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You people absolutely RULE! This page is an archive of past fan comments that have been submitted & posted on our site. It comes as no shock to me that your contributions are so large that this section could be a stand-alone site of it's own!

Thank you so much for all of your thoughts & ideas, which have become such an integral (and to me, easily the most interesting) part of the McMillen & Wife site. This page is our humble tribute to all of you great Steelers fans out there who have contributed to keeping this place interesting.

In the past, my reluctance to delete all of the great comments people had sent us caused me to limit the number of new topics we put on our main page. With the addition of this page, I can put "old stuff" here without having to wipe out what you've sent us, giving me much more freedom to keep stuff fresh on the main page without feeling guilty for getting rid of cool old stuff. Unfortunately, a lot of really good stuff has already been lost forever, a victim of the good 'ole "delete" key, but at least I've managed to preserve some of it. Now I can finally sleep at night. :-)

Full-blown Pages with Fan Comments
Below are links to a number of permanent, "full-blown" pages on our site that contain major amounts of fan contributed content, including (but not limited to) comments, pictures, jokes, stats & info, and more. Click on the links to view the page of your choice.

Bradshaw's Bullet
Send Us Your Terry
Bradshaw Memoirs
Lambert Tribute
Send Us Your Jack
Lambert Memoirs
Fleetwood & Julio
The Ultimate Fan Page if
You're Criminally Insane
Kneel O'Dummell
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O'Donnell Bashing
Avoid Lloyd
Send Us Your Greg
Lloyd Memoirs
Cowboys Hate Page
God, They SUCK!
Give 'Em Hell!
Browns Hate Page
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Pound the Dawgs!
Screw the HOF
Swann & Stallworth
BELONG in Canton
The Lyon's Den
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Send it to Us!

And Now... the Fan Comment Archive
Below are the articles (in somewhat chronological order) as they originally appeared on our main page. The links to the fan comments & responses to each topic are still active, and that's where all the action is.

These topics are all still open to discussion, so please feel free to RESPOND to any of 'em at any time!

Browns Pick on 11-Year Old:
(Still Get Their Asses Kicked!)
Just when you think the Browns and their fans couldn't be any more classless and pathetic, they go & do something like this! This happened in a town not 20-minutes from where we live. Here are a few excerpts from the article:

"Eleven-year old Eric Nutter, who was punished in his Norwalk, Ohio classroom for daring to wear a Kordell Stewart jersey on Browns' spirit day, came home from school crying because his teacher had made him turn his desk around and push it into a corner of the room (approximating the distance traveled by the Cleveland offense in a 43-0 pasting by the Steelers Sunday night). Only when the straight-A student put on a Cleveland Indians shirt he'd brought for gym class was he permitted to turn his desk around."

For more details, including info about Eric's ensuing phone call from Kordell Stewart and the disciplinary action (or lack thereof) taken by the school, CLICK HERE! My bruthas, this just cracks me up... I'm so glad the Brownies are back!
Speaking of the Browns, CLICK HERE to view our updated Brownies Hate Page. I wonder if we should we rename it the Brownies PITY Page?
State of the Steelers:
Lots of Question Marks
Bill Cowher sure doesn't look worried. Does he know something we don't? I hope so. Here's a short list of just a few of the problems the '99 Steelers face:
For the 2nd straight year, Kordell has lost his top receiver.
Kordell is faced with learning the system of his 3rd offensive coordinator in as many seasons.
With the loss of veteran DBs Carnell Lake & Darren Perry, the dismantling of Pittsburgh's great secondary from a few seasons ago is complete.
The defense suffers from a glaring overall lack of depth, especially at LB, CB, & S.
Now for the biggest one of all... the season-ending injury to Strzelczyk has put the Steelers' already suspect offensive line in a complete shambles. With no clear cut starter at right tackle (not to mention an frightening overall lack of depth, inexperience, etc.), Kordell Stewart may again be running for his life everytime he takes a snap, especially if the line fails to open holes for Bettis.
So why is Bill Cowher wearing that sly grin? CLICK HERE to read what other fans are saying, then send us your thoughts! There are currently 7 fan comments on this page.
The Good... the Bad...
& the

MUST READ! What a difference a year made for Kordell Stewart. In one short season, he went from "Slash" to "Trash". Which player is the REAL Kordell? We'll find out this season. In the meantime, let's hear YOUR take on this sensitive issue... a topic which has bitterly divided the usually united Steelers faithful. CLICK HERE to view what others are saying, then send us your comments. (Note: Kneel O'Dummell really has nothing to do with this topic, but I simply couldn't pass up using his pic for the "ugly" tie-in.) There are currently 12 fan submissions on this page.

Draft Fan Reactions!
Your reactions to the Steelers '99 Draft keep rolling in, folks. CLICK HERE for an extensive section covering the latest draft info, a listing of the Steelers '99 Draft Class, some great links to draft related websites, then submit your thoughts & read the opinions of other fans, and more.

