREA CAN EMAIL ME AND I WILL TELL YOU WHAT SPORTS BARS YOU CAN GO TO SEE YOUR PITTSBURGH STEELERS. I PREFER BRITNEY'S WHEN I'M NOT AT A BUDDIES HOUSE WITH DIRECT TV. that's in lake ridge,va. 703 730 0728.

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