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Updated 8/29/99
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Steelers Lay Egg in 27-14 Loss to Skins
A Few Bright Spots: Edwards, Porter, & Zereoue
Dawson's Return Didn't Save the O-Line vs. Skins
Bettis Running, May Practice This Week
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Who is the greatest Steeler player of the last 15 years? CLICK HERE to view the candidates and cast your vote.

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Welcome to the Extravaganza!
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8-22 Greg Lloyd
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8-22 Postmortem
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Week 1 vs Browns!
Coming Soon!
Updated 8/29! Each week, we'll post your comments about the upcoming game as well as your postgame critiques from the previous week. So whether your message is a simple, "We're gonna KILL these guys," or a detailed, in-depth analysis, send us your thoughts (please specify pre or post-game, as well as the game you're referencing in the subject line of your e-mail).

Fan Mail Grab Bag
We receive lots of interesting e-mail that doesn't fit into our current discussion topics. Select from the random, thought provoking fan comments below:
Has the Real Kordell Arrived? (Tom Bragg)
Another Season to Forget (
Injuries Becoming Critical (Tom Bragg)
A Look Back Shows the Key (Richard Jones)

Fan Spotlight: The Steelerettes!
So you thought the Steelers didn't have cheerleaders, eh? Well, this absolutely unique site by former Steelerette Dianne Rossini dispells that myth! CLICK HERE to take a look at this wonderful insider's tribute to the Steelers' "class over flash" cheerleaders of the '60s .

State of the Steelers:
Lots of Question Marks
Bill Cowher sure doesn't look worried. Does he know something we don't? I hope so. Here's a short list of just a few of the problems the '99 Steelers face:
For the 2nd straight year, Kordell has lost his top receiver.
Kordell is faced with learning the system of his 3rd offensive coordinator in as many seasons.
With the loss of veteran DBs Carnell Lake & Darren Perry, the dismantling of Pittsburgh's great secondary from a few seasons ago is complete.
The defense suffers from a glaring overall lack of depth, especially at LB, CB, & S.
Now for the biggest one of all... the season-ending injury to Strzelczyk has put the Steelers' already suspect offensive line in a complete shambles. With no clear cut starter at right tackle (not to mention an frightening overall lack of depth, inexperience, etc.), Kordell Stewart may again be running for his life everytime he takes a snap, especially if the line fails to open holes for Bettis.
So why is Bill Cowher wearing that sly grin? CLICK HERE to read what other fans are saying, then send us your thoughts! There are currently 7 fan comments on this page.

Archive of Fan Comments
You people absolutely RULE! This section is an archive of fan comments that have been posted on our site. It comes as no shock that your contributions are so large that this section could be a stand-alone site it's own! Thank you so much for all of your thoughts & ideas which have become such an integral part of this site. CLICK HERE to view our humble tribute to all of you great Steelers fans out there who help keep this place interesting.

Player Tributes
These comprehensive tribute pages feature TONS of stats, pictures, articles, & other assorted info about former Steeler greats Terry Bradshaw, Jack Lambert, Franco Harris, & Lynn Swann, as well as a fan farewell to Greg Lloyd.

All-New Browns Haters Section!
They're BAAAaack! Time to get the rivalry going again, ladies & germs... gotta get those the 'ole hatred levels back up before the season starts. CLICK HERE to help us give the Brownies & their fiercely loyal (if not terribly bright) fans a "proper" welcome back to the NFL... heh heh heh...

The Good, the Bad...
& the UGLY!
What a difference a year made for Kordell Stewart. In one short season, he went from "Slash" to "Trash". Which player is the REAL Kordell? We'll find out this season. In the meantime, let's hear YOUR take on this sensitive issue... a topic which has bitterly divided the usually united Steelers faithful. CLICK HERE to view what others are saying, then send us your comments. (Note: Kneel O'Dummell really has nothing to do with this topic, but I simply couldn't pass up using his pic for the "ugly" tie-in.) There are currently 12 fan submissions on this page.

'99 Steelers Schedule
Call me an optimist (or maybe just stupid), but I look at this schedule and see a potential 10-6 season. CLICK HERE to find out why, then send us your comments. There are currently 12 fan submissions on this page.

Draft Click Here for profiles of '99 Steelers Draft Picks from!
1999 Draft Fan Reactions!
For extensive coverage of the 1999 draft including fan reactions, a listing of the Steelers '99 Draft Class, some great links to draft related websites, CLICK HERE, then submit your thoughts.

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Ward Promoted to 1st Team
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Rooney Wants Woodson & Lloyd to Retire as Steelers!
Stronger Secondary?
Vrabel to Try Tackle
Stewart Believes in His Skills
Kordell Confident
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