All Selections by Round:
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7
Click Here for '99 Steelers Picks

Did 'Ya Ever Wonder?
CLICK HERE to read a hard hitting article by fan Doug Fredericks which dares to ask the following questions (among others) of the Steelers' front office: "Why did Terry Bradshaw have his CBS contract state that he would never be required to cross into the City Limits of Pittsburgh? Why is Joe Greene helping another NFL team build All-Pro Defensive Linemen? Why is Rod Woodson a role model to his new teamates, with incredible work ethic and team attitude." This article has inspired some heated FAN COMMENTS that you definitely shouldn't miss. There are currently 6 fan submissions on this page.

He's Not Whining. Neither are these True Fans.
My toddler son does a lot less whining than many spoiled Steelers fans are doing right now. Thankfully, there are still millions of loyal Steelers fans out there who don't fall into the "as long as we are winning" category. Let's get behind our team, people! CLICK HERE for my call to arms on the subject, then read what TRUE Steelers fans are saying (plus a small but new Sandy pic below the fan reactions), and then (of course) send us your comments. There are currently 20 fan submissions on this page.
1999 Steelers Schedule
Call me an optimist (or maybe just stupid), but I look at this schedule and see a potential 10-6 season. CLICK HERE to find out why.

Sept. 12
Sept. 19
Sept. 26
Oct. 3
Oct. 10
Oct. 17
Oct. 25
Oct. 31
Nov. 7
Nov. 14
Nov. 21
Nov. 28
Dec. 2
Dec. 12
Dec. 18
Dec. 26
Jan. 2
at Browns
at Ravens
at Bills
at Bungles
at Niners
at Titans
at Jaguars
at Chiefs
8:20 pm
1 pm
1 pm
1 pm
1 pm
1 pm
9 pm
1:15 pm
1 pm
12 pm
1 pm
8:20 pm
1 pm
11:40 am
1 pm
4:15 pm
People, I Can't Wait!
CLICK HERE to find out why many of the Steeler faithful are looking forward to the upcoming season with real hope for the playoffs, then send us your thoughts! There are currently 12 fan comments on this page.

Free Agency: the Annual
Mass-Exodus Continues!

Once again, the vultures were circling Three Rivers Stadium. And once again, several key Steelers players were snatched away during the NFL's dreaded free-agent signing period! As I helplessly witnessed the rest of the NFL plundering our dwindling pool of talent, one question kept going through my mind... Why do we get shredded in free agency every year??? CLICK HERE to see what other fans are saying, then send us your comments! There are currently 22 fan submissions on this page.

HOF or Bust! Swann & Stallworth:
Both Belong in the
Hall of Fame
Screw the HOF Voters!
Once again, Lynn Swann & John Stallworth have been denied their rightful place in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. I'm particularly sickened by Swann's repeated near-misses (final six for 2 of the last 3 years). Every year, Swann is only a few votes shy because of idiots like S.I.'s Peter King. Click Here to find out why I think that fat-ass King is wrong, and don't miss the FAN COMMENTS on this ugly situation. There are currently 17 fan submissions on this page.

Postmortem Exam
I've been receiving a ton of interesting e-mail from Steelers fans for the last several weeks... the topics are simply too diverse to categorize, so I've kinda lumped things together into one big "Postmortem Exam." CLICK HERE to see what fans think about where we've been, where we are, and where we're going. There are currently 26 fan submissions on this page.

Aren't We All a Little SUPERSTITIOUS?
I originally ran this piece for Halloween, but I enjoyed hearing what bizarre superstitious rituals other Steelers fans go through to prepare for the game, so I decided to leave as a regular feature. CLICK HERE to take a peek at what others have said, the send us YOUR strange and ritualistic behaviors!There are currently 8 fan responses to this article.

Misc. Fan Comments Archive
Below are some great fan comments we received that were unrelated to a McMillen & Wife discussion topic.

Fan Comments on Midseason Playoff Hopes for '98
As the 5-game losing streak started against the Lions on Thanksgiving of '98, some fans kept the faith, some fans went ballistic.
Rod Woodson vs. Tom Donahoe
Woodson's rather public battle with the Steelers front office (specifically, Tom Donahoe) building up to the '98 season-opening game vs. the Ravens got mixed reactions from fans.
Midseason Analysis of the '98 Steelers Team
One of the Best (and Longest) Articles We've ever received!
'98 Preseason Predictions about Wide Receivers
In hindsight, this is quite possibly the most completely wrong post I've ever seen, so much so that it's funny (almost) to read knowing what we all now know. Still, this is a very well written by a loyal and true fan who's crystal ball was simply on the blink that day.
Thoughts on the '97 Season as It Came to a CLose
Probably the very first fan post I ever added to our site (a very embryonic form of which went online late in the '97 season). This is a great, fun-to-read article that brings back some wonderful memories of when all was right with the world according to Pittsburgh.

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